Tournament OM Snake Draft III - (MR MIMES ARE THE CHAMPIONS)

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Stating for those who may have miss the notice but:

Sub is now banned from trademarked as of this week
Magearna is also banned , and Cinderace is not banned as trademarked has changed from being based on ou's banlist.

Also transform sadly does not and can not function how it did last gen where it activated trademarks due to a change coding that Kris had told me of.


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:gliscor: Guts and Gliscors (2) vs (4) Moisty Mire Mr Mimes :mr-mime:
2v2 Doubles: Mubs vs K3ppr
Anything Goes: Icemaster vs TrueNora
Inheritance: drampa's grandpa vs MetaRiolu7
Inverse: Axgwd vs Catalystic
Tier Shift: Hamhamhamhamham (sub 1) vs Crashy

Trademarked: Andyboy vs GL Volkner

:naganadel: UB: STINGERS (0) vs (4) Silksnoms :snom:
2v2 Doubles: Z Strats vs Mishimono
Anything Goes: Zesty43 vs Ainzcrad
Inheritance: cromagnet (sub 1) vs Pigeons
Inverse: GotCookies vs Cheese5555
Tier Shift: Jrdn vs Betathunder (sub 1)
Trademarked: Havens vs berry

:toxtricity: Top Gun Toxtricities (4) vs (2) Partying Poliwags :poliwag:
2v2 Doubles: Monsareeasy vs Kaif
Anything Goes: Skysolo vs PurpleGatorade
Inheritance: Chazm vs MZ
Inverse: OM vs highlighter
Tier Shift: NovaFish21 vs Akashi
Trademarked: Ho3nConfirm3d vs Terracotta

Deadline is 11:59 PM GMT -4 Sunday, August 23th - Get the games done before then, please!
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