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Hello! This thread is here to archive teams from the ORAS OU metagame and showcase popular playstyles and archetypes of the current metagame. Its aim is to help beginners and intermediate level players to get acclimated to the tier, or simply to help anyone in need of a solid team to play.

The tier is in constant shift, so if you have suggestions for teams to be excluded/included, don't hesitate to post in this thread.

I also wrote a basic overview of the team styles and some key notes on how they should be played for the Hyper Offense and Stall sections. The humble section is too varied for that, maybe we'll add an overview for each particular team in the future, but that's not really the scope of a Sample thread.

Without further ado:

:Shuckle: Hyper offense :Serperior:
The current paradigm for the tier is fast paced teams with suicide leads that ensure the early hazard game develops in your favor and set up mons that compliment each other well to break past the opposing team and sweep, either assisted by Sticky Webs to allow slower threats like Mega-Scizor and Bisharp to beat their faster checks or through Screens to buy relatively frail but strong sweepers like Volcarona and Altaria the turns needed to set-up. This type of team is especially hard to prepare for due to the sheer versatility of threats they can employ, but also quite risky to use, as games will be very short and your Pokémon have very limited longevity, any wasted turns will be a big deal.
The playstyle for these teams is relatively straightforward. Unless you have a good reason not to, lead with your suicide hazard setter and get 'em up, then send out the heavy hitter most suitable for the current turn, in the case of Webs, and remember that keeping your hazards up will be paramount in most matchups. In the case of Screens, you'll often first want to set up the Screens before sending in your most suitable set up sweeper. This style cares more about keeping rocks off of its own field than guaranteeing they stay up on the opponent's, so play aggressively to that end. Towards the late game, a Healing Wish may help to revitalize the offense.
Cloyster Hyper Offense (by ABR)
:aerodactyl: :cloyster: :scizor-mega: :weavile: :volcarona: :thundurus-therian:

Spanish Webs (by Spaniards)
:Shuckle: :Scizor-mega: :Azumarill: :hoopa: :thundurus: :bisharp:

Tyranitar Screens (by xray, Garay oak and London Beats)
:landorus-therian: :latias: :serperior: :volcarona: :tyranitar-mega: :excadrill:

Altaria Screens (by Sjneider)
:landorus-therian: :latias: :serperior: :volcarona: :manaphy: :altaria-mega:

:chansey: Stall :quagsire:
On the other end of the spectrum we have Stall teams, which are dedicated not so much to winning as to stifling all routes your opponent has of making progress, slowly but surely suffocating them and making them forfeit after 150 turns of switching and softboiling. Riveting. The style is characterized by the presence of strong hazard control to prevent opposing hazards from staying up, as stall teams rely a lot on switching around, and would quickly get worn down by a skilled opponents if they're allowed to stay up. Almost as important are your own hazard setters, the game will last very long so you will benefit greatly from having them up to wear down your opponent's threats. Another hallmark of the stall team is the presence of a Pokémon with the ability Unaware, to prevent common set up sweepers from getting out of hand and the pink blob Chansey, which single-eggedly handles almost all special attackers in the tier. Always remember that just because it isn't the main focus, it doesn't mean stall teams can't have win conditions of their own that don't rely on the opponent admitting defeat, but you shouldn't let the temptation of winning faster distract you from your true goal, which is to not lose, though damaging the opponent's team with these win conditions will obviously make it harder in turn for them to threaten you.
The playstyle for this type of team is also relatively simple, though mistakes may be more likely when piloting these teams due to the longer nature of its games. Your main concerns will be to keep hazards off of your side of the field at all times, and effectively manage the opponent's threats. You will generally simply play safe and switch in your counter to the Pokémon the opponent has out in any given turn, and given the type of team you're using you'll often have a counter or at least solid check to most things. With stall, more than with any other type of team, being smart about which mons to sacrifice and when is important. If the opponent has a Pokémon capable of dismantling you, or if they are increasingly generating chip damage through volt-turning or smart doubles, more aggressive play might be necessary. Though it sounds paradoxical, the old proverb goes that there is nothing scarier than a stall team played aggressively.
Mega-Altaria Stall (by Trosko)
:chansey: :altaria-mega: :quagsire: :magnezone: :suicune: :zapdos:

Mega-Scizor Stall (by Italians)
:chansey: :scizor-mega: :clefable: :slowbro: :gastrodon: :zapdos:

:Clefable: Humble :metagross-mega:
Finally we have the humble team, the term humble here being defined as anything that isn't hyper offense or stall (or other, less viable gimmicks like weather), which as you can imagine paints a rather vast picture. It's impossible to give a breakdown on what characterizes humble teams since almost every ORAS team falls under the umbrella, so instead i'll just say if you're learning the tier i'd recommend starting by using these as opposed to hyper offense or stall, that'll give you a better idea of how ORAS feels and plays, you can move to the cheesier stuff after you have the bases covered.
How you play this type of team will depend on the matchup, if your opponent is using stall you'll want to be on the offensive and make aggressive plays to break through their core, if your opponent is using hyper offense you'll want to hunker down and weather the storm, because they'll be vulnerable after they blow their load. If playing another humble team you'll have to figure out whether you're the aggressor or the defender (and these roles will be exchanged over the course of the game) on a case by case basis, your gameplan will vary from game to game, so the best way to figure out how to use these teams is to, well, use them.
Lopunny Hazard Stack (by fade)
:lopunny-mega: :cofagrigus: :heatran: :skarmory: :clefable: :gastrodon:

Scarf Volcanion Sand (by cbb)
:tyranitar-mega: :excadrill: :volcanion: :serperior: :zapdos: :clefable:

Alakazam Spikestack (by fade)
:alakazam-mega: :rotom-wash: :heatran: :ferrothorn: :gliscor: :clefable:

Gallade Weavile Bulky Offense (by xray)
:weavile: :zapdos: :gallade-mega: :volcanion: :clefable: :excadrill:

Charizard-Y Serperior Bulky Offense (by xray)
:charizard-mega-y: :slowbro: :weavile: :serperior: :heatran: :excadrill:

Metagross Serperior Bulky Offense (by Persephone, Amir and Seasons)
:metagross-mega: :serperior: :volcanion: :tornadus-therian: :excadrill: :rotom-wash:

Diancie Weavile T-Spikes (by Seasons)
:diancie-mega: :weavile: :cofagrigus: :excadrill: :volcanion: :tornadus-therian:

Medicham Manaphy Bulky Offense (by fade)
:medicham-mega: :manaphy: :rotom-wash: :tornadus-therian: :clefable: :excadrill:

There are a few techs in these teams that might be confusing to new players, so i'll attempt to explain the more esoteric sets here.

Cloyster Hyper Offense:
:aerodactyl: The EV-spread on this Aerodactyl means it is not KO'd by Mega Lopunny's Fake Out into High Jump Kick combo, allowing it to efficiently check it at the lead matchup and get up Stealth Rock

Tyranitar Screens:
:tyranitar-mega: Brick Break on Tyranitar serves the purpose of fighting coverage, and as a tech against opposing screens
:latias: Safeguard on Latias can be used instead of (or in addition to) screens when you need to set up on the face of something that runs a status move

Scarf Volcanion Sand:
:tyranitar-mega: Focus Punch on Mega Tyranitar allows it to beat Skarmory, or severely hinder its usefulness throughout a game, as the combination of Crunch into Focus Punch on Roost will KO Skarmory.
:serperior: Rest + Chesto Berry essentially gives Serperior a second life to sweep the opposing team after its checks have been taken care of, significantly chipped, or even paralyzed by Serperior in the early game. The possibility of healing Serperior to full HP in the middle of the battle allows it to be played more aggressively early on, as long as you don't let it take a Knock Off, or allow it to get KO'd.

Alakazam Spikestack:
:gliscor: Jolly Taunt Gliscor is very efficient at breaking bulkier, slower teams, as it has the ability to remove Leftovers via Knock Off, and prevent Pokémon that are slower than itself from healing via recovery moves.

Gallade Weavile Bulky Offense:
:gallade-mega: The HP on Gallade means it tanks even standard Life Orb Clefable's Moonblast, allowing it to (theoretically) get a Swords Dance off, if the Clefable is low enough to beat it at +2. The bulk also allows it to better take on threats like Weavile, since it doesn't have to fear a flinch from Icicle Crash.

Now you have no excuse, so go out there and enjoy ORAS :blobthumbsup:(until you face screens that is)

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This is my favourite Mega Medicham team in the current meta https://pokepast.es/b13e1a0d3ac84caf


Medicham is if not the best one of the best 3 megas currently owing to its good matchup versus both hard offense or fat balance. Its double priority provides alot of utility against screens or webs teams and its insane stab attacks are all it needs to break almost everything with v few exceptions. This team is not your standard oldschool way of using Medicham with voltturn get medi in and click buttons. Instead its making use of medicham as a tool that can break everything with the help of the utility the rest of the pokes provide in forms of Will o Wisp. Knockoff, Spikes Roar, Twave status and Iron Barbs damage. You are meant to make double switches and play aggresively to get the Medicham in when the requirements for getting a kill everytime it gets in are made. Its one of the few ways u can make Medicham work well with Spikes because its using a unique and very consistent way of dealing with all the CM annoying mons that pressure medicham otherwise, CM Roar Suicune. With or without Spikes Suicune is a really good way of stopping Clefables from boosting to heaven, Slowbros, Mega Latias aswell as absorbing the status all these mons can go for versus it. The reason Roar cune is the best set is very similar to what medicham does, its an incredible tool versus Hyper offense aswell as Balance which is key currently in the meta to often have good matchups in this very MU based tier (in my opinion atleast). You are able to destroy hard balance teams with Spikes + CM roar cune and versus offense its a deadly tool against the plethora of Talonflames, Volcarona, Thundurus aswell as the setup opportunities these offensive teams attempt to do.
Its a very consistent build with solid resistances even against the most threatning pokemons in the tier like Volcarona, Keldeo, Bisharp, Diancie and more which is impressive for a team that literally makes use of 5 pokemons to defend as medi provides nothing other than a 1 time fighting resist which rarely helps. It has alot more longevity than the standard medicham teams cuz they lack many of these options like Regenerator, passive healing, Recover, Status absorbtion and more this team has. Colbur Twave lati helps vs slow threats like Clef and Slowbro making it easier to break but also fast threats that normally annoy Medicham Scarf Tyranitar, Lopunny, Weavile and more. To summarise this is a Medicham team that aims to be good versus both Hard offense and Balance, with Longevity and good Matchup versus most if not all top tier threats which is why i find it more reliable and consistent than other medicham teams atm. A unique and revolutionary way of building with Medicham, its my favourite medicham team atm and im a person who has been using this pokemon every game, every opportunity i get for years. Im posting it cuz again i think its a reliable and consistent build that would fit well the new samples.


europe.png greece3.png QC-Splash-small.gif medicham.png
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I have noticed there is a major lack of hydreigon among the sample teams, lets change that.

Click image for team.

As many know, Mega-Metagross + Hydreigon threatens most if not all of the metagame on its own barring a few very specific mu's such as screens, and bulky waters. There's a few ways to go about it, such as either Talonflame, or in this case taunt Tornadus-Therian. Taunt Torn-T is something that does require additional support to stave off special threats like Latios and Keldeo. Enter, Jellicant + Heatran. These two alone stave off a lot of the metagame defensively, being able to handle opposing bulky waters, be annoying to bulky grounds, eat dracos, and handle fighting types. Jellicent also serves an important role in being your weavile check to be able to cripple it with wisp. As for the bulky waters, specifically the likes of Manaphy, it entirely depends on your ability to chip it and get it into Draco Bomb range. Landorus-Therian does just that, getting manaphy into range and provides secondary speed control/a secondary rocker that can scare Excadrill out.

This is a very rough summary overall of the team explaining its composition to help someone get a general sense of how you're going to go about using it. The things you want to keep in mind is this team is not necessarily beginner friendly, but will teach you how to be aggressive, it requires a lot of getting up in the opp's face and making doubles to scare out spikes as they can wear out not only your Jelli-Tran core, but also your M-Gross, so getting Heatran in whenever you know a spiker is going to try and come in is crucial. As well as bulky waters, Jellicent can deal with them barring Manaphy and Washtom, both of which Hydreigon can DracoBomb into oblivion. All in all, very solid team that performs well against the current metagame, not the most beginner friendly team, but the most rewarding team once you learn its pacing of how aggressive you want to be.
Well at someone's *cough*Ithi*cough* prodding I guess I'm submitting this one. CM MLatias Balance


CM Latias is a terror for certain fatter teams, but comes with certain downsides that the rest of the team needs to be able to alleviate. Firstly there is the coverage issue, Sub or Refresh tend to be very valuable to avoid status. Psychic and Dragon both face immunites and both are resisted by the common steel types, so partners that punish Steel and either Dark or Fairy types are crucial. Having opted for Stored Power that means covering Darks, something that specs Keld does a respectable job at along with threatening many Steels. Secondly there is the issue of CM Latias being somewhat useless against HO since it really isn't that strong without multiple boosts. Talonflame has a good matchup against most HO thanks to Gale Wings being amazing, and the EV spread allows it to live 2 Banded Knock Offs from Weavile allowing it to assist against a previously mentioned issue, while outrunning Jolly Landorus T.

With that core in place, the rest of the team is just about facilitating that core and covering key threats. Having Talonflame means i need hazard removal, so Excadrill became an obvious choice. The EVs let it take 2 fully powered LO Latios Dracos from full, while getting over 90% odds to 2hko max max bold Clefable. The last two slots have been experimented with a fair amount, and Gliscor and Ferrothorn I found to be the best combination for threat coverage and team support. On top of being able to check many threatening mons Ferrothorn provides a lot of useful residual damage with Leech Seed and Spikes, which is valuable for a team with only 1 immediate threat in Keldeo. Gliscor on the other hand leverages its great typing and ability to provide more direct damage with Swords Dance boosted Earthquakes and Facades.

I'm aware this got pretty RMTy but I just kinda wanted to document what each member does for the team, rather than just leave a team with no context. Thank you for wading through my ramblings, and enjoy the team.
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Sample teams have just been updated to better represent the current state of the ORAS OU metagame! I am also looking to provide additional information for some of the samples, to better help new players when they pick up a team. I'll make another post when that information has been added. For now, enjoy the teams and feel free to reach out to me with questions/suggestions!

Edit: I've also just updated the tech compendium with some information, this is likely where I'll add the information mentioned above when I get to it.
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