Once Upon a Team [Semi-finals]

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B is for BRUTUS
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Standard Rules
  • XY OU Tournament
  • Single Elimination
  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Wifi Clause
  • Timed Battles
  • Endless Battle Clause
Special Rules
  • This is a team tournament. Each team must consist of 5 members.
    • Sign up as a team, teams must also have a (preferably cool!) name.
    • Every member on the team must confirm.
  • Every round, each Pokemon cannot be used more then once by a team. That means if one team member decides to use a Tyranitar, no other member may use it for that round.
    • Note that this goes by dex number, so pokémon with multiple forms count as the same pokémon. This means if one team member uses Thundurus-I, Thundurus-T also cannot be used by other members.
    • It is therefore heavily suggested that you only team up with people you know and can easily communicate with; an IRC channel is ideal.
    • To make sure this rule isn't broken I will need to know every team used, so I need either both players to confirm the teams used in their matches on the thread or, if one doesn't want his team to be spoiled, he must PM me the log instead.
    • In the event duplicates are used, the team will be given a game loss on every game said Pokemon was used.
  • I will NOT allow players to sign up as a free agents, for a tournament like this where communication is key, forming a team of people who don't know each other would cause too much trouble and is simply unfun.
  • Teams will be divided into groups of 4, with only the 1st place of each group advancing to playoffs.
Note: the recent bans on Lucarionite and Genesect take effect for this round, they are not allowed.

Austos Onix Wombo Combo vs KDraco Meteor
Lohgock vs Laurel
Steve Angello vs Masterclass
Temptation vs Leftiez
Frochtejohgurt vs xtrashine
Loreena vs Emvee
team crystal shroomish academy vs TEAM IRIS
Bloo vs Dice
vs HSA ♥
panamaxis vs Funkasaurus
reyscarface vs PttP
SoulWind vs Eo Ut Mortus
Deadline is March 1st.
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good bye (1/18/20)
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Won in an incredibly tight game vs Lohgock. Thank you based HP investment.
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B is for BRUTUS
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Even with the biggest deadline ever you dumbs still don't finish your matchas. I'll extend this for extra 24h from now, Bloo Dice fight today godamn.
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