ORAS NU Tournament - Round 1

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(co-hosted by Lasagne )

ORAS NU Tournament

  • This will be a single elimination, best of 3 tournament.​
  • All games will be played in the current ORAS NU metagame, following all standard clauses.​
  • If you are new to the tier, here are viability rankings, sample teams, and a teambuilding compendium.​
  • Standard tournament rules apply.​

----------means u didnt contact eachother SMH

Rowan VS Killua kun
Tesung VS majaspic22
SOMALIA VS zdrup15
Edwardo M VS Mael
Mega-Swampert VS Zebraiken
Floppy VS Enguarde
Lord Alphose VS Staraptor
jacob VS blunder
Rodrigues VS Sovahkiin ------------
Infamy VS potato14798
GuglioM VS Mack Bus
Pat Labor VS scotti
aim VS Level 56
malefic VS Gelli
Leremyju VS Tricking
Malekith VS Slurmz
Steve Angello VS radianthero156
darkrai147 VS MattyBrollic
dEnIsSsS VS JohnYiu
Nova VS GARDEVOIR!!!!!!!!
El-Soldier VS Kushalos
Fantasy VS Lemonade.
Jefozz VS s_aman
Fireburn VS Sweep
SoulWind VS Bad Ass
Genesis7 VS Robert.
stunner047 VS galbia
HJAD VS Marshall.Law
Final Demolition VS marilli
Bouffalant VS FireMage
Shuckleking87 VS Yogiras
Realistic Waters VS scorpdestroyer
Cherub Agent VS cirlo
Mix VS tennisace
-Clone- VS Cicada
Fran17 VS toshimelonhead
rob. VS FLCL
Blader96 VS Void
DennisEG VS Ranger Helmut
Anttya VS Christo The Gr8
Alf' VS King UU
Red vs Blue VS Conquer Phoenix
BLINGAS VS Finchinator
cbt VS Metaphysical
BanSpecsMachamp VS dramadrama
hollywood VS trc
srk1214 VS Master Sunny-EX
davidTheMaster VS Moony
phil VS ~yoda~
Can-Eh-Dian VS HR.
Feeling The Moment VS ZoroDark
Teddeh VS The Quasar
KJ Corp VS TewMew
Expulso VS blarajan
Karppi VS OO8
Raseri VS Doctor_DraX
Chef Rice VS Brazilian Army
atomicllamas VS BRIGHT LIGHTS
Magis4Life VS Kiyo
iplaytennislol VS candyflip
Draeden VS LiberalLucario
PincherD VS Erick17

If I made any error in the matchups or missed a signup post, please VM me!

If you forgot to signup and want to participate, you can post 'in as a sub' or something similar so that Lasagne and I know who we can sub in over inactive players!

Ox the box
cheek pouch

Deadline for Round 1 will be February 28th at 11:59pm EST. Please contact your opponent! We might sub someone over you if you don't show any activity / didnt reply to your opponent's VM by next week :O

have fun!​
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