Tournament OM Snake Draft - Week 5

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Week 3

The Bodacious Bisharps (Betathunder DurzaOffTopic) VS The Top Kekleons (Quantum Tesseract Xayah)

USUM Camomons: Andyboy vs Chloe
USUM Partners in Crime: Pigeons vs Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request)
USUM Sketchmons: Jrdn vs EternalSnowman
USUM Tier Shift: Fardin vs Eien
USUM ZU: Kushalos vs Finchinator

The Crabominable Snowmen (Sylveon. TheCoastsOfToast) VS The Partying Poliwags (Catalystic MAMP)

USUM Camomons: Highlord vs GL Volkner
USUM Partners in Crime: Akumeoy vs jasprose
USUM Sketchmons: tzop vs Leru
USUM Tier Shift: Akashi vs Wyn
USUM ZU: skysolo14 vs obii

The Jackass Jirachis (G-Luke Willdbeast) VS Rage Against The Registeels (aki0s Funbot28)

USUM Camomons: Chopin Alkaninoff vs In The Hills
USUM Partners in Crime: Snaquaza vs Mark_K
USUM Sketchmons: Megazard vs Plas
USUM Tier Shift: Hamhamhamham vs Level 56
USUM ZU: Taskr vs 5gen

Deadline is Sunday 16th September 11:59pm UTC

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