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Manaphy's all around stats and access to tail glow paired with custap allows it to in most matchups to click tail glow into endure to get into custap range or surf/hyper beam if you are faster.
Manaphy's reliance on Custap Berry can lead to 50/50s where the opposing pokemon clicks a move that won't put manaphy in custap range or clicking a will-o-wisp or toxic into a move that will kill manaphy as manaphy will not be able to endure as the burn/poison will kill them after endure.


name: Custap Manaphy
move 1: Surf
move 2: Tail Glow
move 3: Endure
move 4: Hyper Beam
item: Custap
ability: Hydration
nature: Modest
evs: 248 HP / 252 SpA / 8 SpD


Set Description


Tail Glow is the highlight of this set as it is used to get Manaphy to +3 and allow it to OHKO many things like Altaria-Mega, Passho Victini, Terrakion, Heatran, Haxorus, Non Special Defensive Mawile, Assault Vest Landorus-Therian, Tyranitar, Genesect with Surf or Hyper Beam. Endure allows Manaphy to get to custap range if the opponent is faster and would 2HKO



248 HP gives it good Physical and Special Bulk as Manaphy 100 speed partnered with Custap Berry allows it to outspeed most things without investment and 8 Spd allows it to make specs genesect get a attack boost from download.

Strategy & Support

In most matchups you should Tail Glow turn 1, if they 2HKO you Click endure into Surf or Hyper beam depending on the mon. In the case of Encore Gardevoir you should click surf or in the case of a pokemon trying to not get manaphy to custap range you should Surf / Hyper Beam.
Dragon Types like Spd Kyurem-Black and Dragonite, and Pokemon like Spd Mawile-Mega, Venusaur, Whismicott, Serperior, Slowbro can in most cases tank a +3 Surf/Hyper Beam and KO Back or make it so Manaphy is unable to hit them with a +3 Surf/ Hyper Beam due to Protect/ Substitute
A Fire Type like Heatran or Mega Charizard X/Y Should beat most threats that Manaphy face except for Dragons which you can pair Manaphy with a fairy to beat Dragonite or Kyurem-Black.


Other Options


A Specs Manaphy with 192 HP/ 112 SpA/ 4 SpD/ 200 Speed with a Modest Nature with Surf, Energy Ball, Icy Wind, Hidden Power Poison should allow it to beat opposing Manaphy with Energy Ball, Dragonite with Icy Wind, and Whismicott with Hidden Power Poison

Checks and Counters


**Bulky Dragons**: Most Dragon Types can 2HKO Manaphy and tank a +3 Hyper Beam as they resist surf, so Pokemon like Kyurem-Black and Dragonite can take on Manaphy

**Grass Types**: Most Grass Types can OHKO or 2HKO Manaphy and tank a +3 Hyper Beam or avoid it with Protect/ Substitute, so Pokemon like Whismicott, Serperior, and Mega Venusaur easily beat Manaphy


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