Gen 6 [ORAS Hackmons] Natural (Peaked #8, 90.4% GXE)


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Introducing: Natural

Just so you know, The Royal Army is now defunct due to new discoveries made within the Generation 8 Pure Hackmons metagame. Gen 8 Pure Hackmons was the OM Leader's Choice for ladder last month but with how the Galar metagame has become I decided laddering Gen 8 Pure Hackmons was not worth my time.

Backstory & Introduction
A month ago, an article of mine became released for anyone interested in Pure Hackmons to read. In that article, I emphasized how Pokémon had to set themselves free of their natural limitations and become modified in order to become viable in any gen of the metagame. The article gave heavy implications of there being no exceptions to this rule. Not even the Ubers-shattering Mega Rayquaza or the absurdly powerful Mega Mewtwo formes were exceptions to this. Despite this, I have spent time in the past trying to find something, and I believe I have through Generation 5. In order for a Pokémon to be viable with their natural set in Pure Hackmons, they must have an ability that's dominant in the metagame, a pool of great moves, a great type combination, and stats that distributed in a way that doesn't leave the Pokémon completely outclassed. Their ability is the first and most important factor to determine if they could be viable. In Gen 8 Galar version, the dominant ability is Neutralizing Gas and it is absolutely impossible for any Pokémon to be viable with their natural set. In the remaining playable generations of Pure Hackmons, the most dominant abilities are Innards Out (Gen 7), Magic Guard (Gen 7), Wonder Guard (Gens 4-7), No Guard (Gens 4-7), Shadow Tag (Gens 4-7), Mold Breaker/Teravolt/Turboblaze (Gens 4-6), Prankster (Gens 5-7), and Magic Bounce (Gens 5-7). A Pokémon using their natural set must have one of these abilities in order to be viable. Most Pokémon who naturally carry these abilities are outclassed by Pokémon with greater stats. Mega Gengar and Mega Diancie have great stats and dominant abilities! However, in Mega Gengar's case, there are far too many moves it would much rather use than its natural set, and for Mega Diancie's case, its moves and stat distribution do not compliment Magic Bounce very well. Mega Sableye has the moves and ability to make itself work with a natural set, but it's completely outclassed by Giratina. It was tough but after noticing how dominant the Mold Breaker abilities were in Generation 5 Pure Hackmons, I found White Kyurem. White Kyurem carries a ridiculously high Special Attack stat, a unique combination of STAB moves that compliment its Special Attack, and the dominant Turboblaze ability! I slapped White Kyurem on a team. The Kyurem actually worked and was fun to use, but there came one issue. Gen 5 carries unlimited EVs. A natural set cannot be ran with unlimited EVs and a Pokémon with EVs limited to 510 could not be viable. In almost every generation of Pure Hackmons, all Pokémon would have unlimited EVs. The only exception to this is Generation 6, which had its EV limit placed exactly 7 years ago today! This exception not only led to Mold Breaker abilities being much more dominant in Gen 6, but also made Gen 6 Pure Hackmons the only Pure Hackmons format where Pokémon running natural sets could possibly be viable.

For clarification, natural is the same as legal here. I just wanted to stick to the theme of this RMT for the introduction.

Now for the real talk. I was super excited when I realized a legal White Kyurem could be viable in the Generation 6 Pure Hackmons metagame. I built a fresh hot team around it and just could not wait very long to test it out on ladder! I did not intend to make another RMT for Pure Hackmons but this team ended up surprising me in its success and White Kyurem turned out to be a complete beast. Many people wanted my team after this and I figured I should make this RMT show everyone that legal White Kyurem is viable. I've only just done all of this within the last six days and the timing just happened to be very coincidental, so I'm making this post today because none of this would have been possible if it weren't for the implementation of Gen 6's EV limit 7 years ago.

As for this team's accomplishments, it made top 8 on ladder and 90.4% GXE. I am pretty sure this is the first time someone has ever made 90% GXE in Pure Hackmons with a fully legal Pokémon. I played a little over 30 games with this team in total with most of them being on the Fuego II Ironworks account.


There are a few things to note about White Kyurem itself. When running an illegal set, it is only viable with Refrigerate Boomburst or Mold Breaker/Teravolt/Turboblaze with slight alterations from its legal moves. In Pure Hackmons, White Kyurem works better legally than it does as a Refrigerate Pokémon, since the combination of its devastating Special Attack, really powerful moves, and Turboblaze ability allow it to break through more teams than Refrigerate. Anything that could be done to make its Refrigerate set better would also make it outclassed by Black Kyurem. Black Kyurem would just be more ideal to run if your goal is to run Refrigerate. Regarding Kyurem's moves, it's able to justify staying true to itself by holding the powerful combination of Draco Meteor and Ice Beam. White Kyurem competes with Mega Rayquaza and Mega Lati@s but unlike both of them, Kyurem carries the more powerful STAB attack with no immunities, 100% accuracy, and the best chance of beating Giratina and Yveltal. Giratina and Yveltal are the two best stat boost removers in the metagame. Unfortunately any special attacking Dragon-type with higher SpA than Mega Lati@s is gonna have to carry Choice Specs, or else Mega Lati@s completely outclasses them. White Kyurem has the least amount of problems with it because its main STAB attack is more spammable than Mega Rayquaza's. White Kyurem can work better as a sweeper than Mega Rayquaza, while Mega Rayquaza can use its higher Special Attack to break things easier than White Kyurem. Reminder that these both have to run Choice Specs or else Mega Lati@s outclasses them as a sweeper and a breaker. Soul Dew still works on Mega Lati@s. All White Kyurem really needs are Turboblaze, Ice Beam, and Draco Meteor then it's good to go. One could argue Spacial Rend could work over Draco Meteor, which it can, but Choice Specs Draco Meteor breaks Pokémon more efficiently and is good for forcing players to sack something when White Kyurem is suddenly swapped in out of thin air.

Xerneas EVs: 248 HP / 180 SpA / 80 Spe -> EVs: 248 HP / 184 SpA / 76 Spe (Miscalculation, oops. It was meant to be the lowest it could go while outspeeding Deoxys-Speed at x2)
Mega Mewtwo Y EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpA -> EVs: 248 HP / 176 SpA / 84 Spe (outspeeds Deoxys-Speed after Sticky Webs)
Air Balloon Heatran -> Eviolite Chansey (This change was made after most of this RMT got typed. Chansey just does Heatran's job better and eases many of this team's biggest threats.

Teambuilding Process
While White Kyurem is decent in the metagame, it's not super viable. It is currently C+ in the Gen 6 Pure Hackmons viability rankings. It still needed an entire team built around catering to its success no matter what it ran but it could still occasionally threaten players from time to time without the support. This is an accurate portrayal in what I see in a C+ rank Pokémon. Sturdy Shedinja falls into this exact same boat.

Can't build a team around White Kyurem without including the Kyurem itself, and of course my goal was to make this set legal. Draco Meteor hits a significant chunk of the metagame really hard and Ice Beam was so spammable with Specs. Steel-types resist both of these moves so it was also given Fusion Flare and Earth Power. I did eventually replace Earth Power with Flash Cannon, as I needed to Imposterproof this Pokémon in some way and Flash Cannon punished Fairy-types more harshly if they tried to switch into a White Kyurem wanting to break Pokémon with Draco Meteor.

If I wanted the legal Specs Turboblaze Kyurem set to work out, I needed a Pokémon that was able to use Shell Smash and pass those boosts to the Kyurem. This would preferably be a Wonder Guard, since they had the easiest chances setting up and Wonder Guards were needed to take care of No Guards anyway. I chose Arceus at first but opted for Xerneas because of its more suitable typing and lower speed for a safer Baton Pass against potential Choice Scarf Pokémon.

After the White Kyurem and Arceus/Xerneas sets were made, I thought about what Pokémon would most likely be able to switch into White Kyurem's STAB moves. Steel-types like Registeel were the first thing that came to mind. Whenever White Kyurem was given the opportunity to use Shell Smash stat boosts, Registeel would be able to most likely switch in on an attack and clear all the Shell Smash boosts away in no time. There had to be a way to prevent this before I could even think about using this team and Primal Groudon was the answer. Fire and Ground are one of the best STAB combinations in the entirety of competitive Pokémon and with a whopping base 180 Attack, I figured giving Primal Groudon Shadow Tag along with V-Create and Thousand Arrows would work like a charm.

Mega Mewtwo X was added because I needed an extra breaker and a Pokémon able to handle the remainder of White Kyurem's potential switchins. This included Primal Kyogre and to an extent, certain Fairy-types like Mega Audino or other Xerneas.

As usual, a Pure Hackmons team needs at least two Wonder Guard Pokémon. I wanted the second Wonder Guard Pokémon to have a less common set of weaknesses and I found that through Mega Mewtwo Y. It was given Defog to clear hazards and Sticky Web to support White Kyurem's breaking ability even further. I've decided to also let Mega Mewtwo X and the Mega Mewtwo Y itself benefit from Sticky Webs by prioritizing their offense stats over speed.

:heatran: /:chansey:
Lastly, Heatran was added because I needed something to Imposterproof the White Kyurem. Registeel just could not cut it if I still wanted White Kyurem to run a proper coverage move. The Heatran was given Prankster Topsy-Turvy to deal with Imposter Chansey and other threatening sweepers but I quickly changed it around to Whirlwind and then Haze due to losing to sweepers behind Substitute.

As it turns out, I ran through some calculations and it shows that Chansey still does the job of Imposterproofing White Kyurem. I replaced Heatran with it because Chansey also eases down some of this team's biggest threats, which Heatran has honestly proven to do nothing but escalate. White Kyurem keeping the same two coverage moves is fine regardless of this change.

The Team
Happy 7th year anniversary to the EV limit in Balanced and Pure Hackmons!

On the side note, it is important to know that Pokémon with max EVs were given 248 instead for their ability to take less indirect damage/recoil. This includes the likes of hazards, status, Curse, and Substitute, which are all mostly prevalent in Pure Hackmons. All it requires to take less damage from these is an odd number of HP.

Mewtwo-Mega-X @ Choice Band
Ability: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- Leaf Blade
- Gear Grind
- Play Rough

Mega Mewtwo X's role in this team is plain and simple. Trap and eliminate Pokémon who threaten White Kyurem. Mega Mewtwo X usually runs Huge Power but it's been given Shadow Tag here because being able to KO all of its targets matter more. If it can't trap them, they escape and could continue giving Kyurem a hard time. Choice Band and Adamant nature have been given to Mega Mewtwo X to make up for the loss of power. This Mega Mewtwo also doesn't care about being Adamant because all of its primary targets are still slower than it and Sticky Webs is used on this team. As usual, Mega Mewtwo X runs max Attack and max Speed EVs in this set.

Move Descriptions
Close Combat - Close Combat is a STAB attack that can OHKO any Steel-type weak to it from Registeel to Mega Aggron and Mega Steelix, as long as they don't have Fur Coat. It also OHKOs bulky Normal-types like Arceus and Chansey/Blissey. Since Close Combat is a powerful 120 BP STAB move from the Pokémon with the highest attack stat, it is also leaving a massive dent on most things that don't resist or aren't immune to this move.
Leaf Blade - Offensive Water-types are a threat to this team, so having this move is very important. Leaf Blade gives Mega Mewtwo X a chance to OHKO Primal Kyogre, Mega Swampert, and Gyarados if it's already Mega Evolved.
Gear Grind - Mega Mewtwo X can use this attack to beat Mega Audino and possibly Xerneas after trapping them with Shadow Tag. These Pokémon may otherwise be of small inconvenience to White Kyurem.
Play Rough - Play Rough is the single most important move on any Mega Mewtwo X set. It helps this Pokémon beat certain Dark-types like Yveltal and Mega Sableye, Dragon-types like Giratina, Mega Rayquaza, and Mega Latios, and potential mirror matches against other Mega Mewtwo X. Mega Mewtwo X is missing out on a noticeable chunk without this move in its life.

Groudon-Primal @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Shadow Tag
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- V-create
- Thousand Arrows
- Stealth Rock
- Recover

This set is nearly as simple as the Mega Mewtwo X's. I just decided this Primal Groudon set didn't need to make up for any lack of power taken away by EV spreads or ability. It just needed to be bulky and survive. I also needed to fit Stealth Rock somewhere to break Focus Sash and give the rest of this team an easier time. If Primal Groudon had its target on lockdown, they are normally done for, especially if they're weak to Fire-type moves. Primal Groudon was given Safety Goggles to not end up vulnerable against the spammy Spore move, giving it a better chance to move on more turns. It was also given maximum HP and maximum Special Defense so it wouldn't have to worry as much about taking an attack from any angle. Careful nature has been added to balance out Defense and Special Defense even further so it doesn't miss out. It could just keep recovering and setting up Stealth Rock when it needed to. Having Shadow Tag allows this Pokémon to do everything it wants much easier as it doesn't have to worry about the opponent hard switching into a check a lot of the time.

Move Descriptions
- A 180 BP STAB attack from a Pokémon with base 180 Attack stat is going to hit like a truck no matter what. Any Steel-type who can't be taken down by Mega Mewtwo X's Close Combat is just done for here. There are only exceptions if the target runs Fur Coat or Flash Fire, but they get 2HKOed and can mostly do nothing back in most cases. Doublade is gone, Mega Scizor is gone, Skarmory and Mega Mawile are incinerated, Mega Metagross is having a bad day. Last but not least it deals with Mega Beedril, who could annoy this team otherwise. V-Create at least 2HKOs most Pokémon who don't resist Fire-type attacks due to the sheer power and base Attack combination alone.
Thousand Arrows - This move is good for beating Wonder Guard Electric-types with Air Balloon because they are so easy to trap. The only way they can possibly get around this is by running a Water-type move, but they don't anyway. This move also helps to take care of Flash Fire Pokémon and Pokémon it's not worth sacrificing V-Create stat drops or a potential V-Create miss for. Usually things with low enough HP to be KOed by Thousand Arrows. Thousand Arrows is also great for just randomly chipping other Pokémon since it'll still do pretty big chunks of damage with it.
Stealth Rock - Stealth Rock is great for supporting the whole team with hazard control. Focus Sashes can be broken and tight KO ranges could lean more closely on this team's side. The team could struggle to sweep without Stealth Rock in place. This move gets the seal of approval from Turboblaze White Kyurem.
Recover - In this team's case, the longer Primal Groudon lasts, the greater. It can deal with White Kyurem's biggest threats better than Mega Mewtwo X can and if Mega Mewtwo X faints, this Pokémon would more likely still be around. It is also useful to keep this Pokémon up in case Defog is used and Stealth Rock is needed again.

Xerneas @ Leftovers
Ability: Wonder Guard
EVs: 248 HP / 184 SpA / 76 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Shell Smash
- Substitute
- Moonblast
- Baton Pass

Xerneas has been entrusted with the position of taking care of White Kyurem by giving it Shell Smash boosts and a Substitute. Wonder Guard helps Xerneas set up easier since it's immune to almost everything. It also stops the team from getting destroyed by No Guard Pokémon. The EVs are strange but 76 Speed EVs with Modest nature give it the lowest speed it could possibly have while still outspeeding Deoxys-Speed at x2. This gives Xerneas room to invest more EVs into HP and Special Attack and it allows Xerneas to pass boosts a little more safely against Choice Scarf Pokémon. Xerneas of course needs HP EVs to take as many hits as it could, if it does get hit. The rest of its EVs were placed into Special Attack for high power. It of course wasn't using any physical attacks, so Showdown a automatically gave it 0 Attack IVs to take the least amount of damage it could from the nonexistent Mold Breaker Foul Play Pokémon. All jokes aside, last thing to mention about this Xerneas aside from its moves is that it's been given Leftovers to help recover HP lost from Substitute. Fortunately with Substitute, it doesn't really have to worry about sleep moves either, so Leftovers works extra well with it.

Move Descriptions
Shell Smash
- Doubles the Pokémon's Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. This is very useful for when Xerneas wants to outspeed and damage Pokémon like Deoxys-Speed or Baton Pass these boosts into something that could push the game closer to this team's victory
Substitute - Substitute almost completely ensures that the Pokémon behind it will be safe for an extra turn, whether it's Xerneas or a Pokémon it's passing Substitute to.
Moonblast - Xerneas finds being able to damage Giratina and Deoxys-Speed really nice. Giratina and Deoxys-Speed both heavily annoy Wonder Guards while they work and STAB Moonblast does wonders against them in many scenarios. Moonblast also serves as a great chipping move as hitting Dark-types, Fighting-types, and Dragon-types super effectively is a significant thing and the only Pokémon immune to Moonblast are Wonder Guards.
Baton Pass - Amazing move that allows Xerneas to pass the Substitute and/or Shell Smash boosts it holds to another Pokémon. This is mostly for White Kyurem but there may be times when it would be better to pass it to Primal Groudon or Mega Mewtwo X.

Mewtwo-Mega-Y @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Wonder Guard
EVs: 248 HP / 176 SpA / 84 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Defog
- Sticky Web
- Recover

The role Mega Mewtwo Y was given for this team is similar to Primal Groudon's. It's there to last decently long and provide support for the team. Safety Goggles was given for the same reason as it was to Primal Groudon, just so it would not be vulnerable to the spammable Spore move. Mega Mewtwo Y is an oddball. The combination of Wonder Guard and its stat distribution allow for this Pokémon's EVs to be flexible. It's been given maximum HP EVs to survive more against general attack moves if it does get hit, then 84 Speed EVs to outspeed Deoxys-Speed after Sticky Webs. This Mega Mewtwo Y doesn't have to worry about its Speed too much as Sticky Webs makes it outspeed any Pokémon switching in and Wonder Guard is keeping it safe more often than not. The remaining EVs were placed into SpA along with a Modest nature for the most damage it could do with Moonblast after outpacing -1 Speed Deoxys-Speed. That way, Giratina and Deoxys-Speed would have an extra difficult time pestering this team's Wonder Guards out of their roles and the Wonder Guards would be able to support White Kyurem more efficiently.

Move Descriptions
- Has this post mentioned how great Fairy-type moves are? If it hasn't yet it'll be said directly. Mega Mewtwo Y can chip a large pool of non Wonder Guard Pokémon with Moonblast. Deoxys-Speed can no longer force it out so easily and a Giratina without SpD investment gets KOed after it uses Curse! Not to mention Dark-types threaten both Mega Mewtwo Y and sweepers more than anything else threatens the combination of both. That's really all the Wonder Guard needs for this team as far as attack moves go, and it does wonders!
Defog - White Kyurem is weak to Stealth Rock and there may be times where hazards could start to stack up too heavily. Defog is incredibly useful for helping to clear up these hazards and allow the team to switch out more easily. I almost lost to a level 1 Wonder Guard Diglett in one game because I sacked this Mega Mewtwo Y before I could use Defog.
Sticky Web - One of White Kyurem's biggest flaws is its lack of Speed. This can be solved pretty well by the presence of Sticky Web on the opposing side of the field. Sticky Webs lowers all of the opponent's Speed stats by -1 unless the Pokémon on top of Sticky Webs happens to be Flying-type. This allows for White Kyurem and Mega Mewtwo X to have a relatively easier time either forcing Pokémon out or forcing the opponent to sack something.
Recover - Like with Primal Groudon, Mega Mewtwo Y should stay active for as long as it could in case it needs to clear hazards or in case it wants to set up Sticky Webs. Losing a Wonder Guard is also not so great if the opposing team still has a No Guard Pokémon up.

Chansey @ Eviolite
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Recover
- Haze
- Encore
- U-turn

Out of all Pokémon who were in this team, Heatran was the real oddball and the only Pokémon I had to make changes to during my ladder run. It is a Pokémon who is currently E in the Viability Rankings. E just means everyone else, as all Pokémon can be usable in the format, just the ones in E are either outclassed or have niches too small to hold value to almost any team. Right after typing THIS part of the RMT, I realized Chansey is just better. I just replaced Heatran with Chansey here. Chansey is used to Imposterproof White Kyurem while also being able to take on plenty of other special attackers like Primal Kyogre, Mega Mewtwo Y, special attacking Mega Rayquaza sets, and Mega Latios to an extent. It can also deal with Shell Smash Gyarados and Shell Smash Mega Scizor. Prankster ability has been given for it to Haze, Encore, and Recover itself first. Minimum speed was given for maximum momentum with U-Turn, which would help Mega Mewtwo X and White Kyurem severely. Its been given maximum HP and maximum Defense to take as many physical moves as it could, with only light investment in Special Defense since it already walls so much with its base 105 Special Defense alone. Its been given a Relaxed nature for higher defense and an Eviolite to boost Chansey's defenses on both angles.

Move Descriptions
Recover - Chansey needs recovery if it wants to thrive while using this set. Recover is important for Chansey to maintain its health so that it could continue clearing the target's stat boosts and prevent a sweep.
Haze - This is the move Chansey is using to clear the target's stat boosts. This whole team loses to every sweeper who sets up first otherwise.
Encore - Encore locks the opponent to the last move they used. This works really well to build momentum and allows Chansey to properly have the right teammate switch into the target with ease.
U-Turn - Pivot move that hits everything outside Wonder Guards. It can be used with minimum speed on Chansey to build momentum and switch to White Kyurem or Mega Mewtwo X with ease. It can also be used to give Xerneas more free time to set up.

Kyurem-White @ Choice Specs
Ability: Turboblaze
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Draco Meteor
- Ice Beam
- Fusion Flare
- Flash Cannon

Introducing the star of the show! A fully legal White Kyurem set that just happens to be effective when given team support. As previously stated, Mold Breaker/Teravolt/Turboblaze is its best ability and it has to run Choice Specs in order to not get outclassed by Mega Latios. Mega Latios would have easily been able to outdamage it with Soul Dew otherwise while having quite a massive power difference. Choice Specs allows for White Kyurem to land very hard hits on targets when using either of its STAB moves. It also allows for White Kyurem to deal efficient damage to Pokémon switching into White Kyurem once you predict them switching in. Turboblaze breaks through Wonder Guards, which gives this Pokémon room to be an amazing sweeper. Choice Specs restricts White Kyurem to one move but it allows this Pokémon to outdamage Mega Latios while hitting a wider range of Pokémon more consistently than Mega Rayquaza could while spamming a STAB Attack. It's been given maximum Speed and maximum Special Attack with Modest nature just so when it's either given stat boosts or webs support it can do the absolute most damage it could while being able to outspeed most if not all of the opposition. This dragon is ferocious and does a lot of damage.

Move Descriptions
Draco Meteor
- Allows for this Pokémon to perform hefty amounts of damage against opposing targets. It also outright OHKOs Giratina no matter what, which is an incredible feat on its own. Non SpD invested Mega Mewtwo X and Y, max SpD investment Primal Groudon, max SpD investment Mega Slowbro, and non SpD invested Regigigas absolutely get obliterated by Specs Draco Meteor after a Stealth Rock. All of them are within range if not fully confirmed before Stealth Rock. Pokémon such as Mega Gyarados and even fully invested Primal Kyogre are guaranteed 2HKOs even after factoring the SpA drop on the first Draco Meteor. Only resistances with high SpD or Chansey/Blissey are going to survive two hits of this move. White Kyurem sometimes really likes to use Draco Meteor to force the opposing team to sack something as it may be necessary.
Ice Beam - Really spammable STAB move with 100% accuracy and no Pokémon immune to it. It has the freedom of successfully having this move spammed after Xerneas passes it a Shell Smash boost. Pokémon as specially bulky as full investment Cresselia with its high 120/120/130 base Defenses get OHKOed after Stealth Rock is up. If Arceus fully invests in Special Defense for some reason, there is still a 50% chance for it to get OHKOed by Ice Beam without rocks after one Shell Smash boosts. Most teams just get ended here unless they have a rare selection of specially defensive Pokémon who are still healthy. The last note to add about Ice Beam is that it very heavily punishes both Giratina and Yveltal, who are both the two best stat boost removers in the metagame. Mega Latios and Mega Rayquaza wouldn't be be able to beat Yveltal as efficiently and do not have very spammable special attacks in comparison.
Fusion Flare - Registeel is the most specially defensive Steel-type and hardly anyone is going to want to use Probopass, so if a Registeel tries to switch into White Kyurem and it is predicted, the Registeel will take hefty amounts of damage and be on its way to getting 2HKOed. Fusion Flare was chosen over Earth Power because it is able to hit more Pokémon with the lack of any having a Turboblaze Fire-type immunity.
Flash Cannon - This move is specifically for the Fairy-types who could most likely try to switch into White Kyurem while predicting a Draco Meteor and not fearing an Ice Beam so much. They would be Mega Audino, Mega Diancie, and Xerneas. None of them like getting hit by Flash Cannon, as it's a guaranteed 2HKOs two out of the three and an OHKO the other. Xerneas in particular usually does not run recovery, so despite it getting 2HKOed, Flash Cannon still puts a massive dent to its success.

Checks and Counters
Before I replaced Heatran with Chansey, this team's absolute biggest counter were Offensive Water-type Pokémon such as Mold Breaker Primal Kyogre and Wonder Guard Gyarados or moves such as Steam Eruption. Now that Chansey is present instead of Heatran, the threat of offensive Water-types have mostly faded away. Here is a list of checks and counters:

:scizor-mega: Offensive Flash Fire Mega Scizor - This is honestly really rare and exclusive to low ladder Pure Hackmons but when this team's Wonder Guards are weak to Bug and Steel and Primal Groudon's V-Create is somehow unable to stop a Pokémon with STABs for both, the team can very quickly spiral down. This is probably the single biggest counter to this whole team but it's incredibly niche in the metagame so hardly anyone is going to use it.
:gengar-mega::groudon-primal::latios-mega::gyarados: Setup Spam - Chansey can usually take care of a couple set up users at once but can be overwhelmed when they stack together as it can't deal with the variety of their moves and can only spam recovery so often. If Chansey faints the game becomes a matter of setting up with Xerneas and Baton Passing into White Kyurem before they set up their own Pokémon.
:ditto::gengar-mega::latios-mega: Dark Void Spam - This and Setup Spam are usually coupled together, but this team does not have anything to prepare for Dark Void spam, causing it to easily fall into a poor position in matchups against it. It can best be overcome by watching the move get an unlucky miss or waking up early with Xerneas to use Substitute.
:kyogre-primal:Primal Kyogre - Now that Chansey's on the team, Primal Kyogre has been reduced to being a minor check. This Pokémon soaks up most special attacks and defeats Primal Groudon anyway. The only Pokémon that can even remotely stop it from setting up is Chansey, which it can do well. On the off chance that Chansey has fainted, it becomes much more difficult to take down an offensive Primal Kyogre set. Despite all of this, I will have to mention that Primal Kyogre is not a common Pokémon people use at all, especially on ladder. Throughout my whole run, I've encountered a whopping 0 Primal Kyogre, and the other top tier ladder players are only finding a Primal Kyogre once in a blue moon. While it is a powerful Pokémon, it is difficult to fit into a team due to there being Special Attackers with better STAB and Wonder Guards with better type combinations.

This team's Chansey isn't in any of the replays :(. It's okay. I'll give Chansey special treatment by posting its own dance here.
vs squidflsh, 1516 elo. White Kyurem manages to sweep. It OHKOed even Genesect after receiving a Shell Smash boost from Xerneas.
vs Chakaru, 1222 elo. Fairly decent team for low ladder. White Kyurem was given x3 boosts. It 2HKOed Registeel then fainted. Mega Mewtwo Y and Primal Groudon cleaned game.
vs squidflsh, 1520 elo. White Kyurem manages to shatter much of the opposing team without any additional boosts. Combined team effort allowed the team to stop a stat-boosted Mega Latios.
vs xDAGSx, 1364 elo. I got absolutely destroyed by Flash Fire Mega Scizor. It completely countered the whole team. Flash Fire Mega Scizor is barely even relevant in the metagame :(.
vs Teutonophile, 1299 elo. This was the match that got me to 90% GXE. I made a really stupid move by leaving Mega Mewtwo Y in on an attack boosted regular Sableye while trying to Defog. The game lasted about 75 turns longer and I almost lost to their level 1 Diglett because of this.
vs CloudKitten, 1579 elo (they were in the 1800s). I didn't really have anything for Dark Void spam so my team just dropped.
vs Normal jerk, 1558 elo. This matchup was significantly worse than it looked on Team Preview. Water-type moves broke through Heatran and ended the team.
vs regirock, friendly but good quality match. This was a great matchup for the team and White Kyurem managed to break through multiple different Pokémon like an absolute champ.

I did also beat someone who was in the 1600s twice in a row. No replays were saved for either game. I didn't save many of my replays.

That's is all! I had no idea what I expected when using this team in battle. I knew the White Kyurem set would do something but didn't think the team would amount to something as high as 90 GXE. As mentioned earlier, this is probably the first time anyone has made 90% GXE in Pure Hackmons with a fully legal Pokémon. To those who play regular tiers, this might sound boring. You might think "what's so special about using White Kyurem in Pure Hackmons? Well, when a legal Pokémon is successful in a format filled with hacked Wonder Guards, No Guards, Huge Power, and Shadow Tag Pokémon without getting completely outclassed, that's a really freakin impressive feat! It could be the only fully legal Pokémon possibly viable in any generation of Pure Hackmons! The team I made is not perfect and can outright lose in plenty of matchups but this thread was made to showcase a new discovery made within the Pure Hackmons metagame! White Kyurem isn't super good and most of its possible sets are outclassed by either Black Kyurem, Mega Latios, or Mega Rayquaza, but just the fact that it's viable and can work with a legal set in Pure Hackmons means a whole lot. I hope you enjoyed reading this RMT! Take care! Feel free to provide any comments, questions, or concerns you have about this RMT post and any suggestions you have on making this team better.

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Great team overall, I'd like to offer some insight into why this team works as well as it does and how these specific strategies (choiced mold and stag attackers) have evolved to get to this point.

A couple of years ago I saw this calc in an ag game and I was blown away.
252+ Atk Choice Band Rayquaza-Mega Dragon Ascent vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Arceus: 262-309 (59.1 - 69.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Instantly doing 60% to nearly anything standing in its way, choice band mega ray can just click dragon ascent freely and do a gigantic chunk to anything. I brought the set, completely unpolished, to oras ph with a mold breaker ray and I was able to capitalize on the removal of the ev limit by spamming mega ray because it completely beat out everything, even doing 50% minimum to its most common switch in, physdef tina.
252+ Atk Choice Band Rayquaza-Mega Dragon Ascent vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Giratina: 262-309 (52 - 61.4%) -- 96.1% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
The set grew and changed, finding its way onto nearly every mold breaker except for gengar and gyarados, but the main component always remained the same: a spammable STAB move that would hit neutral opponents with heavy defensive investments for gigantic damage, with some coverage, priority, pivots, or other tricks to widen your horizons against mons you might not be able to beat solo. Recently, I settled on this set as the best possible option: since soul dew in gen 6 offers a comparable choice specs and assault vest boost without either of the drawbacks of the two items, I found that latios was the user that worked for me.

Afx237 v.7 (Latios-Mega) (F) @ Soul Dew
Ability: Mold Breaker
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Psystrike
- Spacial Rend
- Oblivion Wing

Personally, this set covers all of the bases you need to cover, but it still struggles. Volt switch is added to pivot on anything for literally free damage, psystrike and rend are great stabs, and oblivion wing has the incredible ability to heal 75% of damage dealt. What this set is missing, however, is good coverage and speed. It completely bricks against steel types, rend isn't spammable because of xerneas and audino, and oblivion wing doesn't actually hit anything except for scizor for neutral. The cherry on top is the lack of viable special priority moves. vwave is awful and water shuriken is physical in oras.

Here's what ransei did dfferently: he realized that Ice Beam is the most spammable move of all time that completely bricks the entire meta. Ransei talks about having to run flash cannon to hit fairies, but I think that's completely unnecessary. look at these calcs versus the big six on the EVs i personally run.

:xy/kyurem-white: versus...

:xy/audino-mega: physdef
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Audino-Mega: 243-286 (59.4 - 69.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

:xy/arceus: max hp max speed
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Arceus: 255-300 (57.5 - 67.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

:xy/sableye-mega: spdef
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Sableye-Mega: 195-229 (64.3 - 75.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

:xy/scizor-mega: physdef
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Scizor-Mega: 148-174 (43.1 - 50.7%) -- 3.9% chance to 2HKO

:xy/swampert-mega: physdef
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 0 SpD Swampert-Mega: 273-322 (67.7 - 79.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

:xy/xerneas: spdef
252+ SpA Choice Specs Turboblaze Kyurem-White Ice Beam vs. 248 HP / 252+ SpD Xerneas: 216-255 (47.4 - 56%) -- 80.1% chance to 2HKO

If you look through the sum of all choiced molds, you'll find pretty similar numbers, but I think the focal point is audino. Ice beam slams fairy types while also preventing giratina from doing anything, and that's probably THE most common pairing in the entire meta. Common specially defensive wonder guards usually look to add immunities and resistances to previously common types. Audino is so effective because it's as good as a fairy type with an immunity to ghost, beating out gengar. Scizor usually runs physically defensive stats, meaning that you'll only be fighting through an hp invest and some middling (for ph) spdef. I think you can count on one hand the amount of mons that could eat a couple of ice beams and be fine. primal kyogre is the most obvious, but that sits outside of the big six litter.

Now here's what I would do differently: drop flash cannon entirely. Replace it with volt switch. This helps you immensely by being able to always gain momentum and volt switch out versus resists like sciz or heavy spdef invests like xern, and go straight into your mewtwo or pdon to trap and kill. I think pivots on sets like these are completely essential.

On to the other part of the team: stag attackers.

After seeing the gen 4 meta change and evolve, I noticed that one of the greater forces were high bst mons like Rayquaza with shadow tag and coverage to trap and kill. I brought this idea over to ORAS with a team that I no longer have in my builder, but it looked something like this.
:mewtwo-mega-x: :mewtwo-mega-x: :mewtwo-mega-y: :deoxys-speed: :kyurem-black: :arceus:
the three mewtwos all had shadow tag and different levels of coverage, all to hit every wonder guard. It proved to be a pretty effective strategy, going on a 25-ish winstreak versus pretty strong friendly opponents until i was eventually defeated by grizz. This team abused the fact that refrigerate kyurem and no guard deoxys blanket won versus the rest of the tier once wonder guards were removed, and that's exactly what happened.

Ransei's team leans more heavily on the attacking side, preferring the bulky groudon instead of one of the mewtwos. This works super well, beating out a ton of non wonder guards that don't realize how busted v-create actually is. In reality, all you need is to chip the mons that kyurem can't 2hko 100% of the time, and these two sets completely stomp on xerneas, scizor, and kyogre.

Overall, I think this is a testament to three things in the ORAS PH meta. First, never underestimate a C tier that finds a very effective niche. Kyurem-White was only ever thought of as a refrigerate user because it has a killer ice type boomburst. Ransei realized that the ice type boomburst was completely useless, but anything with an attacking stat over 150 can and will find a niche. That niche just happened to be spamming ice beam. Second, when you think the meta is at a bit of a roadblock, mix and match. It won't always be effective or viable, but you'll quickly find something to mess around with. This team fits the definition of the "fusion offense" sub archetype found in my oras offense primer by mixing and matching the best parts of stag, no setup, and classic offense. Finally, this solidifies the definition of the best ORAS teams being those that don't excel 99 to 1 in one specific matchup, but rather something that has a strong 60 to 40 matchup against a wide variety of sets and setups while sacrificing guaranteed wins. The wider variety of positive matchups is something i've personally struggled with, as the 99 to 1 matchup i always banked on beating was previously the most common archetype in all of oras ph, leaving a lot of struggling to be done versus anything that deviated away from that formula. However, this team specifically capitalizes on positive tilts versus EVERYTHING.

Thanks for reading, I was super thrilled to see a former "low tier" in oras be completely flipped around and used in a different way that nobody really thought of before to real success.


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Just to give an update, I have continued to use the team, and with Chansey in it this time. Chansey has done wonders facing off against some of the threats Heatran could never fully beat. Gyarados and fully special Mega Mewtwo Y were the primary examples of this. Chansey also finally allows the team to have a proper countermeasure for Primal Kyogre, although I've still never battled one with the team. Primal Kyogre is rarely used at all in this format.

I posted two replays above that were from losses made after getting 90.4% GXE. I thought I could just try getting the same GXE again, so I laddered and eventually did, but with 1610 elo this time.

I have one additional replay saved. It continues to emphasize White Kyurem's power when given Turboblaze Ice Beam and Choice Specs.

Some teams just don't have switch-ins for this Pokémon, no matter the quality of team. Although, I will at least admit that Secret Sword is always better than Aura Sphere on Mega Mewtwo Y. Aura Sphere making my Chansey's life easy is an example of why.

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