Project OM Mashup Megathread

Hello OMM!

Today we had a new mashup between TS and Scalemons, and was really crazy. The way these two interact is pretty broken.

At first we thought that Scalemons would apply first and then the increase of TS would be added. But we were completely wrong. The way in which the mashup calculates the stats is as follows, first the TS increase is applied and then with the new stats the formula for Scalemons is applied, but in a somewhat peculiar way.

Let's take the most dramatic example.

:Tyrogue: :Tyrogue: :Tyrogue:

Regular Stats

HP 35 - Atk 35 - Def 35 - SpA 35 - SpD 35 - Spe 35 BST 210

TS Stats

HP 35 - Atk 75 - Def 75 - SpA 75 - SpD 75 - Spe 75 BST 410

TS + Scalemons Stats
HP 35 - Atk 242 - Def 242 - SpA 242 - SpD 242 - Spe 242 BST 1245 :psywoke:


Because the formula of Scalemons take the new Stat value from TS but use the regular BST to calculate the new value:

Stat * (600 - HP) / (BST - HP)

75 * (600 - 35) / (210 - 35) = 242

Justified has been banned in AAA Doubles!

Oh yeah, Beat Up has been unbanned in Doubles OU with the ban of Dynamax that made it problematic in the first place that gains flinch immunity from Fake Out on top of increased bulk. Since you could give a Beat Up user something that counteracts Fake Out such as Dazzling, Inner Focus, or Shield Dust, it is decided that it's not worth taking any risk and a ban will be applied to Justified again.

As for Stamina, while I do indeed concern about it in regards to its interaction with Beat Up, I decided that it's better to see it in practice first before taking any action to this ability.

EDIT (11/9): Beat Up has been banned in AAA Doubles (Justified unbanned)!

That turned out to be not a good decision at all. Beat Up is busted with its interaction for Stamina and Rattled to instantly maximize their stats with its ability to hit 6 times while allowing you to not rely on Skill Link to guaranteed hit 5 times and having other more useful supportive ability. As a result, I have decided to ban Beat Up while reversing the ban done to Justified instead as Beat Up wasn't used aside from activating Justified along with other abilities that I've just listed.

Updated tour code:
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What I believe to be the most problematic mons in STAAAB atm

:naganadel: The most powerful breaker in the tier, and the most obviously broken. You have to bring Mage or spdef Chansey to keep this thing from coming in and taking something immediately with Dragon Energy or Sludge Wave. Naga's presence forces Mage to forgo leftovers for shed shell, since Naga can easily U-turn on Mage's switch into MagPull Victini. Any other Pokemon is outsped and/or 1/2HKO'd, with no viable exceptions. With Naga's near unparalleled breaking power and ability to maintain momentum with U-turn, I don't see any reason to keep it in the tier any longer.

:victini: Victini's similar to Naga in that both spam a ridiculously strong attack, can keep momentum with ease using U-turn, and have only one or two viable counters. Victini though, unlike Naga, can afford to run coverage, since it doesn't have to worry about V-Create losing its power like Dragon Energy. This makes it arguably harder to deal with than Naga, as it can hit pretty much anything in the metagame for SE damage with its amazing coverage, with very few exceptions. Its ability to trap and KO steels with MagPull provides excellent support for dragon cleaners like Latios, Kyurem, and the aforementioned Naganadel, forcing them to run shed shell. It can also go for Desolate Land if it'd rather force sacks vs. any team not running Coalossal or an FF steel, allowing less specific mons to take advantage of Victini's power. Though most Tinis run band, it can run boots or LO, eliminating what little prediction is required to break the metagame completely.

:magearna: I believe Mage is the 3rd best mon in STAAAB currently, the 1st and 2nd being Victini and Naga respectively. While less obviously overpowered than those two, I do think that it's worth looking at at a later point. Steel/Fairy + Mage's 80/115/115 defenses make it the best defensive pivot in the meta when paired with Regenerator. It can force the opponent into some uncomfortable positions with Doom Desire, and can easily Volt Switch out of upon using it with little to no damage taken. Steel/Fairy also grants Mage an invaluable immunity to toxic, making it extremely hard to wear down and remove without a MagPull mon. It doesn't even have to run any special attack investment, hitting 296 without EVs, meaning it can fully invest in bulk while still having an offensive presence with Moonblast. I haven't fully formed my opinions on Mage yet, so I'll have to see how it fares without Victini around.

(I've only realized now that this has been my first post ever since I first joined OMM 2+ years ago :p)
I don't know if some moves or pokemons did get banned in STABmons Ubers, but I've made a rain team:
Pelipper is the main Rain setter, can take of entry hazards.
Kyogre is here to deal big damages and set rain in case Pelipper dies.
Barraskewda is the main attacker with choice band and Fishious rend, outspeeding everything and destroying everything that does not resist to Water type.
Zacian with Double Iron Bash can Flinch almost everything with his speed.
Necrozma and Zygarde can set up spikes to weaken or finish the opposing team.
(Also, sorry if I have a bad english)
I don't know if some moves or pokemons did get banned in STABmons Ubers, but I've made a rain team:
Pelipper is the main Rain setter, can take of entry hazards.
Kyogre is here to deal big damages and set rain in case Pelipper dies.
Barraskewda is the main attacker with choice band and Fishious rend, outspeeding everything and destroying everything that does not resist to Water type.
Zacian with Double Iron Bash can Flinch almost everything with his speed.
Necrozma and Zygarde can set up spikes to weaken or finish the opposing team.
(Also, sorry if I have a bad english)
STABmons Ubers only unbans pokemon, not moves. So the same moves that are banned/restricted in STABmons are banned in STABmons Ubers as well. The mashup that allows you to use all the moves that STABmons bans would be STABmons Anything Goes.
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contrary to what you might expect, it seems that when something is banned in the base format, restrictions by * are not meaningless but unban it as well as restricting it. In other words, be careful when restricting something with * because it can make it MORE widely available rather than less(!)
You should really be grateful that you can change STABmons restrictions in tour code in the first place... not really, I'm glad you're able to mashup STABmons properly these days, but yes, the simplest approach was that a move can only be one of banned, restricted or unbanned, which does mean that you have to be somewhat careful to avoid inadvertently unbanning something.
It's also worth noting that *-restricting moves doesn't seem to have any effect at all on Inheritance
Correct, Inheritance only restricts donors. (I think in olden times it used to restrict abilities as well.) Additionally, for future mashups, Cross Evolution restricts abilities and evolutions, Mix and Mega restricts stone holders and Linked and Trademarked restrict moves. (So Linked STABmons might have a problem. I'm not 100% sure offhand but I think Alphabet Cup, Fortemons, Move Equality, Sketchmons, Status Hazard and Typemons might also restrict moves.)
Today we had a new mashup between TS and Scalemons, and was really crazy. The way these two interact is pretty broken.
I'll see whether I can fix this.
Glacial Lance has been banned in STABmons Doubles!

With a unanimous ban vote from the council, Glacial Lance has been banned from STABmons Doubles! For those who don't know, Glacial Lance is a 130 Power Ice-type move that hit both foes. You may read additional reasons below.


In my opinion, I think Glacial Lance is too overwhelming for its own good. In addition to its ludicrously high 130 power, it also hits multiple Pokemon on top of not having any drawbacks. Compared to other spread moves such as Earthquake which targets the ally, Eruption/Water Spout, and Dragon Energy having its power lowered when the user's HP is lowered.

Galarian Darmanitan seems to be the worst abuser of Glacial Lance. While one could argue that Galarian Darmanitan should be banned, I believe without Glacial Lance, it would otherwise be a much more manageable glass cannon. Of course, Kyurem Black is currently freed too and it's essentially a better Zygarde with it (I never test it but I would rather not). And if Kyurem Black gets banned, there's also regular Kyurem (even with its lackluster coverage) and Weavile. I suppose one could argue that we should test this move without Galarian Darmanitan or Kyurem Black, but I think banning Glacial Lance would be the best course since there's not much benefit of keeping it.

oh sorry didnt see it as a ban vote but personally i vote BAN, 120 base physical stab that hits both ur opponents is for one super insane when it doesnt have any drawbacks at all. Lets not start at all the abusers it has, :weavile:, :darmanitan-galar: , :kyurem_black: and i go futher but those are the main abusers. Its simple and short to explain and its just one line imo. One of the strongest moves in the game, hits both opponents, great offensive typing, no drawbacks and good abusers

Super late but, Voting Ban on Glacial Lance. Normally, i would go for a Kyurem-Black ban, but considering other Ice-types abuses this move well, its ok to say that banning(restricting) Glacial Lance would be the best option I would have rn. There are only few mons that i think can handled Glacial Lance(Fini and Incineroar were the main ones).

Additionally, I would now announce the ban of Swift Swim itself instead of the combination of Drizzle and Swift Swim in STABmons Doubles.

Here's the updated tour code for STABmons Doubles:

In the meantime...

:ss/dracovish: Dracovish and Dracozolt have been unbanned in AAA Doubles (for now)! :ss/dracozolt:

Following a poll held on OM Mashups room, it is decided that I should allow Dracovish and Dracozolt for the time being. On paper, they could easily take advantage of Swift Swim and Surge Surfer (respectively). But I haven't actually tested it before quickly banning them, so I would want to see how they actually perform in practice first before striking the banhammer. Lightning Rod and Storm Drain can shut them off by redirecting Electric- and Water-type moves to the user (respectively) as well as having a Grass-type Pokemon. That being said, I could potentially see them being too overcentralizing for their own good.

Updated tour code:
AAA Ubers spotlight has come to an end. Next spotlight will be decided by a vote between:

Shared Power AG
Tier Shift AAA
STABmons Camomons

Voting will be up until Wednesday, Nov 18th 11:59 PM GMT+1. Head to the #voting-channel of our discord to vote!

EDIT: The new mashups spotlight is Tier Shift AAA! Nov 19th to first week of December. Just in time too, as the unholy trinity of :metagross: :marowak: :absol: is back to terrorize the metagame once more.


Code can be found in the repository post but I'll paste it here as well:

/tour new [Gen 8] Tier Shift, Elimination
/tour rules !Obtainable Abilities, -Arena Trap, -Comatose, -Contrary, -Fluffy, -Fur Coat, -Gorilla Tactics, -Huge Power, -Ice Scales, -Illusion, -Imposter, -Innards Out, -Intrepid Sword, -Libero, -Moody, -Neutralizing Gas, -Parental Bond, -Protean, -Pure Power, -Shadow Tag, -Simple, -Stakeout, -Speed Boost, -Water Bubble, -Wonder Guard, -Shedinja, -Arctovish, 2 Ability Clause, -Arena Trap, -Light Ball, -regigigas, -archeops
/tour autostart 10
/tour autodq 4
/tour name [Gen 8] Tier Shift AAA
Have fun with the spotlight and if you have any sets/teams you'd like to share or any opinions on tiering decisions, feel free to post in this thread!

EDIT: Archeops was quickbanned!
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I wanted to know, is there a way to play these metagames with friend?
Or is it obligatory to be in a room?
Some of our mashups can be played in Custom Game (or doubles Custom Game), but that only applies to those that don't change game mechanics or stats (So Camomons mashups, MNM mashups and Tier Shift mashups can't be played in custom game). The ones that are playable this way are: Doubles and LC versions of AAA, STABmons and Balanced Hackmons; STABmons + AAA and Ubers version of AAA or STABmons.
The rest need to be played in a groupchat by setting a tournament (codes can be found on page 1 of this thread) or via challenge code (which I unfortunately am not an expert on). A good number of mashups are also implemented on the side server, where you can simply challenge a friend to the mashup of your choice.
I wanted to know, is there a way to play these metagames with friend?
Or is it obligatory to be in a room?
you can also make a room with /makegroupchat and invite your friends
or you can use /challenge gen8[format] @@@ (tour rules)


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Following STABmons Ban of Astral Barrage and Naganadel, The STAAAB Council voted on whether to unban both or not. After some discussion and voting, Naganadel will remain banned in STAAAB, while Astral Barrage will be unbanned (meaning any ghost can use it).

- After the initial wave of bans, Naganadel proved to be a very threatening mon. With a good speed tier, and strong dual stab coverage, Naganadel had very few resists barring Magearna, which was immune to both of its stabs. Despite that, Naganadel also had good utility options, whether it be spikes for hazards, uturn for momentum, or corrosive gas to get rid of Magearna AV/Chansey Eviolite. With the lack of counterplay, ability to beat it's checks, and the utility it can provide, Naganadel was voted to be kept banned from STAAAB.

(Astral Barrage) - While still a very strong in it's own right, the lack of multiple strong abusers resulted in the council voting to unban Astral Barrage. With most of the strong special ghosts such as Chandelure and Blacephalon gone, Astral Barrage hasn't been seen as much due to the limited pool of pokemon that can abuse it (Spectrier and Gengar). Along with that, the high usage of Chansey and Av Magearna make the move more manageable, and as a result, has been unbanned for STAAAB.

Stay tuned for more tier updates once CVC ends!
some thoughts for staaab:
:magearna: i think this is the best mon in staaab atm easily, as bin pin said its the best defensive pivoting mon with regenerator and its not even limited to only that set, it can also run levitate and flash fire to deal with threats to it like landorus therain and magnet pull victini, and for the latter threat mentioned it can also run shed shell at the cost of the normal assault vest set but it doesnt matter much due to magearnas defences(80HP/115 Defense/115 Spdef) it doesnt even lose recovery if not running regenerator because of stabmons giving it access to moonlight. overall i think this mon should be looked at since it limits switchins with doom desire as bin pin mentioned above, doesnt even need any investments in special attack as binpin again mentioned(Stealing everything from him lol)

:Zapdos-Galar: i feel as though this mon has some potential in being a really good late game sweeping mon, it can run some sets like MGLO with brave bird and high jump kick. it has great attack with a good amount of speed + its not walled by toxapex and tapu fini unlike other fighting types. it also gets access to the move thunderous kick which helps in dealing with defensive mons since it lowers the defense by 1 stage. main issue with this is though is dauntless shield corviknight since it doesnt 2hko with high jump kick and is revenge killed by brave bird, another issue is that this mons speed tier while good allows mons like latios to revenge kill it, for this mon you would need to pair it with something like mag so that whenever you bring it in you dont need to sack a mon, also mglo isnt the only set it has to run as you can run sets like adaptability aswell and unburden. even gale wings works. this mon has alot of potential and i think it should be starting to be used more


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HI i wanna share a personal vr of relevant mons for aaa ubers and my thoughts on the top mons. i enjoyed building for it now its time to move on. i'll do a staaab thing (not a vr, but more in line with joey's post) after cvctt bc i've built something every week and had some decent fun with building






:urshifu: (Single)








:urshifu-rapid-strike: (Rapid)




This Pokemon is very centralizing, essentially forcing most serious teams to run Yveltal. It has a variety of viable sets that I want to list.

  • Tinted Lens: Capable of 2HKO'ing max/max AV Yveltal, the only "counter" at +2 with Astral Barrage. Because it's a Calyrex, Psyshock is already doing a ton to Pokemon such as Blissey or Chansey that may consider switching in.
  • Psychic Surge: This is generally paired with more than one Yveltal check or an Yveltal lure. It functions well as a Specs breaker that will nuke anything that doesn't resist or is immune. It functions similarly well as a Nasty Plot user to clean up and not fear priority moves such as Urshifu's Sucker Punch, Marshadow's Shadow Sneak, or Rayquaza's Extreme Speed. Nasty Plot variants still retain wallbreaking power as well.
  • Pixilate: It out-damages Tinted Astral Barrage vs Yveltal, being able to OHKO Yveltal after rocks at +2.

Nobody really talks about how goddamn broken this Pokemon is. I really began to realize how stupid Eternatus is when I played vs Ice in the AAA Ubers tour. It can perform so many roles and doesn't need many different sets to prove useful. Dragon/Poison/Fire coverage hits virtually everything in the tier, and Eternatus doesn't face much threat from Pokemon like Chansey, as they act as a free Recover.

  • Dragon's Maw: Dynamax Cannon into Draco Meteor 2HKOs max/max AV Yveltal from full. That should illustrate its power vs the rest of the tier.
  • Shadow Shield: Crazily bulky monster—has a lot of utility with Toxic Spikes in a format with not many reliable hazard removal choices that can pose a threat or would want to stay in.

NDM is very splashable and is probably one of the most versatile Pokemon available in AAA Ubers. Its defensive capabilities are extremely notable, but NDM can also perform very well offensively. Not much is taking a +2 Sunsteel Strike and is retaliating with damage / status outside of Pokemon like opposing NDM, Ho-Oh, Eternatus, or Giratina. Its biggest downfall is its middling speed tier and susceptibility to many of the relevant offensive Pokemon's STABs like Calyrex-Shadow, Marshadow and Reshiram. It's also susceptible to coverage options like Rayquaza's V-Create or Mewtwo's Fire Blast.

  • Dauntless Shield defensive: Dauntless Shield is generally the most consistent ability on Dusk-Mane, giving it the ability to eat unboosted super effective hits on the physical side pretty well. These sets can have a decent amount of variety on the final slot, ranging from Swords Dance to Thunder Wave to Toxic.
  • Immunity abilities (Levitate/Flash Fire/Water Absorb/Volt Absorb): Depending on what your team needs, NDM with an immunity ability can really hard wall Pokemon you need to be hard walled thanks to its typing.
  • Shadow Shield: In tandem with Weakness Policy, Shadow Shield can allow NDM to pretty quickly reverse its role as a defensive titan to a late- or mid-game cleaner because its STABs are pretty ridiculous to wall.
  • Tinted Lens: A Dragon Dance Tinted set can also provide similar results that Weakness Policy would. It comes with immediate offensive presence at the loss of defensive abilities.
  • You can essentially run anything else here if you aren't running the abilities above—Tough Claws, Adaptability, Stamina, etc.

Kyogre is another polarizing mon alongside Calyrex-Shadow and Urshifu in my opinion with its absurd breaking power. It is more manageable than Calyrex and is more consistent than Urshifu in my opinion. Counterplay to Specs Water Spout exists but is scarce. Chipping Kyogre with hazards, Prankster Chansey, Shadow Shield Eternatus, or Water-immunity walls come to mind primarily. I used a bulky CM set in this replay and it worked pretty well late-game too.

  • Primordial Sea
    : Almost unwallable if you're unprepared. Specs works well in combination with webs support from my experience, as a common way of handling Specs Ogre is using naturally faster Pokemon to heavily dent and nerf its Water Spout. Thunder and Ice Beam, though not STAB, are relatively high BP moves and will still hit Pokemon hard neutrally/super-effectively ie Water immunity NDM or Desolate Land Ho-Oh and Reshiram. It feels somewhat restricting to always run a Kyogre answer, since you will get completely run over without one, but it is what it is.
  • Primordial Sea
    : Scarf functions more as a cleaner with prior chip damage, but it can also function just as well as a breaker given the special fragility of some of the faster mons in this meta. I mentioned before that naturally faster Pokemon are commonly used to dent Kyogre, and Scarf can completely offset that and still mount a crazy offensive presence. You're missing 2HKOs on Pokemon like Chansey, but you allow yourself to be less prone to faster checks.
  • Poison Heal: Bulky Kyogre is capable of setting up on fat NDM, AV Yveltal, defensive Ho-Oh, etc. Anything bulky you can think of, Kyogre can probably set up on it. It essentially acts as a PHeal Suicune in normal AAA or STAAAB, just with greater stats overall. It's a good breath of fresh air from the Primordial Sea set you'll be seeing all the time, but it plays entirely different obviously.

Xerneas, throughout the initial stages of the AAA Ubers tournament, felt pretty 1-dimensional, but I think there is a lot of untapped depth with this Pokemon. It has a fantastic stat spread and movepool that is definitely capable of more than just PHeal CM like we've been seeing mostly in the tour.

  • Poison Heal: It's probably the best set—it's splashable, and offers something that can at least bear hits from Urshifu-S and hit back. Your last slot is very interchangeable; moves like Reflect, Thunder Wave, Roar, and Defog all prove effective for what your team needs. It's a nasty defensive presence and very solid cleaner given its checks like MGLO Ho-Oh or NDM are crippled, weakened, or KO'd.
  • Tinted Lens Geomancy: This is a real nasty ass set. With just 20-30% chip it's OHKO'ing straight through resists at +2 like butter, which just paves the way for a free 6-0. I'm surprised this isn't as spammed as PHeal, as it seems pretty braindead and simple to just pick up and use. It doesn't bring the versatility or reliability of PHeal, but it is nearly just as a good of a cleaner given the circumstances are lined up.
  • Tinted Lens
    : It brings immediate damage and threatens the best specially defensive Pokemon, Yveltal, as a special breaker. 252 SpA Choice Specs Tinted Lens Xerneas Moonblast vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Necrozma-Dusk-Mane: 216-256 (54.2 - 64.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

The legend with a damn near 100% usage rate in the AAA Ubers tour (probably) truly deserves it. It's our champion that can actually eat some hits from Calyrex until it gets Tinted Lens'd or Pixilated. It only needs 1 set to shine and nothing else. Anything else is a waste of an Yveltal slot in this meta and you cannot convince me otherwise.

  • Regenvest: Knock Off, Sucker Punch, U-Turn. These are the 3 moves to success on Regenvest Yveltal. Your last slot is up for grabs, it can be anything but I prefer Snarl atm. Oblivion Wing looks cool because it's STAB and it's Oblivion Wing but what relevant target are you hitting? Xerneas on the swap? You're better off clicking one of your other moveslot 9 times out of 10 when you're clicking Oblivion Wing. You get Knocked Off often I've theorized Thief's usefulness, but it sounds like it can be more hurtful/pointless than useful. Foul Play is also a pretty solid option in the 4th moveslot, and Yveltal gets a couple weird niche coverage moves that you could use as a niche lure. I'm thinking stuff like Rock Slide for Ho-Oh and Dragon Claw/Rush for Zekrom that will probably do 4 damage but will look cool.
I'm not talking about the rest of the mons on the list because this post would go on for 4 pages, but just wanted to put my thoughts on the meta out there.
Introduction to STABmons + Almost Any Ability aka STAAABmons!

Magearna remains legal in STAAABmons! Glacial Lance and Astral Barrage are now restricted, Urshifu-Single-Strike is banned and Landorus I is unbanned! More info in this post.

With STAAABmons getting a ladder this month as leader's choice and since we don't get our own thread, I have decided to make a primer on the metagame that will consolidate all resources in one post (this is the thread for STAAABmons discussion!). Found below are the following:
a quick introduction on this metagame's concept, banlist and ruleset (in the spoiler below), a bunch of sample teams that I have compiled from our users' submissions and a VR/Setpedia for the metagame.

Pokemon can use almost any ability and any (non restricted) move of their typing.

  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
  • 2 Ability Clause: A player cannot have more than two Pokemon with the same Ability on a team.
  • OHKO Clause: A Pokemon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.
  • Evasion Clause: A Pokemon may not have either Double Team or Minimize in its moveset.
  • Sleep Clause: If a player has already put a Pokemon on his/her opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot intentionally prevent an opponent from being able to end the game without forfeiting.
  • Dynamax Clause: Players cannot use the mechanic known as Dynamaxing.
Pokemon: Ubers, Slaking, Regigigas, Pheromosa, Kartana, Blacephalon, Chandelure, Terrakion, Keldeo, Melmetal, Dragapult, Zeraora, Landorus-I, Calyrex-Shadow, Calyrex-Ice, Kyurem-Black, Tapu Koko, Dragonite, Archeops, Zygarde, Thundurus T, Thundurus I, Genesect, Shedinja, Silvally, Volcarona, Naganadel
Abilities: Arena Trap, Comatose, Contrary, Fluffy, Fur Coat, Gorilla Tactics, Huge Power, Ice Scales, Illusion, Imposter, Intrepid Sword, Innards Out, Libero, Moody, Neutralizing Gas, Parental Bond, Protean, Power Construct, Pure Power, Shadow Tag, Simple, Stakeout, Speed Boost, Water Bubble, Wonder Guard, Tinted Lens
RESTRICTED: Acupressure, Belly Drum, Bolt Beak, Double Iron Bash, No Retreat, Fishious Rend, Shell Smash, Shift Gear, Spore, V-Create, Transform, Thousand Arrows, Geomancy, Lovely Kiss, Extreme Speed
BANNED: Baton Pass, Hypnosis, Sing, Grasswhistle, Sleep Powder, Wicked Blow, Electrify
Items: King's Rock, Razor Fang
UNBANS: (from STABmons): Dracovish, Porygon Z
UNRESTRICTED (from STABmons): Astral Barrage

:kommo-o:The Number Man (Tier Leader)
:Lanturn: manu 11
:Gengar: RICEMAN
:Snorlax: Tmi489
:jirachi: Axgwd
:claydol: Best Gal

1) Sample teams:


:jirachi: :cresselia: :hatterene: :stakataka: :victini: :marowak-alola: Trick Room by RICEMAN
The purpose of this team is to click trick room then watch the opponents team drop to your breakers.

These are the mons that ensure you get the trick room up.

Jirachi works as your ground type answer as most don't carry another move SE against steel types. This clicks trick room then dips with teleport.

Cressellia is the primary trick room setter. Lead with this as it is fat enough to live any hit. The trick is to cripple any fast attacker by making them always move last.

Hattrene is here to make sure you don't get swept by Triage priority. This can also be used offensively with expanding force or moonblast.

These are the mons that ensure the opponent has no room to even make a move.

Marowak-A is complete powerhouse that almost 2hko's the entire meta. SD is there incase you predict a switch.

Victini is here to just abuse V-Create in the sun. Bolt strike is for flash fire corviknight and photon geyser is for stab + pex. U-turn is for momentum

Stakataka is here as a fallback trick room setter. The balloon is to allow you to get it out on ground types and set a hail mary trick room. Adapt diamond storm does close to 50% on phys def pex but sadly that just eats and recovers up. THATS WHERE WONDER ROOM COMES IN! This move swaps defence and special defence so now u have a spdef stakataka and a weak asf pex that is gonna DROP.
Gyroball is almost always at 150bp since we slow as hell boi.

Now enjoy spamming the STAAAB Ladder
:umbreon: :landorus-therian: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :volcanion: :ferrothorn: :rotom-wash: Rain offense by Atha

:swampert: :buzzwole: :weavile: :magearna: :heatran: :tapu fini: Standard Bulky Offense by Menace17
This is a really bulky team who strictly follow the recipe of a good STAAAB team . Dauntless Shield Swampert to set up rocks , take damage (that he can heal with Shore Up) pivot with Flip Turn and punish switch with PBlades . Weavile , a nuke with queenly majesty so he can come freely on pokes like Triage Buzzwole or Triage Togekiss due to his immunity to OWing, DKiss, DPunch and Leech Life (very useful when you're weak to barely all those moves )and punish them with a Stabed Glacial Lance or lock them with Switcheroo and then set up with Sword Dance . A Magearna Unaware , there is a lot of Set Up sweeper and this thing just wall most of them (MOST not all , don't try to come on a set up Heatran) , with a set up set because that's ironical and he's only check is Unaware Mag , funny isn't it ? A Tapu Fini with Poison Heal , he only have a support role , same as Swampert but on special moves , may need to change it . Heatran Magic Guard with Life Orb and autotomize , with that he can touch a lot of poke and after one Autotomize , even if he's not max speed ,he become really hard to Outspeed by his official check . And the last one , the Prio Abuser , Buzzwole Triage is one of the best poke , good movepool and a stab on two draining move , with his good bulk most of the time you'll have the opportunity to place one Bulk Up and then sweep .

:landorus-therian: :heatran: :stakataka: :weavile: :kyurem: :tapu fini: Gale Wings Lando magpull by Menace17
This team is a counter to the actual STAAAB metagame and i tried to find an answer to every big threat, but this team is weak to Stealth Rocks.
First, the Heatran run magnet pull to trap Magearna and prevent a Healing move with Taunt, autotomize can be changed to an other move more useful like King's Shield but I let it since it's always useful to set up a Pokémon and then try to sweep with. Blue Flare and Earth Power are here to be sure to touch Flash fire and Levitate Magearna, obviously and unfortunately, most Magearna run Volt Switch but you can anticipate that to immediately send an answer like Landorus.
Stakataka, this Pokémon is here to check physical spammer like Glacial Lance Weavile and maybe Victini after one King's Shield (depend of the set but i don't think he can take a lot of V-Create if it's Sun/Band) and set up Stealth Rocks which are kinda underestimate in STAAAB.
My proudest creation : Band Landorus-T with Gale Wings and Dragon Ascent, the creator of this feeling when you don't have anything to check a Pokémon and you see the end coming. This Pokémon is just a monster, with Gale Wings you don't need to invest speed, you just have to click Dragon Ascent and see the opposite team die. Precipice Blade and U-Turn are here to punish/anticipate the opponent answer and destroy it and then let Landorus do the Job.
Weavile is also a classic, due to his new toy call "Glacial Lance" he's a real monster, Queenly Majesty is obviously to counter abomination like Triage Owing Togekiss or Triage Tornadus and the most evil of all, Gale Wing Landorus-T. Switcheroo is to lock the opposite Pokémon on a healing move and then kill with Glacial Lance, Knock off or set up with Sword Dance. The only Pokémon that may be a problem is Buzzwole which is threaten by Landorus.
Kyurem is just Kyurem, Sheer Force is actually a really good set and it can easily pressure when he's behind a Substitute, Roost can be run instead of something but i personally find Substitute better.
And the master piece, Tapu Fini, due to the good typing Tapu Fini resist to a lot of thing and check most of teams weaknesses like Fire and Fight, Defog is probably the most important move on the set, this team and particularly Landorus is very weak to SR that warn him to spam Dragon Ascent. Taunt is here to prevent entry hazarding Fleur Cannon to do some damage (you can put the 8Atk EV on SpA) and you don't care about SpA drop cause you can pivot with Flip Turn.

:Tornadus: :buzzwole: :latios: :landorus-therian: :heatran: :weavile: Sticky Webs by RICEMAN

:inteleon: :garchomp: :latios: :magearna: :corviknight: :urshifu-rapid-strike: Volt Turn by temp

:victini: :weavile: :latios: :noivern: :chansey: :corviknight: Dragmag by Axgwd

:weavile: :suicune: :tornadus-therian: :zapdos: :chansey: :magearna: Weavile + Fat setup spam balance by The Number Man

:latios: :zapdos-galar: :corviknight: :chansey: :toxapex: :magearna: Latios + GZap balance by youngsterjoeyv69

:Magearna: :Zapdos: :Tapu Lele: :Dracozolt: :Umbreon: :Steelix: Lele + Zolt Balance by longhiep341:
This team specializes in breaking defensive cores and stall. The combination of Doom Desire/Future Sight + Zapdos-Galar/Dracozolt can break any core since nothing can take both at the same time. Umbreon has Water Absorb since this team can struggle against rain and Psyspam otherwise. Thick Fat is an underrated ability, and Steelix makes great use of it. It can live a Mind Blown from Heatran, as well as tank all the Adaptability/Tinted Lens Glacial Lance that is trending. Protect is to lessen the risk against Tinted Lens Lando-T, which can outpace the whole team with Scarf and threaten the whole team with Tinted Lens Dragon Ascent/Precipice Blades.

2) VR and Setpedia

The first draft of the VR/setpedia can be found here in pokepaste form and in the section below this paragraph. Click on the names of the pokemon in the VR to open up the pokepaste with their sets. For now we only have sets for mons that are ranked A- or higher, but we will likely be adding to this resource throughout the month. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all possible sets, merely a starting point for new players.

Magearna (Flash Fire, Levitate, Regenerator, Magic Guard, Triage, Unaware)

Chansey (Regenerator, Unaware, Magic Bounce)
Latios (Psychic Surge, Dragon's Maw, Adaptability)
Togekiss (Triage)
Landorus-T (Adaptability, Unburden)
Buzzwole (Adaptability, Triage, Dauntless Shield, Flash Fire, Regenerator)
Gengar (Storm Drain, Dazzling, Adaptability, Lightning Rod)
Weavile (Adaptability, Technician, Dazzling)

Tapu Fini (Poison Heal, Dauntless Shield, Triage, Regenerator)
Swampert (Intimidate, Regenerator, Dauntless Shield, Poison Heal, Sap Sipper, Primordial Sea)
Corviknight (Flash Fire, Volt Absorb, Regenerator, Magic Bounce, Unaware, etc.)
Victini (Desolate Land, Magnet Pull, Sheer Force, Magic Guard)
Heatran (Magic Guard, Magnet Pull, Desolate Land)
Toxapex (Prankster, Regenerator, Iron Barbs)
Aerodactyl (Magic Guard)

Suicune (Poison Heal)
Spectrier (Adaptability, Dazzling)
Tornadus I + T (Triage)
Zapdos (Magic Bounce, Triage, Intimidate, Dauntless Shield, Delta Stream)
Tyranitar (Regenerator, Bulletproof, Magic Guard)
Kyurem (Adaptability, Sheer Force, Skill Link, Poison Heal)
Urshifu R (Technician, Primordial Sea, Regenerator)
Zapdos G (Magic Guard, Adaptability, Poison Heal)
Garchomp (Technician, Adaptability, Dauntless Shield, Poison Heal, Dazzling)
Mew (Prankster, Magic Bounce, Dauntless Shield)
Mamoswine (Adaptability, Technician, Regenerator)
Barraskewda (Primordial Sea)
Marowak Alola (Desolate Land, Adaptabiliy)

Urshifu - S (Tough Claws, Guts, Triage, Regenerator)
Glastrier (Adaptability)
Dracovish (Primordial Sea, Dazzling, Adaptability)
Dracozolt (Transistor, Adaptability, Dragon's Maw)
Ferrothorn (Flash Fire, Triage, Dauntless Shield, Mold Breaker)
Snorlax (Poison Heal, Unaware)
Doublade (Flash Fire, Levitate)
Gyarados (Technician, Magic Guard)
Noivern (Aerilate)
Nihilego (Mold Breaker, Regenerator, Water Absorb, Levitate)
Skarm (Flash Fire, Volt Absorb, Magic Guard)
Lele (Psychic Surge)
Bulu (Triage, Poison Heal)
Staka (Levitate, Steelworker, Adaptability)
Salamence (Technician, Triage, Magic Guard, Adaptability)
Cress (Poison Heal, Magic Bounce, Unaware)
Golisopod (Regenerator, Poison Heal, Volt Absorb, Triage)
Rhydon (Regenerator, Water Absorb)
Zarude (Triage, Grassy Surge)
Rhyperior (Water Absorb, Regenerator, Magic Guard, Sap Sipper)

3) Suspects!

While we usually defaulted to quickbans or council votes when it came to tiering decisions, this ladder gives us a good opportunity to run a suspect test. If you guys think there's something that needs attention, feel free to bring it up in this thread. Read the disclaimer at the top of the post first tho!

Edit 4: Updated with VR and setpedia!
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Wow, everytime I don't think Pokemon Showdown can't get better, it does! StAAAb, also known as STABmons + Almost Ability, is my new favorite metagame of all time. It truly allows for fresh creativity and diverse teams. My personal favorite Pokemon is Magearna for its versatility and ability to run 500 movesets, but truly every Pokemon has a chance to shine in this fantastic metagame. I hope everyone enjoys playing StAAAb! Ok temp, say this but remember to cut this part off on the Smogon post ok?

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A defensive core I've been using on the ladder with some success is

:ss/steelix: and :ss/azumarill:

Steelix is FAT. It tanks pretty much every physical super effective attack that isn't boosted by ability or stat changes, especially if you run Dauntless Shield. It can set Spikes or Rocks and shuffle stuff with Dragon Tail or Roar. The common electric types that try to Rising Voltage you are blanked. Good abilities include Dauntless Shield, Levitate, Regenerator. Abilities good in other cores could be Flash Fire, Water Absorb

Azumarill is Tapu Fini 2.0. Slower, better recovery, weaker, and Rapid Spin > Defog. Obviously Tapu Fini would probably fit here too but I wasn't running that. Azu can be a bit passive but everyone's favorite aqua rabbit is super tanky, and can be quite annoying with Knock Off, Scald, Flip Turn, Glare, etc. It doesn't have room to run as many utility moves as it would like at once, but has the opportunity to provide many different types of support in return. Good abilities include Regenerator, Poison Heal, Sap Sipper (yes the inferior standard ability), and Levitate (AKA fuck Mamo and Garchomp).

I find the abilities don't actually matter that much, as raw bulk and typing are primarily what help these chads do their job, so feel free to slap on whatever helps. This core has trouble with special attackers that they can't punish through typing, notably Gengar, so it appreciates a SpD blanket such as some Regenvester.

Azumarill @ Leftovers / Toxic Orb
Ability: Sap Sipper / Poison Heal / Regenerator / Levitate
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Flip Turn / Scald
- Rapid Spin
- Slack Off
- Knock Off / Glare / Toxic / Protect

Steelix @ Leftovers
Ability: Dauntless Shield / Levitate / Regenerator
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Impish Nature
- Shore Up
- Anchor Shot / Thousand Waves / Body Press
- Spikes / Stealth Rock
- Dragon Tail / Roar
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I played around on ladder a bit and was surprised to see PH wasn't as popular as I thought. Anyways I built this team below because I wanted to abuse Magic Guard. Heatran and Volcanion are very solid options because of STAB Mind Blown. I would have preferred Magearna but unfortunately Light of Ruin doesn't exist so rip that. The problem is speed and running timid means you do less damage, so I opt to add some trick room. I didn't go as slow as possible because a lot of other people are using TR and honestly Heatran and Volcanion's speed aren't abysmal. I'll be honest and say that Dusclops has been pretty underwhelming, it definitely could be better but I needed something to deal with fishious rend/bolt beak fossil mons. Finally there is molters and togekiss which abuse triage with owing to become tanky wallbreakers. If you decide to try this team out, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Going through this quickly since i am lazy asf for aaa ubers.

:calyrex_shadow: Broken asf since it just forced u to run yveltal av max spdef
:urshifu: Two hit kos the entire meta

Scarf ogre sea HDB Rayquaza balance
Scarf Lunala Balance Adapt Zekrom balance
Adapt Etern Balance Magnet Pull Reshiram Balance
G-Moltres Stall Palkia Rain
Hdb Adapt Etern (planned to use vs temp) Kyurem-Black Balance
Bulk up Marshadow Balance Magearna Bo?
Regieleki Balance
Sorry for making this such a short post but after having to redo this 2 times i am kinda done with it.
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