OM OM Swiss - Stage 2 - Round 2

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art by Kris

Welcome to OM Swiss!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • 2021 OM Circuit information can be found here.
  • The banlists for this tournament are the same as the ladder of each format of the Smogon University server of Pokemon Showdown.
  • Two stages
    • Stage 1:
      • Swiss-style
      • Each week is a best-of-3 of a different metagame randomly decided by !pick (listed later in this post)
      • All players with a positive record after the 5th week (3-2, 3-1, or 3-0) move onto Stage 2
    • Stage 2:
      • Best-of-5 non-seeded single elimination
      • First game of each series chosen by host with !pick, 2nd through 5th games picked by the loser of the previous game
      • You only earn points for the circuit from this
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Battles must take place on Pokemon Showdown!.
  • Sw/Sh cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Replays are required.
1st - 500
2nd - 375
3rd - 290
4th-6th - 175
7th-12th - 87
13th-24th - 45


Chazm  vs  in the hills
Andyboy  vs  Ryuji-Sempai
MAMP  vs  Dr. Phd. BJ
Ren  vs  Akashi
quojova  vs  TTTech
a loser  vs  Quantum Tesseract

First game of each series for this week: NFE

Deadline is Sunday, November 21st at 11:59 EST (UTC-5).
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After quite accurate predicts for the r1, I'm back! This is gonna be tough tho, as everyone here is really good, and has shown its ability to play any OM decently.


Chazm  vs  in the hills tbh I think Chazm is (a little bit) better than ith, but ith teams were fire and I just want to see them again and again every week (3-2)
Andyboy  vs  Ryuji-Sempai eh, Andyboy is probably better in all aspects, Ryuji can probably take the AAA or the BH game but I'm not even suree (3-0)
MAMP  vs  Dr. Phd. BJ More experience overall in other OMs than BH (3-1)
Ren  vs  Akashi I hate you so much Ren I hope you'll lose all your games :blobtriumph:
quojova  vs  TTTech pairings of outsiders, but I WANT to see TTTech lose I'm super mad EVERYTIME he wins pls quojova destroy him (3-1)
a loser  vs  Quantum Tesseract I just regret that I can't have TectonicDestroyer VS Redflix on this pairing... however, QT is probably better overall than a loser (3-1)

The cool thing about the NFE !pick is that we can have REAL OMs for next weeks now that MnM and NFE are gone (mainly NFE kek don't hit me MnM mains)
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