ORAS ORAS OU Global Championship 2018: Round 3

Won vs Yujiiii, gg.
Edit: Won vs my man Sjneider with some hax in an otherwise close game, soory bro.
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fuck a hater bitch
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activity vs yvettee; has been difficult to match up with, asks me to play between 2am-6am, and doesn't reply until hours later when online
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Activity vs Alola Posho, last friday told me we would play after weekend cuz he would be busy and till then he hasnt responded in any message here or on discord.
requesting extension/act vs exiline I forgot about the tour after checking pairings and played set 1 with a friend.im usually used to contacting players but I forgot to contact exiline until someone reminded me about the contact deadline and only posted sunday, which was the first message. he responded on wednesday(after the contact deadline) even though he was on smogon at many points and I saw it once before now but wasnt really free then so I delayed it and im checking now. ofc id like to play so an extension will be appreciated but if not I think I have grounds for act if not an extension.


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We were schduled to play 9:30pm GMT+8 today, but my opp Algeria missed the game and i have waited for 50 minutes :(
I may try to reschdule if possible.

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