(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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7/3/17 @ 10:30 PM UTC-4

Coro (+5)
Second Place: Rory Mercury (+5)
Third Place: golden009 (+5)
Fourth Place: BigPimpin12 (+5)
Fifth Place: kevinrocks
Consolation Prize: 3.14dgeot-Mega

Q1) Which Pokémon that legally can learn ingrain will be weak to Ground type moves ONLY after using the move?
Q2) A certain individual Pokémon in the anime is likely based off of an animal character in an English novel. What line from the novel is said in an episode in which it appears?
Q3) Out of all of Bulbapedia's pages that are listed as a candidate for deletion, which Pokémon is featured in the greatest amount?

Q1: celesteela
Q2: farewell this unfortunate world
Q3: porygon2

Thanks to everyone for coming out to this hunt! :^) Q2 turned out to be pretty tough cause of search engine weirdness, and Q3 got a lot of you stuck, so bonuses for everyone! \o/ Also thanks to Dylas and Brawl MK for QCing.

That makes 99 hunts! One left!
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9:30 PM UTC, 5th of July, 2017.
2nd: Illusio
3rd: BigPimpin12
4th: Embar
5th: BoredPessimist
6th: GoodMorningEspeon
Solutions: sealeo, galvantula, seedot.

1) Of all Pokemon that can still evolve, this is the highest-levelled Pokemon that can be found on the route with the highest number.
2) In one of the main-series Pokemon games, the Ground-type gym leader of the region will discuss the presence of a nest of this Pokemon with the player.
3) In a certain side game, Sharpedo will play the same role as Wailmer, whereas Gulpin will play the same role as this Pokemon.

Thanks to Gallant Spear and Gleeb for QCing!
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I could, but why?
Reserving an official hunt for the 4th of July, 2017 ('merica day baby) at 8 PM EDT/12 AM UTC because I realized I haven't had an official in so long that I haven't even posted in this thread yet...

Thanks to Sparkychild and coinboy for the qc's!

EDIT: Actually 4th of July themed hunt sounds fun so I'm gonna make a new official and leave that reserved time

EDIT 2: Huge thanks to the qc'ers of new hunt, Gallant Spear and lotiasite for enduring all the changes that q3 underwent...

Independence Day Hunt on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017 @ 8 PM EDT

DarkShinyGiratina (05:06) +0
2nd Place: Rory Mercury (05:29) +2
3rd Place: Mr. Uncompetitive (06:52) +0
4th Place: golden009 (07:06) +0
5th Place: SergioRules (07:31)
Consolation Prize: Devoxys

On the 4th of July, Ruby and Sapphire had this many days left in their 80-day challenge. (answer in number format; "1" rather than "one")
2) On the 4th of July, the Bouncing Wailord podcast hosted an episode that had this title.
3) Other than Rapidash and Dodrio, this is the only Pokemon confirmed to have won the Fuchsia Free-For-All Race held at the Nomads Independence Day festival.

78, spindapendenceday, venonat

Sorry about Ponyta not being excluded from q3 also but luckily I don't think it really caused too much trouble. Congrats to all finishers and huge thanks to Gallant Spear and lotiasite for the QC's!
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7/6/17 @ 8 PM ET

First Place:
3.14dgeot Mega
Second Place: Rory Mercury
Third Place: DarkShinyGiratina
Fourth Place: Gleeb
Fifth Place: bronzecrank
Consolation Prize to: SergioRules, BigPimpin12, danktastic teams, Coro, CloudyNatu, broil, Brawl MK, terrapieseven, Dasocks, IhasdisnamE, kevinrocks

A Jigglypuff in the Pokemon Anime follows Ash and his companions until “A Poke-BLOCK Party,” where it has its last appearance. Which town was Ash in when he met this Jigglypuff? (Exclude “town” from your answer) | Neon| The Pokemon Picross achievement “Strange Road Trip” requires that you clear puzzles with several Pokemon, two of which are the same type combination. Name this Type combination. (By order of the types. Ex: Aggron would be Steel/Rock)| Water/Ground|Multiple of this fully-evolved Pokemon have been seen on a Rayquaza-shaped balloon, despite being uncontrolled by the player. | Electrode

Thanks to Meicoo and xfix for QCing. Grats to all finishers and thank you all for participating.
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Flerovium x beej x Dylas
9:30 PM UTC, 9th of July, 2017.
Rory Mercury
2nd: Meicoo
3rd: Brawl MK
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: pokemonvortex
Solutions: axew, pichupikachu, 175.

1 [Flerovium]) Which Pokemon's National Dex number is equal to the average BST of the various species of Pokemon which are of all types that are possessed by Brutal Pokemon, excluding the types that are shared among them?
2 [beej]) In a Pikachu short, several Pokemon ride a vehicle that's also featured in an e-Reader game requiring five Pokemon cards to play. Which Pokemon are featured on two of these cards and are also featured riding the vehicle in the short? (alphabetical order)
3 [Dylas]) Disregarding HP, this is the highest number a stat must be raised to in order for a Pokemon to evolve in Conquest. (Answer is just the number i.e.: 1000)

Thanks to coinboy and xfix for QCing, and thanks to beej and Dylas for collaborating with me!
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7/7/2017 @ 7 PM ET

First Place:
Rory Mercury
Second Place: DarkShinyGiratina
Third Place: BigPimpin12
Fourth Place: Gleeb
Fifth Place: CloudyNatu
Consolation Prize to: Meicoo, 3.14dgeot-Mega

In Pokemon Diamond, this location is where Eevee can only evolve into one of its evolutions. (If multiple, first alphabetically) | Eterna Forest| By number order, this is the last trainer in Pokemon Colosseum’s Mt. Battle Area to have a non-fully evolved Pokemon in Battle Mode - Single Battles.| Athlete Menzon, Menzon| A Pokemon with no evolutions or pre-evolutions, was given a Mega Evolution in Gen 6. However, in the Generation it was introduced in, it only gets one move by level up that shares a type with said Pokemon. What is this move?| Iron Defense

Thank you to CheeseMuffin for collabing with me and writing Q1. Thank you to Brawl MK and Gallant Spear for QCing as well. Sorry for the errors in this hunt, but thank you to everyone for participating.
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I could, but why?
Reserving an official for Sunday, July 9th, 2017 @ 2 PM EDT/6 PM UTC qc'd by Meicoo and Rory Mercury!

Sunday, July 9th, 2017 @ 2 PM EDT/6 PM UTC
DarkShinyGiratina (08:38) +4
Second Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega (10:42) +5
Third Place: SergioRules (24:33) +2
Fourth Place: Lotus Heskey (26:20) +5
Fifth Place: none
This ability in Pokémon Conquest belongs to the most Pokémon.
2) Apart from the “Construction” applications, this Pokémon e-Reader application requires the most cards to play.
3) Say you battle Rich Boy Winston in ORAS but lose because all your Pokémon are one level lower than his so you train your Pokémon and beat Roxanne, leveling up your Pokémon five times. You lose to Winston again because you're actually trash so you give up for now and move on in the game, training and beating Brawly and buying sixty Super Potions and twenty-five regular Potions. This time you finally beat Winston, but just barely. What is the change in your money? (only factoring in money lost/gained from winning and losing to the trainers specifically mentioned in the question and assuming you can go above or below the money limitations of a Pokémon game)
Really sorry about this one guys, I overslept and I'm actually a garbage human so feel free to complain but if you're going to complain, click the links on the solutions cause they give explanations :D (especially q3, which I think is nice). Especially sorry if someone missed it because of me hosting an hour late, but still congrats to everyone who finished, thanks to Rory Mercury and Meicoo for quality checking and especially thanks to anyone who can forgive me for my sins...
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cool quiz
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Hosted an official Odyssey Hunt on Monday, July 10th, at 9PM EDT!

Winner: Brawl MK (+5)
2nd: SnapEasy (+2)
3rd: Cheese (+2)
4th: coinboy (+5)
5th: gallant's pear
Consolation Prize: Coro, spooktune

(1) Sky Attack, (2) Wobbuffet, (3) Hyper Beam, (4) Onix, (5) The Legend, (6) Combustion, (7) Type Wild, (8) Dragon Scale

1) In Gen 2, what was the move with the highest base power Gengar could learn via the Sketch glitch that it could not learn normally?

2) Pokemon Sunday, a Japanese television show, featured actors dressed up as Pokemon. Which of these Pokemon learns the fewest total moves in the main series games?

3) A Gyarados card in the Pokemon TCG that is not water type has this attack that is also a main series move.

4) 12 rounds of the Red, Green, & Blue Chapter of Pokemon Adventures were released in a compilation volume by VIZ. In the title of one of these rounds is a Pokemon who can evolve via trading. Which Pokemon?

5) Additionally, a separate compilation volume by VIZ included 13 rounds of the Yellow Chapter of Pokemon Adventures. Give the round title which does not include a Pokemon's name.

6) Which attack possessed by a Pokemon in the Pikachu's New Friends TCG collection does not have the same name as a main series Pokemon move? (english name)

7) The two-word title of this Japanese Pokemon anime ending theme has the same first word as the two-word name of a Pokemon. (exclude forms)

8) Pokemon Stadium 2 fixed the Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal glitch, removing this item's erroneous ability to boost the power of certain moves.

qc'd by Rory Mercury and Flerovium!
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9:30 PM UTC, 11th of July, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: terrapieseven
3rd: pokemonvortex
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: SnZ
6th: Ihasdisname
7th: Gallant Spear
Solutions: hornattack, metagross, wishiwashi.

1) In the main-series of games, a certain Pokemon of Giovanni's only has one move - what is that move?
2) One of the titles of the chapters of the manga based on Pokemon Conquest does not contain a colour that is recognised by the Pokedex - what is the Pokemon featured in this chapter with the highest BST?
3) This Pokemon, known for being tasty, is feared by the people of the region of the game it debuted in.

Thanks to adiass and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QCing!
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9:30 PM UTC, 12th of July, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: coinboy
3rd: CloudyNatu
4th: kevinrocks
5th: Meicoo
6th: Rory Mercury
7th: Stylus
8th: SnapEasy
9th: Cheese
10th: GGhetsis
11th: BigPimpin12
12th: Gallant Spear
13th: broil
14th: DarkShinyGiratina
Solutions: mightyena, aegislash, spewpa.

1) This is the only fully-evolved Pokemon visible on the box art of Pokemon Dash.
2) This Pokemon appears in Magikarp Jump, but only in statue form.
3) This is the Pokemon with the lowest BST to be featured in the Super Smash Bros. series as a possible Pokemon from the Poke Ball item.

Thanks to adiass and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QCing!
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cool quiz
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Hosted an official collab hunt w/ Gallant Spear on Thursday, the 13th of July, at 7:00 PM UTC (3:00 PM EDT)!

Winner: Rory Mercury (+4)
2nd: 3.14dgeot-Mega
3rd: CloudyNatu (+4)
4th: SnapEasy
5th: sparkychild
Consolation Prize: Lucas87, PyoroLoli, lysica

(1) Prism Armor, (2) Jigglypuff's Song, (3) 142 77 98 131 127 126

(by Meicoo)
1) Which signature ability has the exact same Gen VII flavor text (in-game description) as two non-signature abilities?

(by Meicoo)
2) The "Pocket Monsters Original Soundtrack Best Vol.1" contains a song, the title of which has exactly one Pokemon's name in it. What's the song? (two words)

(by Gallant Spear)
3) If player in-game traded a Ditto for a Rotom in Pokemon Black/White, these would be Rotom's stats, assuming it doesn't have any EVs. (format as six numbers in the order: hp atk def spa spd spe)

quality checks provided by coinboy and Flerovium!
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7/15/16 @ 5 PM ET

First Place:
Rory Mercury
Second Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Third Place: pokemonvortex
Forth Place: GoodMorningEspeon
Fifth Place: CloudyNatu
Consolation Prize to:

A Dustox card in the TCG requires an energy card of a different type to utilize its moves (not including colorless energy), despite it not being this type on this card. List this card’s level in word form. (Example: Seven)| Forty Two| According to a Pokemon professor from a main series game, this NPC travels all over to find strange and rare things, but none of them turn out to be particularly useful. | Mr.Pokemon, Mr Pokmon| What is the lowest cumulative stat among every pokemon that made its TV debut in the 69th episode of any season of Pokemon? (Answer as [stat][number]) | Speed335, Spe335

Thank you to beej and Cyllage for collaborating with me on this hunt. They made Q2 and Q3 respectively.

Thanks to Meicoo and xfix for QCing. Thank you to everyone for participating, and congrats to all winners.
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7/15/17 12AM UTC (8PM EST)

1st place:
gallant '½' spear (+2)
2nd place: Brawl¤MK (+4)
3rd place: te r rapieseve n
4th place: Rory Mercury (+2)
5th place: SnapEasy
Consolation Prize: spooktune, keeping it icy, Meicoo

hariyama, wooper, kamaboko

1) This Pokemon has a higher catch rate than its prevolution.
2) In Generation 2, Goldeen can only learn one STAB move by level up. Several Pokemon could who could not learn this move in Generation 2 went on to be able to learn it in Generation 3. Which one has the lowest base speed stat?
3) A certain Gen 6 trainer class almost exclusively uses the elemental monkeys in battle. Name the one who doesn’t. (Exclude trainer class)

Grats to all finishers, thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Flerovium for qcs and pi again for hosting.
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Good for you
Sunday July 16th @ 9 PM EDT
Meicoo (+5)
Second place: Keeping it Icy (+5)
Third place: Rory Mercury (+5)
Fourth Place: Snapeasy (+5)
Fifth Place: Baloor
Q1) This Pokemon cannot have its ability changed using the Ability Capsule, despite the fact that it has two non-hidden abilities.
Q2) These two Pokemon, who have a typing unique with themselves, have different abilities that have the same effect as the other. (alphabetical order)
Q3) In Pokemon Adventures, this move was used to melt the cage made of ice that Red was in.

Q1: Zygarde
Q2: Ampharos Mega Zekrom
Q3: Fire Punch

Grats to all finishers! Really liked the enthusiasm in hating my hunt. Thanks to kevinrocks and Brawl MK for qcing!
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Reserving a Jump Start official for 7/16/17 @ 4:00 P.M. EDT (7/16/17 @ 8:00 P.M. GMT)! Quality Checkers are 3.14dgeot-Mega and CheeseMuffin, see you there for the special style!

Sunday 7/16/17 @ 4:00 P.M. EDT (7/16/17 @ 8:00 P.M. GMT)
1st place: Wan the Avatar (+2)
2nd place: DarkShinyGiratina (+2)
3rd place: Gallant Spear (+5)
4th place: rafooa11 (+5)
5th place: Mega Eevee X
Consolation Prize to: SnapEasy
Solutions: https://pastebin.com/2xvr3AnT

Congrats to all finishers! I hope you had fun with both hunts!
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Flerovium x Stylus
8:30 PM UTC, 17th of July, 2017.
Painter Espeon
2nd: Rory Mercury
3rd: GoodMorningEspeon
4th: terrapieseven
5th: BigPimpin12
6th: GGhetsis
7th: Meicoo
8th: SnapEasy
Solutions: feintquickattack, belchstrugglebug, wrap.

1) These moves are learnt by level-up in Gen 7 by all of the Pokemon on the standard box art of Pokken Tournament. (alphabetical order)
2) These are the special moves with the highest BP from the level-up movepools of each Pokemon depicted on graffiti on the ground in Po Town. (alphabetical order)
3) One of the Ultra Beasts only learns one Normal-type move via level-up - what move is this?

Thanks to coinboy and Brawl MK for QCing, and thanks to cutie voice Stylus for collaborating with me! <3

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cool quiz
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Hosted an official on Tuesday, July 18th, at 8:00 PM EDT!!

Winner: 3.14dgeot-Mega
2nd: CloudyNatu (+2)
3rd: kevinrocks (+5)
4th: gallant spear
5th: Cyclotic
Consolation Prize: BigPimpin12, SnapEasy, Bronzecrank

(1) Dragonair, (2) Garbodor, (3) Tornadus
1) In a Pikachu short in the Pokemon anime, which Pokemon makes its dub debut on an unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago?
2) Of the Pokemon TCG cards with the exact name "Torkoal," one of them does not share its TCG type with the rest. Which is the first Pokemon alphabetically in the main series games to learn both moves by level-up that this Torkoal knows?
3) In the Pokemon Adventures manga, it is shown that Gigi the Tepig had been featured in a drama at some point, whose title included the name of this Pokemon.

qc'd by very gud users Sparkychild and Rory Mercury!
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False Pretenses
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Reserving an official hunt for Wednesday, July 19th @ 4:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT). Thanks to Gleeb and Meicoo for QCing!

Official hunt on Wednesday, July 19th @ 4:00 PM EST (8:00 PM GMT).

kevinrocks (05:56)
2nd: Cyclotic (06:21)
3rd: Brawl MK (06:24)
4th: Geene (07:00)
5th: rafooa11 (07:50)
Consolation Prize: SnapEasy, Grumpig, Baloor

Q1) In Pokemon X/Y, an NPC talks about how this character will sometimes cook meals for two of the Kalos gym leaders.

Q2) If the player chooses to not team with a friend/partner in the Battle Tree in Multi Battle mode, they will be paired with an NPC. The only default NPC in the Battle Tree battles with two certain Pokemon. Of the moves these two Pokemon can learn, these two moves have the most letters in their names. List the two moves alphabetically.

Q3) On a certain card in the Pokemon TCG, Spoink is able to learn a move existent in the Pokemon Games that it cannot learn in-game. What is that move?

Q1) Siebold
Q2) Feather Dance High Jump Kick
Q3) Lunge
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cool quiz
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Served an extra grilled fish at 8 PM EDT on Friday, July 21st!

Winner: Darthikyu
2nd: GGhetsis
3rd: losedude
4th: Cyclotic
5th: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Consolation Prize: terrapieseven, SnapEasy, Blazeboy2.0, Baloor

(rip bonus)

(1) Gyarados, (2) Zekrom, (3) Jesse Vanillish Ice Beam
1) This wild Pokemon encounterable on the Resort Gorgeous route shares at least one type with every other wild Pokemon on the route.

2) In the Pokemon manga where characters can transform into human-Pokemon hybrids, the main character can transform into a hybrid of this Pokemon.

3) In the Dragonspiral Tower in Pokemon Black and White, the wild Pokemon there who never appear in winter are all weak to a certain type. Also located in the Dragonspiral Tower area is an NPC trainer, who owns a certain Pokemon, who knows a certain move of that type. Name the trainer, then the Pokemon, then the move. Exclude trainer class.

grillers: Rory Mercury, CheeseMuffin
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Reserving an official for 40 minutes from now (7:30 PM EDT) on Thursday, July 20th.
QC'ers: Brawl MK and Flerovium
Can't have a day without officials tbh

Winner: Rory Mercury
2nd place: GoodMorningEspeon
3rd place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
4th place: kevinrocks
5th place: Meicoo
One of the only Pokemon owned by a main character in the anime to have a nickname was given one due to this character also having a Pokemon of the same species. (Answer with full name)|samson oak
The earliest versions of the Special Energy cards that appeared in the most sets were both drawn by this person.|milky isobe
This building's residents include a man, seven Pikachu, and a girl that looks like a Pikachu.|pikachu fan club
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Reserving an official hunt on Sunday, 23rd July 2017 at 10:30 AM EDT. QC'd by Gallant Spear and Flerovium

23rd July 2017, 10:30 AM EDT:

Q1: There is exactly one route in Gen IV whose number can be expressed as 2(first digit^2)+(second digit^2)=(third digit^2). On which date that appears in the first week of a month can the route weather be rain? (format as monthdate, e.g. january1): December 2
2) This is the name of the only gen 1 Gym Leader to have lived outside of Kanto and not appeared in more than 2 generations in an interactive role (aside from battles). (remakes count as original gen): Lt. Surge
3) No Pokemon could learn this move in R/B, even though its data was present in the game. : Kinesis

1st place: Ninjadog13 (+4)
2nd place: SnapEasy
3rd place: rafooa11 (+2, missed the +4 by 1 second)
4th place: Geene (+4)
5th place: Aegii

Thanks for attending!
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cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
Hosted a sorta spontaneous celebratory official at 8:30 PM EDT, on Saturday, July 22nd!

Winner: CloudyNatu
2nd: Zipzapadam
3rd: Darthikyu
4th: pokemonvortex (+2)
5th: kevinrocks
Consolation Prize: SnapEasy, Scribblium, Baloor

(1) Spiral Drain, (2) Ice Floe Beach, (3) 126
1)The rarest card in the Forest Force Pokemon TCG theme deck has this non-main series attack.
2) Of the most expensive purchasable Friend Areas in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, which of them does not have the same name as a main series location?
3) Before gen V, what was the highest population of any city containing a Global Terminal? (format your answer as one number: e.g. 10)

high quality quality checks provided by Rory Mercury and xfix!
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In my element.
Stylus x Flerovium
11:00 PM UTC, 24th of July, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: Rory Mercury
3rd: Cheese
4th: DarkShinyGiratina
5th: CloudyNatu
6th: SnapEasy
7th: Baloor
Solutions: jigglypuff, shw8mxrajr, oichi.

1) This non-legendary Pokemon appears on the box art of the last spin-off Pokemon game to be released on the Nintendo DS.
2) In Pokemon Conquest, this is the code of the Pokemon that could only be obtained in a post-game event in another Pokemon side-game.
3) In Pokemon Conquest, there are several Warlords that specialise in two types (which happen to be signature typings of certain different Pokemon), however the Pokemon that they use only shares one of the specialised types. (last alphabetically)

Thanks to Dylas and Gallant Spear for QCing, and thanks to cutie voice Stylus for collaborating with me! <3
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In my element.
Official Odyssey Hunt
9:30 PM UTC, 29th of July, 2017.
2nd: kevinrocks
3rd: BigPimpin12
4th: Qwili
5th: Darthikyu
Solutions: stylus, darktype, mewtwo, sealeo, teddiursaursaring, hiddenpowerweatherball, splash/rest, victini/munchlax, nincada, xdgaleofdarkness, lastresort, obliviousrunaway, twohundredtwo, diancite, werethemewresearchteam, crunch, tapulelegx16, venonat.
1 [Stylus]) This non-legendary Pokemon appears on the box art of the last spin-off Pokemon game to be released on the Nintendo DS.
2 [Dylas]) In Pokemon Conquest, this is the code of the Pokemon that could only be obtained in a post-game event in another Pokemon side-game.
3 [adiass]) In Pokemon Conquest, there are several Warlords that specialise in two types (which happen to be signature typings of certain different Pokemon), however the Pokemon that they use only shares one of the specialised types. (last alphabetically)
4 [Cheese]) This dual-typed Pokemon of Inver's in ORAS has no moves of its secondary typing.
5 [CloudyNatu]) In a certain Pokemon movie, Pokemon can be seen representing real-world constellations in the end credits. Only two of the Pokemon are in the same evolutionary family. List both Pokemon alphabetically.
6 [Level 51]) In Gen III, two moves could each potentially be either Physical or Special moves. Name these two moves in alphabetical order.
7 [xfix]) This move has a different type in Pokemon GO than in Pokemon Sun.
8 [Brawl MK]) In the Super Smash Bros. series, of the Pokemon that can come out of any Pokeball, this Pokemon's "move" isn't a Pokemon move.
9 [Gleeb]) According to Prima's official strategy guide on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, this Pokemon is considered to have a Spectral Evolution.
10 [coinboy]) This is the first Pokémon game to feature the line "A wild ___ appeared!" at the start of an encounter with a wild Pokémon. (Do not include "Pokémon" in your answer)
11 [Ninjadog13]) This is the move with the highest base power that can be learnt by level-up by a Pokemon belonging to a trainer with the Cyclist trainer class in Pokemon Platinum.
12 [Flerovium]) Of all abilities that are not the only ability of any Pokemon, these abilities are possessed by the most Pokemon. (alphabetical order)
13 [MercyAZ]) A Pokemon is level 69 with 14 HP IVs and 196 HP EVs. Its Max HP stat is 401. What is its base HP stat? (Spell out the number, do not include 'and in the answer)
14 [3.14dgeot-Mega]) In Pokemon Adventures, one of the main characters asks a Hoopa to find this item.
15 [Devoxys]) This Pokemon manga is based on two boys trying to accomplish a technically impossible (without glitching/cheating) task in some version of the main series games. (give translated English name)
16 [Meicoo]) A Pokemon TCG card featuring an Alolan regional variant, which has the same card type as the majority of TCG cards featuring that same Pokemon's default form, has only one attack. What's the attack?
17 [lovemathboy]) In the Pokemon TCG North American International Championships Masters Division, out of the top 8 players, which Pokemon card appeared the most times and how many times did it appear? (If there is 2 of one card in a deck, it is counted as 2)(Format card then number, e.g. Shaymin EX 5)
18 [sparkychild]) This Pokemon's Chinese name means "Ball of Fur".

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Gallant Spear for QCing, thanks to Meicoo and CloudyNatu for organising the official with me, and thanks to everyone else who contributed a question!
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