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Team 5 nearly won my vote if it was Scarf Magnezone instead of Specs. Team 4 looks alright at first but could do to some changes, as I am not so keen on that Careful Sand Rush Excadrill. So my vote will be going towards team number 3. Very cool way to use CB ttar living the mega metagross meteor mash, I like how the team has good speed control, but as for a tip I would opt for SpD Clefable to improve the MU vs likes of Diancie, Keldeo and Mega Alakazam since you have Cofagrigus which can handle Lopunny and Medicham very well and you have answers to Weavile with Rotom-Wash and revenge killing options with Excadrill. Good team and good creativity Azure_Crystal


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After doing it came pretty close, but this time Team 3 by Azure_Crystal has won this round! Congratulations, will be added to the hall of fame at some point in time!

Lets keep the party going, shall we?

Round 8


Potent wallbreaker that can really be a pain to check, and with many people thinking it is absolutely busted, yet isnt exactly the most common thread seen everywhere. Too much serp and torn perhaps? This round will consist of building a team with it!

This round will last until February 26th at 11:59 PM GMT -5.

It's pretty convenient for me that Manaphy was chosen, since I had been working on a Manaphy team the day before. I fought against
this team on ladder yesterday, and Manaphy and Azumarill seemed really threatening as an offensive core. However, I noticed a lot of problems with the team, like it's matchup into Mega-Diancie teams, as well as how it got murdered by Mega-Alakazam. I figured that with 2 such high octane mons, it was going to be hard to create a standard offense team without running into major defensive issues, so I decided that that core was probably better suited to HO, and that was the starting point of my team. I also hate Manaphy with a passion, so channeling that hate into an archetype I hate with a passion was a little bit therapeutic.

Manaphy Azumarill Hyper Offense

Manaphy was the Teambuilding prompt, so I started off with that. Salac is a lot scarier than lefties on HO, since it turns the middling speed tier, especially if modest, into an enormous threat. The HP guarantees living max special attack timid Serperior Leaf Storm, and is a 3HKO under Light Screen. 232 is the most you should really need on salac manaphy if your running screens, as it outspeeds Mega-Alakazam at plus one speed.

Azumarill was the partner I added next, inspired by the ladder team shown above. It's really hard for a lot of common teams to check Manaphy, since they often have to rely on offensive pressure from stuff like Serperior and Rotom-Wash, and if you can abuse those holes with one of your water's the other is prone to clean up. I don't have much to say about the actual Azumarill set, it's the standard sample set.

Volcarona is another pokemon that loves screens and rips through unprepared teams. It's also a pokemon Ithi hates as much as I hate Manaphy. I didn't really feel a need for Giga Drain here, since the other members make it really hard for stuff like Rotom-W and Tyranitar to do their job, and if you run into them, Volcarona can still just sweep once their dead, as the opponent will probably end up using them as sacs. Hp Ground is really good into Heatran and hits Volcanion harder than Giga Drain.

Uxie is a very uncommon mon, even on HO, since a lot of the time you would rather be using something like Azelf. I remember seeing a replay of CBB using it, and thought it could have a place on this team. Memento is really good to gain momentum, and is valued more than explosion on this team. It naturally outspeeds most rockers and denies them from setting up hazards really well. Mental Herb to allow it to not get completely shut down by Taunt, and U-Turn as the attack to allow it to gain momentum if you don't want to sack it just yet. Max HP, enough defense to live CB Weavile Knock Off, and the rest pumped into Spdef

Talking about Serperior this late is kind of misleading, since it was basically mandated on this team from the beginning. Not much to say, the best screens setter in ORAS.

At this point I still had a mega slot left, and the most logical choice seemed to be Altaria. Again, not much to say, the best Mega on ORAS HO, and can be a status absorber before it Mega Evolves.

The Team definitely isn't perfect, the lack of ground does hurt, but I couldn't justify Zygarde or Landorus on the team, and there could probably be some more optimization of Altaria's EV's, but I'm generally happy with the team. Feel free to change the nicknames, made them in literally less than 5 minutes, not my best work.


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Rocky Helmet Manaphy Screens Offense
Click for import -->

Hello, I would like to introduce you to the Magic of Rocky Helmet Manaphy, it has an interesting niche, chipping stuff like Mega Lopunny and Dragonite, any chip to Lopunny is good news for offense as that's one less threat to think about, as for Dragonite same situation as lopunny, big threat to offense, well with this EV spread you can tank the Outrage after a DD, break their multiscale with the rocky helmet and knock it out with ice beam.

I opted for Screens because I wanted to support the Manaphy and I see it as the best archetype in the metagame when using Manaphy, Lead Landorus-T was chosen with Imprison to negate hazards going up on my side of the field along with Taunt Serp to ensure they are off whenever possible as well as Taunt Defog pokemon such as Zapdos, Latias. I originally had a bulky Thundurus-T here but there has been a slight rise in Keldeo usage so I opted for Thundurus-Incarnate instead. Bisharp fits the core as it further punishes Defog and it's an amazing breaker with appreciates a chipped Lopunny, and does match well vs multiple types of teams in the metagame right now. Finally, the Mega of choice can be changed according to the player's preference, I went with Mega Scizor as it synergises well with Serp, thundurus-I, and Bisharp, it provides me a 2nd form of priority and helps with the MU vs Alakazam builds.

+1 252+ Atk Dragonite Outrage vs. 200 HP / 16 Def Manaphy: 324-382 (82.8 - 97.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
+2 252+ Atk Black Glasses Bisharp Sucker Punch vs. 200 HP / 16 Def Manaphy: 330-388 (84.3 - 99.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252 SpA Serperior Leaf Storm vs. 200 HP / 16 SpD Manaphy: 288-342 (73.6 - 87.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock
Crawdaunt + Manaphy BO

:BW/crawdaunt: :BW/manaphy: :BW/zapdos: :BW/lopunny: :BW/clefable: :BW/excadrill:

Making this quick team, team description: using crawdaunt as partner with manaphy because I think it's underated and good partner with manaphy because they are sharing same check. For second partner I'm using zapdos because static is cool to abuse the craw+mana and craw+mana is providing ice resist to zapdos. The rest of the team is just to cover weakness of the team.

Viable changes that you can make :
1) AV Bisharp over crawdaunt: it helps you lure manectric which can help manaphy.
2) AV Azumarill over crawdaunt: against mzam, mega diancie and keldeo better
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Manaphy Sand ft. AV Thundurus-T

This team is a revamp of one of my favorite teams I ever built in ORAS. It's the crowning jewel of my team dump. Spoiler below compares old vs. new team.

The previous team was centered around a bulky Bold Manaphy w/ RD + TG + Rest. Although I love this set, it's near impossible to make it work in the current meta with Volcanion, Gastrodon, Jellicent, and Seismitoed floating around. It also needs extra help against Serperior, Ferrothorn, and Amoonguss. So, instead I opted for Sitrus Berry 3 attacks.

Actually, a very similar team was played last week in SPL. Replay here:

Identical skeleton but one team had manaphy > volcanion. This team of mine is basically a mix of those teams and my old one. I'm using Thundurus-therian because it really grew on me when using that team. I was using Choice Scarf but w/ HP Flying. However on this team I'm using AV > Scarf because the extra speed doesn't seem needed while being able to comfortably switch on Rotom-W is huge. HP Flying gives you the ability to make plays such as baiting serperior, amoonguss, or mega venusaur and weakening them (or 2HKO) after rocks.
Using Timid allows me to use Modest on Manaphy, and Energy Ball manaphy will take care of water/grounds that Thundurus struggles with. Thundurus w/ Focus-blast & Tangrowth's HP Fire (& Mega Tyranitar w/ Fire Punch) all have a chance at weakening Ferro for Manaphy.

Clefable is Trick Barb for Excadrill. As the replay shows, Excadrill is quite annoying for this build archetype, especially if it's sand rush. Excadrill is Jolly for the same reason. With all this said and done, you still have Mega Tyranitar in the back threatening a sweep. Or it can be used early to put dents onto Clefable, Gastrodon, Ferrothorn, Mega Venusaur, etc. etc. for the rest of the team to shine. 16+ SpD on Clefable allow it to take Modest +3 Manaphy so that Moonblast can put in range of T-bolt.

Here's a quick replay of how the team's splendid synergy functions:

I've been meaning to revamp this team for quite a while, I'm very happy with how it turned out.​


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Mega Scizor+Manaphy+Specs Heatran Hazard Stacking
:sm/Manaphy: :sm/ferrothorn: :sm/Scizor-Mega: :sm/Reuniclus: :sm/Landorus-therian: :sm/heatran:

Team Details
Mega scizor and manaphy forms an excellent core to break past most defensive cores in the metagame. Although offensive mons such as volcanion and defensive tanks such as gastrodon can prevent the duo from creating an immediate impact. However with the help of the defensive core of ferrothorn and reuniclus, we are able to prevent volcanion to swift freely into the field and create opportunities for a double to get heatran or landorus into the field. The team is extremely reliant on keeping hazards up in order to fully utilize Heatran's wallbreaking prowess with specs Overheat. Especially when facing M char Y sand, keeping rocks up becomes a necessity to enable scizor to kill at +2 after rocks damage. Lando acts as a speed control to deal with faster threats such as mega alakazam and nasty plot thundurus incarnate. The defensive core of reuniclus and ferrothorn deals with most physical threats such as mega medicham, Mega metagross and etc. Reuniclus often acts as a win con defending on the circumstances while relying heavily on the offensive core and from the constant damage from hazards to eliminate the likes of weavile.

Edited the post to fix the evs of lando.
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Although I kind of agree with Amir that HO is prob the best archetype to use Manaphy with, I wanted to build a team that has good offensive and defensive synergy with this mon. Manaphy's main revenge killers are Scarf Magnezone, Thundurus, Serperior, Lopunny, and the rare Latios. My thought process was to use Charizard-X to help tackle these issues. If you expect Zone to come in and double to Zard, you basically get a free DD off. I know a lot of people bash on Zard X but this is where it becomes useful especially with Manaphy. Zard can take out faster threats, grasses, and Magnezone, while Manaphy can punch through slower mons like Clef and bulky grounds / waters like Hippo, Gastro, Garchomp, Slowbro, and Rotom-W for Charizard. So basically Manaphy can break and Zard can sweep late game.

To help enable Manaphy to break and Zard to sweep I wanted a partner that could essentially Spore something to sleep and allow Manaphy and Charizard to have set-up fodder. Breloom is my pick bc imo it can deal with most of the Spore switch-ins like Tang/Amoonguss to begin with (if you SD on the switch-in you can 2HKO both with Facade. The thing I also like about Breloom is that you can lure in the things like Clef, Latis, and Torn to get put to sleep, which is absolutely great to help Zard and Manaphy break since those mons could be annoying with Taunt/Twave/etc. Breloom also has excellent defensive and offensive synergy with Charizard and Manaphy. Loom can resist Edge Quake for Zard, and can punish Tyranitar and Excadrill on sand with Mach Punch, which is great to allow Charizard to sweep late game. Similarly, Magnezone locked into an Electric move for Manaphy is great for Breloom + Charizard to use as set-up fodder and punch holes through teams.

From a defensive standpoint I saw that my Thundurus / Mega Manectric / Mega Zam mu could be rough so I used Scarf Lando to help alleviate that issue and give the team a good Electric-immune mon to prevent Magnezone from Volt-Switching for free vs Mana. Lando has nice synergy with the rest of the team since most of it's switchins are set-up fodder for Charizard and Loom which is nice. A mon that I think pairs well with Scarf Lando is Empoleon, which is imo the most underrated hazard remover in the tier. Empo is one of those few mons that can switch into most variants of Manaphy and just phase it out with Roar. The EVs it has allows it to live EQ from non CB Excadrill and Landorus-T, which can honestly let you stay in and trade with their Grounds just so Zard can win later. Empo also lures in Rotom-W and can burn that for Charizard which is very nice late game. I run Protect on it to help scout vs Choice locked mons like Keldeo, Landorus-T, and Latios. However, it can also be used to rack up burn damage or get a clean 50% chip on Mega Medi and Mega Lop clicking High Jump Kick. Clef is my last and functions as a Medi and Lop switch in, hazard setter, status absorber and late clean cleaner as well (that's why its S tier xD). Clef benefits from Charizard and Manaphy removing Steels and can help the team by dealing with Dragon-types like Latias and Altaria.
Wafflez crackhead Manaphy+Cofa squad

So the idea here is that cofagrigus sets up toxic spikes for manaphy so it can blast through stuff like water absorb volcanion since its only attacking move is scald. So right now our problems are strong special attackers, grass types, electric types, HO, and water absorb pokemon with poison types. Mega Metagross solves most of these issues letting me handle poison types that absorb toxic spikes, can annoy most grass types and gives you a good tool vs opposing HO's and balance while having a good speed tier. Next pokemon is Skarmoy so I don't fold to Mega Diancie which is very threatening to this team because of its heavy reliance on cofag it also beats mega alakazam too which is very useful. Next is Dragagle it lets me handle almost every scary fire type bar zard-x and can handle the electrics and grasses that this team hate. Rounding out the team is Weavile which is just an extra bandage against ho and balance.


This thing has free setup opportunity against both cofa and skarm. The only real counterplay is to get hazards as fast as possible and hope they don't have defog and if they do have defog and they manage to get a dragon dance up your best bet is to pretty much hope it chips it self into range with flare blitz recoil. The best counterplay is to just not run into it all and pretend it doesn't exist.


Counterplay: Your hazard removal is their hazard removal​


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And with that lets go for voting! Apologies if there are no sprites, the main site I use for sprites is down and I am in a rush so I will post the link to the teams then edit the post later tonight

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Team 7

Voting slate will last until Monday at 12:00 PM GMT -5. May the best one win!


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