Tournament OMPL IX - Week 7

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There are 8 teams this year. Each team has 6 players and at least 2 subs. Managers bought players using the 100k credits in their auction budget. Managers were allowed to purchase themselves at a fixed price of 20k but had to do so before the draft. Teams can win their matchup every week by winning 4 of the 6 matches that their players have to play.​
The tier lineup this year is as follows:​
  1. SS Almost Any Ability
  2. SS Balanced Hackmons
  3. SS Camomons
  4. SS Mix and Mega
  5. SS NFE
  6. SS STABmons
All games will be played on the Pokemon Showdown main server or SmogTours in the most current version of the format corresponding to those listed above. The result between players may be decided in a best-of-one (Bo1) or best-of-three (Bo3) at the discretion of both players involved. If there is no agreement, the match will default to a Bo1.​
Points distributions per round:​
> Win (4-6 or 5-1): 2 points​
> Loss (1-5 or 2-4): 1 point​
> Draw (3-3): 1 point​
In addition, the manner in which the round has been won will also be recorded i.e. the difference between a team's wins and losses in a specific week's round (referred to as "Win Differential").​
Each team will play one another for seven weeks. Based on the final standings, the top 4 teams will enter a Playoffs Round to determine the teams appearing in the finals.​

In the event of two teams being tied for a spot in the finals based on points and win differential, or a tie in the final round itself, we will have a tiebreaker round(s).​

Tiebreaker Rules: One metagame will be picked by each manager with the higher seed picking second. The third format will be determined at random by the hosts. All three metagames must be unique, so no format can be picked twice.​

Substitutes are to be used in the case of extenuating circumstances, whether on the first day of the week, or the last. At the same time, players should be relatively well-aware of who all are available to play in the opponent's camp. If last minute substitutes are being frequently used or abused and the hosts find explanations unsatisfactory, the hosts still reserve the right to veto them. In order to further prevent this being the case teams are only granted a maximum of two substitutes per week. Any substitutions after the second will be vetoed.​

The hosts have decided to not include trades this year due to reasons outlined in this thread - all roster decisions are final.​

Scheduling should be done on Smogon Profile walls, plain and simple:​
  • If there is no communication on Smogon Profile walls and a game goes undone, it will be considered a "dead game" and will not count towards either team's score.
  • If there is communication on only one user's behalf, the win will go to them. Feel free to call activity in this thread beforehand
  • If there is a very healthy back and forth regarding potential times and one user is a no-show, a manager may take the opportunity to sub out the no-show competitor; if this is not done, the user that showed up responsibly will be awarded the win.
TL;DR: Post on your opponent's Smogon wall, schedule your matches, and be reliable. If you can't play for any reason, let your manager know so they can sub you out ASAP.​
Use these posts as a place to initiate discussion about bo1 or bo3 as well!

Exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct with regards to the Other Metagame Premier League will be met with an infraction at the discretion of the OMPL host/OM mods. This is unlikely to include interactions within a team's private chat unless there is reason found to make an exception. This rule is meant to protect other users from being publicly flamed/bashed/provoked by another competitor for the duration of and following the tournament.​
All players must complete their matches by the given deadline. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to an activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL); otherwise, they will be decided via !pick publicly in the OM Room. All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for OMPL with) to avoid confusion and all match replays must be saved and posted in this thread. The replays will be archived in a separate thread, and will be used to calculate usage stats.​

Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and all of the hosts (Kris, Think, Sectonia). This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.​
Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription, following these guidelines exactly.​


:jolteon: The Five-Star Jolteons (Ransei and Racool) - [4][2] - The Rozelias (Catalystic and shiloh :roselia:
SS Almost Any Ability - motherlove vs queso
SS Balanced Hackmons - Smove_$wag vs pdt
SS Camomons - Euphonos vs Bushtush
SS Mix and Mega - damflame 3 vs Shing'n Streets
SS NFE - beauts vs avarice
SS STABmons - The Immortal vs Shiba

:wigglytuff: The Wiggly Family (Dragonillis and Gman) - [1][5] - The Temper Tyrantrums (OM and Chazm) :tyrantrum:
SS Almost Any Ability - Atha vs MZ
SS Balanced Hackmons - idea vs XxSevagxX
SS Camomons - Meta vs anaconja
SS Mix and Mega - qways vs Chazm
SS NFE - Jett vs Skysolo
SS STABmons - Alternatif vs Fissure

:alcremie: The Fullmetal Alcremists (Jrdn and Andyboy) - [3][2] - The Spinda Wheels (xavgb and Jordy) :spinda:
SS Almost Any Ability - Jrdn vs Fc
SS Balanced Hackmons - MAMP vs xavgb
SS Camomons - Siamato vs Sabella
SS Mix and Mega - Andyboy vs Fardin
SS NFE - Monsareeasy vs tlenit
SS STABmons - Hamhamhamhamham vs Plas

:zeraora: The Zoomer Zeraoras (a loser and Redflix) - [4][2] - The Based Boomers (The Number Man and Lasen) :noivern:
SS Almost Any Ability - Sylveon. vs The Number Man
SS Balanced Hackmons - A Touch Of Crazy vs Stolen Identity
SS Camomons - a loser vs Terracotta
SS Mix and Mega - TectonicDestroyer vs DerpyBoi
SS NFE - King Leo V vs kythr
SS STABmons - Osake vs Betathunder

11:59 PM (GMT -5) on July 18th, 2021
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Since I am not playing this week, I can now offer extremely unbiased predictions

:wigglytuff: The Wiggly Family (Dragonillis and Gman) - [3][3] - The Temper Tyrantrums (OM and Chazm) :tyrantrum:
SS Almost Any Ability - Atha vs MZ I've been building and testing a bunch with MZ this tour, and I have to say, now that the rust is off he does not dissapoint. Atha is no slouch himself and I think this has the potential to be a really good game, but I think he;s just a cut under MZ.
SS Balanced Hackmons - idea vs XxSevagxX Sevag is one of the best BH players around and has done really solidly all tour, with solid to good builds and reliably high level play. In terms of skill, I'd have to say they're favored. However, idea has just gotten a namechange and it's a major improvement from Apathetic Inaction, so I have to give it to him out of respect.
SS Camomons - Meta vs anaconja Anaconja is a really good Camo player, so it's hard to bet against him, but Meta's run have been looking a lot better this tour. Also a match to keep an eye on.
SS Mix and Mega - qways vs Chazm If this matchup had come at the start of the tour, I would have bolded Chazm, no question about it. However, QWays has been absolutely killing it this OMPL, while Chazm has been struggling to catch his groove and seems to have fallen into some ruts with building.
SS NFE - Jett vs Skysolo -Strap
SS STABmons - Alternatif vs Fissure Fissure is the Stabmons GOAT and I will never predict against them unless they're playing a teammate of mine

:alcremie: The Fullmetal Alcremists (Jrdn and Andyboy) - [3][3] - The Spinda Wheels (xavgb and Jordy) :spinda:
SS Almost Any Ability - Jrdn vs Fc I feel like Jrdn is unquestionably the better player here, even if his record very much doesn't reflect that. However, a lot of his builds have been pretty questionable, and thanks to the AAA support he's got the same cannot be said about FC. I'm sure jrdn will do better in the game itself, but if you stack enough advantages in the builder that only goes so far.
SS Balanced Hackmons - MAMP vs xavgb Stresh is one of the absolute best BH players around. In his prime, Mamp could match that, but he doesn't seem to really care about gen 8, and who can blame him lol. Alcremists are also out of the tour now so there's no reason for Mamp to tryhard this.
SS Camomons - Siamato vs Sabella Siamato is one of the all around best Camo Players in the pool, and Camomons is one of those metagames where there's some fairly wide gaps on the skill ladder just from how different it is to standard.
SS Mix and Mega - Andyboy vs Fardin Nobody tries harder than Fardin, and he's consistantly been bringing some rock solid builds this tier as well. If he puts in the time to prep this week, I don't see him not taking this
SS NFE - Monsareeasy vs tlenit I will never bet against NFE main arctic when it comes to demolishing this tier. Tlenit is no slouch themselves, so there's definitely a shot, but I know better than to not favor Monsareeasy
SS STABmons - Hamhamhamhamham vs Plas Plas definitely has what it takes to make this game close, but after last week it's anyone's guess if he'll try, while Ham has consistently performed very well this OMPL.

:zeraora: The Zoomer Zeraoras (a loser and Redflix) - [2][4] - The Based Boomers (The Number Man and Lasen) :noivern:
SS Almost Any Ability - Sylveon. vs The Number Man Sylveon hasn't gotten the chance to play AAA yet this OMPL, and while TNM's run has been rather average they;ve had a lot more time to get tapped into the current metagame at the tour level, which I feel is a solid edge that should not be discounted.
SS Balanced Hackmons - A Touch Of Crazy vs cityscapes It's hard to bet against cityscapes here. They're one of the few BH players I feel can genuinely build teams for the current meta that actually try to win rather than not lose, and it's served City very well whenever they've played someone without that particular skill. A touch of Crazy isn't much of a step down from A Loser, if at all, so I don't think they've given up on contesting the slot, but City is a tough first week to make that swap
SS Camomons - a loser vs Terracotta It's a really interesting switch up here by A Loser, and I have to say I'm a fan. I think A Loser isn't really better than Sylveon, but he only needs to outskill Terracotta at this famously difficult to pick up Metagame, and that frees up Sylveon to go contest AAA rather than give up the slot. Only time will tell if it pays off, however.
SS Mix and Mega - TectonicDestroyer vs DerpyBoi Tectonicdestroyer has been doing better than I expected this OMPL, but despite that I have to say I think Derpy is still the better player
SS NFE - King Leo V vs kythr This is probably the closest match in this set, in terms of relative skill of players, but King Leo's coming in on a winning streak and Kythr is notm which could make all the difference.
SS STABmons - vivalospride vs Betathunder I feel bad for Vivalospride because I know they're a good player, but stabmons really hasn't been working out for them this OMPL and they're going to have to make serious changes if they want to beat Betathunder, especially with Terracotta's support.
very short nfe predicts let's goooooooo

SS NFE - very hot and cool user vs avarice
idk this person avarice is playing but i hear they are very hot and cool

SS NFE - Jett vs Skysolo
while jett has that sexy sexy accent, they're also british (cringe) and strap is american (based) so i have to support my countryman here

SS NFE - Monsareeasy vs tlenit
artic is very epic and cool and tlenit is not very epic and cool. who wins here? idk, but i think it's very funny whenever artic takes another win in a tier he makes sure to remind everyone that he hates

SS NFE - King Leo V vs kythr
kythr has very epic and cool support that uses stuff that is 10/10 like gimethwack tspikes and zweilous BO and leo uses cringe ginoone and sliggoo so i have to go with kythr
Weekly threads been dying recently with the only consistent predicts coming from volk (terrible btw but post them this week too so I can angry react) So I thought it would be fun to do Team Eulogies , something thats mostly seen in official smogon tours but it wouldn't hurt to do it here so here we go


Rozelias were a team with a fairly strong manager duo of Catalystic and Shiloh. Both managers decided to buy themselves , which was seen as a good move by majority of the community altho given Cata's inactivity before OMPL, there were some doubts. Nevertheless, given the MnM draftable pool, it was a good pick imo. Another issue Rozelias faced before the draft was Shiloh's activity , as it was p much known to everyone that they wouldnt be able to play the first few weeks, making it important for rozelias to draft an aaa sub.
Rozelias started their draft with buying their friend/fellow member of the jerk pdt for 30.5k , making them spend 70.5k on just 3 players. Now, pdt was unanimously considered the best BH player in the pool before the draft but spending 30.5k on a player who can only support 1 slot was definitely a questionable choice. Moreover, Their were some doubts whether pdt would be able to repeats his past performance, given his absence from gen8 bh after wcoom and no stresh to support. Regardless of this overpay, this meant rozelias had 3 solid slots locked in for them. They then proceeded to buy Bushtush and Shing for aaa and nfe respectively for a combined price for 13k which was a good move considering bushtush is a solid player and could hold the aaa slot while shiloh is gone and spending too much on nfe doesnt really make much sense unless u can support them enough to go X-0 cuz the skill level in nfe is generally on similar level. After this buy though , rozelias draft started going downhill. They bought queso for 4k which is ??????. Queso has some experience in gen8 mnm , so they could probably sub in for cata if he's busy but going for a sub this early before completing ur main slot is wierd. Due to having low money left, their last few buys were mainly 3ks consisting of friends in Shiba for STABmons, Avarice for nfe support probably, K3pper for Camo and Alkione as benchwarmer.


Their line up ended being very dependent on the 3 major buys and a quick look in player records is enough to understand why this team unfortunately got eliminated relatively early. The fear that Cata inactivity might affect his record became true as he showed heavy signs of rusty play and sub-par building in the first few weeks and ended up going winless (altho he did get unlucky vs andy tbf) before being subbed out due to being busy irl. Rozes didnt play much AAA but bushtush was still able to guide this slot for a 3-3 record. Speaking of Bushtush, they were the only saving grace for rozelias as they are the only player going positive , doing so by taking a win off geerat in camo, a tier bushtush had little experience in. For STAB, Shiba started out well beating LBDC week 1 but then tumbled down the road , suffering 4 losses in a row and only managing his second win last week vs a struggling viv. Their Camo slot was a mess with k3ppr being busy, which forced shiloh to slot themselves in camo for 2 weeks. Nfe slot was also a disaster with it being winless and shing going 0-4 and avarice 0-2, altho all 4 games of shing were very close or had rng involved.
However, the biggest disappointment for Rozelias, was their star player pdt had an ompl to forget by going 1-5, something no one really expected both given pdt's reputation as a player and his price tag. From reusing a wcoom team week 1 to losing to mold breaker shift gear kyurem, nothing went well for pdt. Their hold on the metagame def proved to be not great as they constantly got rough matchups and the losing record also affected their play.

Overall, Rozelias had an ompl to forget record wise, where apart from bushtush and Shiloh, none of the players actually clicked and the draft could've certainly been a lot better from their managers but given the team they ended up, im sure they had fun in their teamchat

Fullmetal Alcremists

The Alcremists came into OMPL with a lot of hopes. With the broken core of Andy + Jrdn , there were a lot of questions ( and i mean a LOT) on why this manager duo was allowed to form especially since both managers could now play. Getting 2 of the best OM player for just 40k sounded scary to everyone especially considering jrdn was a veteran manager in ompl and had 100% success rate in reaching playoffs and hence they were a playoffs pick as soon as the managers were confirmed.
Many expected Jrdn to play camo and wash the field like he did last year so it was a pleasant surprise for some when Alcremists first buy was Siamato for 23k , one of the few camo players who was on the same level as jrdn. With jrdn + Siamato for Camo, and Andy and Jrdn for MnM and AAA respectively, it already looked like these 3 slots were a lock for alcremists vs almost any team. They then bought hamx5 for a very cheap price of 6k something that was a result of ham's activity being questionable this ompl. With 4 solid picks , Alcremists were already looking like they would take the #1 draft home. They then decided to go for sugarhigh for their bh slot which was a fair pick. Sugarhigh was known for their innovative weather teams / HO's , However with a strong BH pool , this wasnt exactly a top tier pick. They tried to get tlenit for nfe , however when they got upbidded by xavgb's , had to settled for stareal + Monsareeasy as their nfe core. Their subs list comprised of ihhca for stab , splash as the benchwarmer (and stab in case ham goes inactive) and mamp to complete the mamp + andy core.
This draft was ranked either #1 or #2 by everyone and fairly so. BH was the only slot where they had weakness and while some mainers pointed out that their nfe slot was also weak, i personally thought having someone as stareal who can pick up any and play it at high level (who btw had some good wins vs high calibre players in nfe ssnl) with monsareeasy support (and possible support from quag) was good enough to get an even or slightly positive record.


So with such a solid draft and line up , one might wonder why did the alcremies end up getting eliminated. A quick look on records of their players would give u the answer. The two pillars this team was built on , failed to achieve what was expected of them especially after both having great last ompl and wcoom and struggled in their tier. Week 1 was a rollercoaster for Andy and Jrdn , with Jrdn winning against a really bad mu by series of plays ur average aaa player can't make while Andy lost to slowking-galar.
This pattern of both players getting rough match-ups continued to haunt them throughout the tour , thus making it clear that inactivity of both these players from their meta did affect their team building somewhat and this resulted in a record nobody could've expected of them.
On the other hand , Siamato too didn't end up with a record what was expected from him esp with jrdn's help but some rng was involved in both of his losses. The biggest problem with alcremists though was their winless BH slot. Inactivity from sugarhigh + their tendency to just bring HO and mamp not being familliar with the meta at all severely affected their playoff chances. What went alcremists way was their stab and nfe slot. hamx5 , apart from the week 1 inactivity, continued his winning ways from omwc , playing solidly throughout and only being defeated last week while their nfe slot also managed to go 4-2 so far with mon with monsareeasy leading the charge with a 3-1 record.

In the end , it's always surprising to see favourites of the tour being eliminated early. Their weren't any major faults in the draft , its just that their 2 key players failed to do what they had been consistently doing for years + the fact that they had to start 0-1 every week cuz of their bh slot resulted in probably the most shocking outcome anyone could've imagined just after the ompl draft.

Hopefully next eulogy isn't ours zoomers , LETS GET THAT PLAYOFF SPOT
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a loser's OMPL BH Review: Week 6
This is the first full week of games with no chance of seeing a Zacian-C or even a Rusted Sword, so I'm expecting to see much more Eternatus, Xerneas, and Zama-C than last week.

pdt vs a loser
At preview, we see that PDT might have brought bulky offense but it is hard to tell with Kartana and Dawn Wings cause they could easily be setup sweepers. I brought some more bulky offense so it might just come down to whose breaker gets more opportunities.

PDT leads Zama-C while I lead Lunala and the damage from his Spectral Thief and my Nuzzle show that we are both Fur Coat. I didn't expect him to stay in to catch a Hex so I swapped to Groudon to put some pressure on a paralyzed Zama-C. But PDT stays in with Zama-C and Teleports out to bring in Kartana. Here, I make a couple of questionable plays that put me in a hole and give him some momentum. I was scared of something like Triage Belly Drum and didn't want to give him a free turn so I tricked my Choice Band trying to catch the drum, but turns out Kart already had a band and was aiming a Diamond Storm at a potential Ho-Oh switch. This meant that Kart could change its move selection and I didn't know the set so I switched in Lunala just in case he chose coverage like Fighting or Fire for a Zama-C switch-in. Kart went with its spammable STAB in Sunsteel though, and hit Lunala for a good chunk of its health. Next turn, I went Ho-Oh for some reason, thinking it could tank without calcing, and was put in range of a 2HKO before finally sending in PrimSea Zama-C to force out Kart. He brings in his Zama-C and I click Thunderous Kick just to see what he does with the turn, as he Teleports to bring in Kyogre. I had no clue what this Ogre was gonna do so I switched to Prankster Tapu Fini to stall it for a bit. He picks up a Scald burn and I figured he'd leave after that so I kept clicking Moonblast with Fini and was fortunate to get the SpA drop on an incoming Xerneas. This forced out Xern, but to be cautious I went to Ho-Oh in case he wanted to setup or get a Metronome count going. PDT brings in Dawn Wings next and I had no clue if it would set up or what so Ho-Oh went with V-create to chip it and died to Moongeist Beam in return. This game me an opening for Groudon to come back in since all of his team was basically in range except his Chansey, but Precipice Blades missed the incoming Kyogre who shows off Prankster Strength Sap the next turn to force out Groudon. I then bring in Lunala to heal up but he goes hard to Kartana, so I'm forced out again with the threat of being KO'd but I also don't want to lose Zama-C to coverage with the rest of his team being so healthy. Zama-C comes back in to take another Sunsteel and a couple turns later I finally get my Eternatus on the field. We see that his Chansey is Fur Coat and not Imposter and from here I start spamming Sludge Bomb until I get his Chansey or Kyogre poisoned, cause they can stall me otherwise. Once I take down his Zama-C with Blue Flare he has seen the entire set, so he brings in Xern to likely setup with QD or something after tanking a hit but it is KO'd by Adapt Expert Belt Sludge Bomb and it is basically over from there.

I played around Kartana poorly and this gave him some openings that he probably shouldn't have gotten. Looking back, it is clear that his FC Zama-C improofed the set with Sunsteel and Diamond Storm and I'm not sure it had anything to hit my Zama-C outside of maybe V-create (which wouldn't have worked).

cityscapes vs XxSevagxX
From preview, I can see that at least I am familiar with both of these teams. For those unacquainted, sevag is rocking his favorite Fur/Scales stall with a dreaded Rapid Spin PH Xerneas, although I'll be curious to see if the sets have changed post Rusted Sword ban. And cityscapes has brought a unique offensive core of Regigigas and Eternatus, and you'll see what makes it unique shortly.

Sevag starts things off by activating the Toxic Orb on his Giratina with Baneful Bunker but sl42 puts on the pressure immediately as his Eternatus boosts to +3 with Simple Nasty Plot. With two fairies and a Celesteela on the opposing side, city is almost forced to use coverage here and does so hitting a Tapu Fini switch-in for 68% and gets the SpD drop to boot. Predicting Prankster here, city takes the opportunity to bring in his PH Regigigas and activate its orb as sevag used Parting Shot to bring Giratina back in. City responds with Wicked Blow from Regigigas to shrug off the stat drops and is hit with Core Enforcer from Giratina, but stays in to get more chip while Giratina gets Stealth Rock up. City brings back in Eternatus to face a crippled Giratina and sets up again as sevag brings in PrimSea Celesteela. This leads to a sequence of plays that pretty much decide the game and puts all the momentum on one side of the field for the rest of the battle. Eternatus starts the sequence well by landing a Lovely Kiss to put Celesteela to sleep and follows this with a Core Enforcer for big damage. Steela is now in range of being KO'd by another Core, but city has to consider that sevag could switch to Xerneas or Tapu Fini to absorb the hit and that choosing Earth Power could result in Steela waking up and making a move. Etern uses Earth Power as Steela stays in and stays asleep, so we have a do-over on the decisions and city chooses Core Enforcer this time as sevag switches out to bring in Ice Scales Zama-C who tanks the hit well. Due to the sleep clause, Etern can't spam Lovely Kiss here and has to go for damage while Zama-C eats the Earth Power and inverts the boosts with Topsy-Turvy to force it out. Regigigas comes back in and reveals the rest of its set as Sacred Fire, Dragon Dance, and Psycho Shift, which is neat but isn't in the best position considering sevag has double PH, two Steel-types, and two Fairy-types. Gigas has a decent opportunity against Zama-C though, but at +1 Sacred Fire only does 66% and fails to burn while Zama-C forces it back out with Topsy-Turvy. This neat, but niche moveset also means that Gigas can't just spam attacks because each only has 8 PP and any wrong prediction is costly. City's Eternatus ends up getting trapped and KO'd by Zama-C, which is a big blow to his offensive core, and sevag is also able to keep rocks up pretty easily considering he has PH Giratina to deal with sl42's Rapid Spin Kyogre. This is important because it means city's lvl 1 Togekiss isn't able to come in for free and mess around. This pretty much seals the deal for the battle, as PH Tina starts spamming Scald and burns half of city's remaining mons and is able to keep momentum by spinblocking and underspeeding Kyogre.

I was a bit surprised to see sevag choose a team that is very scoutable and has seen a lot of use, but it also makes sense because he's extremely comfortable with the team and plays very well with it. sl42's team was pretty cool and had some unique breakers, but the lvl 1 Togekiss was a little risky to bring IMO. DF-Shock tried it last OMPL but with Incineroar and it didn't go too well for them. Under perfect circumstances, it CAN work but relying on spin ogre support against a dude with an unhealthy obsession with Giratina is not ideal.

xavgb vs Onyx Onix 7
Team preview shows us that Onyx recycled his team from two weeks ago against cityscapes and that stresh brought semi-stall with an interesting defensive core of Lugia and Ferrothorn. Groudon looks troublesome for Onyx, considering that Thousand Arrows can smack 2/3 of his team and is easy to click without any risk.

Stresh leads with Groudon, who shows it is Mold Breaker, and clicks Spikes as Onyx takes out lvl 99 Heatran in exchange for Prankster Dusclops. Dusclops Parting Shots away to bring in Ho-Oh, who catches a Glare from Groudon. This is a set from stresh that I've seen plenty of times and I'd bet the rest of the set is T-arrows and Strength Sap. Ho-Oh stays in for a potential T-arrows and clicks Fire Lash as stresh brings in PrimSea Ferrothorn to deny Fire STAB. Ferro Flip Turns out so that Don can come back in and start clicking arrows with the spike up. Ferro comes back in later to Knock Off Dusclops' Eviolite, which makes it pretty useless, and results in it dying a few turns later to Spikes + arrows. Onyx then brings Ho-Oh back in, maybe hoping to at least chip Don, but catches another full para and gets smacked down instead so he sacks it to bring Xerneas in safely. Stresh goes hard Chansey, which seems safe, but Onyx clicks Imprison and follows this with Anchor Shot to trap stresh's Xern that comes in to face it. Unable to use Boomburst, stresh's Xern goes for Extreme Speed chip while Onyx's Xern gets big damage with Boomburst. Then, for some strange reason Onyx chooses to Transform into the opposing Xern and proceeds to lose the Speed tie and almost be KO'd by Struggle. Xern gets forced out by Zama-C next turn and Zama-C ends up facing off with Eternatus, who Taunts it and takes it down with Blue Flare. I'm not too sure why stresh sacked Zama-C here, but I guess he wanted to keep Chansey and Ferrothorn healthy for now and not risk sending them in. At this point, it looks like Groudon just cleans up because Eternatus can't KO it without a crit, but stresh either didn't calc or wanted to drag out the game so he plays it safe by sending in Lugia who does basically nothing to RegenVest Heatran with Aerilate Boomburst. Over the next several turns, Ferro gets some good chip on Eternatus who is unable to heal without its Black Sludge, and more chip on Dialga who decides not to recover its health. Then Onyx sends Xern in for its last stand against Groudon off a Heatran pivot but wastes the opportunity to get chip damage by transforming into it only to be KO'd by Thousand Arrows. I'm not sure why Groudon was so scared of Eternatus, but Etern comes in one more time to scare it off and ends up just taunting the Ferrothorn that comes in. I don't understand this dynamic or what stresh was scared of, but Don comes back in and gets a Spike up again so that it never has to directly deal with Eternatus at all. I mean, the mon is pretty scary looking so it must have gotten in stresh's head or something.

Groudon basically won from team preview and this came to fruition in the battle. I really have no clue why Onyx would just recycle a team against an opponent like this, but I guess the Wiggly Family had already guaranteed at least a tie at that point so maybe he's saving the cool tech for the playoffs.

Smove_$wag vs sugarhigh



Metagame Observations
To no one's surprise, Eternatus, Xerneas, and Zama-C ended up with 5 uses each and at least one of them was used in every battle. These are by far the best offensive and defensive tools available at the moment and I think that games are going to be focused around finding opportunities for these guys to make noise. I was surprised to see only two uses of Groudon, but it made each of its battles heavily favored on the Groudon user's side so I expect its usage to only rise from here. It has ways of messing with or just tearing holes in each of the three mons I mentioned before.

Upcoming Matches
Smove_$wag vs pdt - TTTech got by on some epic luck last week and was almost overwhelmed by gambit spam. PDT has nothing to lose here and if he feels like it, he could easily dream up some goofy offensive team that tech's defensive core might not be ready for. I'd imagine this will be a fairly quick battle.

idea vs XxSevagxX - I've seen these two face off a couple times in room tours and each time it has been a grind with like three layers of Spikes + Stealth Rock on each side. Gross.

MAMP vs xavgb - stresh must be going for the 7-0 mark in BH, but this can only be achieved if his opponent shows up to play him. I'm surprised he didn't take the week off here but I won't go too in-depth on this matchup cause who knows what the final one will be by the time Sunday comes around.

A Touch Of Crazy vs cityscapes - Crazy makes his OMPL debut the week after sl42 vows to overthrow the metagame with unmons. I'd make sure you tune into this one!
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Won gg

As I won't be able to do playoffs (if we qualify which will happen) I'll do my shoutouts now

Huge shoutouts to PandaDoux for this team and help throughout the tournament. Tu vas tout niquer en playoffs si on se qualif.

Shoutouts The Number Man as always for the tests and discussions, we really push each other to the top and it shows in our records.

Shoutouts Dragonillis and Gman for their very smooth and professional work. You drafted a strong team and helped everyone with great dedication, now time to finish the job and win this tournament.

Shoutouts to my teammates
Palapapop trop gentil, très bonnes remarques en prep, trop beau mais va chez le coiffeur (je rigole)
Alternatif toujours une bonne présence, j'étais déçu de ne pas te voir hier :(
Jett Meta @aninterestingidea (no idea what's your smogon) ojr LBDC Onyx Onix 7 We didn't get to interract too much but the server was always a warm place and I'd be more than happy to team up again with you guys
qways for carrying us so badly
Pujo parce-que quand je reviendrai de Lituanie j'aurai un avatar du feu de dieu grâce à toi

Siamato vieux
Dj Breloominati♬ noob
TheCoastsOfToast Thanks for your high quality commentary each game, it really adds something to the tournament
edit : Osake aussi ofc

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won gg... is what i would say if this was a winpost

but TheCoastsOfToast I blame u solely for this and as a result u gotta watch anime so this is going to be a list of anime recs instead

As a classical musician im sure u would love Your Lie In April. Its about a piano man who becomes sad man who becomes sadder man. Its good i promise.

(OP is pretty good too, not god tier)


for some reason a lot of the classical musicians i know love neon genesis evangelion so go give it a watch

i GOTTA drop one of my fav anime here, though dont watch this first. Yes im biased by the manga hori peak waifu alongside rin (fate) and kaori (your lie)

Probs would recommend this as your starting point, killer shounen with god tier animation. once u done with this u read the manga

dont like it personally but u might be a furry so i wont judge. Will say op is fire

I was going to rec fate but u knwo u should probably watch this first

anyway gotta drop my daily song recommendation

(Got no clue what the anime is but UNISON SQUARE GARDEN is a fantastic band and this was the only full version of the song u could find online)

Im not a weeb I promise
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Schedule W7 vs The Temper Tyrantrums (all GMT=0)

SS Almost Any Ability : Atha vs MZ : Thrusday 5 PM
SS Balanced Hackmons : idea vs XxSevagxX : Sunday 7 AM
SS Camomons : Meta vs anaconja : Sunday 9-11 PM
SS Mix and Mega : qways vs Chazm : Saturday 9 PM
SS NFE : Jett vs Skysolo : When both ready (thrusday 2 PM)
SS STABmons : Alternatif vs Fissure : Sunday 3 PM

Good luck to the other teams. wigposay.png

But let's go team, it's time to qualify for Play-off !

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