(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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Official Hunt by Darth + c.kilgannon on January 3rd at 11:00 am EST.
Thank you Andy Snype + The Fame for QCing

1st place: Beuler [01:06].
2nd place: KingChandelure [02:02].
3rd place: yaicanea [02:07].
4th place: The Frozen One [02:47].
5th place: smii 。 ͜つ ° [03:36].
Consolation Prize: gallant's pear [03:47], Litt♥Eleven [08:45], computerwizard8800 [12:46]

1) This Starter of Pokemon Battle Revolution is a different evolutionary stage than the majority of the other starters, and can deal Super Effective STAB-Damage to the other Starter for which this is true. [rhyhorn]
2) This is the only Colosseum in Pokemon Battle Revolution that shares its name with a Pokemon move. [waterfall]
3) If you added one letter to this Trainer Class that has only been seen in Pokemon Battle Revolution, you would have a Gen 8 Ability. [steel spirit]
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Official Hunt by smii on January 4th at 12.30pm EST
Thanks to c.kilgannon and LittEleven for the QC

1st place: AndrewThePenguin [03:50].
2nd place: 111ace111 [06:52].
3rd place: bulbasaurbuddy! [17:36].
4th place: yaicanea [19:54].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [19:56].
Consolation Prize: Beuler [20:57], dum8astard [25:02], gallant's pear [27:29], The Frozen One [28:19], YveltalNL [36:54]

1) These non-legendary Pokemon are version-exclusive in their debut generation, even though their pre-evolution which debuted in the same generation is not. (Alphabetical) [Appletun, Flapple]
2) An item can be obtained directly from an NPC in this location if the player has an Arceus in their party. [Oreburgh Mine]
3) This character has an unnamed younger brother which appears in their concept art, and no other media. [Milo]
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Reserving an official hunt on January 5th at 10:30 AM EST ( 3:30 PM UTC). Made by me and smii
Thanks to Andrew and bulbasaurbuddy for QCing!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: 111ace111 [06:23].
2nd place: Devoxys [12:40].
3rd place: Beuler [15:26].
4th place: gallant's pear [20:51].
5th place: DCSyntro [39:29].
Consolation Prize: Pisxel~! [43:50], YveltalNL [51:49], FireghtBug [55:02]

1) In the Galar region, this character serves as a gym guide and reports the results of gym battles to the League HQ. [Dan]
2) A certain Galar town contains the Kantonian forme of a Pokemon in the overworld, but not the Galarian one. Name the town, then the Pokemon species. [Spikemuth Mr. Mime]
3) Chains of this corporation can be found only in Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon. [Yoshida's Coffee]
Hope you had fun!
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Reserving Official Hunt on January 7th at 3 PM UTC
1st place: AbuBatata [00:23]. -BLITZ-
2nd place: smii [01:53].
3rd place: computerwizard8800 [02:49].
4th place: Litt♥Eleven [03:17].
5th place: 111ace111 [07:15].
Consolation Prize: Hydrocation [10:50], ax1lotl [11:07], c.kilgannon [11:11], Grimmarsene [18:41], Orion's Sign [22:38]

1) In Pokemon Adventures, Ruby's Kiki evolved by using this person's Moon Stone. [steven / steven stone]
2) In Pokemon Adventures, Steven uses these pokemon to awaken the Regi trio. (alphabetically) [beldum relicanth wailord]
3) In Pokemon Adventures, Jubilife Grand Hotel has a golden statue of this pokemon who later destroyed by a group of Bidoof. [staraptor]

Thanks to The Famous Bulbasaur's Buddy for QC

May the Pyuks be with you
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Official Hunt by c.kil + Darth on January 6th at 5pm EST
Ty to pants and Andrew for QCing.
The official scavenger hunt was ended by Andrew.
1st place: Merlee [02:37].
2nd place: 111ace111 [03:39].
3rd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [04:47].
4th place: ADecadeinAdvance [07:36].
5th place: bulbasaurbuddy! [15:19].
Consolation Prize: AndrewThePenguin [17:49], Gwynt ^-^ [22:34], notato8 [23:17], Computerwizard8800 [28:24]

1) If a certain Pokemon had a mega evolution, its name would be the same as a real Pokemon's Japanese Trademarked name. (assuming you put things in the right order.) Name both Pokemon, alphabetically. [yanma yanmega]
2) A certain Max Move's English name (excluding the 'max') is the Japanese trademarked name of this Pokemon. [Scyther]
3) This Pokemon's trademarked Japanese name is also the last name of a main-series Pokemon Professor, with the addition of the letter 'a' somewhere in its name. [decidueye']
Official Hunt by smii on January 15th 10.30am EST
Thanks to LittEleven and c.kilgannon for qc.

1st place: 111ace111 [01:15].
2nd place: Trade [02:08]. (Close Call)
3rd place: Orion's Sign [03:50].
4th place: hoihp [04:23].
5th place: ax1lotl [07:51].
Consolation Prize: WishMasterJirachi [13:08], The Frozen One [14:12], gallant's pear [18:09], Merlee [33:28]

1) Pokepark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure hunt! Mew transforms into these 3 Pokemon when battled. (Alphabetical order) [Garchomp, Magmortar, Tyranitar]
2) Pikachu's objective during the main story of the game is to collect 14 of these items. (Give the singular form) [Sky Prism Piece / Prism Piece]
3) This is the only Pokemon that will change forms right before the attraction it's playing starts. [Shaymin]
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Hey folks, Scavengers will be indefinitely halting the Twist Submission process. The decision of future twists will be handled solely by Scavengers Staff, as was the case prior to our September 2018 update. We intend to continue bringing you entertaining ladder twists in upcoming months, so please look forward to it!
Note that this change affects only the ladder twist decision process. Every other function of the Official Scavengers Ladder will remain the same for the time being. Thank you!
Official Hunt by c.kil+ Seraphus ; january 15th at 7:15pm est.
thank you dangerdogs + Andy Snype for qcs

1st place: bulbasaurbuddy! [04:30].
2nd place: 111ace111 [05:11].
3rd place: Merlee [05:12].
4th place: God of Hypermeth [05:19].
5th place: BugBuzzing~‿~ [10:48].
Consolation Prize: Prof. Sapling [13:02], imjustgray [16:42], hoihp [19:08], computerwizard8800 [19:22], WishMasterJirachi [20:56], Hydrocation [23:32]

1) This dual-typed Pokemon had its method of evolution changed in Gen 8. [charjabug]
2) This monotyped Pokemon's evolution method changed between two different non-Gen 8 generations. [feebas]
3) These Pokemon (alpha.order) have 3 Abilities , all of which have 6 or less letters in them. [durant heracross remoraid]
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Official Hunt by smii at January 21, 10:00am EST
Thanks to Gallant Spear and BulbaBuddy for qcs

1st place: Litt♥Eleven [02:47].
2nd place: aegii [04:03].
3rd place: dangerdogs [05:55].
4th place: sIang [08:52].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [10:10].
Consolation Prize: God of Hypermeth [25:56]

1) This stone passageway is named after the two settlements it connects, and a HM is required to travel from one end to the other. [Rusturf Tunnel]
2) In PMD2, this was the last character to take the Graduation Exam before the player and their partner takes it as part of the story. [Loudred]
3) This TCG Card's sole attack requires the player to confess to their opponent if they are the person the player likes. [Imakuni?'s Exploud ex]
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Official Hunt by c.kil on Sunday January 19th at 1:00pm EST
Thank you to LittEleven + Andy Snype for qcing.

1st place: smii [08:11].
2nd place: Computerwizard8800 [09:38].
3rd place: zacians [12:59].
4th place: annika0\♥/ [13:01].
5th place: bulbasaurbuddy! [15:36].
Consolation Prize: God of Hypermeth [18:01], Tapler [22:03], Notater517☃ [25:32], 111ace111 [31:38], AndrewThePenguin [53:18]

1) This Pokemon with Poison as its secondary typing evolves at the highest level. [Foongus]
2) Two out of three of the monotype Pokemon of a certain type evolve at certain level. Name the Pokemon that does not evolve at the same level, and its evolution level in that order. [Yamask 34]
3) Alphabetically list the Pokemon that evolve at the same level as the sum of the digits in their National Pokedex Number. [Bunnelby popplio rolycoly turtwig]
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Hosted an official on January 21st at 3PM EST.
QCs by LittEleven and BulbaBuddy

1st place: smii [05:58].
2nd place: 111ace111 [07:32].
3rd place: c.kilgannon [19:45].
4th place: broil [20:09].
5th place: AndrewThePenguin [31:14].
Consolation Prize: DCSyntro [35:01], turtalkatthing [35:28]

1) This is the last Pokemon by national dex order to have all base stats equal each other. [Silvally]
2) Excluding formes and legendary/mythical Pokemon, this is the last Pokemon by national dex order that is part of an evolutionary line and has its own Wikipedia page. [greninja]
3) In an alphabetized list of all Pokemon, excluding forms and regional variants, certain Pokemon port with the Pokemon immediately after them in the list in that order. This is the last one by national dex order. [centiskorch]
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Official for Friday January 24th at 12PM EST (GMT -5)
QCs: c.kilgannon & dangerdogs

1st place: God of Hypermeth [02:24].
2nd place: 111ace111 [02:51]. - TWIST! Finished within 1 minute of first finisher (03:24)
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [04:00].
4th place: gallant's pear [04:08].
5th place: turtalkatthing [08:06].
Consolation Prize: Tapler [08:59], WishMasterJirachi [11:50], ProfSapling [12:11]

1) For this official, if there are multiple answers, answer in alphabetical order. Alder uses three Pokemon that share a type in his Championship battle with the player. What other Pokemon does he use vs the player that are weak to that type? [Krookodile Reuniclus]
2) This non-Unovan Gym Leader acts in films produced by Pokestar Studios. [Sabrina]
3) In the battles that only Emmet battles the player, name the Pokemon he uses that his brother does not use. [Durant Eelektross]

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Official Odyssey for this Sunday (2nd February, 2020) at 1600 GMT (2130 IST / 1100 EST / 1000 CST), QCed by the goodly LittEleven and Pants. Shoutouts to Andy Snype , too.

May Snom bless you with the skills to solve this; it's gonna be pretty fun (I hope).

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: Devoxys [29:05].
2nd place: 111ace111 [33:28].
3rd place: aegii [38:37].
4th place: smii [44:57].
5th place: Get Your Wish [55:55].
Consolation Prize: The Frozen One [01:13:57], God of Hypermeth [01:37:15], miketheentei [01:48:12]


1) Heya, folks. A few quick clarifications that are applicable to all questions in this hunt, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise: a) If there are multiple answers, they are to be arranged in alphabetical order. b) All answers use diacritics wherever necessary. c) Snaquaza is goodly. Anyways, now that we've got that out of the way, let's start! Scavenge `yes` or `yeet` to get started. Also, heads up, the theme for this Odyssey is Flashback. Expect a lot of Scavenging. :) [yes / yeet]
2) Two users wrote the `A Glimpse of the Scavengers Room` article. One of those was Painter Espeon. Who was the other? [wizardsofdra]
3) The weekly tour that AegisiumZ won in Scavengers was of this tier (do not include [Gen]). [Hackmons Cup]
4) A certain user's latest official was on February 7th, 2019 (GMT). How do you spell their name backwards? [O E L C]
5) The Scavengers website has exactly one article in the News section. On the page linked by the last hyperlink on the article, name the first location mentioned outside of the Notes section. [Cherrygrove City]
6) This user was the winner of the first Hunt of the Week (Hint: The Hunt of the Week page was linked by Meicoo in July, 2018). [rafooa11]
7) One puzzle on the Scavenger Puzzle Weekend (The December 2018 one) did not require any hints from the participating teams. A certain team was the first team to solve that puzzle. Spell the team's name backwards. [eman yttihs]
8) This was the first user to congratulate Flerovium on getting #Scavengers in 2017 by making a post on their Smogon profile. [adiass]
9) This PS! user was promoted to Global Driver immediately before Meicoo was. [Truth]
10) In the Scavenger Puzzle Weekend (The December 2018 one), SunGodVolcarona was in this team. [Ez Acertou v2]
11) This user created a Scavenger Hunt thread on July 27, 2014. [Darnell]
12) Scavengers' UGM 3 Puzzle Weekend featured this villainous team. [Team Rory Rocket]
13) This was the shortest team name in the first UGM Scavenger Puzzle Weekend (exclude the word `team` while solving and answering). [H]
14) In the first mini-official to ever be hosted, one user came in the top three, who is not currently a roomvoice or higher in the Scavengers room. Their name featured a Pokémon that can be obtained at this location in Pokémon Rumble Blast. [Echo Valley]
15) This user placed first in the Scavengers Official held on April 1st that was inspired by Ten Years Later. [Snaquaza]
16) This move once only dealt damage if the user was previously hit by a Normal / Fighting-type move. [Counter]
17) This is the only former staff (as per the Scavengers website) whose name exactly matches that of a Pokémon. [Abra]
18) Many years ago, an official hunt was created that holds the record for the longest time taken for the first finisher to complete it. This hunt is notorious for its Q2, which required solvers to watch an entire movie. It also mentioned this Pokémon twice. [Victini]
19) The names of all former room owners (as listed on the Scavengers website) contain every letter in the alphabet except two. There's only one Pokémon that contains both those letters adjacently and in alphabetical order. Rearrange the letters of its name in alphabetical order. [E K O S T V W]
20) The highest points ever achieved in a single month's ladder were recorded in this month (format as month, year). [November, 2018]
21) This Pokémon replaced Espeon in the Winter Scavengers Roomintro. [Glaceon]
22) GUESS WHAT GUYS I'M STILL A ROOM OWNER (What's the final answer to the hunt associated with this quote?) [Er]
23) This was the last answer to the first hunt to be posted on the current Scavengers Hunt thread. [Regigigas]
24) The earliest fully-recorded Scavenger Hunt (including questions) on Smogon had this as its second answer. [Swirlix]
25) Snaquaza once wrote an article called `How to Win Scavenger Hunts`. Who illustrated it? [Regime]
26) Amongst the current roomauth (Voices and higher) of the Scavengers room, two users are tied for the longest usernames. One of those is an alt of a roomowner, the other one has this as the most frequent letter used in the name. [O]
27) You're almost done! Fun tidbit, when Scavengers started out, you had to join rooms to solve the hunt. Quite literally, an Administrator created private chatrooms named after the answers, and those had the next hint posted. Scavenge OK to react to this. [OK]
28) The user who placed last in the earliest recorded Scavengers Ladder on the Scavengers website had this Pokémon in their name. [Manaphy]
29) Metapuzzle: Use /scav viewhunt (Ignore the introductory question) [Joim]

Yes, I flooded. <3

Also, this hunt was so bad I got demoted for it. Thanks for letting me have a good time over the past year, and I'm glad to have been a part of this.
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Litt hosted an official I made at 5PM GMT 31st Jan 2020 (8h 35min from the time of this post), QC'd by LittEleven and Pants

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: smii ♬♪♪ [01:28].
2nd place: 111ace111 [02:33].
3rd place: ColdMamo! [15:20].
4th place: Zimmy D [16:24].
5th place: Computerwizard8800 [17:34].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [22:59], sIang [43:21]

1) This is the only Galarian town/city that Flying Taxi does not go to. [spikemuth]
2) Name the Galarian towns/cities with more than one landing spot for Flying Taxi. (alphabetically) [hammerlocke motostoke wyndon]
3) In SwSh, these are the only paths/routes where the player enters from the North and moves Southward in the story. (Alphabetically, for routes, format answer as Route [number]) [galar mine no 2 route 9]

congrats to whoever made it!
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Hosted a Gen V official on February 1st at 2PM EST.
QCs by c.kilgannon and Dot Agumon

1st place: bulbasaurbuddy! [02:28].
2nd place: Elgino ♫ [08:08].
3rd place: God of Hypermeth [08:11].
4th place: gallant's pear [08:19].
5th place: 111ace111 [16:41].
Consolation Prize: Computerwizard8800 [16:49], RemixRave [19:32], peeledwatermelon [20:48]

1) Several trainers names after months/seasons can be found at this in-game location.
2) This Pokémon can be obtained from an in-game trade only in the summer.
3) In Unova, swarms of these Pokémon cannot be encountered during April, August, or December, but can be encountered during the rest of the year (alphabetical order).
1) Rondez View Ferris Wheel
2) Munchlax
3) Croagunk Quagsire
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Mini Official Roundup! (January 1st - January 31st EST):
1st place: Beuler [00:56].
2nd place: cheese555 [01:00].
3rd place: Merlee [01:14].
Consolation Prize: bulbasaurbuddy! [01:18], 111ace111 [01:26], Prof. Sapling [02:00], Computerwizard8800 [02:04], Orion's Sign [02:17], Soft Flex [03:03], KingChandelure [03:58], Tapler [06:49], dum8astard [10:08]

QC: Devoxys

1st place: brr! oil [01:19].
2nd place: smii♫ ♪ ♪ [01:34].
3rd place: 111ace111 [01:50].
Consolation Prize: PikachuSean ^~^ [02:51], Computerwizard8800 [03:31], DCSyntro [08:17]

QC: c.kilgannon

1st place: Merlee [00:46].
2nd place: Devoxys [02:06].
3rd place: dangerdogs [05:58].
Consolation Prize: KingChandelure [06:40], 111ace111 [06:58], WishMasterJirachi [34:18]

QC: c.kilgannon

1st place: smii ♬♪♪ [01:11].
2nd place: gallant's pear [02:35].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [02:44].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [02:45], Wan the Avatar [03:03], guiShark [04:43], God of Hypermeth [04:48], WishMasterJirachi [05:23], Deep x Dope [05:51], Soft Flex [06:12], SeverityIsSad [13:16]

QC: bulbasaurbuddy

1st place: bulbasaurbuddy! [07:48].
2nd place: Merlee [09:45].
3rd place: c.kilgannon [09:51].
Consolation Prize: Pisxel~! [11:20], cleo [12:56], Andrew [14:46], Computerwizard8800 [22:23], God of Hypermeth [28:54], Squirtell! [38:16]

QC: Meicoo

1st place: 111ace111 [17:57].
2nd place: computerwizard8800 [24:53].
3rd place: God of Hypermeth [27:50].
Consolation Prize: turtalkatthing [30:51]

QC: pants

1st place: Merlee [01:05].
2nd place: Squirtell! [02:53].
3rd place: AndrewThePenguin [03:07].
Consolation Prize: Andrew [03:47], computerwizard8800 [05:44], turtalkatthing [26:17], Hydrocation [36:59], bulbasaurbuddy! [55:18], zacians [01:49:45], PlasmaSoldier2016 [01:52:39], imjustgray [02:04:26], smii ♬♪♪ [02:31:44], ProfSapling [02:56:47], Litt♥Eleven [03:10:40], fear火fire火22 [03:50:42]

QC: dangerdogs

Last Month's Mini Official Roundup


cool quiz
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The January Ladder has now concluded. Congratulations to the top three placers: Merlee in first place with 702 points, 111ace111 in second place with 598 points, and Computerwizard8800 in third place with 468 points!
Merlee 702
111ace111 598
computerwizard8800 468
Litt♥Eleven 453
smii ♬♪♪ 434
dangerdogs 377
c.kilgannon 325
bulbasaurbuddy! 305
Meicoo 207
God of Hypermeth 199
Tapler 187
AndrewThePenguin 182
zacians 182
The Frozen One 156
Hydrocation 150
gallant's pear 131
turtalkatthing 126
Grimm✯『arsene』✯ 121
aegii 116
Beuler 115
AbuBatata 114
Andrew 97
p^_^okemonvortex. 94
p0ip0le ∆ 91
DCSyntro 91
yaicanea 84
Pisxel~! 77
imjustgray 76
WishMasterJirachi 75
fear火fire火22 72
KingChandelure 57
killerASCII 55
Orion's Sign 53
Trade 48
cleo 48
ProfSapling 42
brr! oil 40
YveltalNL 39
Devoxys 39
Parcly Taxel ♦ 37
pvenguin06 36
Christmas 35
negsan 34
Soft Flex 32
ax1lotl 30
PartMan 29
sIang 29
Squirtell! 28
broil 26
ShadowPhoenix99 25
underkale 25
ADecadeinAdvance 24
Zimmy D 24
LegendaryMouse 24
Darth 23
Wan the Avatar 23
hoihp 23
SergioRules 22
Notater517 21
ColdMamo! 21
cheese555 20
celesteeal... 18
Heika-Ssi 18
BugBuzzing~‿~ 17
Bandstand 17
Illusio 16
FireghtBug 16
annika0\♥/ 16
scoobydoobydrew 15
Salamander 15
WeepingDevil ±_± 15
boredcollegekid 14
Elgino ♫ 14
PrimalLanturn 14
JDC1043 14
Almm41 14
ip04 14
ChUnkEez 13
pikagb ☾ 13
LJB14 12
Abdelrahman 12
Ziµpzµapadµam 10
Gwynt ^-^ 10
notato8 10
nitrodog96 9
PikachuSean ^~^ 8
PlasmaSoldier2016 8
golden009 8
Aeolia 7
ZardMX 7
Alex 7
CryoGyro 7
Frostyicelad❄ 6
Barry✗☆✬000 6
dum8astard 6
Discordual 6
shittyteammaker 5
mynomeisgr 5
schoka 5
Gargoyle31 5
Snoms❅❆❉❊ 5
Midnightsecrets 5
a wanderer 5
guiShark 5
moo 5
EnderTorterra548 5
pv2023 5
haario 4
riddleguy 4
k3ha 4
Dev5400 4
FrenchFryFan 4
Lady Monita 4
PC witch 4
Add23456 3
Atad777 3
KawaiiiiPotato✿ 3
kE.Epin~GitspO_Oky 3
darkdex 3
3.14dgeot-Mega 3
Mega Eevee X 3
Tushavi 3
Vrji 3
terrapieseven 2
A Quail's Query 2
Deep x Dope 2
ColaTree 2
Astral Observatory 2
VeryCheesyPotato 2
Tapo + Collino 2
Diluvia 2
bidoferz 2
Steve456664 2
aforssic Zade 2
Painter Espeon 2
hxl♥cyon 2
Felucia 2
Ocean-ey✿ 1
Uh oh! St. Niky! 1
frozen lasagna 1
eshaan32 1
Viper3301 1
Random Person Guy 1
Rory Mercury 1
Geowing 1
Caterpiellar 1
Bipedalist Llamas 1
ptelzcra 1
Saltiest☾Cactus23 1
Calyrex 1
TheSunIsADedlyLazr 1
UnderratedRacket 1
coronal 1
Ashketchup109 1
sIangkor wat 1
PrincessPika102 1
TheToxicGuy 1
Jahkxun 1
Luana 1
Tigromata 1
SeverityIsSad 1
Zack02 1
epicsnorlax 1
Raid Shadow Legend 1
Sheepgomoo 1
O-*Bot-ma Chan 1
Tsukuyomi Mikoto 1
Swanna 1
ShadSmithGayDemon 1
trashiemore 1
Dudelup 1
Mercedes Benzo 1
ntron ❒ 1
GametimeBrigade 1
The ladder twist chosen by staff for the month of February will be: A twist you may recognize from past years: Every day has a pre-specified theme that the officials of that day will follow. Note that there may be 1-2 exceptions in the first week, and that mini-officials will specify in advance if the twist applies to them. Check out the calendar to get the jump on the February Ladder:
feb 2020 scavs calendar twist.png


*dies inconveniently*
is a Battle Simulator Moderator Alumnus
Hosted a characters official on Sunday, February 2nd at 5 PM EST.

QCs by BulbaBuddy and Meicoo

Edit: This has been moved up 1 hour to 4PM EST.

1st place: AndrewThePenguin [08:46].
2nd place: turtalkatthing [08:55].
3rd place: Computerwizard8800 [12:07].
4th place: 111ace111 [23:07].
5th place: Devoxys [24:15].
Consolation Prize: Mudkiper101 [27:16]

1) This Pokemon with a signature typing has the same height as multiple members of the Oak family, when their height is rounded up to the nearest tenth of a meter.
2) A certain NPC is the only coordinator to not name their Pokemon. The Pokemon that that character uses in Contest Spectaculars knows these moves (alphabetical order).
3) This character learned to practice jumping with Mantine when he was a child.

1) crobat
2) aqua ring aqua tail blizzard round
3) marlon
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Abilities Odyssey (they're kinda the in thing now huh) for 3rd Feb 2020 at 9:30PM EST! QC: Pants and BulbaBuddy

1st place: smii [18:26].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [21:45].
3rd place: killerASCII [23:14].
4th place: Litt♥Eleven [31:12].
5th place: AndrewThePenguin [54:04].
Consolation Prize: DCSyntro [01:07:29], PartMan [01:09:26], 111ace111 [01:16:34], ProfSapling [01:16:44], The Frozen One [01:38:12], fear火fire火22 [01:42:56], MikeTheEntei [02:10:47]

1) Abilities hunt! Name all the alliterative abilities where the first 2 letters of each word are the same. (alphabetical) [poison point shadow shield surge surfer swift swim]
2) These are the only abilities introduced in Gen 7 which were not signature or unique upon introduction. (alphabetical) [beast boost slush rush]
3) This is the only Pokemon to have its only ability changed. [gengar]
4) These 2 Pokemon that cannot evolve have 2 abilities which have the same effect. [delibird klinklang]
5) This is the only ability to have all 5 vowels (a, e, i, o, u) in its name. [magic bounce]
6) This Pokemon and its form each have a different signature, but not unique ability. [yamask]
7) These abilities are exclusive to Mega Pokemon. (alphabetical) [aerilate delta stream parental bond]
8) This Conquest ability is also a CAP ability. [mountaineer]
9) This was the first ability to be shown in the main series anime. [color change]
10) One signature and one unique ability have the same effect. Name them alphabetically. [power of alchemy receiver / propeller tail stalwart]
11) Two moves descriptions on PS! are "The target's Ability becomes [Ability]." Name both abilities that can fill the blank. (alphabetical) [insomnia simple]
12) Of the 5 moves with a certain word, only 2 are affected by an ability that boosts their power by 20%. Name the remaining 3 moves. (alphabetical) [crabhammer dragonhammer wood hammer / headsmash ironhead zenheadbutt / headbutt ironhead zenheadbutt]
13) There are 4 moves without a certain word (or its plural) that are boosted by an ability that boosts their power by 50%. Name them. (alphabetical) [bite crunch fishious rend jaw lock]
14) This Pokemon has both abilities that can change its weight. [duraludon]
15) If every ability were given a score according to how many Pokemon had that ability (natdex), these 2 Pokemon with more than one possible ability are tied for the lowest score. Scores are considered as the total number of Pokemon that appear when you do /nds [ability], but remove Alolan forms if the base form also appears. Give the Pokemon, then their score. [darmanitangalar zygarde 2]

thanks for playing (and putting up with missing answers :P)
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Results of the Events official on 4th February 2020 at 2PM GMT
QCers: LittEleven and lovemathboy

1st place: smii ♬♪♪ [07:36].
2nd place: Grimm✯『arsene』✯ [09:47].
3rd place: Hydrocation [16:16].
4th place: c.kilgannon [21:03].
5th place: AbuBatata [21:05].
Consolation Prize: The Frozen One [28:43], God of Hypermeth [28:49], gallant's pear [34:36], meykii [42:27]

1) (Give all answer like they are on PS!) This event-only Pokemon got an event in Pokemon X and Y, but not in OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire [Vivillon-Fancy]
2) This event-only item has 300 varieties, and currently has made it possible to encounter 2 Pokemon in a certain location. [Dynamax Crystal]
3) Due to a mistake, this event Pokemon can be shiny, but it doesn't change its sprite at all when it's shiny [Pikachu-Partner]
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Official Pokemon Families-themed Hunt on February 6th at 1pm EST.

Ty to LittEleven + Andy Snype for QCs.

3rd place: Elgino ♫ [09:40].
4th place: Computerwizard8800 [11:21].
5th place: God of Hypermeth [13:55].
Consolation Prize: smii ♬♪♪ [15:38], zacians [19:37], turtalkatthing [20:08], Parcly Taxel ♦ [38:23], Gargoyle31 [56:22], MikeTheEntei [01:02:18]

1) The French name for a certain sound move is also the English Category Name for this Pokemon. [duskull]
2) Alphabetically list all Pokemon found in the same location as Dusclops as a random encounter in Sword/Shield that share one or more Base Stats with it. [Drapion Rhyhorn]
3) In addition to Dusknoir, these fully evolved third stage Pokemon share the first 4 letters of their names with their first stage evolutions but not with their middle evolutions (alpha.order). [Chesnaught Klinklang slaking]
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Official Gen 3 themed hunt on February 5th 12:30 PM EST, 6:30 BST. Thanks to Elgino and smii for qcing!
Get a pen, bring a friend!

The official scavenger hunt was ended automatically.
1st place: MikeTheEntei [01:18].
2nd place: zacians [02:48].
3rd place: AbuBatata [04:58].
4th place: gallant's pear [05:48].
5th place: God of Hypermeth [06:06].
Consolation Prize: 111ace111 [20:37], negsan [25:46], Computerwizard8800 [29:01], CrazyKingFisher [32:42], The Frozen One [33:54], turtalkatthing [43:41]

1) Talking to a certain person regarding a TV report in Emerald (but not Ruby/Sapphire) allows you to choose one Pokemon out of two to appear in the overworld. Name the two Pokemon alphabetically. [Latias Latios]
2) A certain Pokemon can be obtained as an egg after depositing 1499 Pokemon in boxes in a GameCube game meant to exchange Pokemon in Generation III. List all the moves it has when it hatches alphabetically. [Charm Surf Thundershock.]
3) A location in Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire is labelled as ???, though it has a name in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Give the location's name in R/S/E. [Inside of Truck]

Thanks everyone for participating!
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Hosted a Pokemon Families official on February 6th at 10AM EST
QCs by Gallant Spear c.kilgannon

1st place: smii ♬♪♪ [02:26].
2nd place: dangerdogs [02:35].
3rd place: Litt♥Eleven [03:55].
4th place: Pisxel~! [05:57].
5th place: aegii [06:18].
Consolation Prize: AbuBatata [07:00], Andre W. [07:05], miketheentei [07:14], 111ace111 [07:42], Parcly Taxel ♦ [08:55], fear火fire火22 [10:31], Christmas [12:09], God of Hypermeth [13:45], Elgino ♫ [15:26], WishMasterJirachi [25:18], The Frozen One [28:09]

1) This is the lightest Pokemon that is the third stage in an evolution line.
2) Elgyem learns certain egg moves in Gen 7 from breeding only with parents that don't share a type with it. What other evolution line learns both of these moves? Name all members in alphabetical order.
3) A certain evolution line learns more moves with a higher critical hit rate chance than any other evolution line. The item associated with the evolution line can be held by this Pokemon in the wild in Gen 7.
1) Jumpluff
2) Chimecho Chingling
3) Bruxish
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Official was held at 5:00 PM EST on 2/7/20
QCs by Pants (host) lovemathboy
1st place: God of Hypermeth [02:12].
2nd place: 111ace111 [02:18].
3rd place: Devoxys [03:41].
4th place: turtalkatthing [04:29].
5th place: Christmas [06:36].
Consolation Prize: MikeTheEntei [07:38], scoobydoobydrew [09:50], AndrewThePenguin [18:47], Mudkiper101 [22:32]

1) In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team, these Pokemon are the only representatives of their type that the player can become. (Alphabetical order) [Bulbasaur, Cubone,Machop,Pikachu]
2) In the special episodes of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, these moves on the starting moveset of party Pokemon can't be replaced. (Alphabetical Order) [Dig, Razor Leaf, Water Gun]
3) In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon anime series, two ghost type Pokemon use moves that they can't learn by any legal method. Name the two moves that they use. (Alphabetical Order) [Confusion,Rapid Spin]
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