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And now for something completely different
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AG is going to miss you quite a bit, don't know how everything's gonna keep running without your trusty leadership. But it's good that you're leaving like this. Not due to an insane nazi spreading private info, that part's horrific and it shouldn't be understated that holy shit fuck lance, but that you can just get out and leave. There's been way too many instances of people losing interest or dealing with toxic users and still trying to stick around because of a sense of duty to their communities, but ultimately you can and should just get out once it's become uninteresting and toxic. Hope you stop bye and say hi if keeping up with the people here is something you actually want to do, but glad this didn't have to drag on due to responsibility or whatever. You'll find meaning in whatever new passion crops up, and good luck with whatever happens.
I'm sure you'll do very well! It takes a lot to stand up and share your will. Much respect. I'm really surprised no one left a single song though... What kind of after party is this? I'll be that person for now B) I'm sure you heard most of these songs already and your own playlist is probably better; but bleh I tried B)
jo chloe, it was a pleasure knowing you, I wish you best luck in real life! Thanks for being as competent as you are, we shall miss you.
late to the party, know i'm not exactly a pleasant user but wanted to take part in this goodbye as someone who knows you will excel in life given your very amicable personality and will miss your presence dearly as one who has only spared goodness as a user

good luck in all of your future endeavors, hope you'll come visit ps etc


Take care of yourself.
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i'm bad at writing these things but in retrospect i should've been a lot nicer to you than i was. i think that i was indifferent to you mostly because you didn't play (much) bh, which was a pretty stupid mentality. not really getting to know you was a mistake. but you've really shown through your dedication to oms that you really can do anything if you put your mind to it.

by the time i finally realize the full extent of how much you helped us (with not only your skilled leadership but also your personality), you're going to be doing something really cool irl. you were able to lead two oms in what you called a toxic environment (edit: someone else called it a toxic environment whoops)? imagine what you could do in an actually good one.

you are an inspiration. thanks.
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Banned deucer.
Good luck with life. I feel like you got got the wrong impression of me somehow but you're cool. No shoutout for me ;-; Probably because all I ever really did was annoy you in pms and troll you by pretending to be flowre. Well, all that aside I hope that everything goes well for you.


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People are going to ridicule me forever for this, especially after a 120 post goodbye thread, but I might as well get it over and done with.

The OP to this thread was mostly fiction, and is not the reason I quit. Without delving into it too much, there were a few users who thought it would be a wise idea to spam my personal details and pictures over the forums. This in conjunction with a lot of other arbitrary negative stuff forced me to panic and quit without much thought. Since then, I've realised it isn't the end of the world if that information is distributed, so I've decided to un-resign ;w;. I really really appreciate all the nice things everyone posted, and I'm truly sorry if it seems like this is a cheap tactic to improve my self-esteem, feel good about myself or something like that.

I have no idea how to fix this, and I hope I haven't made any of you think less of me. This will probably be a running joke for a while, but oh well. I just hope you understand why I did this and again thank you for everything.

[11:40:40] %sedertz: I got scared cause a neonazi doxxed me but then i realized im chloe and i dont give a fuck
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