Project OM Mashup Megathread

Now that TPP IV is over, its time for Part 2 of posting my team, and its Camomons Doubles teams that i've used there. Special shoutouts to the Ruhenheim Runerigus for picking me (I wasn't actually expecting to get picked, honestly) and to HeatEdgeSword for helping me learn more about Doubles in the past, even though its mostly STABmons Doubles.

Week 1 - L
Grassy Seed Volcarona is something i've heard and read from DLC1 Doubles era, so i built a team around it. I've added Kyurem-Black as another sweeper of choice. Mew was initially a different typing, but my teammate suggested a Normal/Psychic typing with Pollen Puff to aid my sweepers.

Could have won if i went Heat Wave on turn 16, but instead i clicked Protect on that turn in fear of random Fake Out from that Scarf Mew, which it revealed to be Taunt later, and my Volcarona is low at health and crippled by Sludge Bomb poison.

Week 2 - W
:ss/blacephalon::ss/indeedee-f::ss/mew::ss/naganadel::ss/tapu lele::ss/amoonguss:
I searched Expanding Force in the builder and I discovered that Blacephalon learns it, so i built a Psyspam team around it. Sash was a placeholder on Blacephalon and i initially really wanted to put Life Orb on this thing. Indeedee-F was my main choice as a setter because i needed redirection to protect the abusers. Mew is another abuser with STAB Earth Power for Fire/Dark Incineroar. I initially had Tornadus as the Tailwind setter, and attempted to recreate STABmons Double's Thundurus with Prankster Tailwind, but i was told Naganadel is usually the Tailwind setter for PsySpam, so i went for that. Amoonguss is another redirection and help the team against some Trick Room team by spreading sleep. Tapu Lele is only a placeholder on this team, because i don't have an idea what to put there in that slot.

oh boy, i must say, Blacephalon is broken, especially its ability to snowball too quickly with Beast Boost. Though my Blacephalon got smacked by a Scarf Urshifu in the late-game because i got greedy with Helping Hand, lol. And I'm glad i had a Taunt user for that Cosmic Power Mew

Week 5 - W
I tried to used set-up Mew, and I've toyed with some moves like Draining Kiss, but i eventually went for Muddy Water for spread damage and for that funny accuracy drop. Incineroar and Rillaboom helps Mew setting up through Fake Out, and the latter gives Mew semi-Poison Heal recovery through Black Sludge + Grassy Terrain. I used Scarf Genesect to spread Speed drop via Electroweb. I have a set-up sweeper, so i instantly added Amoongus for redirection. I tried to used Normal/Ghost to avoid stacking Grass-weakness with Rillaboom, and it is EV'd to survived a +1 Fusion Bolt from Electric Kyurem-Black. Zapdos is here as a Tailwind setter to aid Mew in speed control, it was used because Mew is fulfilling a different role, so i had to find another Tailwind setter instead.

The game was mostly Amoonguss doing an excellent job clicking Spore in a tier with no Sleep Clause. Though, the Flare Blitz burn helped me.

Week 6 - L

I've imported the NP Water/Poison Mew I used last week into Slowking-Galar, which was the origin behind that set, and built the team around it. Slowking-Galar is EV'd to avoid a 2HKO from Choice Band Water/Fighting Urshifu-R's Close Combat and survives a Plasma Fist from Electric Zeraora, a High Horsepower from Grass/Ground Rillaboom, a Tarrows from Choice Band Zygarde, and a +1 Thunderbolt from Scarf Electric Genesect. Since it is slow, i've ended up making a Trick Room team with Stakataka, Diancie, and Porygon2.

The game was great, though I unfortunately lost to the Stakataka speedtie in the late-game

Sem-Finals - W

Here, I tried experimenting with Toxic Spikes, as i've been noticing the lack of Poison-Types being used outside of Landorus-I and some Amoonguss set, and it also helps me slowly wear down Protect users. I've picked Zygarde in attempts to threatened Poison-types coming in to remove Toxic Spikes. I've picked Genesect because i haven't used it in game from Week 5.

I was actually a little bit sleepy during the match, and rewatching this in the next morning, i actually got lucky with that Heat Wave miss.

Finals - W
For the finals match, I ended up recreating the Tspikes Mew from semi-final. This time, I've experimented a different Incineroar typing, and I picked Volcanion as an attempt to have something against Tsareena rain.

From the match... While Toxic Spikes somewhat helped me throughout the match, i had a huge trouble taking out that IDPress Ferrothorn, especially i couldn't get my Volcanion in to the field safely without getting hit by Leech Seed on the switch, and the opposing Zygarde is in its best position possible to threatened Volcanion out or prevent it from coming in.

More teams coming soon


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Godly Gift Mix and Mega Hub

What is Godly Gift Mix and Mega?
In this metagame, you may choose 1 Uber Pokémon to have as your "god," which distributes its stats to its teammates depending on what slot they occupy. Pokémon can also use Mega Stones to gain the stats and abilities of those Mega Evolutions.

Here's an example:


In this example, Mewtwo is my Uber Pokémon and is occupying Slot 2. So, because Rotom-W is in slot 1, it will have its HP stat replaced with Mewtwo's base HP of 106. Mewtwo is in slot 2, so nothing recieves its Atk stat. Regieleki is in slot 3, so it will have its Def stat replaced with Mewtwo's base Defense of 90. Noivern is in slot 4 and so gets Mewtwo's SpA of 154. Excadrill is in slot 5 and so gets Mewtwo's 90 SpD, and, lastly, Dhelmise is in slot 6 and so gets Mewtwo's 130 Spe. Where you place your 'God' Pokemon is extremely important in developing strong teams, so do not take this important aspect lightly.


A Gifted stat overrides a Mega Stone boost to that stat, and you'll only receive the Godly Gift stat change, not a Mega Stone stat change. For example, If my "god" is Spectrier, and I have Lucarionite Tapu Lele occupying Slot 6, it will have a base Speed stat of 130, as opposed to a Speed stat of 117 after Lucarionite's stat change. No stat aside from the Gifted stat is affected by this and will function normally with Mega Stones. This can open up the gates to new strategies, as now Pokémon such as Slowbro or Slowking can run Cameruptite with gifted Speed, without losing any Speed from Cameruptite.

2) There are some Uber Pokémon that are able to Mega Evolve, such as Magearna and Solgaleo. Even with Mega Stones, they gift their base form stats, not their post-mega stats. For example, in Magearna's case, it will gift 80 HP to Slot 1, 95 Atk to Slot 2, 115 Def to Slot 3, 130 SpA to Slot 4, 115 to Slot 5, and 65 Spe to Slot 6.

3) You may have only 1 god on a team. So, a team cannot contain both Zamazenta and Lunala.

Banlist and Ruleset


Obtainable, Species Clause, Nickname Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Moves Clause, Team Preview, HP Percentage Mod, Cancel Mod, Overflow Stat Mod, Dynamax Clause, Sleep Clause Mod, Endless Battle Clause, [Gen 8] Mix and Mega, [Gen 8] Godly Gift

General Bans:

Beedrillite, Blazikenite, Gengarite, Kangaskhanite, Mawilite, Medichamite, Pidgeotite
These Pokémon cannot Mega Evolve:
Calyrex-Ice, Dialga, Eternatus, Gengar, Giratina, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Kyurem-Black, Kyurem-White, Lugia, Lunala, Marshadow, Mewtwo, Naganadel, Necrozma-Dawn-Wings, Necrozma-Dusk-Mane, Palkia, Pheromosa, Rayquaza, Regigigas, Reshiram, Urshifu-Base, Urshifu-Rapid-Strike, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zekrom, Zygarde-Complete

Other Bans
Moody, Shadow Tag, Baton Pass, Electrify

Click the Pokemon to view the teams!
Hydreigon Sun BO by Clastia
Blaziken Screens HO by Clastia
Rotom-W Dhelmise BO by Clastia
Arctozolt Hazardless BO by Clastia
Volcanion Kartana Offense by Clastia
Yveltal Rhyperior Balance by Clastia
Xerneas Corviknight Balance by Clastia
Heatran Crobat Balance by Clastia
Shuckle Zapdos Balance by Clastia
Dhelmise Semistall by The Dragon Master
Nihilego Stall by Clastia
Challenge Code:
/challenge [Gen 8] Mix and Mega @@@ [Gen 8] Godly Gift, +Xerneas, *Xerneas, -Xerneas+Venusaurite, -Xerneas+Charizardite X, -Xerneas+Charizardite Y, -Xerneas+Blastoisinite, -Xerneas+Alakazite, -Xerneas+Slowbronite, -Xerneas+Pinsirite, -Xerneas+Gyaradosite, -Xerneas+Aerodactylite, -Xerneas+Mewtwonite X, -Xerneas+Mewtwonite Y, -Xerneas+Ampharosite, -Xerneas+Steelixite, -Xerneas+Scizorite, -Xerneas+Heracronite, -Xerneas+Houndoominite, -Xerneas+Tyranitarite, -Xerneas+Sceptilite, -Xerneas+Swampertite, -Xerneas+Gardevoirite, -Xerneas+Galladite, -Xerneas+Sablenite, -Xerneas+Aggronite, -Xerneas+Manectite, -Xerneas+Sharpedonite, -Xerneas+Cameruptite, -Xerneas+Altarianite, -Xerneas+Banettite, -Xerneas+Absolite, -Xerneas+Glalitite, -Xerneas+Salamencite, -Xerneas+Metagrossite, -Xerneas+Latiosite, -Xerneas+Latiasite, -Xerneas+Lopunnite, -Xerneas+Garchompite, -Xerneas+Lucarionite, -Xerneas+Abomasite, -Xerneas+Audinite, -Xerneas+Diancite

Tour Code:
/tour create [Gen 8] Mix and Mega, elim,,, [Gen 8] Godly Gift Mix and Mega
/tour rules [Gen 8] Godly Gift, +Xerneas, *Xerneas, -Xerneas+Venusaurite, -Xerneas+Charizardite X, -Xerneas+Charizardite Y, -Xerneas+Blastoisinite, -Xerneas+Alakazite, -Xerneas+Slowbronite, -Xerneas+Pinsirite, -Xerneas+Gyaradosite, -Xerneas+Aerodactylite, -Xerneas+Mewtwonite X, -Xerneas+Mewtwonite Y, -Xerneas+Ampharosite, -Xerneas+Steelixite, -Xerneas+Scizorite, -Xerneas+Heracronite, -Xerneas+Houndoominite, -Xerneas+Tyranitarite, -Xerneas+Sceptilite, -Xerneas+Swampertite, -Xerneas+Gardevoirite, -Xerneas+Galladite, -Xerneas+Sablenite, -Xerneas+Aggronite, -Xerneas+Manectite, -Xerneas+Sharpedonite, -Xerneas+Cameruptite, -Xerneas+Altarianite, -Xerneas+Banettite, -Xerneas+Absolite, -Xerneas+Glalitite, -Xerneas+Salamencite, -Xerneas+Metagrossite, -Xerneas+Latiosite, -Xerneas+Latiasite, -Xerneas+Lopunnite, -Xerneas+Garchompite, -Xerneas+Lucarionite, -Xerneas+Abomasite, -Xerneas+Audinite, -Xerneas+Diancite
/tour autostart 7
/tour autodq 4
/wall A Gifted stat overrides a Mega Stone boost to a stat, and you'll only receive the Godly Gift stat change to that stat! Furthermore, only the base form donates to the receivers, and not the Mega form!
/wall **SAMPLE TEAMS**:
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Last part of me posting teams

STABmons Ubers


Just a standard Uber team, but with Marshadow and Nasty Plot Yveltal as offensive mons and Zygarde as a wall. Necrozma-DM is EV'd to avoid a 2HKO from Choice Specs Dragon Energy from Eternatus.

I heard Darmanitan-Galar was good in Ubers and they used Magnezone there alongside it, so i tried to apply that to STABmons Ubers, because Glacial Lance is still legal ( I honestly didn't think the move was broken personally, until i heard about the Magnezone thing, which quickly shifted to the move being actually broken). Magnezone is using this weird set instead of IronPress, because IronPress is vulnerable to Spectral Thief from Necrozma-DM. This set is, instead, used to slowly chipped down NDM with Thunder Cage, Zone is EV'd to outspeed the defensive sets, and Magnet Rise is used here in case they randomly had Earthquake.

I tried build a stall team, and it ended up like this. This team previously had Spikes Zygarde and Rocks SThief NDM, but ended up changed as they struggled a lot against Boots Ho-oh. I picked Chansey here, and i want a Transforming pink blob.

I tried building web teams, featuring Pheromosa as the setter.

STABmons Doubles

:ss/lickilicky::ss/amoonguss::ss/tapu fini::ss/incineroar::ss/thundurus::ss/drapion:
Was trying building with using Rage Powder, and as i look for a sweeper to abused it, i settled on using Lickilicky with BellySpeed as a sweeper of choice, to replicate Snorlax, who got banned due to this combination. Lickilicky also has Oblivious, which makes it immune to Intimidate.

:ss/tyranitar::ss/excadrill::ss/dracovish::ss/tapu fini::ss/landorus-therian::ss/amoonguss:
Sand is fun to build around in STABmons Doubles, because Tyranitar has better utility moves in Knock Off and Parting Shot, and Excadrill had better offensive options.

Tried building a team around Cotton Guard Body Press Ferrothorn, and it ended being a rain team (Swift Swim is banned btw). Ferrothorn is max Spd instead, as the extra boost from Cotton Guard is enough to 1HKO Incineroar even if uninvested.

A gimmick team, and i want to meme with Coil + Hypnosis Crobat because Doubles has no Sleep Clause. Crobat is EV'd to outspeed Thundurus-I so it could Hypnosis it first before it could attack. The rest are mons supporting it, including 3 redirection users. Not a good team overall, however

I'll look forward to what Gen9 offers for our mashups


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hi hi, just one last quick update before the new generation, but the GGSP council has finally banned Adaptability! It was too easy to fit on a team, and made everything aside from offense get thrown around easily, especially making stall borderline unwinnable. Dragalge, Basculin, and Porygon-Z are all equally annoying to face in their own right and we have decided that people should divert their attention to other abilities that are harder to fit on a team instead of 5 mons + Adapt and calling it a day. Thank u for your time. (Crawdaunt will be unbanned dw)
Way too late, but here are teams I built for TPP.
Week 1 vs Mossy Sandwich
:registeel: :yveltal: :silvally-dragon: :buzzwole: :drampa: :ho-oh:
Mossy Sandwich was new to TSAAA, so I figured he would fall into the trap of thinking Urshifu was good. As such I thought of a stall team that covers everything he could have tried to do. Nothing too crazy about this team overall.
Week 2 vs oaklies
:swoobat: :silvally-fairy: :crustle: :dialga: :yveltal: :keldeo:
I was surprised I faced oaklies instead of Euphonos. I wanted to switch it up and opted for some kind of hyper offense. Swoobat is the fastest Dual Screeners with Taunt and plays similarly to Koko in AAA. Silvally-Fairy is one of my favorite offensive threat that can either explode to almost guarantee 1 for 1 or go with Flame Charge to sweep once Unaware mon is weakened. Crustle can also capitalize on physical walls weakened. Dialga can set Rock pretty well, and beat most Bouncer while discouraging Defoggers. Its damage output is no joke either. Yveltal is probably the most splashable Pokemon in TSAAA, so it's just a natural fit. Mixed Adapt hits like a truck while offering counterplay against non-priority. Keldeo shores up the Electric weakness and can also spread burn, making threats like Dhelmise think twice before coming in.
Week 3 vs Tranquility
:melmetal: :victini: :uxie: :hippowdon: :diancie: :mantine:
Semiroom is a thing in Doubles, but nobody tried it in Singles to a serious capacity as far as I know, so I figured I liked to build something like that. Using Marowak-A is pretty cliché though, so I used the based Melmetal instead. Victini was the second breaker to boot, and physical are usually better since you don't have to deal with Silvally-Dragon or Steel. Uxie is overlooked as a setter, but its bulk is very nice, and its high Speed means it can get slow U-turn under Trick Room. The rest of the team is defense core. Nothing too out of place.
Week 4 vs PociekMociek (placuszek)
:rotom-frost: :raichu-alola: :blissey: :armaldo: :uxie: :morpeko:
I saw that placuszek lacked solid Electric resist, and I hadn't made a terrain team again after Arctozolt got shafted by going to UUBL so I gave Elec Terrain a shot again. I wanted to use something original so Blissey, while common in AAA, is never popular in TSAAA so I opted for it. Since I wanted all my teams to still be strong no matter opposing teams, I still refused to just build pure fishing teams, they must be overall good against most teams. Ironically, Vanilla Raichu-A was chosen alongside Rotom-Frost, since they can get past common Electric answers in Silvally-Dragon and Ground-types (to some extent Volt Absorb Mantine as well). Uxie is just a good support to punish walls and prevent hazards so I just used it again. Armaldo as the Unburden Pokemon of choice because it was cool. Finally, Morpeko can dunk on Dhelmise thinking it could just Grassy Glide, as well as foolish Triage users since it's weak to Drain Punch, Draining Kiss and Leech Life at the same time. Then the match started and my precaution worked. His team had 2 Ground and Silvally-Dragon, which were smoked by the Blizzard.
Week 5 vs sasha (unused)
:aurorus: :ribombee: :gallade: :crobat: :solgaleo: :silvally-dragon:
Without Byleth, I just picked something cool to build around. Aurorus is like Kyurem in AAA before it was banned, but stronger and bulkier, though with worse defensive typing. Besides Freeze-Dry and Earth Power, it also gets Calm Mind and Stealth Rock, so it can make progress pretty effectively most of the time. It's slow though, so using Web to support it is natural. Tough Claws Gallade was under the radar as well with all sets being Triage so I just jammed it in. The rest are offensive mons that provide utility. Silvally-Dragon is always good as a catch-all against special Pokemon. Crobat has nice Speed and can outspeed Pokemon immune to Web like Charizard and Rapidash. Solgaleo has a wack set because this is a specific tech I developed to deal with Byleth that I wanted to bust it out anyway.
Week 6 vs Riceman
:trevenant: :lucario: :dialga: :alcremie: :regirock: :yveltal:
So you basically know by now, I just pick something cool to build around (usually 1-2 Pokemon). This time, it was Trevenant, but then I decided to add Lucario as well. Since Ho-Oh started to go itemless to deal with Dhelmise, I slapped Rock moves on both of them, which is also helpful against Charizard thinking it can just Belly Drum. The rest are pretty standard, though Alcremie had a pretty interesting set. Then as Riceman brought Explosion spam, the Rock moves came in clutch to wreck Ho-Oh and won the game.
Semi vs PociekMociek
:marowak-alola: :melmetal: :necrozma-dawn-wings: :uxie: :aromatisse: :starmie:
I wanted to bust out Trick Room again. However, normal Trick Room is still boring so I tried using Necrozma-Dawn-Wings as well, with a cast trying to go for longevity. Starmie and Aromatisse were used simply because I wanted to use something original. Not much else to say.
Final vs The Number Man (unused)
:gothitelle: :dhelmise: :skuntank: :poliwrath: :solgaleo: :palossand:
After Semi, I got increasing aware of Haunter, as such I wanted to try something around double Regen core of Skuntank and Poliwrath. The crux of the team is obviously Gothitelle to sweep late-game. I did want Dhelmise though to prevent some passivity and also wreck Ho-Oh with Rock Slide, which TNM had used a lot. My team ended up getting swept though so this never saw the light of day, but it was a team to close out gen 8 TSAAA nonetheless.
:urshifu-rapid-strike: :vikavolt: :mesprit: :dhelmise: :skuntank: :kabutops:
This was in consideration for use in week 3. Basically most only prepped for Dark Urshifu so Watershifu can go crazy with Web. Vikavolt is my favorite Web setter, Mesprit is like Azelf in AAA, Dhelmise and Skuntank is my favorite offensive combo that I took it (later stolen by The Number Man). The Kabutops was me stealing from Riceman.
:skuntank: :silvally-steel: :poliwrath: :rhydon: :braviary: :giratina-origin:
A choice for the final. Basically a Bulky Offense build with mixed Giratina-O and Pressure Silvally-Steel cause I had those ideas for the longest time. Braviary's main role isn't to sweep but to pivot into Silvally-Steel. Rhydon deals with Electric. That's basically it.
:toxapex: :giratina: :cradily: :yveltal: :magearna: :palossand:
I built this for funsies more than anything, but nonetheless some kind of wack stall.

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