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What is the oldest battle simulator you guys can remember/think of? I'm trying to gather resources for an independent study I'm doing for school on the history of the Pokemon Competitive subculture. As far as I can tell, the oldest battle sim dates back to I think 2001-2003 as an Azure Heights project called Porygon's Big Show. Thank You

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PBS is the earliest I know of, netbattle he oldest I have experience with. I think prior to PBS most competitive internetmons was played using irc bots.


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GGFan (long-time competitive player) wrote a great book about the history of competitive Pokemon from 2000-2005. It's available as a free PDF:

Or if you have an Amazon account, you can buy it from there: First Villain
i'm really surprised he hasn't written any reviews for it
I remember having to go over my cousins house around the time D/P came out to use his desktop pc so I could download PBS. Jesus that was a decade ago.

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