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OP written by Cheek Pouch

In the diverse tier of Little Cup, newcomers may find it difficult to navigate the many Pokemon that can fulfill a given role, while experienced veterans might try to find something new or underused to surprise common metagame trends. The following is a role compendium that visually showcases what any given Pokemon can viably do in order to support its team. Each section covers a general role that a Pokemon can carry out, while subsections specifically show (in order of viability) a visible list of what job that Pokemon is doing. This compendium aims to improve the diversity of teams as well as discuss new roles that a Pokemon can undertake. Feel free to discuss whether Pokemon should be added or removed to a given role; however, this thread is not meant to be a place for discussion about the viability of Pokémon in general, unless a Pokémon's placement is drastically off - we have a metagame discussion thread and viability rankings for that. Thanks to Corporal Levi, Cheek Pouch,Coconut. and Quote for all the help.

Hazard related:

Stealth Rock Setters:

Spikes Setters:

Toxic Spikes Setters:

Webs setters:

Rapid Spin:


Webs Checks:











Heal Bell/Aromatherapy:

Healing Wish:


Choice Scarf Users:

Life Orb Users:


Parting Shot:



Shadow Tag:

Arena Trap:


Magnet Pull:




Mixed :

Type Spam:







Checks to type spam:







Sweeper related:

Shell Smash:

Swords Dance:

Bulk Up:

Calm Mind:

Dragon Dance:

Nasty Plot:

Belly Drum:


Speed Boost:






Baton pass:

Swords Dance:


Speed Boost:

Bulk Up:

Nasty Plot:

Calm Mind:


Acid Armor:


Cosmic Power:

Stored Power (recipient):


Priority Users:

Sucker Punch:

Aqua Jet:

Gale Wings:

Mach Punch:


Vacuum Wave:

Shadow Sneak:


Quick Attack:


Fake Out:

Ice Shard:


Abra Checks:

Gastly Checks:

Zigzagoon Checks :

Foongus Checks :

Snivy Checks:

Pawniard Checks:

Fletchling Checks:

Physical Drifloon Checks:

Special Drifloon Checks:

Mienfoo Checks:

Timburr Checks:

Shell Smash Checks:






Ability Immunities:
Volt Absorb:

Flash Fire:


Water Absorb/Storm Drain/Dry Skin:

Lightning Rod/Motor Drive:

Sap Sipper:


Sun Setters:

Rain Setters:

Sand Setters:

Weather Abusers:


Swift Swim:

Sand Rush/Force:

Weather Checks:



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well done big boy & thanks for this useful information.
Hopefully this will help me to learn more about lc and finally help me start this tier

Edit: you forgot baby liepard as a rain setter


What a beautiful face, I have found in this place
squirtle best rapid spinner where is it

Uh put Deerling under Snivy checks.

Great job on this thread =D
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Nice work with this! I enjoy looking at these types of compendiums for teambuilding ideas. I have a few suggestions for additions:
  • Tyrunt could be added to Stealth Rock setters.
  • Shellder could be added to Rapid Spin users.
  • Cranidos and Doduo could be added to Pursuit trappers.
  • Goldeen could be added to Electric checks.
  • Skitty could be added to Cosmic Power users.
  • Definitely add Woobat to Stored Power recipients; Unaware gives it a notable niche.
These mons vary in viability, but I think their niches are distinct enough to list here, so I'll elaborate if needed. That's all I have for now.
This looks great, and cleaned up nicely!

I'd personally like to see a section for Stallbreaking itself, though it may not be that necessary, it'd be great to have. Also, would a section for Momentum moves be appropriate? (i.e a section for dedicated VoltTurn / Memento / Baton Pass teams/mons, would include things like Mienfoo, Cottonee, Stunky, Larvesta, Chinchou etc). Either way I appreciate you being productive so the rest of us can be lazy. Thanks :D!
Add surskit to hazers and bump foongus down a bit, using smog over sludge leads to a bunch of problems that originate from a lack of power.
Honedge and Cranidos has been added as Pursuit Trappers
Goldeen has been added as an Electric Check.
Deerling has been added as a Snivy Check
Skitty has been added as a Cosmic Power Passer.
Woobat has been added as a Stored Power Recipient.
Purrloin has been added as Rain Setter.

Thankyou for the suggestions.
Add surskit to hazers and bump foongus down a bit, using smog over sludge leads to a bunch of problems that originate from a lack of power.
When Foongus uses clear smog, it doesn't necessarily not run sludge bomb. It rather runs both of them, at least in my experience. Maybe in some cases it doesn't, but clear smog is just run as a 4th move.

Also, maybe add a status spreading section for this? So like, thunder wave users, will-o-wisp/flame body users, spore/sleep powder, etc.

And finally, add Blitzle to Snivy checks. 18 speed and sap sipper gives it enough of a niche to use on webs teams as their check to Snivy.
Maybe a tab of Trick Room setters and abusers?

Petilil has Chlorophyll and Healing Wish, it's a pretty decent mon for bringing back Vulpix for more sun or Bellsprout to sweep again.


Celesteela is Life
Can we get Staryu added for Rain setters? It's decently bulky and has the ability to abuse the Rain with STAB Hydro Pump and 100% accuracy Thunders. Not the best setter due to not having Prankster, but still a decent one nonetheless.
Whoops I thought Cherubi had Flower Gift for some reason.

Add Vullaby to the list of Nasty Plot sweepers.

Also Houndour is a good Ghost check with STAB Pursuit and Sucker Punch and burn immunity + it can break subs with Flame Charge.
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Add Ponyta to the physical drifloon checks.
Houndour to the Special drifloon checks.
Taillow to Quick Attack users.
Can we also add a list with Ice shard under the priority users with: Shellder and Snover.
Appart form that it seems nice dude n_n. Happy you got the thread.
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Ice Shard Users added.
Tailow added to Quick Attack Users.
Vullaby added to Nasty Plot users.
Aipom added to Agility pass users.
Ponyta added to Physical Drifloon Checks.
Few more I found notable enough to be listed as checks. Becaue I do value this threads importance.
Lickitung as an Abra check, Lickitung as a Gastly check.
Hippopotas as Pawniard checks. Is it reasonable to put Diglett in that aswell?
Few more I found notable enough to be listed as checks. Becaue I do value this threads importance.
Lickitung as an Abra check, Lickitung as a Gastly check.
Hippopotas as Pawniard checks. Is it reasonable to put Diglett in that aswell?
Only Sashlet or the rare Eviolet (if Pawniard isn't boosted, using sucker punch) can reliably revenge kill pawniard and without LO EQ doesn't OHKO Pawniard from full so you need prior damage. Diglett could have a mention just because it stops pawn switching but other than that it works just as well as any pokemon with sash intact and an SE move.
Remove Fletchling of Drifloon Check.
Fletchling can't switch in after Drifloon lose its BJ and only gets worse if it takes Drifloon's BJ or when Drif burns it.

  • Chinchou as Water Spam.
  • Larvitar in Drifloon Check.
  • Gastly in SpinBlocker. Gastly Sash can enter in Drillbur, can survive EQ and almost kill it with Shadow Ball.
Lickitung has been added Gastly and Abra Check.
Larvitar has been added as Physical Drifloon Check.
Chinchou has been added to Water Spam.

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