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How To Sign Up For An Online Competition

Since Nintendo has made the PGL a labyrinth to navigate and everyone seems to get lost when trying to register, here's the official "cant say's guide to registering for Circle of Legends™!"

1. Log into the PGL

2. Click on the 'Online Competitions' button on the left of the screen

3. Click on the competition in the middle of the screen

4. Proceed to the signups. This will bring up a checkbox so you can say you've read the regulations (not pictured)

5. No you're officially signed up! Nice job

Now you have to hop on your Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire game on your 3DS and finish the registration.

6. Go to Battle Spot and then select 'Online Competition'

7. Now select to participate

8. The game will now download your digital ID to the game, this will take a few seconds. You are then asked if you want to register your battle box, this is where everyone messes up and ends up having to play with the wrong team. Simply chose 'quit'. This will allow you to come back and register your Battle Box when it is ready. You don't even have to do this before the competition starts! When you are ready to compete in your first battle, make sure your Battle Box has all the correct Pokemon, then you come back here and register your Battle Box!

That's all there is to it! Don't forget to join in with our discussion thread, or come hang out in the Battle Spot chatroom on Pokemon Showdown!
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