Tournament OM Snake Draft III - Player Signups (See post #114)

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Hello and welcome to the third edition of the OM Snake Draft! Following on from previous years, this team tournament features some of our biggest non-ladder metagames.

There are 6 teams. Each team will draft 9 players, enough for 6 starters and 3 substitutes. Managers are not allowed to play. The draft order will be randomized prior to the start of the draft and teams will pick in this order. Each team will pick one player, until the final team is reached, after which the draft order reverses and the final team will now get the first pick for the next round, making this a Snake Draft. This process will repeat until every team has a total of 9 players. For the following 5 weeks teams will face off against each other, where winning a round earns 2 points and tying earns 1 point. After the 5th week, the two teams with the most points will advance to the finals where a champion will be crowned.

The list of formats for this year's Snake Draft is as follows:

Teams w/ Discord link
:snom: Silksnoms - jasprose & pileosand
:gliscor: Guts and Gliscor - In The Hills & vivalospride
:toxtricity: Top Gun Toxtricities - CashKP & Whitephoenixace
:naganadel: UB: STINGERS - ScarfWynaut & Tack :]
:poliwag: Partying Poliwags - MAMP & willdbeast
:mr mime: Moisty Mire Mr Mimes - I want Atago to sit on me & LuckyPiper

Signups will be open for roughly one week. The draft will take place on the Other Metagames Discord, and the exact date and time will be posted closer to the draft.

Post in the following format:
PS Name: jrdn
Tiers Played: Inverse / Tier Shift
Timezone: UTC-4
Significant Time Missed?: Yes, end of August


I do things (sometimes)
PS Name: Krytocon
Tiers Played: 2v2, can learn others
Timezone: GMT+1
Significant Time Missed? Coronavirus exists so nah
Note: happy to help coach 2v2 for teams even if I'm not picked
2v2 voice so you know I have at least some idea of what I'm talking about when it comes to 2v2
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