Official ORAS NU Stage 12 Suspect Voting

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I did not succumb...
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Sceptile: Abstain

I've obviously heard the massive amount of arguments for, and I do agree with a lot of them, but personally when playing with different play-styles I never found it to be as big of an issue as Sawk. Due it only really affecting me though, and how many people do have great arguments against, I decided neither for or against the ban. Sorry for sitting on the fence o.o
OK, we have a majority!

51 ban
11 do not ban
1 abstain

28 people have still not voted, but it doesn't matter!

With the current voters, this is an 82% supermajority, If every remaining voter chooses to vote do not ban, it will be a 56.6% majority. So Sceptile gets banned either way. Thank you for participating in the suspect test, everyone. Hopefully NU will continue to improve in the future! The thread will remain open for the remaining voters to vote for the Tiering Contributor badge, however your vote will no longer have an impact on the result.
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