Gen 6 ORAS OU Sets Viability Rankings V5


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It has been brought to my attention that this is still on there... for some reason...

Defog Mega Scizor-->Unranked
This set is so bad and if you genuinely find yourself needing it on your team it really says a lot about the build. As if it being grounded (and thus making it susceptible to Spikes) isn't enough (this isn't completely horrible, but it doesn't exactly help its case), the fact that running this horseshit requires you sacrificing your only means of obtaining offensive presence (SD) in order to retain everything Scizor needs to make a fully defensive set work (BP for a STAB that doesn't switch you out/allows you to pick weakened stuff off; U-turn to not be a complete momentum sap; Roost so that you can stay healthy). It just loses all of its field presence for a Defogger that isn't even good at its job, considering it's slow, overly reliant on Roost without being threatening back and a number of other issues with the set that I shouldn't need to mention. The final nail in it's coffin comes from the fact that it takes up a mega slot, which really sucks considering the fact that Defog is commonly something which other megas actively appreciate, meaning that you can't run this alongside them. This set just sucks and I'm probably not even listing the most "correct" reasoning (for lack of a better word) for why at this point as there are so many glaring issues with the set that I'm sure anyone who is competent at this game should know in the back of their head whether they directly realise it or not.


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Damn these ranks need to be cleaned up.
  • RestTalk Keldeo should be dropped down like two ranks or just completely. No one is really using that set anymore because the meta is much more prepared for Bisharp and Weavile in general, whereas back then people were hurting for answers. Calm Mind is definitely better.
  • Don't drop Life Orb Clef, it's still a cool set that catches a lot of people off guard because of its insane coverage. Calm Mind Life Orb is actually kind of cool too because you can beat Chansey 1v1 without the need of Stored Power and in all honesty I think you just 6-0 stall in general unless it's packing Unaware Clef or Screech Duggy.
  • Landorus-T is S rank now, and I think Defensive Rocks and Scarf are definitely S material. Offensive Rocks is VERY close, but I think it fits in A+ better, as does Double Dance.
  • Latios should have a Choice Specs set separate from LO set IMO because both aren't really the same. The Specs set fits better on more offensive builds as a hole puncher, while Life Orb tends to fit better on bulky offense as a more consistent Keldeo and Rotom-W check. Both also carry different moves; Specs usually carries something like Trick or an all attacks set, while Life Orb almost always runs Roost and or Defog for more support. I'd keep Life Orb in A+ and make Specs A.
  • I don't think Defog Mega Scizor should be dropped completely even though it's pretty bad and really niche, but it's still a viable set and fits okay on some fat builds that have no where else to put hazard removal. I'd rather just move it down a rank or two.
  • Mega Medicham and Mega Lopunny are both A+ now.
  • Azumarill is A- now. As for its sets, CB and Belly Drum are both good sets that help it maintain its rank, but Assault Vest is just not that great at the moment because most people are using AV Torn-T as their Keldeo switch-in. It just gets worn down way too easily and is very prone to status. B+ seems fine for it.
  • Choice Scarf Excadrill should be A- at the VERY least IMO, it's a great set right now and that's been proven through OLT, tbh I think it's one of the better Scarfers in the tier.
  • Tank Chomp is not on par with its offensive sets at all, and it needs to drop. Tank Chomp was huge when Talon was a lot more common and before things like Mega Meta were running Ice Punch, but the meta is a lot more prepared for it and most of the things it's designed to check carry Ice coverage. I'd put it in A-, because while it's not that amazing it still has decent utility because it's nice on teams that absolutely despise shit like Lopunny and Bish.
  • Is Calm Mind Sableye still a thing? I'd honestly just drop it, no one really uses Mega Sableye outside of stall or VERY fat teams, and those teams normally carry more consistent win cons because they benefit so much more from Sableye's utility. Besides why would you want a win con that loses so hard to Clef and lets other wallbreakers set up on you.
  • Jirachi is A rank, keep Scarf and SpD the same rank, and I think Sub Toxic should be B+ it's a decent set.
  • Mega Heracross is in A now.
  • Add a Calm Mind set to Mega Latias and make it A- rank as well.
  • Okay seriously why the fuck is Scarf Zone still higher than Specs? Scarf Zone is complete ass and the only reason you'd ever use it over Scarf Magneton is for the extra bulk, because the extra special attack doesn't come into play as much as the Speed. Drop it please, it's so bad and Zone is only B+ because of the Specs set.
  • Add the VinCune set to Suicune, and give it the same rank as Calm Mind because it's pretty good.
  • Raise Crawdaunt to B+ and separate the physical wallbreaker set into Choice Band and Swords Dance; CB is better at hole punching while SD is a more consistent stallbreaker and late game cleaner. Both should be B+ too.
  • Add Choice Specs to Hydreigon because that is easily its best set atm. It's probably going to be bumped up a rank or two in the near future so be prepared for that.
I'll add anything else later if I think about it. Tagging urban
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