Tournaments ORAS OU Invitational - MAIN EVENT - Round 4 (Winners & Losers)


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Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever ORAS OU Invitational! This time I will be your host. The purpose of all of this is to essentially gather some of the best ORAS OU players of the past and modern ORAS to duke it out and show all of us their amazing skill and why they are rennounced as the greatest. Of course this isnt happening just to take each player precious time, as a matter of appreciation and a natural incentive this event will have a prize pool of $574!

Now it is time for the main event! So Noisy and Vulpix03 have fought extremely well to earn their place into the last 2 spots for the main event and now we are ready roll. 32 legends of the game are ready to duke it out and show the greatness of the ORAS OU metagame in motion!! The list of players is simply outstanding all around, with each matchup looking like a damn good highlight! Lets get to it!

Our tournament rules!
- This is a standard ORAS OU tournament.
- This tournament will be Double Elimination. 32 players, 10 Rounds. Both the Main Event and Play-ins are invite-only.
- All matches are ORAS OU bo3 until Round 8 (top 4), at which point all subsequent matches are bo5.
- Replays are mandatory for all games at every stage of both tournaments.
- Extensions are only given in exceptional cases and need to be applied beforehand. The hosts may refuse any extension request.
- All games must be played on the Smogon Tournaments Pokemon Showdown! server (
- Play-ins will be a Best of Three Single Elimination 16-person bracket where the top two participants will qualify for the main event.
- Do not cheat. The hosts reserve the right to disqualify anyone breaking this rule.
- Do not harass or insult your opponents, spectators, or staff. The hosts reserve the right to disqualify anyone breaking this rule.
- The main event will take over 2 months to complete. This is a hefty time and effort commitment. Make sure you can commit to playing the entire tournament until the end before accepting the invitation.
- This is a serious, competitive, invite-only ORAS OU Tournament with hundreds of dollars on the line. Effort, serious teams and Pokemon, and not forfeiting games/sets for no valid reason are expected of all players. We reserve the right to disqualify anyone from breaking this rule.

Schedule of the whole event!
September 4th - Main Event Invitations
September 11th - Play-In Invitations
September 18th - Qualifiers Round 1
September 25th - Qualifiers Round 2
October 2nd - Qualifiers Round 3
October 9th - Main Event Round 1
October 16th - Main Event Round 2
October 23rd - Main Event Round 3 (Loser's Only)
October 30th - Main Event Round 4
November 6th - Main Event Round 5 (Loser's Only)
November 13th - Main Event Round 6
November 20th - Main Event Round 7 (Loser's Only)
November 27th - Main Event Round 8 (Winner's Finals)
December 4th - Main Event Round 9 (Loser's Finals)
December 11th - Main Event Round 10 (Grand Finals)

We are on Round 4, lets fucking go, has been a really fun event to spectate thanks to you all!

Winners Bracket:

pj vs. Spl4sh
blunder vs. xray
Raptor vs. Tricking
erz vs. Star

Losers (no mean way) Bracket:

Santu vs. Pohjis
Finchinator vs. CrashinBoomBang
jonfilch vs. Empo
MichaelderBeste2 vs. Ayaka

pj vs Spl4sh
blunder vs xray
Raptor vs Tricking
erz vs Star

Santu vs Pohjis
Finchinator vs CrashinBoomBang
jonfilch vs Empo
MichaelderBeste 2 vs (Ayaka vs Lusa)

This round will end on November 6th at 11:59 PM GMT -5. Have fun everybody!
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lemme give u some fire 2am predicts (my opinion, 0 educated guesses)
pj vs Spl4sh - both r nice at the game, but imo spl4sh is winning it.
blunder vs xray - both r very powerful players and will put on a hella nice set to watch. i feel like xray is favored, but lookin at how blunder has been doing this tour, its hard to say.
Raptor vs Tricking - think raptor is winning this one
erz vs Star - again, both super good players. Might be a close set but honestly i think erz will find a way to pull through.

Santu vs Pohjis - ion really know abt this one. Evenly matched players and both seem like they can hold their ground. However, i think pohjis will win (gut decision).
Finchinator vs CrashinBoomBang - :goat:
jonfilch vs Empo - i think empo wins this, but both are amazing oras players so who knows
MichaelderBeste 2 vs (Ayaka vs Lusa) - will come back to this

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