(Old) Scavengers Ladder (February 2017 - May 2018)

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Reserving an official hunt on Sunday, July 30th at 10:30 AM EDT.

QC'd by Gallant Spear and Flerovium

Sunday, July 30th, 10:30 AM EDT

1) A fair estimate for the average electric power used per day by an American household is 30 kwh. According to Professor Oak, if you use this Pokemon, you can generate 108,000 Kilojoules of electric power per day. [Raichu]
2) Of course, we all know Oak can't identify more than 3 Pokemon despite having spent his entire life working with them. He identified this Pokemon as a UFO to Japanese viewers. [Starmie]
3) In Generation II, this Pokemon(found in New York) could learn a move that can Burn, Freeze, or Paralyze which it can't learn normally. [Psyduck]


1) Darthikyu (07:13)
2) abd1710 (07:17)
3) Alphoria (07:55) +5
4) SnapEasy (17:51) +5
5) BrawlMK (22:06)

Thanks for participating!
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Overdue collab official by Gallant Spear and Dylas on Sunday, July 30th at 8 PM UTC.

1st place: BigPimpin12.
2nd place: MemelordExeggutor. (+2)
3rd place: Brawl¤MK. (+5)
4th place: SnapEasy. (+5)
5th place: Baloor '◡'.


1) In Gen 2, this former signature move was supposed to be a field move. [Payday]
2) A celebration in the Pokemon World, based off of a real life celebration created in honor of the 25th anniversary of a city, was first heard of in this episode. (Answer with the episode title) [The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak]
3) There are exactly three Dragon Tamers in the Battle Frontier who have the exact same set of Pokemon, despite the trainers having different names. Which item is most commonly held upon said set of Pokemon? [Quick Claw]

Thanks again to CloudyNatu and Rory Mercury for QC
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In my element.
9:30 PM UTC, 1st of August, 2017.
Brawl MK
2nd: GoodMorningEspeon
3rd: Darthikyu
4th: BigPimpin12
5th: Rory Mercury
6th: Scribblium
Solutions: psychic, hariyama, aggronite

1) This badge will cause a trainer's traded Pokemon to obey them up to a certain level, the number of which is unique to this badge. (do not include 'badge' in the answer)
2) A certain location in the main-series games has a wall tile that incorrectly functions the same as a gym statue - what is the highest-levelled Pokemon that can be battled in this location?
3) The first Pokemon to be made Pokemon of the Day or Week by Serebii will only hold this item in events.

Thanks to Cheese and Gallant Spear for QCing!
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pondering mongoose
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Thanks for waiting!
The July ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Rory Mercury in first place with 228 points, Brawl MK in second place with 172 points, and DarkShinyGiratina in third place with 118 points!

Rory Mercury: 228
Brawl¤MK: 172
DarkShinyGiratina: 118
3.14dgeot-Mega: 108
BigPimpin12: 87
CloudyNatu: 74
kevinrocks: 71
SnapEasy: 68
Meicoo: 67
t∯errapieseven: 55
Darthikyu: 51
coinboy ミ☆: 45
gallant '½' spear: 43
GoodMorningEspeon: 40
Illusio: 30
p^_^okemonvortex: 28
Coronis: 26
Ninjadog13: 24
rafooa11: 23
Wan the Avatar: 22
Cheese: 22
Cyclotic: 21
Painter Espeon: 20
golden009: 20
keeping it icy: 20
MemelordExeggutor: 17
Alphoria: 15
abd1710: 15
Zipzapadam: 15
GGhetsis: 15
SergioRules: 14
Geene: 14
Sty(°✖°)lus: 10
Mr. Uncompetitive: 10
Gleeb: 10
Lotus Heskey: 10
losedude: 10
Embar『』: 10
qwi ✯ li ♪('-' ): 9
Baloor '◡': 2
SnZ: 1
Bronzecrank: 1
BoredPessimist: 1
Aegii: 1
Mega Eevee X: 1
sparkychild: 1

The ladder twist for the month of August will be a returning twist: official hunts may contain one non-Pokémon question in them (though it is not guaranteed).
Best of luck to everyone on this upcoming month's ladder!
8/1/2017 @ 9:30 PM ET

First Place:
Wan the Avatar
Second Place: 3.14dgeotMega
Third Place: BrawlMK
Fourth Place: BigPimpin12
Fifth Place: Kyuseu
Consolation Prize to: Coinboy, Baloor, SnapEasy, beej

The Fuchsia Gym’s main gimmick in both games is eventually used as a Trainer card in the TCG. A portion of this Pokemon can be seen in the card.| Weezing|The wielder of the Earth Sword in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 has a conversation with this character in a separate game, which will increase one of her stats by 5 points once initiated.| Finn| According to the theme song of PK11, you should not delay, because two of this Pokemon will be there too.| Pichu

Thanks to Rory Mercury and CheeseMuffin for QCing! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations all finishers!
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Reserving an official for Friday, August 4th, 2017 at 9 PM EDT! QC'd by Meicoo and Flerovium and hosted by Meicoo.

1st place: Painter Espeon.
2nd place:
3rd place:
4th place:
5th place:
Consolation Prize: t∯errapieseven, Baloor '◡', gallant '½' spear, SnapEasy

1) A reference to a 1976 disco song can be found in this location in the Pokemon games. [DragonspiralTower]
2) This enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a trophy, but cannot be fought in the Subspace Emissary. [Mizzo]
3) The author of the Pokemon Adventures manga has written walkthroughs for certain Pokemon games as well. Which game has he written the most walkthroughs for? (full game name, format é as e) [PokemonColosseum]
Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Meicoo for QCing and hosting and to Flerovium for QCing!
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False Pretenses
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Official on Saturday, August 5th @ 1:00 PM EDT

Darthikyu (03:54)
2nd Place: Brawl MK (04:30)
3rd Place: beej (06:22)
4th Place: lovemathboy (09:53)
5th Place: SergioRules (11:39)

Consolation Prize: Gallant Spear, Bronzecrank, Kyuseu
1.) In the 'Pokemon Trainer's Choice' segment in the Pokemon anime, many Pokemon's names were misspelled; however, two Pokemon were labeled as an entirely different species of Pokemon than the sprite that appeared above the name. Name both Pokemon (the sprites) who were mistaken to be a different Pokemon, alphabetically.

2.) In Mario Kart Wii, competitions were held online twice a month with challenges on various courses. There were just 2 courses where competitions did not take place. Name the non-retro course where no competition was held and the character that both staff ghosts used in time trials on said course (Wii), in that order.

3.) Take the following two types: 1. The type that has the most other types that resist it (if tie, first alphabetically) 2. The type that, not counting formes, has had more than half of the pokemon of that type introduced in a single generation. Of all pokemon with both of these two types, name the one that has a different primary type.

1.) beautiflysealeo
2.) moomoomeadowsbabydaisy
3.) skorupi

Thanks to all who participated & to Rory Mercury and Gleeb for QCing!
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The young boy barged through the town's streets, scouring the streets for any sign of the old man he had spoken to many weeks ago. He was hard to find; strange men in plain clothing were more than commonplace among the scavengers. The only thing that differentiated the clothes of one person to the next was the small magnifying glass-shaped badge pinned above every person's heart: the mark of a scavenger. Each member of the community had a unique colored badge, however similar they may have looked; and each person wore it with pride, to signify their love and dedication to the scavengers. The old man, strange as he was, was no different when the boy last saw him, and by all accounts, should not have been any different.
But the boy knew better.
The old man had told him about a man in robes of turquoise. Once gone, he said, but someone who would be returning from dormancy soon. And the young boy didn't believe him. Not at first, anyway. Colored robes were worn only by the community's leaders at the highest level: the ROs, a name whose meaning had been lost to time. To his knowledge, there had been only two scavengers who wore the RO's outfit: the GME the Wise, in his plum-colored clothes, and Flerovium the Dank, in a deep cardinal red. He was somewhat aware that there had been one who wore turquoise, but that was in the past. And in the scavengers community, those who left their roles rarely ever returned. Whichever RO had worn turquoise should not have been any different.
But now, the boy knew better. He had seen an RO in robes of turquoise appear out of nowhere around the town, just like the old man predicted. It wasn't normal. There had been no grandiose ceremony, as he knew there was when a moderator was promoted to the highest role. He heard very few people making any deal of it. And that was despite the fact that he had led three official hunts since he reappeared. They acted so normally, it was like no one noticed it - which was exactly why it was so odd that the old man had been... so correct.
And to the young boy, that could mean only one thing.
Finally, he returned to the spot where he had met the old man the first time: resting against one of the town's limestone walls along a market street. He had spotted the old man around several times since they spoke, and he was almost always around there. And sure enough, once again, he saw a familiar face - a long, white beard, a paint palette beside him, and a necklace with four intersecting lines in the shape of what he was told was an "octothorpe."
"You, old man," he called out, storming to his side. The man looked surprised. "Have you deceived me?"
The old man stared at him for a moment. "You certainly do love to ask questions. Have you tried an official hunt lately?"
"Don't mock me," he spat. "When last we spoke, you told me of a man in robes of turquoise-"
"Teal," he corrected him with a smile.
If the boy's suspicions were correct, he could do nothing but bite his tongue. "Robes of teal," he repeated begrudgingly. "And I did not believe you. I'd like to be the first to say I was wrong not to."
The old man nodded. "I appreciate that," he admitted. "But if I was right about that, why do you accuse me of deceiving you?"
"Because," he reasoned. "The whole ordeal is far too strange for anyone to have simply predicted. That man - is he an RO?"
"I'd think so." The elder man fiddled with his necklace. "So far as I know, the council members don't typically let people borrow their clothes."
"Then why was there no buzz about his sudden promotion? I'm told that there always is some sort of announcement, at the very least. But I heard nothing."
It looked as if the old man was debating to himself on whether or not to answer. Finally, he sighed. "I believe you've figured everything out," he admitted. "If you must know... it is because I never left."
The boy's eyes widened. He was right. "So you're-"
"Quiet," the old man said sternly. "I didn't leave my robes at home for no reason. I'd like to keep a low profile."
Too curious to leave, the young boy sat down next to him. "So... you're an RO?" he whispered.
"Indeed," the man conceded. "In my time, I was known as Pespeon the Joyous." He picked up his palette like he was getting ready to leave at any time. "From the time I was shown to be able to summon great hunts from my words - that is, when I was deemed a voice - I approached organizing officials with great enthusiasm. The same when I was chosen to be the one to drive the mystical questions into our realm, and so forth. I found endless joy and escape in scavenging, but mostly in providing a way for others to."
He looked at his palette sadly. "But all good things must come to an end. In time, the joy of being an RO faded. And as that joy faded, I was left unable to fulfill promises, and unable to contribute to the community I once loved so endlessly. And so I slowly disappeared away, rarely ever coming back. When I did, I hid myself away in the guise of the common man that you see here." He examined his plain brown clothing. "It's not much, but it's not bad. I may as well get used to it now, anyway."
"But..." the boy said. "Why, then, did you come back?"
Pespeon gazed out across the street. He was silent for a considerable amount of time. "I'd like to find that joy again," he replied. "The joy of giving to the scavengers. I figure that if I return to my duties as RO, perhaps the happiness I used to feel will return with me. And perhaps I will continue to stay."
Now, any disdain the boy had felt for the old man had been replaced with curiosity about the RO sitting next to him. "Do... do you think that it will work?"
He thought about the question. "I can't say for sure," he shrugged. "I know what I believe will happen now, but I'd not like to jump to conclusions. All I can say is that, if it does not work, and my joy does not return... I'm happy to have given it one last shot."
After a moment, he got up, holding his palette with him, and began to walk away. Shocked, the boy stood up to follow him. "Wait!" he called out. "Pes... old man!"
Pespeon looked over his shoulder. "Yes?"
The young boy approached the RO so that he could continue to speak quietly. "When last we spoke," he recalled, "you told me that the man in robes of teal had made ninety-six officials."
He nodded. "That is correct."
"And since you've returned," he continued. "You've made three more, have you not?"
A smile began to spread across Pespeon's face. "Once again, you're right."
"So... does that mean..." the boy's voice trailed off, waiting for the RO to say it himself.
He laughed. "Yes, yes, of course," he nodded. "Of course I have plans for my one hundredth. Tell me, boy... have you ever played in a Scavenger Games?"

8/6/17 @ 7:00 PM GMT-4

First Place: Flerovium
Second Place: GoodMorningEspeon
Third Place: BigPimpin12
Fourth Place: Snapeasy
Fifth Place: Darthikyu
Consolation prize to: placeholder text

All questions and answers!

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who played and participated in my 100th official hunt! Also thanks to Rory Mercury and Gallant Spear for QCs.
And thank you to everyone in scavengers for the past two years. You've been a big source of joy for me for all that time. However I do it, I'm sticking around for a long while. Love yall :)
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Reserving official for August 9th at 11PM UTC.
1st place: Mr. Uncompetitive.
2nd place: Flerovium.
3rd place: Rory Mercury.
4th place: Darthikyu.
5th place: SergioRules.
Consolation Prize: Brawl¤MK

Latios is the only Legendary Pokemon and also the only dual typed Pokemon who learn this non-signature move via level up. [telekinesis]

In Pokemon Conquest, there's an unused graphic depicting Mitsuhide using this Pokemon despite the pokemon is not being in the game. [moltres]

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, there's an unused 3D model of this recurring monster. (use the common name) [tonberry]

Thanks again to CheeseMuffin and CloudyNatu for QC.
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7:00 PM UTC, 8th of August, 2017.
2nd: SnapEasy
3rd: Brawl MK
4th: Cyclotic
5th: PikachuSean
Solutions: cascoon, echocaveskyblueplains, castlevaniasymphonyofthenight.

1) This Pokemon appears in a Friend Safari that is of a type that the Pokemon does not have.
2) Of all of the Friend Areas in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon whose names start with the same letter they end with, these are the only ones that are home to a species of Pokemon whose name begins with the same letter. (alphabetical order)
3) This was the first game to be played at a Games Done Quick event that was not played on a Nintendo console.

Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Meicoo for QCing!
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Flerovium x Stylus
9:30 PM UTC, 10th of August, 2017.
2nd: SnZ
3rd: Rory Mercury
4th: mitosisduosion
5th: SnapEasy
6th: I Dream of Rain
Solutions: eeveenincadaonix, butterfree, undyneletterex.

1) These Pokemon appear in Friend Safaris that are of types the Pokemon cannot have after evolution. (alphabetical order)
2) This is the only Pokemon seen to be released by its trainer in a Pokemon movie.
3) This item in Undertale can only be obtained if the player loses an item with the exact same use.

Thanks to 3.14dgeot-Mega and Meicoo for QCing, and thanks to qt user Stylus for collaborating with me and providing Q3!
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Friday, August 11th at 8pm Eastern (August 12th at 12am GMT)
1st place:
2nd place: Rory Mercury
3rd place: Wan the Avatar
4th place: BigPimpin12
5th place: shadowtheorem
Consolation Prize: slow magic, t∯errapieseven, Darthikyu, Scribblium

Q1: This Pokemon with at least two forms has the largest base stat total difference between forms those forms. Name the base form.
Q2: In the TCG, a certain Jirachi card has a move that exists in game that Jirachi cannot normally learn in game. Name the move.
Q3: In the musical “Hamilton” (as well as real life historical events), three duels occur throughout the duration of the story, two of which occur in the same place. What is the name of the city where these duels took place? Include state initials ex. [Houston TX]

wishiwashi, psywave, weehawken NJ

Grats to all finishers and big thanks to Painter Espeon for QC'ing and 3.14dgeot Mega for QC'ing and hosting.
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8/12/17 @ 3:30 PM GMT-4

First Place: Darthikyu
Second Place: SnapEasy
Third Place: Baloor
Fourth Place: shadowtheorem
Fifth Place: Brawl MK
Consolation Prize to: 3.14dgeotMega, A Phantom.

Q1) Which Pokémon have appeared the most times on different Pokémon GO loading screens? (Answer alphabetically)
Q2) The skin of the strawberry poison dart frog, among others, becomes toxic after consuming ants from this family.
Q3) Under normal battle conditions, what move makes the user's speed equal to 1.5 times the target's?
pikachu squirtle
Z-Speed Swap

Thank you to Rory Mercury and kevinrocks for QCing, and especially thanks to Dylas for hosting on extremely short notice for me, and for typing the majority of this post out too. Congrats to all winners, and thank you to everyone who participated! Sorry for the incorrect time being listed on /roomevents, but it worked out in the end!
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12:30 PM UTC, 13th of August, 2017.
2nd: WailJesus
3rd: Alphoria
4th: Snaquaza
5th: PikachuSean
6th: adiass
Solutions: louisiana, moongeistbeam, kiloudecity

1) On the homepage of Kentucky Fried Chicken's UK website, one can see the name of this US state.
2) Discounting Smeargle, this move has the highest index number of all moves which can only be learned by Pokemon against which they are super-effective.
3) A certain combination of a mega stone and the Pokemon it mega evolves contains less letters than any other such combination - where was the first place this mega stone could be obtained in the main-series games?

Thanks to coinboy and 3.14dgeot-Mega for QCing!
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Reserving an official for Tuesday, August 15th at 4 pm EDT. QC'd by Gleeb and GoodMorningEspeon and hosted by Gleeb.

1st place: shadowtheorem.
2nd place:
3rd place:
4th place:
Rory Mercury.
5th place:
Consolation Prize: Snowy3, Embar『』

1) By this episode in the Pokemon anime, all Pokemon from Generation 5 had appeared in the anime or movies. Give the name of the episode. [MeowthColressandTeamRivalry]
2) This is the only character in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U/Nintendo 3DS with an out-of-shield option that does not require jumping, grabbing, dodging or using the up direction. [Greninja]
3) In this Pokemon game that has a minigame requiring the player to spell the names of Pokemon, the name of a legendary Pokemon is spelt wrong. (format é as e) [PokemonTeamTurbo]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to Gleeb for hosting and QCing and to GoodMorningEspeon for QCing!
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In my element.
Flerovium x Brawl MK
12:30 PM UTC, 16th of August, 2017.
2nd: shadowtheorem
3rd: Geene
4th: Barry000
5th: Leafage
6th: yaicanea
7th: Gallant Spear
8th: ScarfWynaut
Solutions: 131017, bluefalcon, curse.
1) The only event distribution of Ash's Pikachu to feature a Pikachu with a prime number level will have this trainer ID.
2) This Mario Kart vehicle shares its name with a Shadow the Hedgehog boss.
3) This non-signature move's Z-effect can change depending on the Pokemon using it, and the Z-Move isn't signature either.

Thanks to Rory Mercury and Cheese for QCing, and thanks to Brawl MK for collaborating with me and providing Q3!
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Good for you
>pi making an official
jk he's too lazy to make a full official so he's collabing with other people :O
Reserving an official for 8/17/17 @ 7:00 PM EDT with user who should make officials and user trying to prove he's not dead. QCed by Rory Weebcury and Mooffin. Be there or be pesp.

Have fun with Fairy Tail, I guess.

8/17/17 @ 7:00 PM EDT
Official Hunt by Ambii, SergioRules, and 3.14dgeot-Mega
1st place:
2nd place: Darthikyu.
3rd place: Mercy⚾AZ.
4th place: SnapEasy.
5th place: BigPimpin12.
Consolation Prize: ShayyminSkyy

The Player must blow in the DS to escape from these traps. (alphabetical order, include trap in the answer) made by Ambii
Q2) Spheal got access to two moves by level up in ORAS that it previously didn't have in XY. One Pokemon was able to learn the physical move by level up prior to Generation 5 when it lost the move from its learnset. Name this Pokemon. made by SergioRules
Q3) In Fairy Tail, a character has symbols on his head which he believed meant Zeref, but actually mean this. made by you guessed it, pi

A1) Ember Trap Fire Trap Flower Trap Leaf Trap
A2) Golem
A3) Matcha

Grats to all finishers, I know you all appreciated the Fairy Tail question. Thanks to Rory Mercury and CheeseMuffin for qcing.
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8/19/17 @ 4:30 PM ET

First Place:
Second Place: Praline Playmaster
Third Place: 3.14dgeot Mega
Fourth Place: Brawl MK
Fifth Place: Wan the Avatar
Consolation Prize to: Darthikyu, CriticalMeme, shadowtheorem

All of the main dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap that are explored before entering Dark Hyrule Castle give the player an Element after a boss is beaten besides a single one. Name the item that is given at the end of said single dungeon in place of an Element. (Full Item Name)| Ocarina of Wind| In the TCG games, tournaments are held at the Game Store. Which opponent who specializes in two elements can be battled twice in one tournament, but does not appear at all in another? | Rika| This is the only Friend Area in the Mystery Dungeon series that holds only nonPsuedo-Legendary Pokemon of a single evolutionary tree.| Transform Forest

Thanks to Flerovium and Painter Espeon for QCing. Congrats to all winners, and thank you to everyone for participating.
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8/20/2017 9pm EST RESULTS

1st Place: SergioRules
2nd Place: BigPimpin12
3rd Place: CloudyNatu

1) There is one generation II pokemon that was not used in the Pokérap GS, and let X be its Pokedex number. Two of the methods in which this glitch pokemon in Pokemon Yellow can be obtained involve a pokemon with remaining HP of X, or an attack stat of X [F q]
2) This song, from the Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection, shares its first 9 letters with a Pokemon ability [Infiltration]
3) If you add one letter to one of the words in this Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, you get the name of a CAP Pokemon [Truffle Kerfuffle]

Thanks to coinboy and GoodMorningEspeon for qcing, and everybody that participated!
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8/21/17 @ 9:30 PM ET

First Place:
Second Place: BigPimpin12
Third Place: Gallant Spear
Fourth Place: CloudyNatu
Fifth Place: Brawl MK
Consolation Prize to:

(Ninjadog12) Excluding Pikachu, this Pokemon has debuted the most moves in the Pokemon Anime. (If multiple are tied, list the first alphabetically.) | Heracross
(Dylas) This Legendary Pokemon made its TV debut in an episode where it merged with the only other Pokemon to debut in said episode.| Rayquaza
(Coinboy) In generations VI and VII, this Pokémon sometimes does not learn egg moves despite being eligible for them. | scatterbug

Thank you to Ninjadog~ and coinboy for collaborating with me! Also thanks to Flerovium and CheeseMuffin for QCing. Thanks to everyone for participating, and congratulations to those who placed. Til next official.
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Reservin official on August 23rd at 6 PM UTC

1st place: shadowtheorem.
2nd place: coinboy.
3rd place: Geene ••.
4th place: Techury.
5th place: AFuckNotBeingGiven.


1) Beside Snorunt's page, this is the only Bulbapedia article with shiny Snorunt front sprite. [Masuda Method]

2) This voice actress is from the same hometown as Satoshi Tajiri. She is known as the voice in the Pokemon anime as one of the main characters and Fullmetal Alchemist. (first + last name) [Megumi Toyoguchi]

3) Among all Pokemon who appeared in the Pokemon Ranger series game's covers, this Pokemon can hit the most other Pokemon super-effectively using its STAB move (ignore abilities). Name the location where player can find this Pokemon in the Pokemon Ranger series games. (if multiple, name first alphabetically) [Haruba Desert]

Thanks again to Bird I used to be terrified to and Bread Pizza topping for QC
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8/23/17 @ 11 PM GMT-4

Second Place: CloudyNatu

Q1) One popular style of Pokémon game playthrough is the Nuzlocke, in which the central rule is that a player cannot use a Pokémon again once it faints. The name "Nuzlocke" in particular is derived from both the Pokémon Nuzleaf, and a character who originated on this TV show.
Q2) An optional rule of Nuzlocke runs is that while the player can catch evolved Pokémon, they may not further evolve Pokémon that they catch. If the player follows this rule, what is the first fully-evolved Pokémon they can potentially obtain in a Pokémon Black/White Nuzlocke?
Q3) Assume that the player encounters Pokémon regularly in tall grass only, and consider "area" to mean any location in which wild Pokémon can be caught. What is the probability that in a Nuzlocke of Pokémon Black 2 in the summer, the player catches no Normal-type Pokémon in the first four areas they access? (Don't count starter pokemon, round answer to 0 and four decimal spots, i.e. 0.2222)


Thanks to Cheese and Dylas for qcing! Sorry Gallant, I had it in my head that you did and didn't check. And congrats to all both who solved the hunt, and to all who participated! Sorry for the tough one, but I hope you enjoyed my nuzlocke hunt to some degree. Until next time!
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Hosting an official on 25/8/17 at 9:30 AM EDT/1:30 PM UTC.

Created by myself and esteemed LegendaryMouse, qc'd by Meicoo and CheeseMuffin

25/8/17 at 9:30 AM EDT/1:30 PM UTC


1st: shadowtheorem (04:02)
2nd: Rory Mercury (06:59)
3rd: Gallant Spear 真 (07:01)
4th: adiass (08:28)
5th: potato.blaster (10:32)
Consolation Prizes: Brawl¤MK


1) This is the Legend Tretta in the Pokemon Tretta set that introduces Poison types: Rayquaza
2) In the anime, this character calls a landmark in his city (where he is also the Gym Leader) by its Generation IV name: Morty
3) In Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, this civilization's units do not speak in the dialect of their time period as opposed to all other civilizations: Chinese

Thanks for participating!
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Reserving an official on 8-27-17 at 6:00 PM EDT/10:00 PM UTC.

Created by myself and Ambi. QC'd by CheeseMuffin and coinboy. Hosted by Ambii

8-27-17 at 6:00 PM EDT/10:00 PM UTC | Stylus and Ambii
1st: shadowtheorem (02:56)
2nd: 3.14dgeot-Mega (04:50)
3rd: Darthikyu (15:34)
4th: a Phantom (26:06)
5th: Qwili (29:07)
Consolation Prize: SnapEasy

(Stylus) This public PS! Avatar features the horn of a certain Pokémon. Name the Pokémon and the avatar number, in that order. | Heracross127
2. (Ambii) This fully evolved Pokemon is able to use non-status priority Z-Moves. | Talonflame
3. (Stylus) According to Marina in Splatoon 2's Off the Hook!, this is the name of the bass guitar used at a specific map stage. | Octoslapper QX-2

Grats to all finishers!
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