ORAS ORAS OU Global Championship 2018: Round 1

I call act w
my opponent miss the schedule twice
the third one does not even show up, you see on my post if you consider an extension necessary
I would like to ask an extension on my game vs taskr.
We were sheduled for yesterday but i had shit to do so could not make the scheduled time and we agreed on postponing for today.
He seems to be inactive today so i would like to ask for an extension to get the game done.
It would be appreciated.

Edit: he gave me the win.
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calling activity vs alfredo_rivero. I posted on his profile the day matches were released, then he eventually ignored my post and just posted on my profile like 4 days later. I responded to that with my availability 2 hours later, then never heard from him again
forgot to post this earlier but heres stage 2 decisions

Activity wins:

Always vs StepC
vs Twixtry
Gaerys vs Spl4sh
Alfredo_Rivero vs Icequake
Huston vs Teclis
So Noisy
vs Lfrs
scottollo vs AquaFinity
vs CyndaKill-SH


Quagmander vs Toxeek
Eternal Spirit vs Altina
Groudon vs Zarakro

Wanted to post stage 1 decisions as well but they got deleted :(.

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