(Old) Scavengers Ladder (June 2018 - May 2020)

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Reserving an official for Tuesday, August 14th at 8:30 pm EDT! QC'd by ashiemore and Steven Snype.

1st place: Thimblebony [04:18].
2nd place: Meicoo [04:58].
3rd place: Emboar02 [05:00].
4th place: Ilikebugs [05:23].
5th place: MLTX4CounerBalance [05:55].
Consolation Prize: Clouds [06:22], Milkshook! [06:27], mgperson 幹 [07:09], SergioRules[08:16], WhirlwindBulbasaur [08:38], Alex [09:05]


1) This device in the Pokémon anime detects disturbances in the space-time continuum. [TimeSpaceAxis]
2) While May was getting her 5th ribbon in Kanto, her travelling companions were freed by this trainer and this Pokémon. (list in that order) [DrewFlygon]
3) In the only occasion Pokémon manga characters cameo in the Pokémon Anime, they were part of a reference to this Pokémon movie. (Do not include word "Pokémon") [DestinyDeoxys]

Grats to all finishers! Thanks to ashiemore and Steven Snype for QCing.
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Official collab on Wednesday the 15th of August at 1am EST
made by me and Painter Espeon
QC'd by adiass and ashiemore

Rory Mercury has finished the hunt in 1st place! (02:56)
Aeolia has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (05:13)
skidd\o/ has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (10:19)
FakeTestName has finished the hunt in 4th place! (26:11)
askdf has finished the hunt in 5th place! (28:52)
gallant's pear has finished the hunt in 6th place! (38:00)

1. In the main series games, this Pokemon has exactly 4 Legendary artifacts associated with it.
2. According to this location's map description, people say it must be empty. However, 2 items can be found here.
3. The Pokédex consistently asserts that Rapidash is able to reach a certain speed. If this represents Rapidash's maximum unboosted speed stat, and if this stat to literal speed ratio holds true for all Pokémon, what is the highest speed in miles per hour that any Pokémon is able to attain unboosted? (Give answer rounded to three decimal points)

1. Genesect
2. Chamber of Emptiness
3. 223.009

3 cheers for painty :D
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L'Official à la française (16 August 11pm SST, 11am EDT/4pm UTC)
QC by WhirlwindBulbasaur (host) and adiass

1st place: harrybotter [09:34].
2nd place: mgperson 幹 [12:06].
3rd place: Anno-nyme [14:48].
4th place: Fairdunk [16:36].
5th place: gallant's pear [23:21].
Consolation Prize: Ilikebugs [26:07], Hydreigon Fan 2k17 [26:53], Magikingdra~♡ [27:26], Angel de Cabinet [36:26]

1. The name of this move has three characters in French, but not in English. | Wish | (Vœu)
2. Of the Pokémon whose French names contain more than ten characters, this is the only one where said name contains a character outside a-z and é. | Pancham | (Pandespiègle)
3. This is the French name of the tournament featuring in the episode where the only Pokémon able to learn Mat Block and Storm Throw by level-up debuted. | Donamite | (Clubsplosion, from BW070)
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Official collab on Thursday the 16th of August at 11pm EST
made by me and GoodMorningEspeon
QC'd by lovemathboy and ashiemore

mgperson 幹 has finished the hunt in 1st place! (06:54)
BigPimpin12 has finished the hunt in 2nd place! (08:55)
askdf has finished the hunt in 3rd place! (15:20)
c.kilgannon has finished the hunt in 4th place! (16:28)
Aeolia has finished the hunt in 5th place! (17:42)
3.14dgeot-Mega has finished the hunt in 6th place! (23:15)
Rory Mercury has finished the hunt in 7th place! (29:24)
FakeTestName has finished the hunt in 8th place! (33:11)

1. Depending on their ability, these Pokemon can either be immune to both status orbs, or only one of them. (Alphabetical order).
2. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team, this Pokemon is considered special and therefore cannot be taught forgotten level-up moves.
3. According to the Pokedex in Diamond and Pearl, these 3 Pokemon are all related by evolution and have identical footprints. (Alphabetical order).

1. Salandit Salazzle
2. Deoxys
3. Glaceon Leafeon Umbreon

go gme c:
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stardust heart
is a Battle Simulator Moderator Alumnus
2018-08-17 2:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Emboar02
Second place: Thimblebony
Third place: Efielle
Fourth place: c.kilgannon
Fifth place: ScorrchingTheaph
Consolation prize to: Ilikebugs

1) This was the first English Supporter card released in the TCG that shares its name with a move from the games.
2) This is the only water route in Hoenn where any Pokemon other than Tentacool, Wingull, and Pelipper can be found by surfing in Gen 3. (number only)
3) This is the most recent anime episode in which Ash wore a Pokemon costume.

1) Copycat
2) 129
3) A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?
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stardust heart
is a Battle Simulator Moderator Alumnus
2018-08-18 9:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: c.kilgannon
Second place: Devoxys
Third place: Emboar02
Fourth place: mgperson
Fifth place: Milkshook
Consolation prize to: ooftato✿EDM, Ilikebugs, SonofDaw13, ScorrchingTheaph, Themainhydreigon, WhirlwindBulbasaur, road blocks,

1) An event Pokemon of this species is required to battle Giovanni in HGSS.
2) This is the only Key Item in Gen I that has an effect when used in battle.
3) The first Pokemon to use Skill Swap in the Pokemon Adventures manga obtained this ability with it.

1) Celebi
2) Poke Flute
3) Truant
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cool quiz
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Hosted an incognito-style official on Sunday, August 19th, at 2:00 PM EDT!

Winner: moo
2nd: mgperson
3rd: skiddo
4th: Andrew
5th: c.kilgannon
Consolation prize: sKepticL, harrybotter, Linkychu
(1) Raikou, (2) Tail Rap, (3) Hurricane
1) Noriko Hotta has illustrated two different Pokemon TCG cards of this Pokemon.
2) The Smeargle card in the Pokemon TCG that was re-printed with new art has this attack.
3) This is the only move introduced in generation V known by a non-player character's Smeargle in the generation V main series games.
Thanks to Clouds ;_;7 and 3.14dgeot-Mega for quality checking!
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pondering mongoose
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
08/19/18 10:00 PM GMT-4

First place: Andrew
Second place: Milkshook
Third place: c.kilgannon
Fourth place: mgperson
Fifth place: sparkychild
Consolation prize to: Ilikebugs, Flametix, Cheese555, Emboar02

Solution: anticipation, binacle, larvitar

1) In the anime, a Pokemon with this ability can sense its opponent within a Poke Ball.
2) This is the first Pokemon in alphabetical order whose name is made up of only letters that are represented by the forms of Unown that are in the friend area Aged Chamber AN in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team.
3) This Pokemon has a human voice that can be heard in the anime, but only in another dimension.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated! Thanks to Devoxys and Meicoo for QCing.

As you may have noticed, I'm stepping down from Scavengers RO and global staff, so this was my last official as RO. I'll hopefully still be around here and there, but thank you to everyone who has been a part of my years of joy in the room. Love all of you :)
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Official hunt on 19 August 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm UTC)
QC by gallant's pear (host) and Meicoo

1st place: Andrew [11:23].
2nd place: harrybotter [20:13].
3rd place: mgperson 幹 [22:46].
4th place: Flametix [26:34].
5th place: Emboar02 [48:24].

1. There are at least two copies of this card featuring a Pokémon in each of the four TCG 2017 World Championships Decks. | Tapu Lele GX |
2. This dual-typed Pokémon changed its German category name going into generation 7. | Anorith |
3. Among status moves that have the most common Z-effect for status moves, this move is alphabetically last. | Tail Glow
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2018-08-20 7:00 PM UTC-4 (regular official)

First place: Meicoo
Second place: Emboar02
Third place: moo
Fourth place: Devoxys
Fifth place: Ilikebugs
Consolation prize to: mgperson, c.kilgannon, skiddo, TheyCallMeSweeper

1) This is the owner of the shiny Pokemon that has used the most moves in the anime.
2) Excluding Struggle, this move has had the greatest percent decrease in PP since being introduced.
3) This Pokemon, given as a reward for clearing all of the challenges of a certain stage in Pokemon Rumble U, is immune to at least one STAB type of all of the Pokemon in its stage, excluding itself and the boss Pokemon.

1) Narissa
2) Jump Kick
3) Metagross

thanks Dylas for making q3 ♡
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cool quiz
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OWR - Ultimate Bursting Power Official Weekly (August 12th - August 18th EDT) Results:
Another week of quality officials is in the books!
August 12th (3) - MINI~ Host: Alexender, top 5 finishers: mgperson, Thank-ed, Milkshook, lovemathboy, and SunGodVolcarona! (QC: adiass)
• MINI~ Host: Meicoo, top 5 finishers: Rory Mercury, NanikaNanika, Ilikebugs, mgperson, and Devoxys! (QC: Stylus)
• MINI~ Host: Steven Snype (Andrew), top 5 finishers: mgperson, SunGodVolcarona, skiddo, c.kilgannon, and Cheese555! (QC: Meicoo)
August 13th (2) - Official Hunt - (WhirlwindBulbasaur)
Official Hunt - (mgperson + Meicoo)
August 14th - Official Hunt - (Devoxys)
August 15th (3) - Official Hunt - (Milkshook + Painter Espeon)
• MINI~ Host: Gallant Spear, top 5 finishers: Anno-nyme, Level 51, JoakesOnMe, Elgino10, and Parcly Taxel! (QC: Andrew)
Official Hunt - (Andrew)
August 16th (3) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
• MINI~ Host: GoodMorningEspeon, top 5 finishers: Anno-nyme, Hydreigon Fan 2k17, Ilikebugs, Aeolia, and terrapieseven! (QC: Devoxys)
Official Hunt - (Milkshook + GoodmorningEspeon)
August 17th (3) - MINI~ Host: Parcly Taxel, top 5 finishers: Anno-nyme, reely, Emboar02, Ilikebugs, and Magikingdra! (QC/Host: Alex)
Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
• MINI~ Host: Devoxys, top 5 finishers: Andrew, Emboar02, Ilikebugs, Meicoo, and SunGodVolcarona! (QC: WhirlwindBulbasaur)
August 18th - Official Hunt - (ashiemore)
Congratz to Dylas, the winner of last week's Random Doubles Battle Tournament! Don't miss next week's Battle Factory Tournament this Friday, on August 24th, at 4 PM EDT!

Quick Links:
Monthly Ladder Archive | Previous Week's Results | Weekly Tournament Info/Leaderboard
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cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
Hosted an official on Monday, August 20th, at 11:00 AM EDT!

Winner: RBLT11E Abyssal (keeping it icy)
2nd: Emboar02
3rd: Ilikebugs
4th: selphina
5th: Hikanu
Consolation prize: WhirlwindBulbasaur, c.kilgannon, sainTs fan
(1) Swanna, (2) Island of the Giant Pokemon / Island of the Giant Pokmon, (3) Blaziken-Mega
1) In the first episode of the Best Wishes series, this is the only evolved Pokemon to make its anime debut.
2) In this episode of the Pokemon anime, a certain Pokemon of Ash's is called a coward for claiming to be an orphan.
3) Of the mega Pokemon that both appeared in the intro to the Pokemon anime special episode: Pokemon: Mega Evolution Special I, and had already debuted in the anime/movies, this one has the lowest BST. Format its name as Pokemon Showdown does.
Thanks to Steven Snype and ashiemore for quality checking!
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cool quiz
is a Battle Simulator Staff Alumnus
Hosted a collab official hunt with ashiemore on Tuesday, August 21st, at 7:30 PM EDT!

Winner: AnthemOfTheWorld
2nd: Cheese555
3rd: mgperson
4th: SunGodVolcarona
5th: Anot
Consolation prize: c.kilgannon
(1) Gyarados, (2) Pasta, Taco, (3) 12221
1) Meicoo: In Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, the issue of the Almia Times with a headline mentioning a single new hero also mentions this Pokemon by name.
2) Meicoo: In the Pokemon games, Pokemon Breeder Paul indicates he likes one kind of food better than another. Name both food items in alphabetical order.
3) ashiemore: This is the palindromic Trainer ID number shared by the most event Pokemon.
Thanks to Steven Snype and CheeseMuffin for quality checking!
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8/22 @ 7:00PM ET

First Place:
Second Place: Ilikebugs
Third Place: BigPimpin12
Fourth Place: Andrew
Fifth Place: mgperson
Consolation Prize to: c.kilgannon, Milkshook, Devoxys

1) In Super Smash Bros. 4 for the 3DS, multiple Pokemon appear as enemies in Smash Run. Of those that do, only one has never used any moves it uses in Smash Run in the anime. Name the move and the first Pokemon to use it in the anime. (Format as Move+Pokemon) | Sleep Powder + Butterfree
2) A certain TM number has been given as a gift from the eighth gym leader of a region, as well as received before the player challenges the first gym. 3) Name the first move to ever be contained within the TM. | Fissure
In a certain main series game, the player can receieve unlimited Ultra Balls from this NPC, with no cost. | Zinnia

Thank you to Alexender and Gallant Spear for QCing! Thank you to everyone who participating, and congrats to all finishers!
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Misty official on 22 August 10pm SST (10am EDT/2pm UTC, Hari Raya)
QC by adiass (host) and Dylas

1st place: mgperson 幹 [01:12].
2nd place: Devoxys [01:22].
3rd place: gallant's pear [04:29].
4th place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [06:12].
5th place: Elgino10 ♫ [11:24].
Consolation Prize: Shadow Sirens ☀ [19:54]

1. In Yellow, this Pokémon can only learn Mist if it levels up in the Day Care. | Vaporeon |
2. This TCG card features Misty and another gym leader on it. | Sabrina's Psychic Control |
3. The move Mist contains a colour in its Japanese name. This is the Pokémon with that colour and the highest base stat total able to learn Mist. | Reshiram
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Hosting an official on the 23rd of August, 2018, at 4:30 AM GMT
QC'd by ashiemore and Dylas

mgperson (01:04)
Level 51 (01:05)
Milkshook (01:31)
askdf (01:46)
c.kilgannon (02:24)
Consolation Prize:
Aeolia (03:15), Thanked (04:33)

In D/P, Barry partners with the player in a tag battle against Jupiter and Mars at Spear Pillar. He always uses these three Pokemon (alphabetical order) regardless of the player's chosen starter Pokemon. A: Heracross Munchlax Staraptor
2. The Wonder Mail code XN83N4W6 gives the player multiples of this item. A: Reviver Seed
This item, which can only be sold to item maniacs, earns you the most money upon selling. A: Relic Crown
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Hosted an official on August 24th @ 10:00 PM EDT

QC: ashiemore and Gallant Spear

1st place: WhirlwindBulbasaur [00:53 - BLITZ]
2nd place: Wan the Avatar [01:20]
3rd place: skiddo [01:56]
4th place: Ilikebugs [02:25]
5th place: Aeolia [02:52]
Consolation Prize: Rory Mercury [03:40], Tidal Otter [06:51], Taffins [10:30]

Q1: This location contains a single non-legendary Pokemon which can be fought if the player brings an event shiny legendary beast to it.
Q2: Along with Lostlorn Forest, Berry Forest is the only other forest with only one entrance. Name the only berry found in Berry Forest that doesn't regrow naturally within it (include "Berry").
Q3: This is the only berry which shares its name with another berry from a different generation and with a different effect (include "Berry").

Q1: Lostlorn Forest
Q2: Iapapa Berry
Q3: Chilan Berry
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Official of "Tests", 26 August 10am SST (25 August 10pm EDT/2am GMT)
QC by WhirlwindBulbasaur (host) and Milkshook

1st place: mgperson 幹 [03:11].
2nd place: Cheese555 [05:21].
3rd place: sparkychild [05:57].
4th place: WeepingDevil±~± [08:42].
5th place: Emboar02 [09:15].
Consolation Prize: BigPimpin12! [12:39], Stylus [13:13], c.kilgannon [15:29], AFuckNotBeingGiven [15:35], road blocks ^ [20:19], Meicoo [26:16]

1. This Pokémon is featured in the Mic Test in HGSS and BW/B2W2. | Jigglypuff
2. In Shuu Tsukiyama and Throwing Star's Mantine Surf guide, this combo is recommended for small waves. (format as move 1, move 2) | Primarina Twist, Starmie 720*
3. The Japanese name of this gen 1 Pokémon can also refer to a player for a certain Test-playing national cricket team. | Arcanine**

*for this, do /rfaq mantinesurf in the Wi-Fi room
**Windie; the West Indies cricket team is officially branded as the Windies
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Official Hunt on August 27th at 11PM GMT
1st place: p^_^okemonvortex. [03:48].
2nd place: Devoxys [04:22].
3rd place: mgperson 幹 [04:46].
4th place: c.kilgannon [05:35].
5th place: A Phantom [06:41].
Consolation Prize: skiddo [20:32], AnthemOfTheWorld [22:27]

1) In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the player can see Sinnoh Pokemon League from this building. [Vista Lighthouse]
2) The English version of the only printed Phantom Card can be obtained by purchasing this book. (format é as e) [Pokemon Trading Card Game: Official Nintendo Player's Guide]
3) In the anime, one of Ash's Pokemon used this move to ensure its next move hit, despite this move not having any accuracy-boosting effect in game. [String Shot]

Thanks to GoodMorningAshiemore combo for QC

May Namakobushi be with you
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Banned deucer.
Results for normal official on 12:00 PM EST August 27, qced by adiass and Gallant Spear

1st place: HeroicTobias [06:47].
2nd place: p^_^okemonvortex. [19:19].
3rd place: Emboar02 [19:43].
4th place: lovemathboy [31:35].
5th place: Parcly Taxel [01:05:43].

1) There is a city in Alaska with a motto identical to that of a city in a Gen 3 game. Give the Pokémon city first (don't include city in your answer), then give the Alaskan city with the same motto. [Lilycove Homer]
2) This physical move is also represented by an Unown letter. [Nuzzle]
3) This character's father will give the player a PC wallpaper if the player tells him the correct random characters. (Full name) [Walda Pepper]
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Jump Start official, 27 August 10pm SST (10am EDT/2pm UTC)
QC by Alex and sparkychild; this is the first official hosted by me

Hunt 1
1st place: RBLT12R Toby [02:22].
2nd place: gallant's pear [02:58].
3rd place: lovemathboy [03:12].
Consolation Prize: Devoxys [04:30], Gui★Shark [05:38]

1. These two types, when passed as the argument to /dt, do not bring up the Z-move of that type. (alpha order) | ice psychic
2. An episode of the Sun & Moon series was banned outside Japan because of Ash painting himself to look like this Pokémon. | Passimian
3. The GX attack of a certain Pokémon-GX card shares its name with a Johto location. These are the other two attacks on that card, in the order they are listed. | Ice Blade Blizzard Edge [the card is Alolan Ninetales-GX; the location is Ice Path]

Hunt 2

1st place: mgperson 幹 [04:27].
2nd place: Gui★Shark [04:28].
3rd place: Ilikebugs [04:48].
4th place: lovemathboy [05:03].
5th place: Devoxys [06:22].
Consolation Prize: Emboar02 [06:59], Elgino10 ♫ [07:08], gallant's pear [08:00]

1. The Virtual Console sprite of this Pokémon would be technically impossible on the original Game Boy Color. | Jynx
2. Between this Best Wishes episode and the next, Netflix switches the Who's That Pokémon? images, but retains the audio. | A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!
3. A certain psychic-type card from Celestial Storm is based on a card from EX FireRed & LeafGreen featuring the same Pokémon. The two share an ability whose Japanese name references this real-world location. | Pearl Harbor; Pearl Harbour [the Celestial Storm card is Mr. Mime-GX; the ability is Magic Evens, Pearl Barrier in Japanese]
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OWR - Official Weekly Results!
(August 19th - August 25th EDT)

August 19th (3) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Incognito Mode Official Hunt - (Meicoo)
Official Hunt - (GoodMorningEspeon) ;_;
August 20th (3) - Official Hunt - (Meicoo)
Official Hunt - (ashiemore + Dylas)
Mini - (sparkychild + Dylas) - top 5 finishers: skiddo, Andrew, mgperson, c.kilgannon, and AFuckNotBeingGiven (QC: Meicoo)
August 21st (3) - Mini - (Parcly Taxel) - top 5 finishers: Devoxys, Elgino10, Guishark, c.kilgannon, and Hightide Inkling (QC / Host: Level 51)
Mini - (c.kilgannon) - top 5 finishers: Aeolia, Devoxys, mgperson, Cheese555, and SunGodVolcarona (QC / Host: Andrew)
Official Hunt - (Meicoo + ashiemore)
August 22nd (2) - Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Official Hunt - (Dylas)
August 23rd - Official Hunt - (LegendaryMouse)
August 24th (2) - Official Hunt - (Alex)
Official Hunt - (Stylus)
August 25th (2) - Mini - (Meicoo) - top 5 finishers: Parcly Taxel, mgperson, Cheese555, moo, and Clouds (QC: Stylus)
Official Hunt - (Parcly Taxel)
Total = (16)

Congrats to our weekly tournament winner: vick3000!

Feel free to join us for our next tournament on August 31st @ 9:00 PM EDT ([Gen 4] Random Battle).

Quick Links:
Previous Week's Results | Previous Ladders | Weekly Tournament Information & Leaderboard
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
Having an Official Hunt w/ Stylus for Mon Aug 27 at 5:30 PM EDT (GMT -4) qc'd by Alexender and RossW

1st: Snecko (2:27)
2nd: p^_^okemonvortex (03:45)
3rd: mgperson (04:09)
4th: moo (05:00)
5th: c.kilgannon (10:26)
Finishers: HeroicTobias (10:39), BigPimpin12 (17:25)

1) In National Dex Order, name all the Purple Pokemon that are currently in four different generation's Singles OverUsed usage tier. [Cloyster Forretress Gliscor]
2) Including all formes, identify the base form of the Pokemon that can use the most Z-Moves that are restricted to certain Pokemon and/or Pokemon formes. [Necrozma]
3) Out of all Pokemon Ranger locations throughout all three games, this is the only location to contain a Pokemon in the name to not contain that Pokemon within it. [Hippowdon Temple]
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Uncertain official, 30 August 9pm SST (9am EDT/1pm UTC), my first as driver!
QC by Andrew and Milkshook

1st place: Level 51 [02:38].
2nd place: ju>mbowhales [08:46].
3rd place: aegii [12:27].
4th place: Emboar02 [14:23].
5th place: gallant's pear [16:18].
Consolation Prize: SpecterReaper [24:01], WhirlwindBulbasaur [24:24], click x pleez [34:27]

1. This fully-evolved Pokémon ends with "uh" in German. | Noctowl
2. Assuming all personality values are equally likely, a wild encounter Pokémon in generation 4 is least likely to have these four natures. (alpha order) | Careful Gentle Quirky Sassy
3. Give the trainer class of the role named as "???" that appears in two Pokéstar Studios films. | Weird Light
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