(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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me and young beej just prepared a very cool and nice official hunt for june 15th at 2:00 PM EDT which is 6:00 PM GMT so like if you wanna come or something that'd be cool

it was quality checked by Flerovium and Dylas (thx)

15/06 | 6 PM UTC

1st place: Darthikyu
2nd place: Brawl¤MK
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex
4th place: Cyclotic

1) This NPC hates fancy parties and asks you to attend one in his place after you help him.
2)This Pokémon could only have up to 100 EVs total when it first came out.
3)When battling these Pokémon, you cannot use Poké Balls. (alphabetical order)

bill, arceus, kyurem black kyurem white

Thanks to everyone for participating and thanks to Flerovium and Dylas for Quality Checking the hunt and of course thanks to beej for the cool collab
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Since there was no official scheduled for today, reserving an official for 6/13/17 @ 10:00 P.M. EDT (6/14/17 @ 2:00 A.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Flerovium and Gallant Spear, hope to see you there!

Edit: due to hastebin issues, my official is today (6/12/17) again, since Devoxys' official is indefinitely postponed.

Monday 6/12/17 @ 10:00 P.M. EDT (6/13/17 @ 2:00 A.M. GMT).
1st place: GoodMorningEspeon
2nd place: Gleeb
3rd place: Rory Mercury
4th place: Meicoo
5th place: Embar
Consolation Prize to: chupps, Painter Espeon, BoredPessimist, PikachuSean, 3.14dgeot-Mega, b moM tengaB
Solutions: Turtonator, Burgundy, PikachuRaichu
1. In the Pokemon anime, this Pokemon was the first one to use a Z-Move.
2. This anime rival can be considered the Cincinnati Bengals of Pokemon, as he/she has never made it past Round 1 of any tournament.
3. This is the first evolutionary line where all of the romanized Japanese names matched with their English names (answer with the Pokemon that were a part of that evolutionary line at the time in dex order).

Congrats to all finishers! I hope you guys liked Q3, it was probably one of the best questions I made in a while.
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Official hunt on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 9 PM UTC

1st place: Darthikyu.
2nd place: chupps.
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex.
4th place: GleebWashingDishes.
5th place: deadfracture.
Consolation Prize: te r rapieseve n, Devoxys, BoredPessimist, xfix


1) This is the only trainer with "Strange Man" trainer class. [serizawa]
2) In Pokemon series (games, anime, and manga), this rival character's name is also a Pokemon category. When is his/her birthday? (format: Month:DD, e.g. April 01) [august 07]
3) The only Pokemon available in this game at the time it released were Serperior, Samurott, Emboar, Patrat, Zoroark, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini. (format é as e) [pokemon battle chess]

Thanks to Meicoo and CloudyNatu for QC
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"So I assume you've heard of this man?"
The boy shook his head, confused. "No, sir. I haven't been with the scavengers for very long."
The elder man sighed. He should have suspected as much. To him, leaning against the same stone wall he always had, it felt like just yesterday that the man the legends spoke of was standing there in the flesh. But to others... to those who did not know him... it had been an eternity. A forgettable eternity, at that. None of them could miss what they had never been there to see.
"He was a good man," the elder recounted. "He walked among us, dressed in the colorful robes he was always so proud of." He looked up at the summer sky, reminding him of times past. "He was a successful man, at that. More than, he made a name for himself as the best scavenger, and of course he took pride in that, too."
A smile spread across the young boy's face. "Are you sure he was a good man?" he questioned. "You make him out to be little more than the pride he felt."
"Oh, but what a small piece of the puzzle that is," the old man insisted. "No, dare I say it, what he found enjoyment in the most was not elevating his own status... but providing for others. Upon his arrival to the day of his departure... he sought to make what we do possible."
"Of course," the boy argued, "he was not the one who started it all. I doubt he was even close. He wasn't so important."
"No, no, I suppose not." The elder took a deep breath, trying to keep his patience. The boy couldn't have understood. "But I like to think he kept the scavengers going. In his time, he organized more of our hunts - more of our official ones, mind you - than almost anyone."
"Really? How many would that be, old man?"
He smiled. "Ninety-six."
The expression on the boy's face turned from a superior sort of smirk, right back to a look of pure bewilderment. "Ninety-six?!" he exclaimed. "Why... does he know how few people have come close to reaching one hundred? Pray tell, if he really did come so close to that echelon... why would he leave?"
Now, it was the elder's turn to lose the brief high of astounding the young one. "He... did not want to. This much, I know." He fiddled uneasily with the emblem hanging from the chain around his neck. Four lines coming across each other, two stretching across the horizon and two reaching toward the sky and the ground. "Some say he found himself unable to continue, as much as he wanted to. Try as he might, he could no longer find it in himself to do what he used to love doing for us. He began making empty promises. Then... he just watched silently, fading into that accursed irrelevance." He let out a deep, depressed sigh. "When they are young, no one ever believes they will succumb to it. But everyone does; even the greats like him."
The young boy scoffed. "I've heard the stories. Cattail the Prodigy, Psywaves the Clever, and even The Immortal one himself. Names which supposedly carried so much weight... but which I've never seen the scavengers they belonged to. Why do you feel the need to tell me about one more member of our staff who thought himself great, only to find himself washed up with nothing left to give?"
Now, this irked the elder. "You, boy," he grunted, "ask a lot of 'why,' don't you?" But just as he said that, a glint came across his eye. "But... that means you want to know the answers, don't you?" He let out a slight laugh, the first the boy had heard from him at all. "You may have the heart of a scavenger after all."
"Thanks for the flattery, old man," the youngster muttered. "But I still expect an answer. Why are you telling me about the man in robes of turquoise, and why do you think so highly of such a fool?"

"I tell you," he replied, "because I wish for you to tell others: I hear he does not plan to lie dormant for much longer. He plans to return someday soon, and reach the hundred mark you seem to think is a terrible thing to miss." The boy narrowed his eyes, skeptical of the old man's claims. "And as for why I think so highly of him..." The elder trailed off with a smile. "Well, perhaps I could be just a bit biased." He got up from the ground, picking up his palette and brush with him.
He had barely walked a few paces before he stopped himself. "And before I depart," he continued, turning back around to face the boy, "let me offer you one last correction: he preferred to call those robes teal."

6/14/17 @ 11 PM GMT-4
ft. Rory Mercury

Second Place: chupps
Third Place: Mr. Uncompetitive
Fourth Place: TheWhoDoctor
Fifth Place: BoredPessimist
Consolation Prize to: Brawl MK, 3.14dgeot-Mega

Q1) Each one of the Legendary birds has battled one of Ash's Pokémon exactly once in the regular anime series. Which of these Pokémon did not evolve while battling the bird, and which bird was it battling? (Format: ash's mon legendary mon, i.e. Greninja Raikou)
Q2) One NPC who trades the player a Pokémon in-game is hinted to have appeared in a past generation. What single Pokémon does that Trainer use in their debut appearance?
Q3) In Pokémon Yellow, depending on your Pikachu’s happiness, a man may request to have your Pikachu for his daughter. In what building is this person located and at which happiness value does he no longer request the Pikachu? (Format as [Building name][Amount of happiness at which the request changes])

charizard articuno, clefairy, pewter museum of science 101

Thanks to cute user and wife Rory Mercury for making Q3 of this hunt and for the moral support throughout my deadness <3 Also thanks to Sparkychild and Meicoo for quality checks, and to everyone who read through the above writing :3

This won't be my last official for the summer, and hopefully for the future after that. I'm back, baby :)

3 left!
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Reserving an official for June 16, 2017 at 9 PM UTC / June 16, 2017 5:00 PM EDT.
Special thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Brawl MK for QC'ing it. I hope you will blitz it :).

Time: June 16, 2017 at 9 PM UTC / June 16, 2017 5:00 PM EDT
QC: 3.14dgeot-Mega and Brawl MK

Winner: p^_^okemonvortex
Second place: Cyclotic
Third place: coinboy ミ☆
Fourth place: BoredPessimist
Fifth place: Devoxys
Consolation price goes to: Nobody.

Q1) Which Gen1 Poké Ball is not available in Gen2 games? | Safari Ball
Q2) According to Pokémon Daisuki Club, what is the name of location where Pokéballs were developed at? | Celadon University
Q3) Poké Balls reduce the power of Pokémon that are captured. What "item" can be used instead to capture Pokémon without reducing their power? | Red Chain
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Reserving a Jump Start collaboration official with BigPimpin12 and CheeseMuffin for 6/17/17 @ 8:00 P.M. EDT (6/18/17 @ 12:00 A.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Rory Mercury and Dot Agumon, get ready for scripted Jump Starts. o~~o

Saturday 6/17/17 @ 8:00 P.M. EDT (6/18/17 @ 12:00 A.M. GMT)
1st place: Meicoo
2nd place: BoredPessimist
3rd place: coinboy
4th place: Gallant Spear
5th place: Devoxys
Consolation Prize to: terrapieseven
Solutions: https://pastebin.com/F8A2KBRf

Congrats to all finishers! Thanks again to bimp and cm for collaborating with me.
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Reserving an official at Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 9 PM EDT 4 PM EDT. QC'd by Brawl MK and Rory Mercury and hosted by Rory Mercury!

I'm rescheduling this official to Monday, June 19th, 2017 at 4 pm EDT so it doesn't coincide with the Trivia Official.

1st place: adiass.
2nd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega.
3rd place: chupps.
4th place: CloudyNatu.
5th place: BoredPessimist.

1) In ORAS, these two trainers have Trainer's Eyes strategies that only differ by one word, where one is the same as the other except for one additional word. (list names in alphabetical order, do not include trainer class) [BrandonJackson]
2) Two characters have appeared in all but three of the Pokemon movies since Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Who is the English voice actor of the older character? [BellaHudson]
3) In the Pokemon Adventures manga, there are specks of Water Stones in the water of this location. (do not include words "city/town/route/cave/etc.") [Vermilion]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Rory Mercury for QCing and Hosting and to Brawl MK for QCing!
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In my element.
9:30 PM UTC, 20th of June, 2017.
2nd: xfix
3rd: elecpm
Solutions: kecleon, drainpunch, flyingpress.

1) A glitch in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series can cause this Pokemon to act as if it is part of the player's party even if it isn't.
2) All but two of Lucian's Pokemon in the main-series of games share a certain move - which move do those two Pokemon share?
3) Through using this move only, it is possible, under normal battle conditions, to always land super-effective hits on a Kecleon that has Color Change.

Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Rory Mercury for QCing!
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Since there was also no official scheduled for today, reserving an Odyssey Hunt (here is the last one for reference) collaboration official with Flerovium for 6/18/17 @ 10:00 P.M. EDT (6/19/17 @ 2:00 A.M. GMT). Quality Checkers are Meicoo and Rory Mercury, hope to see you there!

Sunday 6/18/17 @ 10:00 P.M. EDT (6/19/17 @ 2:00 A.M. GMT)
1st place: Embar
2nd place: sparkychild
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
4th place: Dylas
5th place: keeping it icy
Consolation Prize to: terrapieseven, chupps
Solutions: https://pastebin.com/ypk5Yddz

Congrats to all finishers! Apologies for the alts to Q7 and Q11, but I hope you enjoyed this type of hunt being hosted!
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False Pretenses
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Reserving an official [collab] hunt by Flerovium and myself for Wednesday, June 21st @ 7:00 PM EDT (11:00 PM UTC).

Thanks to coinboy and xfix for QCing!

Official Hunt on Wednesday, June 21st @ 7:00 PM EDT (11:00 PM UTC)

Winner: chupps (02:04)
2nd Place: gghetsis (03:14)
3rd Place: keeping it icy (04:28)
4th Place: terrapieseven (04:48)
5th Place: WhirlwindBulbasaur (05:57)
Consolation Prize: Rory Mercury, Nineage, BoredPessimist
Questions and Solutions: https://pastebin.com/PMmP30id

Thanks to coinboy and xfix for QCing. Congratulations to all finishers, and thanks for participating!
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6/21/17 @ 10:00 PM

First Place:
Second Place: 3.14dgeotMega
Third Place: BoredPessimist
Forth Place: chupps
Fifth Place: Rory Mercury
Consolation prize to: BrawlMK, Embar

This Pokemon is misspelled the most in the Hoenn anime's replacement to Who's that Pokemon (If multiple, name the first alphabetically)| Flaaffy| An Italian Gen IV event gave away a Level 5 Pokemon holding an item. What Dragon Type move does said event Pokemon come with?| Draco Meteor| Nando, a character in the Pokemon Anime, has multiple Pokemon with only a single known move. Name the English voice actor of the one knowing an illegal move. (Last Name only)| Rosenfeld

Thanks to Sparkychild for collabing with me and writing Q1! Also thanks to Meicoo and CheeseMuffin for QCing. Grats to all winners, and thank you for participating.
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levi of the decade
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Reserving an official collab hunt with BigPimpin12 for Thursday June 22nd @ 10PM EDT (12PM AEST Friday), QC'd by Dylas and Brawl MK, and hosted by Brawl MK.

I'm dumb and forgot to edit this, winner was grumpig, don't remember the other places.

Q1 [Ninja] In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, this is the only Pokemon used by a Gym leader or Hoenn League member whose moves are all of the same type. | Lunatone |Q2 [Bimp] Including movies, these are the only two Pokemon League members shown to have Pokemon in the anime that know moves that they cannot learn in-game. (alphabetical order)| lance wikstrom |Q3 [Ninja] Of all the fully evolved Pokemon to be the highest levelled Pokemon of a Gym Leader or E4 Member, this one has the lowest BST. (initial gym/E4 battles only, fully evolved as of Gen VII) | Vivillon
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cool quiz
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Hosted a collab Point Rally w/ Devoxys on Saturday, June 24th, at 8PM EDT!

Winner: Brawl MK
2nd: Darthikyu
3rd: Embar
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: Mr. Uncompetitive
Consolation Prize: keeping it icy, Painter Espeon, DarkShinyGiratina, IhasdisnamE, terrapieseven, SnZ, PikachuSean, BagnetMomb, Cheese

1-1 PokemonNavigatorPlus, 1-2 Zane, 1-3 DevonCorporation
2-1 Shellos, 2-2 Floatzel, 2-3 Mothim
3-1 GeosengeLumiose, 3-2 RiderWillie, 3-3 PokemonRumbleWorld
4-1 Unown, 4-2 Croconaw, 4-3 Articuno
5-1 MahaloTrail, 5-2 Abomasnow, 5-3 TyrogueSquadron
6-1 Spewpa, 6-2 Tyranitar, 6-3 Jirachi
7-1 PrismScale, 7-2 BeGone, 7-3 PokemonNurseSchool
8-1 DoubleEdge, 8-2 Rainbow Energy, 8-3 Clair's Jynx
9-1 Lanturn, 9-2 EnigmaGinema, 9-3 Jigglypuff
10-1 Dark Memory, 10-2 Moody, 10-3 Focus Punch

Hunt 1 (by Devoxys)
1-1 This electronic device found in the main series Pokemon games, which is not a pokedex, has a design based off of the Game Boy Advance SP. What is its full name? (format é as e for all hunts)
1-2 This breeder from the anime believes that the key to winning a Pokemon beauty contest is beauty on the outside.
1-3 This corporation designed the Running Shoes

Hunt 2 (by Meicoo)
2-1 In *Guess That Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl,* both of this Pokemon's forms are choices.
2-2 In Game 1 of *Guess That Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl,* this fully evolved Pokemon, who has pre-evolutions, is a choice, but none of it's pre-evolutions are.
2-3 In Game 2 of *Guess That Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl,* this fully evolved Pokemon, who has pre-evolutions, is a choice, but none of it's pre-evolutions are.

Hunt 3 (by Devoxys)
3-1 Two Kalos hotels do not share their name with the city/town they are found in. What are the names of the city/towns they are found in (do not include words city/town, alpha order)
3-2 Who is the first trainer Wes battles with in Pokemon Colosseum? (include trainer class)
3-3 This is the only Pokemon game to be released digitally before being released physically.(format é as e for all hunts)

Hunt 4 (by Meicoo)
4-1 In Pokemon Stadium 2, which Johto rental Pokemon has less than 4 moves in its moveset?
4-2 In Pokemon Stadium 2, which Johto Pokemon, who was neither unevolved nor fully evolved in Gen 2, has two different rental movesets, one for the Poke Cup and Gym Leader Castle, and one for the Prime Cup and Anything Goes?
4-3 In Pokemon Stadium 2, which Kanto rental Pokemon has a moveset that it could only have through using gen 1-only TM's?

Hunt 5 (by Devoxys)
5-1 In the Pokemon Adventures manga, the first Ultra Wormhole is seen at this location.
5-2 In Smash 4, this Pokemon is the only Pokeball Pokemon to use more than one different move.
5-3 4 Pokemon in an evolutionary family are collectively referred to with this term in a Player Guide for Pokemon Stadium 2.

Hunt 6 (by Meicoo)
6-1 This Pokemon who has both evolved and can evolve further has a black Super Training Energy Shot and a black dex color.
6-2 Which non-legendary Pokemon with a green Super Training Energy Shot as well as a green dex color has the highest BST? (exclude forms)
6-3 This legendary/mythical Pokemon has a yellow Super Training Energy Shot as well as a yellow dex color. (if multiple, first alphabetical)

Hunt 7 (by Devoxys)
7-1 This evolution item was introduced 2 generations after the introduction of all the members of the only evolutionary family that it is meant for.
7-2 This event in Magikarp Jump requires you to repeatedly tap on the TV.
7-3 This school is intended to teach Chansey.(format é as e for all hunts)

Hunt 8 (by Meicoo)
8-1 The first Pokemon by set number in the Base Set to have an attack requiring at least two energy that does no damage has this second attack as well.
8-2 Which is the earliest released energy card in the TCG that can currently provide an energy type other than one of the original 7 energy types?
8-3 In the Pokemon TCG, there are several (Japanese) cards featuring a Pokemon with "Clair's" (in japanese) in the title. Which among them shares none of its main series types with any of the rest? Include "Clair's" in your answer.

Hunt 9 (by Devoxys)
9-1 The light that this Pokemon can produce can light up the surface of the water from depths of over three miles.
9-2 These two different berries, which are spelled differently, have names that are anagrams of each other. (alpha order, exclude the word berry from your answer)
9-3 When this Pokemon falls asleep, there is a huge buildup of energy in its center of gravity.

Hunt 10 (by Meicoo)
10-1 This item has the highest prime index number in Gen VII.
10-2 This ability can boost the most potential boostable stats, without the uses of moves.
10-3 This move, which has a set power, has the highest (base power) times (max PP) product of any legal move.

Thanks so much to Flerovium and Rory Mercury for qc'ing!
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Dylas x Flerovium x lotiasite
10:00 PM UTC, 23rd of June, 2017.
2nd: Meicoo
3rd: Brawl MK
4th: Darthikyu
5th: Anavis
6th: Rory Mercury
7th: terrapieseven
8th: Ihasdisname
Solutions: wynaut, pikachulampent, cut.

1 [Flerovium]) Excluding legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts, this is the last Pokemon by alphabetical order that cannot be immune to moves of a certain type by means of its own typing or an ability.
2 [Dylas]) The PokeMileage Club has an attraction known as Balloon Popping. Name the only NFE (Middle Stage) Pokemon that balloons can be modeled after in said attraction. (Dex Order)
3 [lotiasite]) This move was previously available to 259 Pokemon but is only available to one in Sun and Moon, excluding usage of PokeBank.

Thanks to xfix and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QCing, and thanks to Dylas and lotiasite for collaborating with me!
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Reserving an Odyssey Hunt: Alphabet Edition official for 6/25/17 @ 4:00 P.M. EDT (6/25/17 @ 8:00 P.M. GMT) - if you don't know what that is, you'll have to be there to find out! Quality Checkers are Sparkychild and CheeseMuffin, hope to see you there to learn how to spell! o//o

Sunday 6/25/17 @ 4:00 P.M. EDT (6/25/17 @ 8:00 P.M. GMT)
1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
2nd place: Embar
3rd place: chupps
4th place: DarkShinyGiratina
5th place: Meicoo
Consolation Prize to: Flerovium, CloudyNatu, SergioRules, rafooa11, GGhestis,
Solutions: https://pastebin.com/dsbSrjkU

Congrats to all finishers! I hope more more of this type of official will be hosted in the future!
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6/27/2017 @ 7pm EDT

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place: beej.
4th place: DarkShinyGiratina.
5th place: coinboy ミ☆.

1. All 6 of the Pokémon this trainer owns have mega-evolutions and are level 100 (don't include trainer class). | Kaede (Cheese)
2. This trainer, fought in the Mauville Food Court, has exactly three Pokemon that share a single type, despite all being different Pokemon. (Do not include trainer class). | Soyer (Dylas)
3. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, in a certain location, while on a bicycle, there is no way for the player to hear the location's typical background music. This trainer, located in said location, did not have any level increases between Pokémon Gold/Silver and their remakes (don't include trainer class). | Jack

Thanks again to Dylas for collaborating, Gleeb and Rory Mercury for QCing and especially gleeb for doing a playthrough of Silver to check q3, and hope you all had fun!
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cool quiz
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Hosted a Collab Official with Stylus on Wednesday, June 28th, at 5PM EDT!

Winner: coinboy
2nd: Illusio
3rd: chupps
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: keeping it icy
Consolation Prize: Darthikyu, DarkShinyGiratina

(1) Cetra (2) Trapinch (3) Akane

1) The only main series Pokemon game playable character to not have a counterpart with the same features/appearance in the Pokemon Adventures manga has this name in Italian.

2) In the Destiny Tower mystery dungeon in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, which encounterable unevolved Pokemon is of a species that can evolve twice? (excluding mega-evolution)

3) Both my parents passed away when I was young and I was raised by my grandfather. I share my name with a certain gym leader's Japanese name, who specializes in a type that my only (owned) Pokemon shares. My Pokemon and I both adore flowers, but I actually do not like Pokemon. Who am I?

Thanks to goodly users 3.14dgeot-Mega and Rory Mercury for quality checking!
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6/26/17 @ 9:30 UTC-4

Second Place: Meicoo
Third Place: Brawl MK
Fourth Place: pokemonvortex
Fifth Place: Rory Mercury
Consolation Prize to: CloudyNatu, spooktune, SnZ, GGhetsis, ZeZangoose, Ihas⚾disnamE, keeping it icy, BlindNinja, Big(Pimpin)12

Q1) Which Pokémon character in the Super Smash Bros. series has been playable in multiple, but NOT consecutive, games?
What move that is used by a Poké Ball summon in the Smash Bros. series would have no effect on the Pokémon that uses it?
Which player using a Pokémon character placed the highest in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U national tournament named after a Pokémon? (Give only tag; "Ally" instead of "Elliot Carroza-Oyarce")
Q1: mewtwo
Q2: sleep powder
Q3: abadango

Thanks to Gallant Spear and lotiasite for QCing, and thanks to all of you for participating! And thanks to Smash Bros. for being my second love after Pokémon/PS! Someday I maybe won't suck at it. :)

2 left!

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Reserving an official for Thursday, June 29th at 10 AM EDT. QC'd by Brawl MK and Painter Espeon and Hosted by Brawl Mk!

1st place: Big(Pimpin)12.
2nd place:
coinboy ミ☆.
3rd place:
c Marsh b Lillee.
4th place:
5th place:
Consolation Prize: DarkShinyGiratina, adiass

1) The Pokemon Center found in this city is just a kiosk. (do not include word city) [Seattle]
2) With this Pokemon “game”, one can make Pokemon-themed envelopes, calendars, signs, and more. (format é as e, format like title of Bulbapedia page.) [PokemonProjectStudioRedAndBlue]
3) A dungeon in the PMD games paradoxically has a name that means it has no name. What type of Berry can be found there? (do not include word Berry) [Oran]
Grats to all Finishers! Thanks to Brawl MK and Painter Espeon for QCing and Brawl MK for hosting!
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coinboy x Flerovium
9:00 PM UTC, 30th of June, 2017.
2nd: golden009
3rd: Darthikyu
Solutions: bagonbasculinmarowak, entei, woobataxewservinedewott.

1) These species of Pokemon, which have Rock Head, cannot be immune to damaging weather as a result of their typing and/or abilities. (alphabetical order, give base form)
2) This Pokémon's Attack IV (not DV) can only be 0-7 in some main series Pokémon games. (if multiple, first alphabetically)
3) These four Pokémon that were first seen by the audience on a reference drawing for the anime form the acronym W.A.S.D. with their initials. List them in that order.

Thanks to coinboy for collaborating with me and providing Q2 and Q3, and thanks to Rory Mercury and CheeseMuffin for QCing!
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8:30 PM UTC, 1st of July, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: DarkShinyGiratina
3rd: Stylus
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: Coronis
6th: BoredPessimist
7th: golden009
Solutions: gumshoos, nidokingnidoqueen, alain.

1) This fully-evolved Pokemon species has two abilities that allow it to boost the power of Hyper Fang, a move that it can learn.
2) At the time, all of the TMs that were tied for most expensive in Sinnoh's Battle Frontier could be used on these non-legendary Pokemon. (alpabetical order)
3) In the anime, a Pokemon belonging to this trainer was the first seen to cause an incumbent Elite Four member's Pokemon to faint, not including Pokemon owned by fellow Pokemon League members.

Thanks to Meicoo and Gleeb for QCing!

...yes, I did typo 'alphabetical' in Q2.
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The June ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: chupps in first place with 156 points, Meicoo in second place with 137 points, and coinboy in third place with 121 points!
chupps: 156
Meicoo: 137
coinboy ミ☆: 121
Darthikyu: 115
Brawl¤MK: 107
p^_^okemonvortex: 106
3.14dgeot-Mega: 90
Big(Pimpin)12: 70
Rory Mercury: 68
Em★Bar: 66
Mr. Uncompetitive: 56
Gleeb: 55
BoredPessimist: 53
Ninjadog13: 50
te r rapieseve n: 42
xfix: 35
Illusio: 35
GoodMorningEspeon: 26
Stylus: 25
sparkychild: 25
CloudyNatu: 22
keeping it icy: 22
Cyclotic: 21
Lucas87^-^: 20
grumpig: 20
The(Who+Doctor)²: 20
adiass: 20
ZeZangoose: 20
Chees-E: 15
GGhetsis: 15
golden009: 15
Painter Espeon: 15
gallant's pear: 15
Devoxys: 13
froslasss: 10
beej: 10
DarkShinyGiratina: 10
Mercy⚾AZ: 10
elec(♥◠.◠)pm: 10
c Marsh b Lillee: 10
Anavis: 6
Flerovium ☭: 6
seafaring: 5
Dylas: 5
SergioRules: 5
Derter22: 1
WhirlwindBulbasaur: 1
Shadecession: 1
deadfracture: 1

The ladder twist for the month of July will be a returning twist: players will receive two bonus points for each minute that he or she finishes ahead of the next placer (this will only apply to first, second, third, and fourth place and will max out at five points).

No one cares except me, but happy second anniversary to the implementation of monthly ladder twists!

Good luck to everyone on this month's ladder! GO chuppsy
7/2/2017 @ 5:30 PM ET

First Place:
Second Place: Illusio
Third Place: CloudyNatu
Fourth Place: Rory Mercury
Fifth Place: SergioRules
Consolation Prize to: BoredPessimist, keeping it icy, Embar, Brawl MK, golden009, Mellow Jo, BigPimpin12

This is the only, non-Normal Type Status move an NPC’s Druddigon has the ability to use in the Battle Tree.|Hone Claws| In the Battle Tree, this Sinnoh Pokemon used by NPCs has the chance of knowing only a single move.| Porygon Z| Despite Mallow being a Grass-Type specialist, she uses two Flying Type Pokemon in the Battle Tree. One of them, however, knows a move that is Grass-Type. Name the move and the Pokemon. (Format as MovePokemon. Ex: ThunderClefairy)| Bullet SeedToucannon

Thanks to xfix and Meicoo for QCing. Congratulations to all winners, and thank you for participating!
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