OM OM Premiere League (Week 3)

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Week 3

- Randbats is best of 3
- Malaconda is banned from CAP for regular season (this may change in playoffs)
- New BH update is legal

S.S Anne Serperiors(3) v. Silph Co. Salamences(3)

Randbats: chaos v. DetroitLolcat
Balanced Hackmons: arkeis v. V4Victini
Tier Shift: TheImmortal v. The Unlucky One
CAP: jonathanrp v. Pwnemon
Doubles: BlankZero v. nyttyn
PU: BiGGiE v. Audiosurfer

Rock Tunnel Rhydons(2) v. Rocket Base Honchcrows(3)

Randbats: Cherub Agent (sub) v. Novaray
Balanced Hackmons: Imanalt v. TheCommadore
Tier Shift: Qwilphish v. Level-51
CAP: Lavos Spawn v. tennisace
Doubles: The Exeggutor v. StarmanXL
PU: Faint v. Keiran

Lavender Luvdiscs(1) v. Bedroom Blisseys(2)

Randbats: Grimsly v. SoulWind
Balanced Hackmons: Verbatim v. LonelyNess
Tier Shift: TheFourthChaser v. Ajax (sub)
CAP: toasdt (sub) v. jas61292
Doubles: joim (sub) v. ThePillsburyDoughBoy (sub)
PU: zfs v. JabbaTheGriffin

Deadline: Sunday, May 26


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so, with never seeing slowking in my life, I learned the hard way it carries fire blast, sorry scizor, my bad dude

edit: I am really dropping the ball lately lol
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