Tournament OMPL IX - Finals [Won by the Spinda Wheels]

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Jolteons are, unfortunately, out, but I'd like to make some shotouts.
motherlove I was extremely pleased when you got drafted to this team, it definitely was a relief on my mind to know that the AAA slot was locked down. I didn't agree with all your builds, but I always had enough confidence in you as a player regardless of that. I had a ton of fun building and testing with you this season.
The Immortal I have 0 idea how we managed to get you for 3k lmao. You're an amazing pilot, and as the weeks progressed you really came into your own as a good stab builder. You came through in a lot of tough weeks, even when I stretched myself too thin and wasn't able to support you as much
Euphonos When the OMPL draft was ongoing, Racool, Ransei, and I agreed that you were the camomons pick we wanted really early on. We knew you were up there with the best Camo players at a reasonable price tag, and you showed that throughout the season even with some simply abominable luck. You have absolutely wild creativity and work ethic and were a pleasure to team with, even if some of your ideas were a bit to wild for me lol.
beauts you are one of the most fearless players I know, and I say this in the best way possible. The sheer amount of wild techs you came out with every week and tried to sell me on was only rivalled by the number of times I had to accept that the idea could actually work. We originally drafted you as NFE support, but when you had to take over as a main you really came through.
Smove_$wag It's a well known fact that you really can't do BH solo, and I'm hardly an exception to that rule; even leaving aside the help you gave when I was slotted in there, it was also a huge relief to know we wouldn't be throwing someone random in if I had to sub out for IRL reasons. This decision ended up paying off in an even bigger way halfway through, when you being around allowed me to swap over to fill our MnM slot without giving up the BH slot. The BH pool this OMPL was enormously tough, and you did very well despite the rarefied competition. I'll admit that your builds are the kind that sometimes drive me nuts spectating BH, but you have a real knack for making them work anyway and pulling out the W. I'd definitely support drafting you again, even if you'd probably be more expensive next time :P
damflame 3 I'm sorry we didn't manage to get you a win on the sheet this season, but you did really well in your MnM game despite being new to the tier, and it's not the easiest meta to pick up.
Greybaum While it may not be as flashy as playing games, the backend that comes into supporting them is just as important, and you lent your efforts in several metagames to help make our performance happen. You were an active member of the team chat the entire way and I was always glad to have you.
PA I didn't always have the time to help in camomons, so it was always a relief to know that you were there to help as well, especially if the worst had ended up happening and Euphonos needed a sub. Much like Greybaum, your contributions weren't the flashiest, but they were definitely real, and did not go unnoticed.
SparksBlade I didn't know you too well prior to this season, I'll admit, and I've had some bad experience in the past teaming with tour players in OMPL. You proved my fears wrong, though, and your help in the NFE channel was appreciated, as was your willingness to learn stabmons. TI thankfully didn't end up needing a sub, but you still made sure to show team spirit even when not playing games.
willdbeast you weren't technically a jolteon, but you really should have been. Despite not even being drafted, you were a great chat presence and a great help in BH all season long. I know letting you slip by is a mistake I won't make again, and I'm glad it didn't cost me the chance to work with you this time.
And, of course, thank you Ransei Racool for drafting an excellent team

Way too many people lent a hand for me to individually shout out you all, but I do want you all to know that I really appreciate the support, be it in testing, building suggestions, or even just shitposting. anaconja MZ jasprose Betathunder Nihilslave Spiderz Aethernum Chazm cityscapes SBPC Ivar57 lepton lph Onyx Onix 7 XxSevagxX The Number Man aesf , thank you for helping make this season great, and congratulations to the Spindas for winning.
unfortunately we werent able to get the win this season jolts :( but i did want to make a cheesy shoutout post to my teams and everyone who helped me get to the point of being able to start in one of the biggest OM tours of the year (s/o to the crew Miyami~~~ Cheryl. Take Azelfie Tack SBPC ). to say that i was here in OMPL finals is so amazing. it's been such a wonderful experience, and probably my best smogon experience to date, to be here and to say that i worked with so many amazing players

Racool Ransei ty again for drafting me, and ty to racool for being the best cheerleader ever and to ransei for being an epic nickname buzzkill....jk ly2 ransei
Quantum Tesseract for being one of the best players ever??? amazing support and im thankful i had someone to shoot the shit with over my dumb techs and bad sets (notice how i brought the same 4 mons every week? nfe is really hard to make fun man)
motherlove genuinely don't know how u make 5 LO mons on a team work that's so antithetical to everything i stand for. ur an amazing player tho, always so creative and pushing the boundaries (hello?? that sd trick dhelmise was insane). amazing cheerleader as well
Euphonos ur such a nice and fun guy and ur ability to be creative every week astounds me (the secret slowbro set...that was 2 much for me) and s/o to you + zoroark for being a broken combo
The Immortal the silent killer....we didn't get to chat all that much but u were always a really good chat presence and person to be around :)
Smove_$wag goat, don't know u that well but u were always such a good player and cheerleader. ngl i don't know how u won some of those games but damn LOL your techs and ideas were always so good (pls no webs next time tho)
Greybaum i know we....don't really get along lol but you were such good help and just an amazing person to work with. you genuinely carried half our nfe slot alone and you deserve so much love for how we got to finals. u also helped other slots from what I've been told but i don't check those channels.....
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d goat
SparksBlade i don't have enough nice things to say about you. you were such good help and i wish u had been able to play once because ur so good. amazing cheerleader as well, and u deserve lots of love

s/o to the rest of the team PA damflame 3 for being goats. we never chatted but <3 ur a jolt

also s/o to everyone who helped me so much this tour, Shing'n Streets King Leo V 85percent Rav3 lepton , i know i was really annoying and harassed u guys a lot for help and tests but it's so appreciated, and also thank you TheCoastsOfToast for the amazing commentary and for being a great person !
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