(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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Hello! Originally created by stellar user Joim, the Scavengers room is a long-standing public room on Pokémon Showdown that focuses on Scavenger Hunts, short and engaging trivia games that test the user's knowledge and searching skills in a variety of question types. In particular, the room focuses on competing to top the monthly ladder, where our users attempt to earn as many points as possible by creating and solving Hunts! Official Hunts are primarily led by the room staff members, but any user can help out with making regular hunts.

Official Hunts award points to users based on their placing; first place earns 30 points, second place 25 points, third place 20, fourth place 15, fifth place 10, sixth place 5, and every finisher from seventh place on 2 each. If any of the top three users finish within 1 minute of the hunt's starting, they will earn 10 extra BLITZ points.

We also create Mini-Officials that are hosted spontaneously and also count towards the monthly ladder. First place finishers will earn 15 points, second place 13 points, third place 10, fourth place 8, fifth place 5, sixth place 3, and seventh onward 1 each.

Creating a regular hunt is worth 4 points, whereas solving one is worth 5 points for first place, 3 points for second, 2 for third, and 1 each for fourth onward.

The top players from each month’s ladder will be recorded and receive special mentions in future ladders and the room itself. Any non-auth members in the top five places of the monthly ladder will also receive a nomination for Room Voice.

Lastly, every month's ladder has a unique twist that allows for different question types, point scoring systems, and more, making each month's ladder a different experience.

Our room also has a website with all sorts of information, so if you're looking to get into the room for the first time or refresh yourself on some rules and details, check it out!

The currently ongoing monthly ladder can also be viewed by using the command /scavtop when in the Scavengers room; however, a record of the past ladders can be found on the site's ladder archive.

Please refrain from unnecessary posting in the ladder thread, as it is used primarily for documenting hunt reservations and results. If there are concerns with the thread that need to be addressed, you can message a staff member on either Smogon or PS. (This has been an unspoken rule of the ladder threads over the past few years but I'd like to officially put it here for reference.)
And of course, thanks to all of these folks for helping out a ton with the room in the past: Spy, Darnell, Level 51, The Captain., Vacate, Alter, Shame That, Joim, The Immortal, sirDonovan, queez, Xylen, ashiemore, Flerovium, Painter Espeon, GoodMorningEspeon, CheeseMuffin, Rory Mercury, and Andy Snype!
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Hosted an official on Friday 1st June at 8pm EDT

Sun☼GodVolcarona has finished the hunt in 1st place! (00:39 - BLITZ)
DarkShinyGiratina has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (01:02)
3.14dgeot-Mega has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (01:07)

Alex has finished the hunt in 4th place! (01:45)
Devoxys has finished the hunt in 5th place! (01:56)
Shayy Min Skyy has finished the hunt in 6th place! (02:04)
WhirlwindBulbasaur has finished the hunt in 7th place! (02:24)
gallant's pear has finished the hunt in 8th place! (02:47)
SonofDaw13 has finished the hunt in 9th place! (03:10)
Meicoo has finished the hunt in 10th place! (04:20)
moo has finished the hunt in 11th place! (05:17)

1. (Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia hunt) This is the second Pokemon that can be recruited as a Partner Pokemon.
2. This is the first Pokemon the player captures that’s under the control of Ice.
3. This is the last Pokemon the player captures before their Browser is complete. (excluding missions from the Ranger Net)

1. Kricketot
2. Froslass
3. Regigigas

QCd by QTs ashiemore and lovemathboy c:
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Official on Sunday, 3rd June 2018, 1am GMT+0

2nd. DarkShinyGiratina
3rd. 3.14dgeot-Mega
4th. Andrew
5th. c.kilgannon
Consolation: Devoxys*, SonofDaw13*

* - 1 bonus point for finishing within 3 minutes of 5th place.

1. This dining establishment, which has restaurants in Unova and Hoenn, is noted for their specialty food which is made from berries.

2. In ORAS, a written statement by this character revealed an Odd Keystone was donated to a particular Hoenn facility (full name).

3. In ORAS, the NPCs that may have the highest levelled Pokemon in the game have this trainer class (exclude NPCs from Battle Maison/Institute).

1. Village Bridge Restaurant
2. Raizoh Cosmo
3. Secret Base Trainer

Grats to all finishers !_!

QCed by RossW and Milkshook!
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Officiail Hunt on June 4th 5th at 10 PM UTC
1st place: DarkShinyGiratina [01:06].
2nd place: moo [01:11].
3rd place: mgperson [01:12].
4th place: SergioRules [01:44].
5th place: GuiSh♡Ark [01:47].
Consolation Prize: *Andrew [01:52], BigPimpin12 [05:51], SonofDaw13 [08:36], Rory Mercury [08:50]

*) receive bonus point.

1) In Generation IV core games, when your Pokemon uses this move, its sprite will move up 1 pixel. [facade]
2) Despite having 1:1 gender ratio, only the male version of this Pokemon that can be encountered inside Hidden Grottos in Pokemon White 2. [nosepass]
3) The Name Rater in this city/town is inside a Pokemon Center.(include the word city/town) [camphrier town]

Thanks to Stylus-shaked Milk combo for QC

May Namakobushi be with you
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OWR - Revenge of Y2K Official Weekly (May 27th - June 2nd EDT) Results:
Another super week of officials!
May 27th - • MINI~ Host: Alexender (Alex), top 5 finishers: Devoxys, Rory Mercury, DarkShinyGiratina, LCWCY2, and LilyAC! (QC: A Phantom)
May 28th - • MINI~ Host: Devoxys, top 5 finishers: DarkShinyGiratina, Milkshook, SunGodVolcarona, Awesome96Birdy, and c.kilgannon! (QC: 3.14dgeot-Mega)
May 29th - • Official Hunt - (Stylus)
May 30th (2) - • MINI~ Host: Alexender (Alex), top 5 finishers: SonofDaw13, Awesome96Birdy, Thank-ed, Panda, and c.kilgannon! (QC: adiass)
MINI~ Host: Steven Snype (Andrew), top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, TheWhoDoctor, WeepingDevil, gallant's pear, and Cheese555! (QC/Host: Meicoo)
May 31st - • Official Hunt - (Meicoo, Milkshook, Devoxys, and Alex)
June 1st (2) - • MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, Wan the Avatar, Devoxys, Panda, and SunMoonFX! (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (Milkshook)
June 2nd (2) - • MINI~ Host: Alexender (Alex) top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, pokemonvortex, DarkShinyGiratina, SonofDaw13, and Zyg! (QC: adiass)
Official Hunt - (Alex)
May 27th - May 31st:

Dylas: [20]
thimblebony: [20]
LCWCY2: 3 + 15 =
DarkShinyGiratina: 5 + 10 = 15
pokemonvortex: [15]
SonofDaw13: 10 + 5 = 15
3.14dgeot-Mega: 10
Devoxys: 10
Emboar02: [10]
Rory Mercury: 5 + [5] = 10
Awesome96Birdy: 3 + 5 = 8
c.kilgannon: 3 + 3 = 6
Milkshook: 5
SunGodVolcarona: 5
Thank-ed: 5
TheWhoDoctor: 5
WeepingDevil: 5
gallant's pear: 3 + 1 = 4
Cheese555: 3
LilyAC: 3
Panda: 3
WhirlwindBulbasaur: [1]

All Minis unless specified:
[denotes full official]
June 1st - June 2nd:

DarkShinyGiratina: [15] + 5 + [15] = 35
3.14dgeot-Mega: 10 + [10] + [10] = 30
SunGodVolcarona: [30! - BLITZ]
adiass: [20]
Rory Mercury: 10
Devoxys: 5 + [1] + [1*] = 7
Alex: [5]
Andrew: [5]
pokemonvortex: 5
SonofDaw13: [1*] + 3 + [1*] = 5
Wan the Avatar: 5
Panda: 3
SunMoonFX: 3
Zyg: 3
c.kilgannon: [1]
gallant's pear: [1*]
Meicoo: [1*]
moo: [1*]
ShayyminSkyy: [1*]
WhirlwindBulbasaur: [1*]

*Point received via June's 3 minute 5th place+ Bonus Point(s) Ladder Twist (Click for details)

All Minis unless specified:
[denotes full official]

Swing by for our Random Doubles Tournament this Friday, on June 8th, at 9 PM EDT!

Quick Links:
Scavs Room | Monthly Ladder Archive | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard | Previous Week's Results
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2018-06-05 8:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: DarkShinyGiratina
Second place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Third place: Gleeb
Fourth place: Cheese555
Fifth place: gallant's pear
Consolation prize to: *Sun☼GodVolcarona, *SonofDaw13, WhirlwindBulbasaur

* Received 1 bonus point.

1) This is the most recent anime episode in which Ash's age was explicitly mentioned.
2) This Pokemon is the lightest of one of its types, but still heavier than all other Pokemon that are the lightest of a type. (use PS name)
3) On which day did Pokemon Showdown have its highest recorded amount of online users? (format yyyy-mm-dd)

1) In the Shadow of Zekrom!
2) Meloetta-Pirouette
3) 2016-08-22
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Hosted Knockout Games on June 6th @ 8:30 PM EDT celebrating one year since voice.

Winner [30]: Rory Mercury
2nd Place [20]: WhirlwindBulbasaur
3rd Place [15]: Wan The Avatar
4th Place [10]: Andrew
5th Place [8]: Devoxys
6th Place [5]: p^_^okemonvortex
7th Place [3]: 3.14dgeot-Mega
8th Place [1]: Milkshook

Consolation Prize: Dylas, Andy

QCs: adiass and Gallant Spear

Hunt 1:
In Pokemon Emerald, this ability (when combined with a field move) amplifies the effect of the used field move.
1-2: This is the only Mail that can be exchanged for a Key Item (include "Mail").
1-3: In the TCG, the Lugia LEGEND card has this move.

Hunt 2:
This main character's Pokemon (in the anime) is the only starter Pokemon that was debuted fully-evolved that was owned by any main character.
2-2: Frieda gives the player this item depending on the day of the week in Johto (first encounter).
2-3: Kahili's first Pokemon (in the manga) delivered a specific item to this trainer.

Hunt 3:
The Gourmet Maniac in Unova offers to buy this item for 25000 PokeDollars.
3-2: In the Advanced Generation's Latin American dub, this fire-typed move was incorrectly called a normal-typed priority move.
3-3: Name all foster children that Ghetsis took care of (alphabetical).

Hunt 4:
This contest condition was the only one that didn't have the same amount of moves as the other conditions in Generation VI.
4-2: This Battle Tree Special Trainer can use a Sceptile-Mega in Generation VII.
4-3: This is the name of the eighth ending theme song for Pokémon Sunday.

Hunt 5:
Two main characters have a food competition in a specific Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga chapter. Name the food they were making in the competition.
5-2: These two playable Pokemon in Pokken Tournament DX have more than one playable form (alphabetical).
5-3: The only trainer found in the Ruins of Alph, in two separate generations, has this Pokemon.

Hunt 6:
"Pokémon Summit" is held in this city (include "City").
6-2: In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, some vehicles are based off of this certain real life automotive brand.
6-3: In B2W2, this is the only gym that uses the surrounding city music instead of the normal gym music (don't include "City" or "Gym").

Hunt 7:
This is the only Type-enhancing held item in Generation III that can also evolve certain Pokemon.
7-2: In Super Mario Odyssey, this Kingdom Wedding Item shares its name with a Pokemon item.
7-3: A cloned version of Ash's Pikachu first appeared in this movie.

Hunt 8:
This Generation I location has a hex index number of 0x53.
8-2: This fighter in ARMS is known as "The Ramen Bomber".
8-3: This special move with a base power of 75 can be used by Articuno in a Generation III game.

Hunt 9:
The TM for this move was given by Brock to Red in the first episode of Pokemon Origins.
9-2: In Splatoon 2, this character runs Shella Fresh.
9-3: Belly Drum can cause this Pokemon (that learns the move) to change its form.

Hunt 10:
In Pokemon Emerald, this ability can cause the PokéNav to call more often.
10-2: This mini-game in Kirby: Star Allies allows the player to competitively chop wood.
10-3: This Ultra Beast has the highest single stat of all UBs.

Final Hunt:
This TCG Theme Deck features the art of Exeggutor-Alola on the box.
11-2: In a certain Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC, this item gives Link half a heart, but instantly killing all enemies hit with the item.
11-3: In Malie City, there is a golden gargoyle on the roof of a specific building. Name the Pokemon it is based after.

Hunt 1:
Hyper Cutter
1-2: Harbor Mail
1-3: Elemental Blast

Hunt 2:
2-2: Poison Barb
2-3: Sun

Hunt 3:
Balm Mushroom
3-2: Ember
3-3: Anthea Concordia N

Hunt 4:
Cute / Cuteness
4-2: Mallow
4-3: YEAH!

Hunt 5:
5-2: Mewtwo Pikachu
5-3: Girafarig

Hunt 6:
Ecruteak City
6-2: Mercedes / Mercedes-Benz
6-3: Icirrus

Hunt 7:
Metal Coat
7-2: Binding Band
7-3: Mewtwo Strikes Back

Hunt 8:
Power Plant
8-2: Min Min
8-3: Shadow Chill

Hunt 9:
9-2: Bisk
9-3: Darmanitan

Hunt 10:
10-2: Chop Champs
10-3: Guzzlord

Final Hunt:
Tropical Takedown
11-2: One-Hit Obliterator
11-3: Seel
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Results for standard official 6/7/2018 at 1 PM EST, qced by LegendaryMouse and ashiemore

1st place: 3.14dgeot-Mega [03:18].
2nd place: LordNwahs6 [04:34].
3rd place: Panda [08:07].
4th place: BigPimpin12 [09:06].
5th place: Rory Mercury [10:08].
Consolation Prize: Mikemanwba [26:02], 86l [26:21]

1) A certain Pokemon games opens with the player in control of a Salamence fighting a Metagross. This is the protagonist of that game. [Michael]
2) In RSE, an NPC can give you one of five berries when given the correct prompt. However, only one of them can be obtained before the post game. Name the prompt you must say to receive the berry from the NPC. [GREAT BATTLE]
3) This PSMD exclusive move will either inflict a random status or lower a random stat. [WAZA_YOBI_03]
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official before 'yearly-break' on June 8th at 9 PM UTC
1st place: Panda [01:50].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex [02:00].
3rd place: Andrew [02:12].
4th place: Meicoo [03:16].
5th place: LilyAC [05:46].
Consolation Prize: 3.14dgeot-Mega [06:51], WhirlwindBulbasaur [08:01], Rory Mercury [08:14]

1) This Pokemon staff's last name is used as a hidden default rival name in Pokemon Red/Green.(format: full name) [tsunekazu ishihara]
2) This fully evolved Pokemon is in Bulbapedia's walkthrough logo. [typhlosion]
3) Player can't enter this location in Generation III, but can only leave once. [inside of truck]

Thanks to Milksiemore combo for QC

May Namakobushi be with you
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2018-06-09 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Andrew
Second place: DarkShinyGiratina
Third place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fourth place: Rory Mercury
Fifth place: Sun☼GodVolcarona
Consolation prize to: *WhirlwindBulbasaur, *adiass, *Awesome96Birdy ♫, *c.kilgannon, JetOU, p^_^okemonvortex.

* Received 1 bonus point.

1) Of all moves that have at some point been TM-exclusive, this one has the highest base power.
2) This Sinnoh settlement’s population decreased the most between Diamond/Pearl and Platinum.
3) This Pokemon evolves starting one level before the most common evolutionary level.

1) Overheat
2) Hearthome City
3) Sandile
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Official on Saturday, 9th June, 2am, GMT+0

2. DarkShinyGiratina
3. chupps
4. Andrew
5. c.kilgannon
Consolation: Meicoo*, 3.14dgeot-Mega*, WhirlwindBulbasaur

* - Received one additional point due to monthly twist


1. In a non-English version of the main series games, codes that reference the Pokémon Aron and Ho-oh are needed to gain access to this location.

2. In Gen I and II, this move, when used, produces an effect that resembles a Rhydon.

3. In FRLG, this location is the only one to possess a 2x2 dimension on the Town Map.

1. Rocket Warehouse

2. Substitute

3. Ruin Valley

Grats all finishers n_n

QCed by adiass and Milkshook
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Andy Snype

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Reserving an odyssey for Sunday June 10 7 PM EDT (GMT -4) (roughly 2 hours before this post but on Sunday)

Odyssey Hunts are special officials where a single hunt has an unknown amount of questions - you'll have to keep answering the questions to find out the exact amount! Other than that, it's the same as a regular official.


1st: 30 points - 3.14dgeotMega
2nd: 20 points - Gleeb
3rd: 15 points - BigPimpin12
4th: 10 points - mgperson
5th: 8 points - WhirlwindBulbasaur
6th: 5 points - SonofDaw13
7th: 3 points - pokemonvortex
8th: 1 point - SergioRules

1) This is the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. [Iron Man]
2) Doctor Strange's end credit scene is a part of this movie. [Thor Ragnarok]
3) In Ant-Man, a child's toy grows to a freakishly large size. It is based off of this character. Name the character. [Thomas the Tank Engine]
4) The Grandmaster of Sakaar is portrayed by this actor. Give first and last name. [Jeff Goldblum]
5) Name the artist of the song that was used to introduce us to Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. [Redbone]
6) This is the name of the character that acts as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. [Trevor Slattery]
7) This is the first movie that Andy Serkis appeared in the MCU. [Avengers: Age of Ultron]
8) In Thor: Ragnarok, one of the characters is given a tshirt that belonged to another Avenger. On the shirt is the cover art for a band's album. Name the band and the album in that order. [Duran Duran Rio]
9) In Captain America Winter Soldier, who is the highest-ranking SHIELD officer in HYDRA? Give first and last name. [Alexander Pierce]
10) Name the song that was used to introduce us to the Guardians of the Galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War. [the rubberbandman]
11) What is Thor's roommate's first name? [Darryl]
12) Name the artist to the song that Baby Groot dances to at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Use two words and replace any number with its word. [Jackson five]
13) These two MCU superheroes have actors that both portrayed a version of Sherlock Holmes. Give their MCU superhero names in alphabetical order. [Doctor Strange Iron Man]
14) Captain America Winter Soldier's opening scene starts with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson running laps. Which city are they running in? [Washington D.C. / District of Columbia]
15) Black Widow first appeared in this movie (release order). [Iron Man 2]
16) Stan Lee, in his cameo appearance in Captain America: Civil War, is asking for someone with this name. Give first and last name. [Tony Stank]
17) Which extraterrestrial other than Thor did Darryl Jacobson also have as a roommate? [The Grandmaster / grandmaster / grandmaster of sakaar / the grandmaster of sakaar]
18) The "So, You Got Detention" meme started in this MCU movie. [Spiderman: Homecoming]
19) Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended with this movie. [AntMan]
20) In alphabetical order, give the superhero names of the two superheroes/Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have debuted prior to but do not appear in Infinity War. [Ant-Man Hawkeye]
21) Ant-Man's end credit scene is actually a part of this movie. [Captain America Civil War]
22) This Avenger did not receive a standalone movie but did change actors since his/her MCU debut. Give his/her first and last non-superhero name. [James Rhodes]
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(June 3rd - June 9th EDT)

June 3rd - none
June 4th (2) - MINI ~ Host: Alexender (Alex), top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, LordNwahs6, adiass, Milkshook, and gallant's pear (QC: ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: CloudyNatu, top 5 finishers: adiass, DarkShinyGiratina, Rory Mercury, WeepingDevil, and chupps (QC: ashiemore)
June 5th (3) - Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: terrapieseven, SunGodVolcarona, p^_^okemonvortex, BigPimpin12, and Gleeb (QC: Rory Mercury)
Official Hunt - (gallant's pear)
June 6th (2) - MINI~ Host: Alexender (Alex), top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, Milkshook, GuisHark, p^_^okemonvortex, and CloudyNatu (QC: ashiemore)
Official Knockout Games - (Stylus)
June 7th (2) - Official Hunt - (WhirlwindBulbasaur)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: SonofDaw13, GoodMorningEspeon, Hikanu, Devoxys, and reely (QC: ashiemore)
June 8th (3) - Official Hunt - (gallant's pear)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Milkshook, Andrew, JetOU, 3.14dgeot-Mega, and DarkShinyGiratina (QC: ashiemore)
Official Hunt - (Alex)
June 9th (3) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: adiass, LilyAC, DarkShinyGiratina, LordNwahs6, and moo (QC: ashiemore)
Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: Stylus, top 5 finishers: GuisHark, Meicoo, SunGodVolcarona, Darthesis, and p^_^okemonvortex (QC: adiass + gallant's pear)
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2018-06-13 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Meicoo
Second place: Gleeb
Third place: Rory Mercury
Fourth place: DarkShinyGiratina
Fifth place: BigPimpin12
Consolation prize to: *WhirlwindBulbasaur, reely, Andrew, Devoxys

* Received 1 bonus point.

1) This Pokemon can be found in the wild 45 levels below the level it is normally obtained at by evolution.
2) This Gen I glitch move has the lowest nonzero base power.
3) The time in hours it takes for this berry to grow in XY is equal to its berry ID number in previous generations. (include "berry")

1) Dragonite
2) TM54
3) Kasib Berry
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Hosted a collab official with Rory Mercury on Tuesday, June 12th, at 7:00 PM EDT!

Winner: pokemonvortex
2nd: Cheese555
3rd: TheWhoDoctor
4th: terrapieseven
5th: Money in thy purse (SSBN640)*
Consolation prize: Andrew

*Received 5 total points, as per our June twist!
(1) Super Repel, (2) Oceanic Museum, (3) Raichu Thunderbolt
1) Meicoo: This hidden item can be found in Pokémon Black and White in the most populous City/Town in Unova.
2) Rory Mercury: In this location the player may be thought to be part of Team Aqua or Team Magma by an NPC depending on how much money one has.
3) Meicoo: Some Pokémon learn STAB moves whose gen 1 move index number is equal to their gen 1 Pokémon index number. Name the last of these Pokémon by gen 1 index number, and the move learned. (Format: Pokémon, move)
Thanks to Milkshook and Stylus for quality checking!
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Hosting an official on Monday, June 11th, at 12:00 PM EDT.

QC'd by Gallant Spear and Alexender

1: Two energies are unique to a theme deck you can construct after unlocking a certain Auto Deck Machine. What is the name of this deck?(include deck) : Mysterious Pokemon Deck
2: This Champion appears in the most episodes of the anime. : Cynthia
3: If this trainer spots the player on the stairs of a certain derelict Gen III location, the battle background will be a cave instead of indoors.(include trainer class) : Tuber Charlie

1: Perishing Song (01:13)
2: Panda (02:58)
3: JoakesVGC (05:07)
4: LordNwahs6 (07:15)
5: WhirlwindBulbasaur (09:09) (+4)
Consolation: None
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2018-06-15 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Rory Mercury
Second place: Devoxys
Third place: zyg
Fourth place: chupps
Fifth place: Sun☼GodVolcarona
Consolation prize to: none

1) This non-event location appears in FR/LG and Emerald but not in R/S.
2) This is the anime episode in which the Team Rocket trio blasts off the most times.
3) This was the first day on which Event Mew could be legitimately obtained in Pokemon Red and Green. (format yyyy-mm-dd)

1) Altering Cave
2) Malice in Wonderland!
3) 1996-04-15
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2018-06-16 3:00 PM UTC-4 (KO games)

First place: chupps
Second place: CloudyNatu
Third place: Milkshook
Fourth place: keeping it icy
Fifth place: pokemonvortex
Consolation prize to: c.kilgannon, rafooa11, thimblebony, HeroicTobias, Zyg, BoltTheMaster

Questions + Answers:
/starthunt ashiemore | This Pokemon can be found in the wild in Sapphire but in neither Ruby nor Emerald. | lunatone | In Giratina’s shiny sprite, the stripes on its front that are normally red are changed to this color. | blue | This is the number of unique tiles where Feebas can possibly be found in Mt. Coronet. | 528

/starthunt ashiemore | Glitch City can only be exited in Gen I using one of these two moves. (abc order) | flyteleport | This is the nickname of the Mr. Mime that can be received in an in-game trade in Red and Blue. | marcel | This item can be obtained from an aide in Gen I after catching 50 different Pokemon. | expall

/starthunt ashiemore | This special move introduced in Gen II has no base power value. | mirrorcoat | This Gen II glitch type is functionally identical to the Steel type. | lmzm | This item obtained from a Week Sibling in GSC does not exist in any other generation. | pinkbow

/starthunt ashiemore | These are the only two Gen III Pokemon to evolve into previous gen Pokemon. (abc order) | azurillwynaut | This Gym Leader’s highest leveled Pokemon in Emerald is not a Gen III Pokemon. | juan | In FireRed and LeafGreen this item is hidden near the truck in the S.S. Anne’s port. | lavacookie

/starthunt ashiemore | This Pokemon can be found only with the Poke Radar on the highest numbered Gen IV route. | togepi | This Gen IV legendary Pokemon has a higher Attack stat than Special Attack. | regigigas | This route that exists in GSC does not exist in HGSS. | 23;route23;kantoroute23

/starthunt ashiemore | In BW1, it is possible to permanently miss the items in this location as it is made inaccessible as part of the story. | nscastle | This non-roaming legendary Pokemon can be obtained on a bridge in BW2. | cresselia | Excluding Poke Mart items, this is the only item that can be obtained in Nacrene City in all Gen V games. | sodapop

/starthunt ashiemore | This is the first Pokemon to be used by a gym leader in XY whose primary type is not the type of the gym. | mawile | In ORAS, a TM for this move can be found on a Mirage Island south of Route 134. | payback | These Gen III Pokemon received a 10 point stat boost in Gen VI. (abc order) | beautiflyexploud

/starthunt ashiemore | A glitch involving this item was fixed in the 1.1 release of Sun and Moon. | rockyhelmet | This Z-Move introduced in USUM has the lowest Base Power. | clangoroussoulblaze | This is the number of Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex in USUM that were not in it in SM. | 101

/starthunt ashiemore | A Poke Mart in this town sells an item that boosts moves of a certain type. | azaleatown | This Pokemon has the highest ratio of Special Attack to Speed. (format like PS) | munchlax | This is the text said by an Azurill in Fallarbor Town in Pokemon Emerald. | rooreelooo

thanks to everyone who participated ☆
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meow meow
is a Battle Simulator Moderator
Official Hunt on Sunday, 17th June 2018 at 3am, GMT+0

Rory Mercury
2. aegii
3. 3.14dgeot-Mega
4. SunGodVolcarona
5. Andrew*
Consolation: nobody

* - Received 4 additional points due to monthly twist


1. According to this NPC in Emerald, there are a certain number of triathletes on Seaside Cycling Road.

2. In Platinum, an NPC in the Global Trade Station wonders why the Pokemon he received has such a strange moveset. List the four moves the NPC mentions, in alphabetical order.

3. In ORAS, you may receive a certain item from Game Freak developers by presenting to them certain Pokemon. If this (i.imgur.com/E3m2e6B.jpg) is the team the player has, what would be the main body text written on the item?

1. Mechadoll 5
2. Cut DoubleEdge Explosion Reversal
3. We hereby certify that this Trainer has shown unwavering friendship and unbreakable bonds with Surskit

QCed by adiass and RossW n_N

Grats all finishers :)
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(June 10th - June 16th EDT)

June 10th (2) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, Awesome96Birdy, mgperson, LordNwahs6, and GuiShark (QC: ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: Steven Snype (Andrew), top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, fearfire22, mgperson, JetOU, and terrapieseven (QC/Host: Meicoo)
June 11th (2) - Official Hunt - (LegendaryMouse)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: chupps, Wan the Avatar, Shadow Sirens, CloudyNatu, and Soft Flex (QC: Stylus)
June 12th (2) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: chupps, Arrested, CloudyNatu, mgperson, and Devoxys (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (Meicoo / Rory Mercury)
June 13th (3) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: chupps, p^_^okemonvortex, Panda, c.kilgannon, and gallant's pear (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: Stylus, top 5 finishers: chupps, 3.14dgeot-Mega, Rory Mercury, SergioRules, and WhirlwindBulbasaur (QC: Meicoo)
June 14th (2) - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: adiass, WhirlwindBulbasaur, Froppy(Kero), ScorrchingTheaph, and rafooa11 (QC: Milkshook)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: moo, CloudyNatu, Wan the Avatar, Rory Mercury, and Irokei (QC: Stylus)
June 15th (2) - Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Shadow Sirens, Devoxys, Milkshook, thimblebony, and mgperson (QC: Stylus)
June 16th (4) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: aegii, Milkshook, SonofDaw13, WyldZephy, and Hadd (QC: LegendaryMouse)
Official Knockout Games - (ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: CloudyNatu, top 5 finishers: p^_^okemonvortex, chupps, SunGodVolcarona, Rory Mercury, and terrapieseven (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (Alex)
Total (15)

Congratulations to thimblebony, our weekly Friday Tournament winner! Come out on June 22nd @ 4:00PM EDT for a [Gen 4] Random Battle (Single Elimination)!

Quick Links:
Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
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Reserving an official for Monday, June 18th, at 8:30 pm EDT! QC'd by ashiemore and Stylus.

First Place: SW
Second Place: chupps
Third Place: 3.14dgeot-Mega
Fourth Place: Irokei
Fifth Place: Rory Mercury

Sixth Place: Wan the Avatar (+1)
Consolation Prize: WhirlwindBulbasaur

1) There are 3 chambers in this Unova location, only one of which is accessible without using a key.|UndergroundRuins
2) When in this location, the game will alternate between 3 different sound effects at fixed intervals of time.|DriftveilDrawbridge|
3) Trees cut down at Pinwheel Forest are taken to this location before being shipped elsewhere.|DriftveilCity

Congrats to all finishers! Thanks to ashiemore and Stylus for QCing.
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dairy fairy
Official on Wednesday 20th June at 12:00 PM EDT

gallant's pear has finished the hunt in 1st place! (06:44)
3.14dgeot-Mega has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (07:19)
Panda has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (11:02)
WhirlwindBulbasaur has finished the hunt in 4th place! (12:52)
JoakesVGC has finished the hunt in 5th place! (13:34)
sleepm2 has finished the hunt in 6th place! (14:44)*
Husdjur has finished the hunt in 7th place! (19:47)
Aperrentis has finished the hunt in 8th place! (26:38)
p^_^okemonvortex has finished the hunt in 9th place! (43:04)

* Received 1 point from June's twist

1. From ORAS onwards, Blastoise has a unique battle animation when using this move.
2. In Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, two Pokemon have a Poke Assist of a type that they don't have in the gen 4 main series games. Name these Pokemon. (Alphabetical order)
3. A Team Plasma Grunt on the Plasma Frigate uses this name for Marlon.

1. Hydro Pump
2. Gorebyss Huntail
3. Smiley Swimsuit

QTd by Rory Mercury and lovemathboy
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Hosted a Jump Start on June 21st @ 5:00 PM EDT

QCs: Meicoo and ashiemore

Official Hunt:
1st place: Milkshook
2nd place: chupps
3rd place: DarkShinyGiratina
4th place: keeping it icy
5th place: SW
Consolation Prize: Emboar02, SergioRules, WhirlwindBulbasaur, Panda, mgperson 幹

Q1: In Diamond and Pearl, using this move or item in a Poké Mart will clear text boxes temporarily if speaking to a clerk after. Name both the move and item, alphabetically.
Q2: Two Oricorio forms released alongside together in the same event in Pokemon Shuffle. Name the other Pokemon released in this same event, alphabetically.
Q3: In the Sun & Moon anime, a specific Pokemon gave an Oranguru Honey in order to receive this Café drink.

Q1: Honey Sweet Scent
Q2: Dartrix Mudbray Pyukumuku
Q3: Pinap Juice

Jump Start:
1st place: WhirlwindBulbasaur (+30 seconds)
2nd place: chupps (+20 seconds)
3rd place: DarkShinyGiratina (+10 seconds)
Consolation Prize: Milkshook, SW, rafooa11, keeping it icy

Trainer Horde Encounters in Pokemon ORAS only occur with these two trainer classes (alphabetical).
Q2: A couple can be found in this location in Pokemon ORAS, both former grunts of Team Aqua or Team Magma.
Q3: Another couple of former grunts can be found in B2W2. In the location where they are found, a NPC can be found that can change the music to this theme which is otherwise nonexistant in B2W2.

Q1: Team Aqua Grunt Team Magma Grunt
Q2: Battle Resort
Q3: Route 10
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(June 17th - June 23th EDT)

June 17th - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, Awesome96Birdy, Guishark, mgperson, and Milkshook! (QC: LegendaryMouse)
June 18th (2) - MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Guishark, p^_^okemonvortex, CloudyNatu, Panda, and chupps! (QC: Alex)
Official Hunt - (Devoxys)
June 19th (2) - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, 3.14dgeot-Mega, (lovemathboy), Milkshook, and p^_^okemonvortex! (QC: adiass)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Wan the Avatar, mgperson, chupps, Rory Mercury, and Panda! (QC: ashiemore)
June 20th (3) - Official Hunt - (Milkshook)
MINI~ Host: Gallant Spear, top 5 finishers: Guishark, 3.14dgeot-Mega, Panda, p^_^okemonvortex, and rafooa11! (QC: ashiemore)
MINI~ Host: RossW, top 5 finishers: Milkshook, WhirlwindBulbasaur, 3.14dgeot-Mega, and chupps! (QC: LegendaryMouse)
June 21st (2) - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: Milkshook, p^_^okemonvortex, WhirlwindBulbasaur, gallant's pear, and Panda! (QC: adiass)
Official Jump Start - (Stylus)
June 22nd - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: 3.14dgeot-Mega, Dylas, Panda, aegii, and Andrew! (QC: adiass)
June 23rd - none
Total (11)

First off, congrats to our weekly tournament winner: SonofDaw13!

Feel free to join us for our final tournament of June on the 29th @ 9:00 PM EDT (CC1v1 Round Robin).

Finally, congratulations to rafooa11, our winner of our first HOTW! Don't worry if you missed this one in the room, as our site will have a built-in site scavenger hunt for you to have the opportunity to complete this hunt! More information can be found by clicking HOTW in the Quick Links below. Make sure you submit your hunts between Monday, June 25th and Thursday, June 28th to have a chance to win this upcoming week's HOTW and receive 20 ladder points!

Quick Links:
Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | HOTW | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
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