ORAS UU Appearance Viability Rankings

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Nice and cute design, keeps it simple and yet so elegant. Nominating for A Rank.

Sagging pants and grotesque facial expression, like wtf C Rank at least it fits its motive though. So can't say D rank just yet.

Look at this majestic mother****er, absolutely poised for battle and a photoshoot. S Rank for sure. B rank is a crime. This dude looks like he bathes in the blood of his enemies and still gets his fragrance.
Mega Aggron for C: Loose some weight...
Alakazam for B: Spoons are intresting, but I've been a huge fan of hominid pokemon. He also needs to learn to shave.
Mega Beedrill for B: The eyes are scary, but for the most part it's just a bigger Beedrill with bigger points.
Mega Blastoise for A: What's better then two small water cannons? One gigantic water cannon.
Arcanine for S-rank - So awesome that the people who animated the original opening sequence of the Pokemon anime mistakenly thought it could fly. So awesome that the pokedex labels it a legendary pokemon, and no one really sees a problem with that. Speaking of the pokedex, if you look up the canonical sizes of most pokemon they're much smaller than you'd think (they are pocket monsters, after all), but not Arcanine; this thing is as tall as a fully-grown man. So yes, you could ride one, and that is awesome. (

Mega Pidgeot for S-rank - as Arcanine is to things upon the ground, Pidgeot is to things that take to the skies. The elegance, the poise, the stark determination in those steely eyes. With its new mega evolution this pokemon that has finally cast off its shackles of mediocrity and graced UU with its grandeur. And yes, thanks to the size increase from its mega evolution, this thing is now canonically big enough to ride. (Like for real, not "I taught the Fly move my Farfetch'd and now it takes me wherever I want to go" BS you get away with in-game)

Nominating Mega Steelix for A-rank - it has fricken crystals growing out of it for no particular reason. Shoe-in for A rank.

Nominating Nidoking for B-rank - This thing is covered with spikes and horns, each one ostensibly seeping with deadly toxins. Also listen to that cry, that is an epic battlecry. That's gotta be worth at least a B.

Nominating Porygon-Z for B-rank - Porygon the only pokemon that can claim to have hospitalized real people in the real world. Its looks literally can kill, and that was as its unevolved form. Since then it has been refined and upgraded. Look carefully; that is the visage of death, which should be enough to find a place in B-rank.

Nominating Ditto for C-rank - he escapes D-rank because unlike the other uglies he can actually do something about it.

Nominating Rhyperior for D-rank - after a brief moment of awe in its new-found fully-evolved power, Rhyperior took a look in the nearest mirror and broke down in tears.

Nominating Slurpuff for D-rank - perhaps the biggest attraction to using the Cupcake of Death is the knowledge that throughout the match your opponent is carefully making his plays to avoid giving this living pastry the chance to sweep his team. That's awesome in some ways, but it doesn't change the fact that this thing is a walking cupcake, complete with cherry on top.
New nominees...

Lilligant for S rank || Lilligant is not only graceful, but also adorable as anything. And the flower is quite pretty <3
Snorlax for C rank || Look at his face. Literally so basic, but so freaking cute <3
Vaporeon for C rank || Vaporeon is cute and has a nice design, but her face looks pretty derpy most of the time. When compared to other Pokemon in the tier, I think Vaporeon would fit best in C.
Swampert for C rank || Even though he's one of my favorite Pokemon, Swampert is pretty ugly when you think about it.
Roterade for B rank || Not anything out of the ordinary in her design, but nothing too boring. Roserade's hand roses are unique and beautiful, thus, B rank.
Meloetta for B rank || Meloetta's design is simple, but cute and stands out. Nothing too special, but again, one of a kind.
Quilfish for D rank || ew ew ew >n<
Registeel for A/B rank || Literally so cool. It's a giant-titan-robot with curves! :D
Zangoose for B rank || Slick and threatening design. He looks like a badass thug, yo.
Emolga for B rank || It's like Pikachu, but it's flying and has a cuter tail .3.
Leafeon for B rank || Leafeon makes leaves look majestic, and its eyes stare into your soul in the cutest way possible.
Ninetales for A rank || Her design is not only powerful, but also mysterious. It's like you're prone to loosing your soul, but you don't care because all you can think about is hugging all 9 tails at once <3
Mr Mime for D rank || pls leave
Beedrill for C rank || It's just a bee, even if it has a cool mega.
Mega Beedrill for B rank || It's just an insanely deadly looking bee, even if it has a lame pre-mega.
Machamp for C rank || He's a fugly man with 4 arms and tightywighties. C rank, unless you're into that .~.

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Heracross A rank ---> B rank || Although his body design is pretty cool, Heracross' face is so derpy it hurts.
Toxicroak A rank ---> B rank || Toxicroak is pretty cool himself, but I don't think he deserves A rank. He just isn't that cool.
ew arcanine is not fabulous or badass enough to be in S please remove. His hair is all messy and needs a shave, especially around his legs.

He also looks like he's not sure whether he wants to be a pug or a tiger, so he is an ugly mixture of both.
Mega absol is a 12 year old emo's shit stain of an edgy sketch put down to D pls

Dragalge is the best design ever so easy A imo

Nominating Milotic for S or higher

"Milotic is breathtakingly beautiful. Those that see it are said to forget their combative spirits."
"It is the world's most beautiful Pokémon. There are many works of art featuring Milotic."

"Milotic is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pokémon. It has the power to becalm such emotions as anger and hostility to quell bitter feuding."

And nominating Trevenant for D rank, Pangoro for A rank
I fully approve of this thread....

Also, I second Echoless with Meloetta for at least B rank, possibly A. Not only does she look nice, she can change up her outfit on a whim.

And I'd like to nominate Stoutland for A rank. That 'stache, man.
id like to nominate some things

Mega-Alakazam for A rank.

He is 1) an elder with 2) a crystal in his head, 3) that levitates and 4) prays with his feet 5) WHILE THREATNING YOU WITH SPOONS OVER HIS HEAD !!
how awesome zam could be

Also Mega-Aggron and Doublade for B rank. Heliolisk for C-Rank because of Jurassic Park references.

edit: about m-aggron, he is threatening, he is clean, he looks indestructible. He looks like he will incorporate your mon to his being.
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