OMG another UU RMT, but no Spiritomb here

Here we go again(literally, this is like my fifth time writing this paragraph as I've been very prone to pressing back while doing the sprites and erasing everything. And my second time writing the ENTIRE RMT as Smogon enjoyed having an "internal server error" as I was posting a finished one.), another one of those UU RMTs that have been clouding the forum. I'd like to think my team is mildly unique compared to other teams; it's been kind of a thing of mine to use more obscure and underused pokemon than comprise a typical team of 6 of the top 10 pokemon. SO you're not going to be seeing any Spiritomb, Gallade, Staraptor, Shaymin or Raikou here. This team has also been pretty succesful, so I really wanted to show it o-, I mean help improve it. So here's my team, at a glance first of course.
Team at a Glance

The Lead

Tauros (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Frustration
Great STAB nad hurts all that don't resist it. And Frustration>Return on a pokemon with a temper like Tauros
- Earthquake
Hits Steels that love to switch into me, and also hits poisons
- Stone Edge
Finishes out my coverage by hitting common flying leads like Crobat and Staraptor
- Sleep Talk
With all the sleep leads nowadays, this is a good move to keep Tauros kicking and ruin some strategies of Smeargle and the like.Also, Tauros' movepool is barren

So here's my ragin bull, Tauros. A good lead as he has great speed and strength, and isn't a glass cannon. Frustration is great STAB taking chunks from everything neutral. EQ is a good 3KO on Registeel and hurts Steelix alot, and is my the best ground move on the team to smack Nidoqueen and Drapion with. Stone Edge is the best option vs Staraptor and Crobat, and also hits Mismagus very hard, leaving her unable to sub. Sleep talk seems like an odd descision, but it really isn't. A few of the most common leads(Crobat, Smeargle, Roselia) like to sleep you right off the bat, and this lets me kill them all with a strong hit that hits usually for an OHKO. The reccomened options really were Pursuit and Zen headbutt, but let's look at what those moves hit. The only pokemon of note that pursuit hits are Mismagius, Slowbro, Espeon and maybe Uxie/Mesprit. None of those are particularly frightened enough by Tauros to switch,making Frustration a more powerful option and can all cripple him with status. Zen Headbutt hits poisons, which all take more from Earthquake except Haunter who is rarely used and Roserade who is KO'd by a Frustration; it doesnt even hit Drapion.It also hits fighters, of which only the one's with a Hitmon- prefix it hits harder(Blaziken is hit harder by EQ, Gallade takes more from Frustration) And to top it off it has shaky accuracy. And onto the item, LO gives Tauros the liberty of switching moves which is vital for such a one-dimensional pokemon like him, and lets me use Sleep Talk more than once.

So why Tauros?
Tauros was chosen as a lead to start off stron and offensively. Intimidate softens blows from Ambipom and Staraptor, and he draws out Mismagius who he easily KOs, and I guess lets me see they're spin blockers. Tauros was chosen over Staraptor for one simple reason: Speed. His 10 more base speed lets me outrun vital threats like Shaymin, Mismagius, Manectric, Ninetales, Typhlosion and Staraptor. It also lets me tie, with Froslass, Espeon, and Jumpluff, which could change a game(in Froslass' case atleast). I also used Tauros over Ambipom because with Intimidate and decent defenses, he doesn't die if you touch him.
Team Support

Uxie @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 HP/128 Def/128 SDef
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Stealth Rock
Don't think I need to explain the best move in the game
- Thunder Wave
Cripples sweepers, and Uxie can take a boosted hit so it can usually hit.
- Psychic
Reliable STAB, helps counter fighters which is her main job
- Sunny Day
A controversial choice. It's main use is to cripple weather teams that are huge threats. Can also help out my next pokemon in sweeping

Ah, my floating pixie, Uxie. As you can tell by the move choices, she's primarily used as a utility to set up SR, and her second job is to counter fighters like Hitmonlee and Blaziken. SR or thunder wave is usually the first move depending on the circumstances, and typically the second move is the one that wasn't used first. Psychic is STAB and hits decently and helps overall with her second function and so she isn't destroyed by taunt. Sunny Day looks like an odd choice with so many other options out there, but it can be quite useful. Weather teams are extremely powerful and dangerous in NuU, and Sunny Day stops most of them cold. Particularly Sandstorm and Hail who only rely on 1 eather starter, and who my team has trouble with (looking at you Cradily/Stallrein). And Sunny day was chose over other weather types, as Sunny Day teams rae the rarest and, imo, least threatning of the 4. Also, 2 of my pokemon can benifit from Sunny Day(albeit, not a huge plus but...) And finally, Bold nature over calm to saok up fighting hits in particular, but I didn't want to compromise my special defence so the EVs are split evenly.

So why Uxie?
Uxie's role had been filled by many a pokemon before; Hariyama, Torterra, Regice, Registeel and Drapion. I wanted a bulky wall, so I first started with Hariyama. He worked decently, but couldnt lay rocks. I was clamering for a something to lay down rocks, so I looked at my options. I tried out Torterra, but he simply wasn't bulky enough and had an exploitable weakness. Next Drapion for T.Spikes, but I rarely actually got both layers out without sacrificing Drapion, and that wasn't for me. Registeel lacked any real offense and him and Regice both exacerbated my fighting weakness. Then I decided on Uxie over Mesprit for her bulkier defences, and she's worked out quite well.
The Scarfed sweeper

Houndoom (M) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 6 HP/252 Spd/252 SAtk
Modest nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Fire Blast
Strong STAB and my main attack when I plan on staying out
- Dark Pulse
Really great supplementary STAB, hits Slowbro in particular
- Hidden Power [Ground]
Adds more great coverage, and hits rock/steels, fires and electrics well
- Overheat
My choice hit and run attack for huge damage. Not much of a better option though.

My favorite hellound, it's Houndoom. This functions as a decent revenge killer and he cleans up the late game quite well with his powerful fire STAB. Dark Pulse is a unique combination and cover him very well, hitting psychics and many waters. For some reason I typically see his HP as HP fighting, but HP Ground outclasses it in NuU. HP Ground hits everything HP Fighting hits just as hard, with the exception of maybe Umbreon but Fire Blast is a better choice anyways, and it hits Tyranitar but that's a moot point in UU. HP Ground hits fire types that would typically wall him like Ninetales, Arcanine and especially Blaziken who resists both his STAB's. This used to be a NP sweeper, but it's speed left more to be desired and I had to switch out alot. And every good team should have a scarfer, and mine's is no different. Flash fire is a useful immunity to switch into, especially on obvious Scarfed Eruptions of a Typhlosion lead.

Why Houndoom?
Fire STAB is a useful option to have, and is also a good choice to slap a scarf on a fire type, as I can now outrun and KO Shaymin. I chose Houndoom over Ninetales because of his much higher SpA, and has almost as much options as her. I wanted a special attacker so I didn't want Arcanine. And it was a difficult choice between Typhlosion and 'Doom, but 'Doom has Flash fire and a psychic immunity to switch into and most importantly STAB on dark pulse, allowing him to be the only fire type not walled by Slowbro(Entei is debatable)
Mixed WallBreaker

Honchkrow (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Insomnia
EVs: 224 Atk/236 Spd/48 SAtk
Hasty nature (+Spd, -Def)
- Drill Peck
Useful and pretty powerful STAB , nothing easily switches into it without a steel or Rock typing
- Superpower
A powerful move used to hit mainly strong Rock type attacks or a steel type around 70%
- Sucker Punch
A strong STAB priority move makes him hard to take out and mains Scarfers
- Heat Wave
A pretty great specail attack, lets him hit a weak steel after superpower

Here my mafia bird, Honchkrow. Another dark type is of no loss to me as he's neutral to fighting and bug, so it's really just another immunity to use. Drill Peck provides some strong STAB to throw around until a wall comes in, then I get to smack it with superpower, or Heat Wave if it's HP is low enough that it'll KO. He works as a good Steelix counter as he switches right into EQ and punishes with Heat Wave. I don't like having a Choice Band/Specs on a pokemon weak to Stealth Rock and as slow as Honchkrow as he ends up switching alot and that can really hurt him, while with LO I don't have to rely so much on prediction, and it allows him to run mxed. And Insomnia lets me switch into sleep and threat Venusaur and Roserade instantly, while Super Luck didn't seem as useful and would have had me use the less useful Night Slash.

So why Honchkrow?
Honchkrow's position was once occupied by Mismagius as an EQ immunity. Msmagius got killed to easily and just didnt really hurt enough quickly enough. Honchkrow is a real beast with his 125 Atk, and his powerful priority and ability to go mixed had me choose him over Staraptor, the other premier flying type in UU.
The bulky sweeper?

Kangaskhan (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Scrappy
EVs: 212 HP/100 Atk/54 Def/144 SDef
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Focus Punch
Very powerful and has obvious pretection with a sub. Nothing can switch into it with immunity, making it very threatning
- Substitute
The way to get off a focus punch, and an overall useful move for blocking status and the such
- Return
Powerful STAB and a more reliable move than the other two. Actually ends up with 2 more BP than Focus Punch
- Sucker Punch
It's great having priority on this thing, especially behind a sub

A surprise to most teams, it's Kangaskhan. Surprise as in, she gets around 2 or 3 kills a round.In my opinion and from experience, Kanga is one if not the best counter to CroTomb, and also functions well vs CMMagius. Its easy to switch in on a non-boosted Dark Pulse or predicted Shadow Ball, sub up as he CM's, and smack Spiritomb in the face with a super effective hit that does around 80%, then finish him off with Return. You'll hopefully still be behind a sub, and from there you can cause alot of damage with STAB Returns and Sucker Punch picks off weakened foes. The HP EVs give her 404 HP to make 101 HP subs that aren't busted by Seismic Toss, and usually take 2 hits to bust from unboosted attacks from weaker walls like Slowbro, Registeel, Clefable and Dusclops. I gave her adamant and atk EVs to let her pack more of a punch while still retaining very bulky subs, and I didnt feel the need to invest in speed.

So why Kangaskhan?
Well Kangaskahn first came into the picture when I was looking for a reliable CMTomb counter in the beggining of the test. I wasn't sure about what to use, and then I remembered Kangaskhan had Scrappy. I looked at it's analysis and started using it. The EV spread was adopted over time. Theres really nothing else that could do the job Kangaskhan could do. Miltank is the only other pokemon with scrappy, but she's weaker and can't make a 101 HP sub.
The Spinner

Blastoise (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/6 SAtk
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Rapid Spin
Obvious move use is obvious
- Counter
A sneaky little surprise to physical attackers and some stat uppers. The best option it usually has for kills
- Roar
Phazing move, great to get rid of some threats and CMers
- Surf
Obligatory STAB, can hurt some frailer foes

My spinner, the tank/tortise(sp?) Blastoise. In a metagame ridden with entry hazzards that pose a threat to my team, Blastoise is a very reliable spinner. Roar gets rid of threats and can scout out spin blockers and counters, while simultaneously racking up SR damage. After a few roars, my opponent will typically just stay in, giving me an opportunity to spin; he almost always gets the job done. Counter is the trick up my sleve, as he survives almost all CB attacks not named Volt Tackle or Seed Bomb, and bounces it back for a KO. It's particularly useful on scarfed pokemon, and pokemon that are obviously physical attackers like Azumarill's Double Edge which will never deal more than around 60% and gives me an easy KO considering his low offensive power. Surf is more general STAB, makes him a good Blaziken counter and makes Torkoal and Claydol think twice about coming in to spin/set up SR.

So why Blastoise?
After not having a spinner for a while, I learnt about how big of a threat Toxic Spikes are, and the fact I'm two SR weak. Spikes setups are typically fragile and die quickly, so it's good to have a sturdy spinner. After looking at the selection of UU spinners, you see there's not much to choose from. Torkoal is weak to SR himself, and gives me another fire type for redundant coverage/weaknesses. Claydol has to blow up to really do any damage and I'd like my spinner to last. Hitmontop wasn't really for me, as it got to easily countered by ghosts and I wasn't gonna give up a move for forsight. So I tested out Blastoise and he works quite well and usually gets a surprise kill with counter.

So that was my team, and I'd really like to hear some feedback on this team. I'll probably conjure up a threats list soon, just not now, I'm kinda tired of typing -_-​
Ok well.... Overall i see it has a HUGE CM weak, and also a big CB normal/Physical Weak.

Tauros is fine, but if you are going to use that Moveset, you may as well use Choice Band for survivability and Damage.

Uxie doesnt suffice as a Physical Wall for one main reason, No form of Recovery. Sunny day is really not needed, you should add Uturn, Light Screen, or Reflect. Even rest. You could use Slowbro here.

Houndoom is good, but you should really try Typhlosion over him. Eruption is best hit and Run attack in the game, but you just need to watch out for Stealth Rock. It can also EQ to Revenge Raikou, which is very terrifying for your team as well.

Honchkrow works.

Kanga is meh imo. It cant really do much other other than have some people forget what they do against her. You should at least use Azumarill. It still has a Stab Priority move, but it hits harder with its monstrous Attack. It can make those 101 subs. Try FP/Sub/Aqua Tail(or whatever)/Aqua Jet.

The problem with blastoise is that it cant come in on any of the spikers, and once it gets Toxic'd its pretty much trash. I would suggest Claydol, even though its less origional, its still immune to spikes and and Spin them away. If you use Slowbro, you can use claydol for SR and Spin.
The only real CM weak is Raikou who I admit can be a bother.
Spiritomb, like i said, is readily handled by Kangaskhan as it'll atleast force out a switch. Azumaril wont be doing much to Spiritomb honestly, and then I'd be another pokemon weak to Raikou.
I like Typhlosion, but Houndoom is honestly my best answer to Slowbro if it is ~80%, Dark Pulse will do monster damage.And it nets me a nifty fire/psychic immunity.
Blastoise doesnt typically come in on the spikers anyways, and even if it gets toxic'd its usually done its job. And really, the only spiker its threatened by is Roseade, since he can saftley roar out the other spikers and KOs Claydol with Surf. The floating pixies arent dangerous enough to stop him from spinning
Oh and about Tauros, I ran CB for a while and honestly found the ability to switch moves on Tauros much more welcoming than .2% more power and 10% HP loss
The only real CM weak is Raikou who I admit can be a bother.
Spiritomb, like i said, is readily handled by Kangaskhan as it'll atleast force out a switch. Azumaril wont be doing much to Spiritomb honestly, and then I'd be another pokemon weak to Raikou.
I like Typhlosion, but Houndoom is honestly my best answer to Slowbro if it is ~80%, Dark Pulse will do monster damage.And it nets me a nifty fire/psychic immunity.
Blastoise doesnt typically come in on the spikers anyways, and even if it gets toxic'd its usually done its job. And really, the only spiker its threatened by is Roseade, since he can saftley roar out the other spikers and KOs Claydol with Surf. The floating pixies arent dangerous enough to stop him from spinning
Oh and about Tauros, I ran CB for a while and honestly found the ability to switch moves on Tauros much more welcoming than .2% more power and 10% HP loss
CM was more aiming at Missy and Raikou, i dont consider Cro-pokemon CMers.

Houndoom is good, i was just suggesting to help with Raikou. As Slowbro isnt a problem for this team really.

And to add, Azumarill is misleading. It survives an unboosted Raikou Thunderbolt, and OHKOS with Aqua Tail.

Blastoise just makes the spiker switch out, it can easily come back in. Especially since blastoise cant even remotely hurt the Ghosts, and Missy can set up CMs against him, or at least hit his weak SDef. And than you have a weakened spinner, and they have something that was just tickled by a Rapid Spin, or Weak Surf. At least use rest on him.

I beleive you have mistaken the two items. The 10% recoil damage is from Life Orb, not choice band. Choice Band allows him to be more bulky, and if you are using Life Orb, you shouldnt use Sleep Talk, its really important to have all of your attacks with life orb.
Yeah, I meant that about life orb and kind of got my words jumbled up

And have you seen Tauros' movepool? Pursuit and Zen Headbutt are literally his only other options, and I've already stated why sleep talk is superior.
And what Azumarril set do you suggest?
EDIT: Am I imagining things? I swear there was a post from someone named Lex here 0_o
List of options over sleep talk:

-Fire Blast
-Zen Headbutt
-Iron Head

Now obviously the last 3, are debatable and you could use sleep talk over. But the real strength of Life Orb is that you can use Mixed attacks. And pursuit really destroys the ghosts/psychics in your tauros's way. Payback is also good for when they switch in. But really, fire blast should be considered, because EQ doesnt OHKO steelix, and it can OHKO you back.

As i said before, the azumaril set you should use is FP/Sub/Aqua Tail(or return)/Aqua Jet.
Tauros cannot run mixed with his horrendous 40 SpA >.>. EQ can still 2KO more SpD oriented Registeels, and Id rather nor dump a bunch of EVs into SpA just for that

And bump, I'd really like to get opinions from other people

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