ORAS ORAS Summer Seasonal #1: Round 4

In case of activity..My opponent hasn't gave me a day-time availability since Friday. I won't be able to play after 10 pm gmt+3 tonight


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re: Laz vs Jhonx~
Jhonx~ reached out to Laz at the start of the round with a scheduling VM. Laz responded and offered several timeframes and offered a specific time. Jhonx did not respond until I sent a VM reminding them to get scheduled. Jhonx responded shortly after my VM proposing a time that was within the one of the timeframes offered by Laz in the original VM, but only allowing 14 hours for Laz to receive the message. Laz stated that the time didn't work about 12 hours after and proposed to play on Saturday/Sunday. Jhonx~ responded at 12:59 PM GMT-4 (his timezone), stating that he wasn't sure if he had work and that he'd reply again "tonight". Jhonx did not send another VM later that day and did not send one until about an hour before the time of this post, at which point Laz was already unavailable.

This is a bit of a messy case. While Laz has a fair case for activity, the circumstances around the second VM correspondence when Jhonx~ attempted are a bit messy. Laz, the option of taking the act win is still available, but I'd also consider taking an extension. Let me know what you plan to do.

re: Erzengel vs Kev
They arranged a time, Kev missed it. Act to Erzengel.
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Laz I know I ve failed in telling you my avaibility, Im so sorry about that, I'll be waiting for you this monday so we can get the games done, sorry man for involve ourselves in this situation, been very hard for me be in a time you are online since I ve been very busy with work this week, and arriving home when you are sleeping, I posted in ur wall the details to make the game happen but I felt I had to say sorry for all the pain its been to get the games done

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