(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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Gen 8 official, 23 November 11pm SST (10am EST)!
QC by gallant's pear and Elgino

1st place: Litt♥Eleven [02:34].
2nd place: The Frozen One [06:53].
3rd place: Mrs Fame [16:35].
4th place: brugger [17:14].
5th place: AbuBatata [54:08].
Consolation Prize: bulbasaurbuddy! [54:51], LJB14 [01:11:28]

1. (all questions relate to gen 8) In the programming language Python, lines like ``@outer`` placed before a function definition are called by a certain name. The same name could be applied to a Pokémon using this signature move. | Decorate
2. There are five taste ratings for curry, referred to by these Pokémon from worst to best. | Koffing Wobbuffet Milcery Copperajah Charizard
3. This item activates only when an attack misses. | Blunder Policy
4. This character shares their name with an English monk and saint. | Bede
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Reserving an Official this Thanksgiving! (For those of you who have no idea what that is, it's this Thursday, 28th October - 2100 IST / 1030 EDT / 1530 GMT). Many thanks to Andy Snype and LittEleven for the QCs, and Litt for hosting!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Emboar02 [02:24].
2nd place: 111ace111 [05:25].
3rd place: gallant's pear [05:40].
4th place: Aegii [16:59].
5th place: The Frozen One [19:06].
Consolation Prize: Squirtell! [27:51], bulbasaurbuddy! [47:08]

1) A certain character is seen trying to convince his daughter that he can be both a sailor and a movie star. He uses a Pokémon that knows these two moves. (Alphabetically) [Force Palm, Ice Punch]
2) These are the only five non-forme Pokémon whose names have been translated into Turkish on Bulbapedia. (Alphebetically) [Hitmonlee, Meowth, Pikachu, Scizor, Venusaur]
3) If the player types what they are most thankful on a certain item, this Mythical Pokémon can be battled and captured. [Shaymin]
4) This user was responsible for the infamous Great Bulbapedia Turkey Shoot. [Ph34r]
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Reserving official hunt on November 28th at 6 PM UTC
1st place: Cheese555 [08:28].
2nd place: terrapieseven [09:26].
3rd place: 111ace111 [11:48].
4th place: Aegii [20:31].

1) In Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, this trainer stayed in Vermilion City because he/she missed SS Anne. [mina]
2) Due to an oversight, an NPC in this location claimed his Raichu has evolved. [cinnabar lab / pokemon lab]
3) In Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, this machine can fuse a human and a pokemon. [Cell Separation System]
4) A master trainer's English name is the same as another master trainer's Japanese name. Both can be battled in the same location. Alphabetically name both pokemon they use. [kangaskhan machoke]

Thanks to Andrew The Bulbasaur for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Reserving an Official Odyssey this Thursday, 2230 IST / 1200 EDT / 1700 GMT. Thanks to Gallant Spear and the sparkly cute host BulbaBuddy for the QCs!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Litt♥Eleven [02:19].
2nd place: 111ace111 [10:36].
3rd place: myster17~‿~ [14:56].
4th place: Made in Saudi [16:37].
5th place: Cheese555 [17:31].
Consolation Prize: Emboar02 [18:10], The Frozen One [18:24], Aegii [35:30]

1) Odyssey, let's go! This Pokémon has a BST of 446. [Liepard]
2) This Pokémon has the lowest SpD and Def of all Fairy-type Pokémon. [Igglybuff]
3) This was the only Gen IV Pokémon to only be obtainable through Pal Park. [Tangrowth]
4) This is the only single-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Gen5. [Tornadus]
5) The GMax form of this Pokémon knows GMax Cuddle. [Eevee]
6) This Pokémon represents October in the Unova horoscope. [Lampent]
7) This Pokémon has an EV yield of 1 HP and 2 Atk. [Entei]
8) This Pokémon can be captured at Liberty Garden. [Victini]
9) This is the only Pokémon to be second in a three-stage evolution, and to be the only member of its evolutionary line to learn moves by leveling up. [Eelektrik]
10) This is the only Pokémon to have a name in a Latin-alphabet language that doesn't start with a capital letter. [Noibat]
11) Meta! (/scav viewhunt) [LittEleven]

(Yes, Litt finishing this early is a coincidence)
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Reserving a Jump Start for Thursday, November 28th at 8:30 pm EST (48 hours minus 15 minutes from the time of this posting).

Thanks to BulbaBuddy and c.kilgannon for QCing!

1st place: celesteeal. [05:10].
2nd place: Sebastian [06:40].
3rd place: 111ace111 [11:08].
Consolation Prize: brugger [11:56], AndrewThePenguin [19:12]

1) This Dragon-type Pokémon is found in the 6th location in the place where the Phobos Battalion stores the Pokémon they have captured. [Vibrava]
2) These Pokémon are the only Pokémon that are found in the only Pokémon Shuffle Main Stage with 60 stages that have been #060 in any regional Pokédex (alphabetical order). [NosepassRaticate]
3) In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, this item is obtained after the player has connected with 600 Pokémon. [SkyLooplet]

1st place: 111ace111 [08:28].
2nd place: celesteeal. [08:32].
3rd place: AndrewThePenguin [08:46].
4th place: Sebastian [08:53].
5th place: brugger [09:40].
Consolation Prize: a wanderer [10:59], smii [16:13]

1) In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Red buys some items for 6000 Pokémon Dollars. Which one does he use first? [HPUp]
2) The fourth most valuable item that can be sold to an Item Maniac is this item. [cometshard / pearlstring]
3) This is the only Pokémon in the Erratic experience group that can mega evolve. [Altaria]

Congrats to all finishers! Thanks again to BulbaBuddy and c.kilgannon for QCing! Happy sixth birthday Scavengers!

(Also, Comet Shard (and Pearl String according to Serebii) are worth 60,000, and Pokémon in the Erratic experience group take 600,000 EXP to reach lvl. 100)
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The official for Thursday, 28th November, at 2:30PM GMT (an hour before Partman's regular official) :> Thanks to BulbaBuddy and goodly timezone host LittEleven for the QCs!

Congrats to the people who powered through the non-Pokemon hunt!
1st place: 111ace111 [26:26].
2nd place: gallant's pear [26:46].
3rd place: The Frozen One [29:17].
4th place: PartMan [35:52].
5th place: ABDRD [46:13].


1) (All answers are first name and last name.) In the 2019-2020 Formula E Championship, name the only driver who has won a Formula 1 race. [felipe massa]
2) Felipe Massa lost out on the World Drivers' Championship in 2008 by a single point because Lewis Hamilton overtook this driver at the last corner to gain enough points to win the championship. [timo glock]
3) These 2 drivers were Glock's teammates in F1, and are drivers in the 2019-2020 Formula E Championship. (alphabetical, remove accents) [jerome dambrosio, lucas di grassi]
4) 2 fathers of current F1 drivers were once on the same (F1) team, where one replaced the other. The only race in which their teammate for that season, as well as both drivers, raced and finished the race without retirement, was in this year and country. [1997 monaco] (this race involved Jan Magnussen, Jos Verstappen and Rubens Barrichello)
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Reserving an collab official by c.kilgannon + Andrew for Thursday, November 28th at 4:00 EST.
QC'd by me (hosting) and LittEleven :)

(Due to errors on my part, this hunt only had 3 questions.)
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Cheese555 [02:37].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:15].
3rd place: 111ace111 [05:57].
4th place: AndrewThePenguin [09:04].
5th place: Pilchard [09:26].

1) When this character found out about Mew, she wanted to know if a CD could be made of it. [Madame Boss]
2) 1. Profit, 2. Economize, 5. __ [Pokemon]
3) This Pokemon temporarily owned by Jessie in the anime has a 'TR' flag on its tail [Porygon / Porygon Zero]
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Reserving an official hunt for Thursday November 28th at 7:00 AM EST (GMT -5) Thanks to the new designer c.kilgannon Pants for QCing

1st place: p0ip0le ∆ [01:11].
2nd place: 111ace111 [01:36].
3rd place: Marlon+Togedemaru [05:31].
4th place: Elgino ♫ [07:01].

1) After Cyrus disappears in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, this is the new Team Galactic Leader. [Saturn]
2) One of the locations where a Team Galactic Commander is encountered for the first time has a certain Pokemon that can be caught only on a certain day of the week. Name that Pokemon. [Drifloon]
3) Drifloon can be found in a Hidden Grotto in BW2. In that same Grotto, what other Pokemon introduced before Gen V can be caught at that Grotto? [Spheal]
4) In Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, Spheal is a Shadow Pokemon that is snagged from a specific trainer. That Trainer belongs to a specific group within that game's villainous team. What is that group's name? [Hexagon Brothers]
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Hosted an official on November 28th, 7:00 P.M. EST (12:00 A.M. GMT)

Thanks to Meicoo and BulbaBuddy for QC'ing.

Trying something new here, so be there!

Winner: celesteeal [168]
2nd place: 111ace111 [143]
3rd place: deftinwolf (c.kilgannon) [116]
4th place: squirtell [93]
5th place: Tapler [58]
Consolation Prize: atad777 [28], kingtroller [7], Mrs. Fame [5], scoobydoobydrew [5], brugger [5]

Inferno Cave is the only location where this item has a guaranteed chance of being obtained.|IQ Booster
The person who designed Klefki illustrated a Pokémon card depicting this Pokémon.|Manectric
This trainer with multiple Trainer Classes had darker skin outside of Japanese releases.|Sashay
Storm Drain was originally translated to this in English from its Japanese name.|Water Call
This Pokémon is the only noticeably female Pokémon in the Kalos Pokémon League stage in Smash Bros.|Garchomp
This is the full real name of Water Pokémon Master, the creator of PokéBeach.|Jon Sahagian
The first game developed by Game Freak was released in North America under this name.|Mendel Palace
This kind of fossil deals 30 damage when thrown. (Include "fossil")|Golden Fossil
Misty's Japanese voice actress sang the song included in the CD single of the same name that included this Trainer card that portrays Misty on it.|Misty's Treatment
LLAMコN is one possible Original Trainer name for this character.|Red
One of this Pokémon's Pokémon cards is really useful for Derailing Team Plasma's Pokemon, especially since it's nearby N's Castle.|Drifblim
Aside from Ed Goldfarb, he is the only other member of The Sad Truth. (Format [Shortened First Name][Last Name])|Jon Seltzer
Pressing the Change button 100 times in a Fitting Room will unlock a caption for Trainer PR videos with the epithet king or queen of this.|Style
This person is in charge of Pyrite Colosseum in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.|Silva
This is the internet pseudonym of the current world record holder for the Any% Glitchless speedrunning category of Pokémon Yellow.|Gunnermaniac
This Pokemon Coordinator's English and Japanese voice actresses share their given names with the Japanese names of two different Top Coordinators.|Ursula
The only Glossy promotional card that came with a volume of How I Became a Pokémon Card depicted this Pokémon.|Mankey
A trainer with multiple Trainer Classes called Eri has the least amount of battles as this Trainer Class (Lass Eri is a different trainer).|Popular Idol
Besides saving up watts, certain Pokéwalker Routes can be unlocked by obtaining this item through an event (respective to each route).|Route Map
Nema commissions the player to help her bring Electric-type Pokémon to build this machine. (Include the word "machine")|Many times, anytime capture machine
Alomomola's initial reveal was with this Pokémon.|Gigalith
[Gen 7] The last variation of this move to be used in the anime debuted in Pokémon: Mega Evolution Special I. (Answer with the move that was introduced first)|Hyper Beam
This is the (full) nickname of the only nicknamed Pokémon that appeared in Snubbull Snobbery.|Winthrop Snubbullfeller
The former Lavaridge Gym Leader in the anime is part of an imaginary group that is referred to by this acronym.|CPPGJ
This NPC is rumored to have a crush on the girl working at the Goldenrod Flower Shop (the one who gives you the SquirtBottle).|Bill
A Gentleman with a Kirlia works at this in-game location.|Battle Pike
This Pokémon has a Build-A-Bear Workshop plush that comes with a Pokémon card of a different Pokémon.|Pichu
She sings the ending song and is the voice of Nurse Joy's Chansey for a certain movie.|Crystal Kay

Basically, I did a one-question point rally. Every hunt was in essence one question, and it was on a two minute timer. The scoring was 10-8-7-5-4-3-1-1... for each place respectively.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my little experiment.
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Noticed all the officials on one day? Wondering what's up? Well the cat's out of the bag, because Thursday, November 28th is the Sixth ever Scavengersary celebration, so wish a huge, happy, Sixth Birthday to Scavengers!
Instead of a cake or singing, we're celebrating with official hunts! (You can still make a wish though!)
Shoutout to everyone who's taken the time to make these officials, and mhave fun everyone!
It's coming home.

"Items in Galar" official, 1 December 11am SST (10pm EST)!
QC by 111ace111 and Mrs Fame

1st place: Merlee [05:31].
2nd place: killerASCII [10:27].
3rd place: bulbasaurbuddy! [26:48].
4th place: Cheese555 [32:40].
5th place: Meicoo [36:02].
Consolation Prize: smii [45:19], ABDRD [49:59]

1. A certain item is available (without transfer from prior generations) only in generations 5 and 8. The item can be found here in generation 8. | Wyndon Stadium
2. A group of seven related items were renamed in generation 8 to take advantage of the longer character limit. The only route in Galar where all these items can be found has a berry tree bearing these berries. (alpha order, omit "berry") | Cheri Chesto Chilan Persim
3. A held item introduced in generation 8 whose initials are the same as a Smogon tier can only be found in one location. In that same location, the reward for defeating this trainer (who can be repeatedly battled) may be a local specialty from a previous generation. (include trainer class but omit diacritics) | Cafe Master Bernard
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The November Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: 111ace111 in first place with 871 points, LittEleven in second place with 637 points, and Merlee in third place with 594 points!
111ace111 871
LittEleven 637
Merlee 594
c.kilgannon 502
smii 432
PartMan 424
Aichoozyu 357
bulbasaurbuddy 346
The Frozen One 326
Meicoo 270
Snecko 246
Cheese555 232
ProfSapling 228
AndrewThePenguin 218
zacians 214
gallant's pear 207
AbuBatata 173
p0ip0le 173
Mrs Fame 163
Tapler 157
Andrew 155
Made in Saudi 140
dangerdogs 131
3.14dgeot-Mega 115
Aegii 109
ZipzapadaM 108
killerASCII 104
Christmas 97
myster17 89
Soft Flex 84
pokemonvortex 84
celesteeal 78
Pilchard 76
Zimmy D 73
Gwynt 71
peetles 66
Emboar02 65
boredcollegekid 57
Parcly Taxel 51
YveltalNL 50
terrapieseven 50
Squirtell 49
ZardMX 45
Darth 45
GuiShark 43
Elgino 42
SpecterReaper 38
Devoxys 38
Atad777 37
PokemonDeadChannel 37
WeepingDevil 32
mgperson 31
Julius Caesar I 31
Snow Forme Shaymin 31
brugger 30
broil 29
kingtroller 28
MarlonTogedemaru 27
megumatt 25
GlasgowGlalies 25
CryoGyro 23
tidal otter 23
shrugs and shrubs 22
a wanderer 22
Kreat 20
ax1lotl 20
Hydrocation 19
chimechoo 18
Wonter 18
spooktune 18
Beedrill-Mega 17
Nolali 17
triangle lancer 16
shatterbolt 16
Sebastian 15
YashGreninja 15
Ibuki Miod 15
Shadoweavile 14
Discordual 14
LJB14 14
theGreatGatsly 14
Santa Andrew 14
SchizophrenicOkapi 14
Mega Eevee X 13
Tigromata 12
scoobydoobydrew 12
Barry000 12
Lady Monita 12
Gargoyle31 11
bºnsly 11
Anno-nyme 10
Alex 10
keepingiticy 10
Arcturia 10
aQrator 10
Torooru 9
Bipedalist Llamas 9
Shadecession 9
pokemangoes 9
KawaiiiiPotato 8
Asexual Succubus 8
This Bot Is Hot 8
A Quail's Query 8
Kai Havertz 8
lurkingSombres 8
underkale 7
Manunkind 7
CoolingTundra 7
Swanna 7
magpearson 6
Death & DeSpear 6
James Tarkowski 6
Elements 101 6
legendarymouse 6
Aeolia 5
ShadowPhoenix99 5
DaApplePeel 5
Benjgbro 5
SaltiestCactus23 5
Ninetales-Alola 5
SergioRules 5
zyg 5
dragonmirror 4
MukUsedDrillPeck 4
Level 51 4
keeping it snowy 4
Dodger50 4
Tapo Collino 4
thislilgal 3
1987 was a year 3
Computerwizard8800 3
imjustgray 3
Ju1ce Box 3
wzk 3
Tigermatt03 3
GeoWing 3
Darkchickenlord 3
Criticisms 3
conabzb 3
ptelzcra 2
Zipzapazamazenta 2
Add23456 2
86l 2
Milkshake Duck 2
AndrewGoncel 2
Empress Artemis 2
golden009 2
Andy 2
EeveeLutionArmy 2
dynamax is rarted 2
moo 2
Melomys rubicola 2
Midnightsecrets 2
FairyLover69 2
Hikanu 2
Astion 2
owo gobbles you 2
WeepingSanta 2
RandomPopplio14 2
Aziziller 1
Prof. Spooking 1
derpeddeath 1
Mike124 1
FroppyKero 1
A Giant Hacksaw 1
PrincessPika102 1
annika.0 1
Kari x Kurumi 1
Intatashoru 1
TheWhoDoctor 1
captanpasta 1
Kyonaru 1
SOUGO Tokiwa 1
adiass 1
fsovnlvzc 1
Almm41 1
Lycanium Z 1
hxlcyon 1
Lawnmower Rotom 1
Avengers Assembled 1
MyWifeTookTheKids 1
Whimpering 1
AnonymouzLSB 1
Piplup48 1
Ponyta-Galar 1
Matteo Guendouzi 1
steel beowulf 1
cgyc 1
kingcamcam 1
man's not hoot 1
Aeonic 1
Chickenpie2 1
ragmatho 1
xfix 1
Killerwinner19 1
Astral Observatory 1
Zacian-Crowned 1
coldmamo 1
Pixelationaire 1
CircuitBreakerZ 1
zip-mega 1
Wilfried Zaha 1
xernn 1
The ladder twist for the month of December will be: Every regular official will have an individual theme specified before the official goes live. (This twist does not affect mini-officials.)

As a reward for winning the November Ladder, this twist was chosen by 111ace111 from the submissions. Thanks to Zipzapadam for being the one who submitted this twist, and on the November Ladder they will receive 5 points for submitting that valid twist, plus an additional 30 for submitting the winning twist! For a full list of users who earned head-start points for submitting valid twists:
Zipzapadam: 35
SpecterReaper: 5
For more details on how to get these points, see the last page here: Scavengers Update: September 2018, and feel free to ask me any questions!

Break away on the December Ladder!

Lastly, big congratulations to PartChandelure (PartMan) on being our newest Room Voice, Pants (zacians) on completing his return to Room Moderator, and to LittEleven and The Fame (Mrs Fame) on becoming new Room Moderators!


cool quiz
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Mini Official Roundup! (November 1st - November 30th EST):
1st place: Snecko [01:10]. 2nd place: Merlee [01:15]. 3rd place: Made in Saudi [01:24]. Consolation Prize: Kai Havertz [01:40], POKEmONDEaDCHAnNEL [02:12], bulbasaurbuddy! [04:23], lurkingSombres [11:18], Wonter¹ [12:36]
Quality Checker: zacians
1st place: Litt♥Eleven [00:43]. 2nd place: dangerdogs [00:57]. 3rd place: ckilgannon [01:03]. Consolation Prize: Merlee [01:56], 111ace111 [02:05], AbuBatata [02:29], aegii [02:38], bulbasaurbuddy! [03:08], Soft Flex [04:19], Andrew [05:51], Froppy ♫Kero♫ [10:52], The Frozen One [20:16]
Quality Checker/Host: Meicoo
1st place: 111ace111 [01:27]. 2nd place: mgperson 幹 [01:28]. 3rd place: Snecko [02:01]. Consolation Prize: Merlee [02:01], Litt♥Eleven [02:05], PartMan [02:37], Add23456 [03:56], ckilgannon [04:17], Aichoozyu [04:42], Zimmy D [05:52], myster~‿~17 [07:21], Made in Saudi [09:51], Ibuki Miod [17:01], Wonter [36:00]
Quality Checker: zacians
1st place: ckilgannon [01:32]. 2nd place: Litt♥Eleven [01:33]. 3rd place: Meicoo [03:14]. Consolation Prize: Gwynt ^-^ [14:02], ZardMX [23:52], PartMan [30:19]
Quality Checker: 111ace111
1st place: Litt♥Eleven [00:51]. 2nd place: Made in Saudi [01:14]. 3rd place: bulbasaurbuddy! [01:30]. Consolation Prize: broil [01:38], Merlee [02:17], peetles [02:39], Aichoozyu [02:44], PartMan [03:33], p^_^okemonvortex. [03:43], AbuBatata [06:20], ZipzapadaM ㋡ シ [11:11]
Quality Checker: Andrew
1st place: Litt♥Eleven [00:42]. 2nd place: ckilgannon [01:00]. 3rd place: Merlee [01:08]. Consolation Prize: p^_^okemonvortex. [01:09], 314dgeot-Mega [01:22], Elements 101 [01:23], bulbasaurbuddy! [01:31], Cheese555 [01:36], Mrs Fame [03:23], Whimpering [07:19], AndrewThePenguin [11:37], CryoGyro [13:29]
Quality Checker: zacians
1st place: smii [01:03]. 2nd place: c.kilgannon [02:33]. 3rd place: Aichoozyu [05:07]. Consolation Prize: boredcollegekid [05:21], Andrew [08:03], peetles [12:07], Tapler [20:14]
Quality Checker/Host: zacians
1st place: Merlee [04:38]. 2nd place: p0ip0le ∆ [06:01]. 3rd place: pokemondeadchannel [06:51]. Consolation Prize: broil [06:56], theGreatGatsly [21:33], smii [24:31], Andrew [01:00:08]
Quality Checker: pokemonvortex
1st place: Merlee [01:35]. 2nd place: broil [01:56]. 3rd place: killerASCII [02:26]. Consolation Prize: POKEmONDEaDCHAnNEL [03:19], Squirtell! [05:15], p0ip0le ∆ [06:50], Litt♥Eleven [13:14], ABDRD [13:53], Gwynt ^-^ [17:28], smii [17:33], AndrewThePenguin [42:03], SpecterReaper [47:31]
Quality Checker: bulbasaurbuddy
1st place: PartMan [13:18]. 2nd place: c.kilgannon [14:49]. 3rd place: Emboar02 [27:18]. Consolation Prize: Pilchard [30:07]
Quality Checker: gallant's pear
1st place: Pilchard [01:06]. 2nd place: Andrew [01:17]. 3rd place: 111ace111 [01:29]. Consolation Prize: gallant's pear [03:01], Emboar02 [05:49], SpecterReaper [11:25], Kreat ◢◤ [12:38]
Quality Checker: LittEleven
1st place: Merlee [03:36]. 2nd place: Gwynt ^-^ [18:51]. 3rd place: 111ace111 [22:58]. Consolation Prize: spooktune [23:25], chimechoo [36:15], zacians [01:18:37]
Quality Checker: Meicoo
1st place: Cheese555 [02:20]. 2nd place: Merlee [02:38]. 3rd place: ProfSapling [03:28]. Consolation Prize: Tapler [03:56], Santa Andrew [04:30], peetles [06:49], Mrs Fame [06:51], Meicoo [13:03]
Quality Checker: zacians

Last Month's Results
REserving OFficial hunt on December 12 at 6 PM UTC

1st place: Christmace [02:11].
2nd place: Snecko [03:25].
3rd place: Litt❆Eleven [04:13].
4th place: The Frozen One [09:13].
5th place: Christmas [52:15].

1) In Pokemon TCG, this Fire type pokemon has Low Kick. (name the species only, exclude the word 'ex', 'gx', etc) [mankey]
2) The first prerelease pokemon card by Pokemon Company International has this attack. [blade arms]
3) In Japan, this card is reprinted for the 4th time to be included in Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution's pamphlets starting from July 2019. [ancient mew]

Thanks to c.kil Buddy for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Official Darthgannon Hunt on December 13th at 1:00pm EST.

quality lovingly checked by LittEleven + BulbaBuddy

1st place: Merlee [07:34].
2nd place: chimechoo‣ [11:02].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [21:30].
4th place: AFKndrew [24:39].
5th place: MerryLanturn [30:15].
Consolation Prize: Norwegian Ice Bath [34:08]

1) The Japanese name of a location in Galar is the same as the name of a gym badge in English. Name the location in which this badge is obtained. [dewford town / dewford]
2) Name all gym leaders that are the only leader of their region whose Italian name is exactly the same as their English name (alphabetical order). [gardenia Iris Jasmine kabu norman]
3) A certain Gym Leader's Italian name is the same as another Gym Leader in the same region's English Name (alphabetically list them both). [gordie milo]
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Official Darthgannon Hunt on December 17th at 5:00 pm EST.
Thank you Dot Agumon + 111ace111 for QCing n.n

* Delaying the Official until PS is up and running again. Please stand by n.n
The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: dangerdogs [02:06].
2nd place: KingChandelure [17:39].
3rd place: computerwizard8800 [25:06].
4th place: fear火fire火22 [47:15].
5th place: YveltalNL [01:31:24].

1) This Pokemon that can still evolve resists all types that have not been paired with fairy yet (including fairy). [fletchinder]
2) Excluding Smeargle, a certain move went from being learned by 2 Pokemon to being learned to being learned by 32 Pokemon, of which 10 are Fairy-Type and 1 (who itself is not) has a Fairy-type form. These two Pokemon trainers used that move in the anime (alphabetical order). [Aria Merilyn]
3) This Pokemon cannot learn the move that is included in its name, even though it would get STAB on that move if it did learn it. Of all Pokemon that learn the move and share at least 1 type with that Pokemon, 15 are monotyped. 12 of these 15 Pokemon share the Pokemon's primary type, the other 3 share the secondary type with the Pokemon. (Excluding Silvally/Arceus' forms). [grimmsnarl]
Official Hunt by c.kilgannon on December 27th at 12:00pm EST.
Thank you LittEleven and Andy Snype for QCing

1st place: Merlee [02:32].
2nd place: Devoxys [06:27].
3rd place: Christmace [07:43].
4th place: AndrewThePenguin [11:20].
5th place: gallant's pear [13:26].
Consolation Prize: Sala 壁虎 mander [19:26], negsan [32:08], The Frozen One [44:08], BoltSapphire *_* [55:10]

1) This NPC has a female Veteran sprite the first time they're battled, a Fairy Tale Girl sprite the second time, and then a Beauty sprite during the third battle before revealing their true self in subsequent battles. [emma / essentia]
2) This character is featured on the only Supporter Card in the TCG that is not discarded after use, but returned to the player's hand. [charon]
3) An NPC is available to the player in Gens 3 and 6 (though not through the same circumstances). This NPC can tell you things like : how many times you've used Cut, how many Pokemon you have hatched from Eggs, how many times you've entered an area while it has been raining, or how many records you've mixed with your friends (etc). This is that NPCs specific title. [The storyteller]
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Official hunt by smii on Dec 29th at 12:30pm EST.
QC'd by LittEleven and c.kilgannon. (Hosted by Litt)

1st place: Christmace [02:44].
2nd place: The Frozen One [03:58].
3rd place: sIang [05:35].
4th place: yaicanea [05:40].
5th place: gallant's pear [05:46].
Consolation Prize: ShadowPhoenix99 [10:26]

1) The Japanese name of this move shares its name with a move used by Pulseman. [Volt Tackle]
2) Each of this Pokemon’s forms, of which there are more than 2, were designed by multiple people. [Rotom]
3) In Sword and Shield, a Rotom caught by the player can enter this appliance, which it could not do in previous main-series games. [Light Bulb]
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For the first official of 2020, don't watch the ball drop.

Reserving an official for 1 January 2020 1pm SST (MIDNIGHT EST)!
QC by gallant's pear and LittEleven

1st place: Meicoo [03:50].
2nd place: c.kilgannon [07:25].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [07:37].
4th place: Christmace [07:37].
5th place: Merlee [08:03].
Consolation Prize: boredcollegekid [10:38], p0ip0le ∆ [10:54], The Frozen One [21:01], computerwizard8800 [25:58], ShadowPhoenix99 [38:19], Andrew [43:09], LJB14 [45:01], smii 。 ͜つ ° [01:04:15], Tapler [01:17:18], Hydrocation [01:19:08]

1. There are two nicknames that are the shortest in length among those found on all Pokémon received by in-game trades in Sword and Shield. These are the Pokémon with these nicknames. (alpha order) | Meowth Mr. Mime
2. Consider all type combinations that became no longer signature in generation 7. These three types do not appear in any of those combinations. (alpha order) | ice normal rock
3. On Wednesday, the rotating guest of the Kalos hotels that does not eventually offer an in-game trade or an item can be found in this location on the map. | Camphrier Town
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cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
Mini Official Roundup! (December 1st - December 31st EST):
1st place: fear火fire火22 [01:10]. 2nd place: Zimmy D [03:10]. 3rd place: brr! oil [04:39]. Consolation Prize: Mrs Fame [05:41], Christmace [06:55], smii [10:12], Prof. Snowing [11:45], Zipzapeve [18:30], Kaph [02:39:19], EPICADICOOLKID [02:49:49], andrew [03:17:25]
Quality Checker: Elgino
1st place: north poipole [00:51]. 2nd place: Cheese555 [00:52]. 3rd place: WeePINGDeVIL ±_± [01:32]. Consolation Prize: legendarymouse [03:32], Litt❆Eleven [03:57], arch of life [05:34], Tapler [07:07], celesteeal. [07:08]
Quality Checker: Andrew
1st place: north poipole [00:51]. 2nd place: Cheese555 [00:52]. 3rd place: WeePINGDeVIL ±_± [01:32]. Consolation Prize: legendarymouse [03:32], Litt❆Eleven [03:57], arch of life [05:34], Tapler [07:07], celesteeal. [07:08]
Quality Checker: pokemonvortex

Last Month's Results


cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
The December Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Christmace in first place with 346 points, Merlee in second place with 272 points, and smii in third place with 270 points!
Christmace 346
Merlee 272
smii 270
LittEleven 255
c.kilgannon 238
The Frozen One 206
dangerdogs 198
Tapler 158
computerwizard8800 138
Andrew 132
AndrewThePenguin 130
gallant's pear 108
bulbasaurbuddy 103
PartMan 96
Snecko 94
ShadowPhoenix99 92
north poipole 86
Hydrocation 82
fearfire22 82
AbuBatata 81
Meicoo 80
Darth 72
KingChandelure 62
CoolingTundra 59
Grimm arsene 55
holiday alt 53
Prof. Snowing 52
cheese555 47
Beuler 47
underkale 46
yaicanea 46
Christmmarsene 41
mrs fame 39
A Snowman 39
ZipzapadaM 37
Devoxys 37
Soft Flex 35
WeepingDevil 33
SpecterReaper 32
sIang 32
aegii 30
legendarymouse 30
ASnowBDRD 28
killerASCII 27
YveltalNL 27
3.14dgeot-Mega 25
pokemonvortex 25
chimechoo 25
a wanderer 24
Gwynt 23
BugBuzzing 23
Made in Saudi 22
MerryLanturn 21
negsan 21
Elgino 21
p0ip0le 20
Zipzapeve 20
AFKndrew 20
zacians 19
haario 19
James Tarkowski 19
GenericAlcremie 19
Zimmy D 18
ax1lotl 17
LJB14 17
WeepingSanta 17
boredcollegekid 17
Christmas 17
SergioRules 16
pvenguin06 16
Icy Made 15
Squirtell 15
Uh oh St. Niky 15
Mega Eevee X 14
brr oil 14
arch of life 14
BoltSapphire 14
Shite 12
celesteeal 12
Santa Andrew 11
mgperson 11
kingtroller 10
Norwegian Ice Bath 10
Wan the Avatar 10
PokemonDeadChannel 9
peetles 9
The Dank Jet 9
tidal otter 9
anonymouzlsb 8
Santad777 8
Parcly Taxel 8
Rory Mercury 8
Lady Monita 8
Coinage 8
Add23456 8
A Quail's Query 7
Snoms 7
Aeolia 7
Salamander 7
Notater517 7
SpecterReaPiers 6
Jahkxun 6
Ol Saint Gwyntolas 6
Julius Caesar I 6
Pilchard 5
Atad777 5
myster17 5
Pisxelf 5
SaltiestCactus23 5
Migo_Aipom 5
Flex Navidad 5
scoobydoobydrew 5
Muphs 5
Reindeer Luna 5
Discordual 5
snomTater517 5
Chunkeez 5
Tigromata 4
Kreat 4
DarkDex 4
Trika_24 4
Criticisms 4
Elfgino 4
LCDS kii 4
camea42123 4
beekay1976 3
outm 3.1415 3
Swanna 3
hxlcyon 3
Lean Gleam 3
Midnightsecrets 3
theGreatGatsly 3
narutaki 3
terrapieseven 3
MetsubouJinrainet 3
hashiemore 3
Illusio 3
computerblizzard 3
Dasocks 3
Kari x Kurumi 3
CircuitBreakerZ 3
keeping it snowy 2
Beedrill-Mega 2
PrincessPika102 2
lucas2543 2
ZardMX 2
Dodger50 2
Barry000 2
moo 2
awinteringcaelum 2
FireghtBug 2
Steve456664 2
notato8 2
ShittyTeamMaker 2
Sylvolution 2
Benjgbro 1
ragmatho 1
ProfSapling 1
megumatt 1
HoeenHero 1
jacoooby 1
MarlonTogedemaru 1
Cyllage 1
Tapu WhatNow? 1
frostflameninja 1
Spiderz 1
Bipedalist Llamas 1
outm ruins 1
ptelzcra 1
mynomeisgr 1
Pisxel 1
keepingiticy 1
derpeddeath 1
Anagrama glAceon 1
nfed ho3n'steam 1
VigilanteVigoroth 1
rafooa11 1
Im Soapy? 1
Kaph 1
GTheGreat12345 1
GeoWing 1
EeveeLutionArmy 1
LuckyPiper 1
KawaiiiiPotato 1
imjustgray 1
Tushavi 1
Alexander489 1
King of the Mist 1
Death DeSpear 1
BlindNinja 1
digimonismylife 1
wintxernn 1
Captanpasta 1
chaitu 1
o5v3 1
GlasgowGlalies 1
MobilePotato 1
Crusader92 1
SoftFlexPlaysDOTA2 1
shadowgaleo 1
Addvent 1
Caterpiellar 1
Manunkind 1
pikagb 1
Blazeboy2.0 1
adiass 1
psmathgeek 1
chophie 1
Gargoyle31 1
Unwired 1
TheSunIsADedlyLazr 1
Roggenrolex 1
PrimalLanturn 1
DarkShinyGiratina 1
PC witch 1
The ladder twist for the month of January will be: Close Call: If you finish an official within 1 minute of the first finisher, you get equal points to first place! (This twist does not apply to mini officials.)

As a reward for winning the December Ladder, this twist was chosen by Christmace. As this is a repeat of a past twist, it is not worth the typical 5 points for submitting a valid twist, nor the additional 30 for submitting the winning twist. However, other valid twists submitted but not chosen are still worth 5 points each (with a maximum of 20 points earnable), so for a full list of users who earned head-start points for submitting valid twists:
computerwizard8800: 5
mynomeisgr: 5
smii: 5
For more details on how to get these points, see the last page here: Scavengers Update: September 2018, and feel free to ask me any questions!

Resolve to win the January Ladder!

Lastly, big congratulations to super_mii2 (smii) and Tapler on becoming our newest Room Voices!
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Official Hunt by c.kilgannon+Darth on January 1st at 7:30pm EST.
Ty to our qcers Elgino10 + Andy Snype

1st place: Merlee [05:38].
2nd place: brr! oil [08:06].
3rd place: killerASCII [12:24].
4th place: yaicanea [12:48].
5th place: computerwizard8800 [14:41].
Consolation Prize: No(tater)5.1.7 [19:02], Meicoo [24:53], 111ace111 [40:12], imjustgray [45:36], Cheese555 [01:35:46]

1) This Gen 8 damaging move that does not check accuracy is signature to a Pokemon line but not unique to a specific Pokemon. [false surrender]
2) Alphabetically list the Moves introduced in Generation 6 that lost their status as Signature Moves to a single Pokemon in Generation 8. [electrify topsy turvy]
3) Name all moves introduced in gen 6 that weren't signature nor unique in gen 7 but are learned by only 1 evolutionary family in SwSh. [confide crafty shield flower shield parabolic charge]
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Official Hunt by Andre W. on January 2nd at 9:00 PM EST (GMT -5)!
Thanks to the bomb BulbaBuddy & c.kilgannon for QCing! :)

1st place: Merlee [03:01].
2nd place: Meicoo [10:07].
3rd place: Grimm★「arsene」★ [10:55].
4th place: Computerwizard8800 [24:39].
5th place: fear火fire火22 [29:55].

1) In HeartGold & SoulSilver, some Gym Leaders will trade their Pokemon with the player. In alphabetical order, give those Pokemons' nicknames. [Hornlette Rusty Volty]
2) In alphabetical order, name the Pokemon received in an in-game trade that evolve when received on an English version of a main-series game in alphabetical order. Format any formes as PS does. [Graveler-Alola Machoke Phantump]
3) When initially received via in-game trade, a certain Pokemon will always have the stats of X HP, 11 Attack, 10 Defense, 10 Special Attack, 10 Special Defense, and 14 Speed. What is this Pokemon's nickname and what value is X? [Froabble 20]
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