Omg, shinies

Everyone I talk to has some shinies. And, if you've been playing since the metal generation, it'd be pretty hard for you to have played say 200 hours + on every game and never found a shiny. While this is true of me (I have at least 300 hours in every generation since gen 2), I've never seen a shiny in the wild except the Red Gyarados of Gold/Silver. I understand the odds are over 1 in 8000, but after fighting easily a million wild Pokemon I believe I ought to have found one shiny. Is there a trick to catching shinies or do I just have to continue not finding shinies through gen 5?
You could always use the PokeRadar trick, but that takes quite a bit of luck to pull off. If you really want a shiny, just go to the GTS and bring every legend you have with you. Someone is bound to have one up for trade.
I've seen a few here and there throughout the different games, but unfortunately its always something shitty like a chimecho...I remember my first one ever was in GSC and I had no idea what a shiny was, it was a stantler iirc.

In any case I don't really see the attraction (I do but not the attraction of burning hundreds of hours using the pokeradar). If I really wanted one I would trade for it personally.
The attraction is that I've never actually seen one before. And thanks for the tips I suppose.

And Stoo, it's a legitimate question. If you don't have an answer that's fine, but don't get mad for asking.
I've put some obscene amounts of time into Pokemon games, and I've seen a grand total of two shiny critters outside of trades; a shiny Rhyhorn in Ruby's Safari Zone, which ran away from me after breaking out of the only Safari Ball I managed to throw; and a shiny Aipom, which I bred while putting together an Ambipom.

In all honesty, I really don't think it's anything worth worrying about. The chances of finding a shiny Pokemon are ridiculously low, and the chances of that Pokemon actually being useful are somewhere on the order of astronomical.
Only Shiny I have is Altaria. It's a trophy with crap IVs and Hardy nature.

Anyway, as suggested before, you could clone your Dialga/Palkia like crazy and pray for a shiny pokemon you want to come in the trade. Dialga and Palkia are probably the highest pokemon in demand on GTS.
I've gotten a Modest shiny Castform purely out of chance on my Ruby...and a Modest Poochyena (lol) in Emerald. In Diamond, I got a random shiny Slowpoke while breeding. Neutral nature, though...

Basically, if you want a shiny, your options are:

A) Throw your DS/GBA out the window in frustration, then throw yourself out the aforemented window and commit suicide.
B) Use the PokeRadar trick (need some luck)
C) Rely on luck
D) Look on the GTS
PokeRadar trick is more practice than luck. I probably haven't spent more than 50 hours using the PokeRadar and have close to 100 shinies, and some with worthwhile IV's.


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The only two shinies I've ever gotten are Mewtwo (hasty, but IVs suck) and Shinx (Impish eww). I can't ever seem to get Pokeradar to work for me
Meh, shinies do not really matter to me, if I had a choice of a shiny with bad IVs and nature and a non shiny with good IVs and nature, I'd go for the non shiny.
I've only run into one shiny, a geodude in FireRed. I was broke on the file so I couldn't catch it. Needless to say, I wasn't happy.


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Just the other say I saw a random shiny Purugly as i was randomly walking through the grass, but I had no pokeballs!!! ;_;

My first shiny I have ever seen myself (my brother got a shiny Larvitar), and I couldn't catch it...
I'm in your boat, I've played a lot and never found a wild shiny. So I got sick of that and picked up the old PokeRadar, and now I have 98 shinies! Hooray PokeRadar!
I've found 1 shiny.

In my old save on silver, I had:

1x completed pokedex
30x lvl 100s
2x lvl 100 lugias
Lotsx Awesome items


Every trade pokemon -gengar, ect- (It was a big achievement for me)

A few days after my tyranitar hit to 100 mark, I started a new game, the type you don't save, you know, for the lulz.

Anyhoo, as soon as I ventured out of the second town, the seemingly dark and forboding grass crawled with all sorts of disgusting and malicious creepy's and crawlies. And then, out of the darkness, shone a beacon of epic and win...


Level 2, female. Yellow tinge. The happiest moment of my poke-life.

I was torn between 2 choices. Give up my awesome save that would lay the beats on everything, or an AWESOME shiny ledyba?

What would Xaio do? Stay tuned...
I restarted My sapphire and in about 30 minutes found a shiny Zigzagoon, the first shiny I have ever found and I have been playing for all gens( I know rby doesn't count) then In dp I got a Shiny Cyndaquil with a great nature, but crap Iv's.
well i have luck with shiny's showing up when im not looking for them,and never find any when using the pokeradar.

in my silver besides gyarados,ive found a shiny rattata.

when i was able to trade over poke's from my blue version my charizard was shiny, and when poke hunting to complete my pokedex i found a shiny drowzee.

in ruby the only shiny i found was a spheal.

on the first day i bought emerald, got my pokeballs and set out to catch pokes first poke that pop up was a shiny wurmple which is now a shiny dustox.

on my search to get infected with the pokerus i found oddish,shuppet,vulpix and a illumise all shiny.and no pokerus :(

when breeding charmanders trying to get a good firepunching belly drumer to send over to diamond one of the eggs hatched shiny.

in diamond while hunting down a lucky egg from the wild chanseys i found a shiny ponyta,when looking for a smeargle i found a shiny kricketune.

in the gts when trying to get one of the nintendo people's psyduck some jap kid sent me a shiny jap psyduck instead,and when gts hunting for a wish bliss/chansey i saw a shiny chansey holding a leichi berry so i nabed it.

in all of my pokemon games except for xd and firered,i've found atleast one shiny,and none of them from ruby-diamond has a iv higher than like 18,so they all suck and none have good natures.
Hatched a Shiny 30-31/30-31/30-31/X/X/X Larvitar, but the only thing that sucked about it was that it was modest. Also I did get a Shiny Bellsprout on my Silver game once, but I've had little luck with Shinies...
In my ~700 combined hours in D/P, I've seen and caught 3 non-pokeradared shinies (Shellos, Wingull, Bidoof). I've caught a few more using the radar. This was the first generation I've played that I found a shiny though, other than Red Gyarados, and I have a combined time of 700+ hours for the last three generations.
In my 750 hours of D/P, I managed to only get two shinies...Raticate and Kabuto. The raticate was accidently found while I was EV training for speed (it was Hasty with Decent IVs in Attack and Speed). I traded that to SonicZero X for his best Shroomish...I managed to hatched a Shiny Kabuto with Adamant nature and a perfect HP IV, ATTack IV, and Speed IV. Unfotunately, it had Battle Armor instead of Swift I use him on my Sandstorm team instead...


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Well I haven't gotten one shiny till D/P.
I played over 1500+ hours including GSC and RSE and not one.

I managed to get 3 shinies in DP withing 200 hours of play.

First shiny I got in DP was when I was EV training versus bidoof's for HP.
I managed to find a shiny buizel, so I obviously caught it, shit nature but some pretty decent IVs for a wild pokemon.

Then 6 days later, when I was breeding feebas, I landed one that was surprisingly pretty good that has now landed in my trade thread. </advertisement>

The last one was kind of disappointing. It was a Skarmory when I was breeding and my parents were absolutely GREAT.

I really could care less about shinies but if its something competitive, I'm down.
31 / 31 / 31 / 7 / 31 / 28 and 31 / 31 / 25 / 31 / 31 / 31

It's IVs? 26 / 31 / 15 / 27 / 27 / 31 Not too bad I guess but that defense really made my eyes weary. Not only that but the nature is almost the opposite of what I wanted. Bold, most awful of all was that it had HP Dragon 70 ;_;

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