Tournaments ORAS Premier League II Player signups [CA Prize]

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Welcome to the second edition of ORAS Premier League Player! This thread is for Player Signups. This tournament will last over a month - more if your team ends up qualifying - so be sure you're ready to make that kind of a commitment to whatever team ends up drafting you before signing up, and list any foreseen issues up front.

The potential tiers for this tour are ORAS Ubers, ORAS OU, ORAS Doubles OU, ORAS UU, ORAS RU, ORAS NU, ORAS PU and ORAS LC. Please only sign up for these tiers, and keep in mind that a listed tier might not end up being selected if it doesn't have enough sign ups.

Please sign up using the following format:
Metagames Played:
Potential Activity Issues:
Signups will close on 11th september.

  • Discussion will happen in ORAS discord so be sure to join!
  • The winning team will receive a Custom Avatar!
  • Replays are required for all matches.
  • Each team will have minimum 10 players (8 starters + 2 substitutes). You will have 120k credits to work with.
  • You will be locked into playing only the tiers you signed up for for the first three weeks of ORAS Premier League II.
    • Retains are locked into the tiers they signed up for last year for the first three weeks of ORASPL II. It does not matter what they sign up for this year
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Name: pinorska
Metagames played: Ubers, OU, Doubles OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, LC.
Timezone -3

recently finalled in oras uu spotlight and built it for uu snake, pretty strong support for that slot and could likely start it.
i’m good support overall being SUPER active and building every slot potentially. captained wc ru, went positive in lc team tours, played in, tested and built for dppl, nfepl, zupl, cosmic premier league, pokemon perfect league, made round 7 of the latest oras seasonal and have good ladder score, am an experienced doubles ou player and builder.

hmu if interested for tryouts
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