One Piece (spoilers!)


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Anyone else just overwhelmingly disappointed with Hawkins or just me
Was never really shown any of his true capabilities or why he was deemed that powerful. Sure, he could effectively cheat death a bunch but stuff like his Tarot cards or strawman forms could've been explored more before getting brought down. Coupled with another rookie realizing that not staying under a Yonkou is not worth it and not really having any other motives just lead to a big meh.


does anyone actualy read People magazine!?
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I feel okay with how Hawkins turned out, though it definitely could have been better. It's frankly shocking how he didn't know Kidd had no left arm by this point. I guess you could rationalize that Kidd has kept it hidden underneath metal all this time but it's still a bit strange, you've already met the guy before and after he lost his arm and you didn't realize anything was different??

But aside from that I feel like he ended up doing a lot / was used more or less to his narrative potential by Oda:

-pretty wide range of abilities (tarot reading, reaper summon, straw sword AND voodoo dolls? honestly kind of a smorgasbord of abilities already)

-his ability to play crew members and captains against each other played a huge role in separating the Heart and Kidd pirates pre-raid at crucial moments. I do wish we saw exactly how Hawkins obtains specific dolls, as it would have given a nice bit of strategic flavor into the intrigues of the arc...but I think his role and battles would have ended up playing out more or less the same way.

-And finally, his arc as a side villain got tied up nicely by showing how being overly risk-averse and going with the majority every time ended with him on the wrong side of history. The Worst Generation aren't all destined to become huge players...they are all super ROOKIES for a reason, and characters like Hawkins are a good example of that (along with Apoo and maybe Urouge who I'm assuming will be captaining for Blackbeard or something). In spite of all his bragging about seeing the future, his will pales in comparison to that of D / those who charge forward without caring about the odds. Basically, anyone who lived by those principles could never have had a major future in the world of One Piece, and that played out fittingly in Hawkins' case (frankly, I think this is something that's been lingering in the background of his character since Sabaody). His reliance on the numbers game could also point to how he missed crucial details like Kidd's missing arm or even X Drake's initial betrayal.

Honestly, Hawkins' treatment highlights just how much Apoo got shafted (who i love lol). They have similar roles but we get way less of a showcase of Apoo's powers / character...hopefully the resolution of his fight with X Drake does him some justice, if only as a foil a la Hawkins (since it's not as if drake is very fleshed out at this point either).

tl;dr never rly had insane expectations for the character since it felt like the end of his arc was mapped out from the start as someone who was too cautious and would never move forward because of that.
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The thing with Hawkins is that he (like Apoo) is a contrast to Kidd / Law / Luffy. Hawkins betrayed his alliance and sided with Kaido, like typical pirates would. He is very risk-averse, whereas our protagonist(s) are risk-takers that form bonds with those their align with, those that buy into the idea of dreams (which is what One Piece is largely about). In fact, it's only right that Kidd's subordinate Killer is the one to defeat him, showing the contrast in relationships with their respective leaders. Hawkins is just another weapon for Kaido, whereas Killer is someone Kidd cares strongly about.


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Ok but how many of you would headbutt a wall when you have the power of transferring all damage to one of your opponents.

And how many of you would exclaim "What do you mean??! You should know all my powers by know!!" ever in a fight, then repeat your powers after your opponent states their very obvious plan.

Hawkins in this raid has achieved this so far:
1. Gave Kidd a headache (by himself) and a cut (Killer's attack)
2. Stalled Killer

Killer fought two Yonkos at the roof before facing Hawkins, while Hawkins hadn't done anything throughout the raid and was fully rested. Killer then easily cuts off his arm, then the head of his big straw demon, then knocks him out. In that whole fight all Hawkins did was banging his head on a wall with the purpose of damaging Kidd, and even with that he barely achieved anything compared to what the potential was.

I'm really not bothered by "Why didn't he make a doll of Killer?" etc. cos we don't know how he actually does it. He probably made Kidd's doll when he was imprisoned instead of during the raid. This isn't about any clash of wills etc either. It doesn't matter that he relies on his cards and plays safe and betrayed others.

All my frustration is from this very fight, in which he was an absolute idiot who achieved nothing. He was super outclassed as a fighter and was very stupid in how he uses his devil fruit. Unless later we see some very long term thinking from Hawkins where this fight was all planned by him for something bigger, Hawkins will remain my one disappointment with this arc.

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