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The idea of this thread is to provide a visual list of what Pokémon does what in the ORAS OU metagame. This will help new and experienced players alike in finding Pokémon that fit their teams when looking for specific roles, as well as help players build more diverse teams by not always using the same Pokémon to fill the same role. Each Pokemon that are on here are on here based on their viability in the OU metagame and their performance of generic or specific (niche, if you will) roles that benefit your team. If you feel there is a Pokemon viable for the roles mentioned below and it hasn't been added to the group, recommend it in your post.

For those who do not understand what the terminology such as Wallbreaker and Pivot mean:

Rules and all that good stuff:
  • One liners are fine here, avoid double posting as per usual
  • Don't shitpost, don't flame, and don't be an idiot.
  • When suggesting things to be added / removed, provide decent reasoning as to why something should be added or removed.
  • Don't nominate unviable mons, use the OU VR as a guideline for what's viable. Basically consider everything above C rank as viable, some exceptions have been made to this though.
Mega Pokemon:





Physically Defensive:

Specially Defensive:





Heal Bell / Aromatherapy:

Healing Wish:

Spikes Users

Toxic Spikes Users:

Stealth Rock Users:

Suicide Leads:

Hazard Removal:
(Rapid Spin)

Choice Users:
Choice Scarf:

Choice Band:

Choice Specs:

(Sucker Punch)
(Aqua Jet)
(Mach Punch)
(Quick Attack)
(Extreme Speed)
(Ice Shard)
(Fake Out)
(Bullet Punch)
(Gale Wings)
(Vacuum Wave)
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Trappers (Pursuit, Magnet Pull, etc.):

Setup Sweepers / Passers:
Swords Dance:

Dragon Dance:

Calm Mind:

Nasty Plot:

Rock Polish / Agility:

Other Set Up:
(Belly Drum)
(Tail Glow)
(Bulk Up)
(Quiver Dance)
(Power-up Punch)
(Work Up)
(Cotton Guard)
(Speed Boost)
(Salac Berry)

Rain Setters:

Rain Abusers:

Sand Setters:

Sand Abusers:
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Could somebody post a link for the Mega minisprites? I don't know where people get the Mega ones since they're not on Serebii and the only one I need is Abomasnow.

done all this and zapdos was still left there from before, I haven't touched offensive pivots yet.

Ludicolo got removed from D rank in the VR thread, so I don't think I'm gonna put it on .
Ferro is one of the best SR setters for rain and it loses its 4x weakness in Rain so it works fairly well with the playstyle.

Yes I was gonna put MLatias, but I forgot and I'll add Slowbro.

Just copy them from the VR thread
Chesnaught should go under other setup (Belly Drum+Sub+Salac Berry).
Mega Altaria should go under agility/Rock Polish (The Agilty set is a very potent cleaner).
Toxicroak should go under Sword Dance and Priority.


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Please add normal Metagross to Trappers, as Pursuit is a decent option for the AV set to trap Latis.

I know Slowking has Nasty Plot, but can it viably run it? It just seems way too slow to me unless you're using it in Trick Room. Please.

I think we should have sections for users of Assault Vest and Volt Switch/U-Turn. Please.

Agreeing with Guidorealmsmc on removing Smeagle from Suicide Leads; there are way too many ways to take advantage of it and it's only viable because of GeoPass. Please.

Please add Ludicolo to Rain abusers and maybe remove Toxicroak. Getting passive healing from Dry Skin is more of a bonus than abuse since you can't capitalize on it like last Gen.

Please add Forretress to Rapid Spin users.
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Your defensive pivot section is mostly momentum killing walls so idk if you want to make a wall category bc blissey and p2 and mola cress are more suited there. add TornT to defensive pivot.

add aero as a suicide lead. It beats azelf leads and has a few niche moves like tailwind, ice Fang, fire blast to get free hits on a few unsuspecting mons. Also add custap forretress.

Serp can be a wall breaker and "other" booster

Diggersby is a decent spiker. Beedrill can tspike (used over KO or still run) to wear down some of its checks like hippo or fat chomp
So I found some out of place things:

  • Remove crawdaunt from dragon dance, it's just too slow to use It.
  • Add haxorus to swords dance, wallbreakers and dragon dance, dragon dance isn't that bad.
  • Mega audino isn't viable.
  • Mega banette is on the viability rankings add it to mega pokemon and priority.
  • Add feraligatr to priority.


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Just a few things lol:

Err... please add Mega Ampharos to defensive pivots, its spdef set with Volt Switch is pretty legit.
Kek please add Bisharp to Choice Scarf users, Scarf Bisharp is ranked B+ on the sets VR thread so obviously it exists.
Gdi please add Mega Pidgeot to other set-up, it uses Work Up to stallbreak and wallbreak.
Rofl please add Weavile to Swords Dance users, and maybe Infernape as well?
Infernape could probably be in wallbreakers as well. Please remove Crawdaunt from Dragon Dance, it's garbage at that.

did i do it right AM?
Please remove Crawdaunt from Dragon Dance, it's garbage at that.
I mean, it's not the worst of DDers come on. If you can have Forretress on there as an SR Setter I don't see why Crawdaunt can't be on there. It's seen some high level play like in OLT(Bloo used it vs Tele iirc), obviously it does have some advantages of using it over SD so yeah, it's fine there.

In wall breakers, I think stuff like Latios and Latias should be added coz they break so many walls at +1. I don't know about adding the megas but you can definitely add these two.

Also, add M-Gyarados to DDers
Some suggestions:

Can you please add Tyrantrum in Rock Polish / Agility (it's not its best option, but so is MegaGross')?
" " " " " " " Hydreigon in Choice Scarf users?
" " " " " " " Stoutland in Sand Abusers (I'd understand if you refuse to)?

And finally, can you please add Emboar (Sucker Punch), Toxicroak (Sucker Punch), Kabutops (Aqua Jet), Feraligatr (Aqua Jet) and Zygarde (Extreme Speed) in Priority (and maybe Terrakion (Quick Attack), Staraptor (Quick Attack), M-Gallade (Shadow Sneak), M-Banette (Shadow Sneak), M-Glalie (Ice Shard), Cloyster (Ice Shard), Mienshao (Fake Out) and Gourgeist-XL (Shadow Sneak) as well?)?
Please add Garchomp and Staraptor to Choice Scarf users, while they are uncommon, CS sets are still effective for both of them.
I suggest you please add Infernape to Priority users. Mach Punch hits a lot of threatening mons like Weavile and Bisharp plus can revenge kill weakened sweepers like M-Gyarados.
Please add Thundurus-Therian to Offensive Pivots, the Choiced set for it (the one that carries VS) is a cool pivot with it's good strength.

Also, question, why is Mega Beedrill in Toxic Spikes users? It looks a little... well, I would never use Mega Bee to set spikes. Speaking of Mega Bee, Mega Beedrill to Offensive Pivots please.


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Maybe add this
  • as Wallbreaker Bisharp SD, Mega Houndoom Taunt + Nasty Plot, Sylveon Specs and Breloom SD Poison Heal
  • Breloom SD Poison Heal can be too a Stallbreaker
  • Dragalge as a Toxic Spikes Setter
  • Suicuide Lead Sash SR Bisharp, Excadrill and Galvantul Sash Sticky Web
  • as Hazard Remover Togekiss Defog and Kabutops Rapid Spin
  • Sword Dance Beedrill-Mega, Doublade
  • Calm Mind Reuniclus, Slowking
  • Other Set Up Slurpuff Belly Drum, Snorlax Curse, Victini PuPSub
  • Raikou as a Rain Abuser
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Please add Thundurus-Therian to Offensive Pivots, the Choiced set for it (the one that carries VS) is a cool pivot with it's good strength.

Also, question, why is Mega Beedrill in Toxic Spikes users? It looks a little... well, I would never use Mega Bee to set spikes. Speaking of Mega Bee, Mega Beedrill to Offensive Pivots please.
Read Exeggutives post on MBee, it sounds like a good idea in theory, but I don't know if its actually any good in practice, but I added it for now. I still need to do up Pivots and add stuff for Clerics, Walls and stuff which I'll get around to over the next few days.
I do not see Mega Venusaur in Defensive or offensive pivots. Personally, I think it suits both rolls pretty well (offensive spread with hp fire or defensive spread with sleep powder)
Please remove honchkrow from pursuit trappers as the main reason to use it as a wallbreaker that gets past typical birdspam answers but add it to wallbreakers, and maybe other setup(would moxie be considered other setup)?

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