Option of Enabling "Likes" in Smogon Conversations

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Hi there,

I don't see any other thread suggesting this so I thought I'd pitch the idea.

Many conversations on Smogon involve quite a few people in them, depending on what the conversation could be. For example, many Pokemon Showdown rooms have a Room Staff conversation to discuss policy, promotions and general room improvements. I feel that with a "like" feature in these conversations that it can be much easier to tell who is agreeing to posts and makes it much more understandable.

Now when I say the "Option of Enabling" I'm not saying that all conversations should have likes enabled. I feel a simple solution of this is that the conversation creator can have the option to "Enable" and "Disable" likes through any of the options displayed in the conversation. As likes in a simple "Hi I need some help" inbox isn't going to benefit this. But other conversations maybe between tiering councillors and staff members could benefit from this.

Hope you enjoy this idea.


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old idea that's been suggested before afaik, but I've always wanted this
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