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Ok hello hi as I said in the signup post I have not played OMs since last OMPL. This tournament is now my yearly involvement in OMs going forward (probably). This means I have no fucking idea what's happening because gen 9 is an awful gen and introduced a million fuckshit mechanics. I cannot magically support every slot like I was trying to do for 2.5 years. I cannot even guarantee that I will take an interest in anything happening outside of my own slot, since the last time I was only a player here was 4 years ago. I also cannot guarantee that I will be really good at all of the metas like in Gen 8/7 as this is the most mechanically rich (shit) gen I have ever seen. With this in mind I have put my signup as MnM/all because I feel that MnM is the meta in which I am least likely to forget basic stuff in (there's also NFE I guess, I am assuming starting in NFE is incompatible with whatever my price ends up being). Maybe I can branch out into other metas as well, if you want me to do that I'd recommend talking to me first. If you want me to give vacuous opinions on your draft plan because you're expecting to draft me, you can pm me. I can tell you who I thought was good last year, that's about it - I have not watched any of the recent tours so I can't speak to their proficiency in gen 9 OMs. Also my general mons activity is lower this year than most of you will be used to, and that activity now includes time spent in OU, so keep that in mind I guess - I doubt said activity will be low enough to cause any real problems, just means I won't be looking to carry any team for various reasons mentioned here.

Thank you for reading byeeeee


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If u can post in commencement thread u can post sign-up in player signup thread mr fissure. in the hills astralydia Finchinator w0rd I would also appreciate if you signed up so that we can have a very fun and competitive STABmons pool this year
STABmons is a rly fun format and I urge people to sign-up, but honestly I’ve been cutting back for a while and I’m just too busy to seriously engage. Like today is a peak day to play and I’m not even able to play at all, just not enough time. Sorry dudes
Mocc 9 Virizions:
AG - polt + Frito + Takatk
BH - pdt + Nihilslave
AAA - Ivar57 / LordBox
NFE - Tuthur / blinkboy + Greybaum
STAB - pannu + Kaif
MnM - Greybaum + blinkboy
2v2 - Kaif / Potatochan
GG - VoltyPichu / Takatk + Instruct + blinkboy

Help I need to stop drafting >14 players
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If u can post in commencement thread u can post sign-up in player signup thread mr fissure. in the hills astralydia Finchinator w0rd I would also appreciate if you signed up so that we can have a very fun and competitive STABmons pool this year
if i sign up im not playing im starting a new job (pokemon players being employed crazy i know) so if some silly manager wants to waste money on me to guarantee my support slot i'll do it, otherwise im picking the coolest team and supporting them


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It is absolutely saddening that there hasnt been 10 PRs since this thread has gone live. To change this and hopefully inspire other people to make PRs for other tiers (esp if the playing pool is dire), im here to help managers with my unbiased and completely correct MnM Player Rankings.

S tier:-
: Shouldnt come off as a surprise, Stresh could not play a single om for 5 years and i would still rank him top 3 in mnm. Also helped by the fact he is easily a cut above in playing ability from the rest of the available options. Home dropping in the middle of the tour is also advantageous to stresh, as he is quick to catch on trends in new metas and can build a wide variety of archetypes. Only downside is maybe him missing weeks cuz of wcop clashing with ompl.

A tier:-
: A bit unexpected since he has only recently started playing mnm, but icemaster is a player with solid fundamentals who was quickly able to adapt to the meta. His teams altho a bit bland imo, are very consistent proven by the fact PociekMociek reached semis of the open using them. While whether his signup is an attempt to pricefix or he really plans to stick to mnm for 7+ weeks is yet to been seen,but it would be astonishing to me if icemaster doesnt end up going positive in this tour.

B+ tier:-
: Former council member and resident builder clastia has had some questionable takes on the meta in the recent weeks but they are still one of the few who has followed the meta closely. The biggest thing clas has going for them is their building ability as they are not afraid to experiment with crazy techs. A bit inconsistent on the playing side tho which may result in them losing in an upset as the tour goes on but they are self-sufficient and def starter material.

DerpyBoi : Derpyboi's sv mnm journey which consists of few ladder games and then moving on from the tier into coming back for open and then suffering a r1 exit wont instill much confidence if u are a new manager, but given derpy's track record in mnm which isnt too shabby and was against a much tougher crowd, he is certainly not someone u should overlook. Unfamiliarity with the meta still probably the biggest issue here and its best if u pair him up with some support

Axzel : In a similar vein as derpy, Axzel is another mnm player who had success last gen but has played negligible current gen mnm. They've had strong performances as a player tho and i wouldnt be surprised if they break even / end up going positive with support esp after home drops and their disadvantage is reduced somewhat.

B tier:-
Osake :
Mnm Open finalist and resident cry baby osake certainly knows the meta well and while a bit inconsistent in playing, is still in the upper half of the pool. Held back in this PR solely cuz he wont (and shouldn't) start in MnM but still can provide valuable support to the slot if required.

Abriel : More of a flex slot that might be slotted into mnm. Abriel is a decent pilot and is somewhat familiar with the meta. Give them the right matchups and they'll thrive even against better ranked players here but if not backed by strong support, nfe might just be a more comfortable and reliable slot to put them in.

Pociekmociek : MnM Open semifinalist altho as a player they are extremely prone to mistakes and were helped by icemaster's teams. Their meta knowledge is top notch tho and one of the strongest support options available in the pool imo if chosen to not start.

TectonicDestroyer : Tect didnt exactly end up his gen8 mnm career on a high note and his attempt at gen9 was halted at round 1 of the open but as a player, if motivated, i have confidence that he could easily challenge the top ranks even if like many other in the list, he is unfamiliar with the meta. Be aware tho, tect is high maintenance and most certainly needs someone to control his ideas. Also extremely cringe so better to just outright ban him from ur team discord.

C tier:-
Iapt :
Iapt has recently once again picked up sv mnm after a hiatus and despite not having a breakthrough performance in his past showings, i wouldve still ranked him a bit higher if he wanted to start. Nonetheless, good support buy that one should consider

Zastra : One of the most involved player of SV mnm, Zastra unfortunately makes a lot of errors for me to consider them as a solid starter option. However, their building prowess is certainly on par with almost every starter and should most definitely be on ur plan as a support option

Thats probably all of the people i have info on. There are still player who were competent in previous gens like kDCA, damlfame who i have no clue would fare in this Pool. Hopefully we get some AG and nfe PR's in the thread
Welcome everyone ! With everyone doing Unoffical Power Rankings for their shady tiers, I thought that I might as well do the best-ever PR for the best-ever tier (I was absolutely not harassed by Redflix)
Take everything I say with a grain of salt, and remember than I'm just far better than you so if you disagree well get good (that's what I would've said if I was hayedenn)

Funny thing is that many people see the AAA pool as really stacked, which is true, but there aren't a lot of "safe bets" that would guarantee you at least 4 wins or something, and almost everyone can crash, so be careful

S Rank

Atha : Pretty much the only one I'm ranking here because it's the only one who I can't see fail, if he will always manager to safely bring 3 or 4 wins (and probably more) ; Atha is in my opinion the best recent AAA player who kept playing well throughout the time, he has a pretty solid in game and a building style that makes it way more interesting than others, being able to build from Stall to HO with diversity, cool techs, and always solid teams. He doesn't speak much and can't help at all other tiers, so don't expect him to take part of the team chemistry, but if you need a man to play a clutch AAA game, he'll be there.

A Rank

I won't do A+ A A- ranks cuz it's kinda sketchy and arbitrary so I will more emphazise the benefits and the disadvantages of each player, no particular ranking inside the category it kinda depends of your needs/what do you want to risk

The Number Man : The man of numbers made his great comeback for OMPL and recently climbed the ladder (currently #2 10 points behind me) and he's regaining his skills. He is still a bit rusty and his building is probably not optimal yet, but he has solid fundamentals and was one of the best AAA players in gen8, so why not in gen9 ? He's less solid as of now, but there is a high probability that he quickly reaches his top form and bring at least a solid 5-2 to your team ; it might be good to associate him with a builder to share ideas and make sure he brings something bad out of nowhere :p

Ivar57 : His recent solid win against Atha in the finals of the money tour (if he had some 'luck' with the MUs, 4-0'ing one of the best AAA players is still solid) proved that he was a quite good AAA player, and he frequently tops the ladder too. I don't know if he still plays/follows MnM and BH a bit but his passive of MnM and BH player (everyone makes mistakes dw) may be useful if you ever need a last min sub in MnM or some advices in the tier I guess ? but you should see that with him. My main concern would be that his building tends to be a bit repeteting (esp in finals vs atha, but on the other hand it worked so) although he's totally capable of bringing cools/less used techs, but maybe in a tour environment where people are really trying to prep his building redundancy might be an issue, and he's still fairly new to AAA top level, so who knows !

Shiloh : shiloh is probably the riskiest pick of all in this ranking because they might as well 6-1 the pool with no difficulty like last year or crash like 2 years ago ; they specified that they didn't play the tier, so they will probably need a builder (at least for the early weeks to learn the meta), and good builders are hard to find for cheap in AAA. It's kinda a risky chemistry and it might cost too much for what you gain, but it's probably the player in the pool with the highest potential so.. at your own risks!

Jrdn (if he signs up) : Hopefully he does because he's truly an astonishing player and he always bring a fresh air on the tier with his builds ; however he seems afk atm so even if he signs up I'm unsure on how much time/motivation he will have, and he kinda failed in the past years, but in terms of raw levels he's definitely super good and one of the scariest players to face (after motherlove though, pls come back)

Siamato (he won't sign up) : He probably won't in, and if he does I know he'll lack motivation to play such a long tour, but Siamato when he's serious is such an impressive player and he would probably bring at least 4 wins without difficulty, solid building and cool techs when needed, insane ingame, super nice, good in other tiers too (although he prob won't have time for that anyway), my man could be the goat of AAA (or of anything) but just have a life, that's so sad :c

Osake : Ranking me cuz Redflix asked me to do so although I find it kinda cringe, well I'm not going to sell myself, I think I have the capacity to perform well and I'm in general quite active and like to help in other tiers even when I don't know much cuz I'm curious, but I tend to play less well under pressure (which caused among other things my 2-6 at my last OMPL which should not be forgotten LOL) and I can also totally fail, idk (hopefully not !)

B+ Rank

I'm actually doing difference here cuz whereas I think every A player can get a 5-2 or 6-1 record, there is a higher gap between B players that is worth mentioning

Career ended : Career ended is a solid player than can play multiple tiers, I don't think they've build much/at all this gen but they have a good in game and are probably able to take wins if they're motivated ; AAA shouldn't be their first tier though

LordBox : LordBox is still a new face but they're one of the most active player this gen and also a very good builder, they probably lack experience/in game to be a good starter but they would be an excellent support and could probably do a decent job if they're well managed, I totally believe in their potential but it's maybe a bit too early to put all your hopes on him

MZ : Well MZ is MZ idk if I really have to present him, strong in game but 0 games in the tier and therefore totally unable to build, it's shiloh but in less strong, but still solid and if the manager is able to build/you're able to pick a support, MZ will probably do a good work for relatively cheap like they did last year

B Rank

All of those are people I consider decent but probably not on the level of a starter, most of them are good/excellent subs and supports though

abriel : Well abriel is probably better in NFE but can provide an emergency sub if needed, they have a fairly decent in game and were able to pilot well in the past, idt they've played AAA much this gen though

Gwanian : It's a bit of a (?) as I've never faced them directly but they're quite invested in the discord and did a solid run in the money tour (they choked against Atha but with a little more experience they would've win this), probably still a bit young but worth a shot imo

cumps : Siamato's favorite cumps hasn't signed up yet BUT with my ping they now will :p honestly one of the most impressive "new" player I discovered in gen9 esp. considering they don't talk a lot on smogon and not at all on discord, but they have many alts in the top 50 (every name like oshawott pilgrim, gideon graveler, belong to them) with good to excellent GXE, almost always above 80% and often above 85 and they played quite well when I faced them. I don't think they're worth a starter slot yet because still unexperimented and it would be their first big tournament, but I'm sure they would learn a lot and are more than deserving to be support/sub

PociekMociek : I won't like I didn't have them in my original list because I never really know where to rank them honestly, I kinda agree with Redflix being that they still make mistakes but are the kind of player where you feel that they just need one step to really become solid ; and it's Atha who reminded me to put them in the list, so they have the approval of the goat !

SpaceSpeakers : They went quite far in the Money Tour and the Open (although with a lot of AWs so they didn't play that much) but also qualified for OMGS playoffs (or whatever is the name of the top 8 currently happening) ; I'm unsure of if they build their teams alone, but they proved to be able to play multiple tiers at a decent level and would be a good versatile sub

Were/are good, but idk now/in AAA

I won't comment on them cuz precisely, I don't know, they haven't played AAA much/at all (afaik) but are either good 8g players or good overall players that could probably be decent with good teams, the issue being the same than with MZ and Shiloh : you will need builders, and people that build at high level in AAA aren't that common, and if you want to make builder + player MZ and shiloh should be your prior picks (many of those players though are able to play many tiers)

dj breloominati

Aren't the best picks but are better than nothing if you need someone that knows the tier for cheap

That's basically the "Oh I forgot to pick an AAA player and I have 3k left" (hopefully that won't happen and managers aren't that bad) OR "Oh I picked someone who doesn't know the tier, I need someone to build" which is a bit more realistic and you can prob pick one of those as a cheap support if you believe in them and your player, kinda risky tho (same I won't comment but all of them are at least able to provide builds in theory)

bug go brrr
codename cat
don vascus
grim blazer

I don't know everyone else enough to talk about them, maybe they're super good but they're out of my realm of knowledge, sorry :c

at the end of the day the only truth is pick stresh and force him to play AAA :p

btw if this post get like 20 likes i will do AAA reviews (maybe) (yes I'm a likewhore) (unless someone wants to do them obviously)
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Geezers draft:
AG - polt
BH - Tea Guzzler
AAA - MZ / Potatochan
NFE - pichus / Stareal
STAB - hidin
MnM - TectonicDestroyer / Tranquility / db
2v2 - Chris32156 / Morgan
GG - Potatochan
yes ik potato didn't sign up for gg but i was on the phone and drafted db by mistake lmao
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