Other FM titles

Battle Capacity isn't the only cool, hip and hype Fighter Maker title out there.

Played any other cool ones lately? Let's talk about it here, maybe set up some online matches.

To get started, one game that's particularly relevant to Smogon is Pokemon: Type Wild. They're on version 4.3 now, though the game hasn't been updated in about a year. The website is mostly down at the moment, it seems the title is undergoing some rather big changes, not least being the addition of two new characters, Charizard and Lopunny.

Posted some matches against the cpu here about a year ago. If anyone is interested, I could upload an English playable version with Lunaport of version 4.3.

Or we can play some Dong Dong Never Die for laughs.
Pokemon: Type Wild looks awesome. Would definitely be down with playing that. I don't speak Japanese so I couldn't find a download link from that site. :P
pokemon type wild seems like (to me) SF with a amount of elements that only guilty gear has.
looks cool.

i would spend most of my time assist spamming though. what mechanic prevents players from spamming their assist?
I was asked about how to get Lunaport to work with other FM titles you might want to play online. Here's how you do it!

1.Download the latest version of Lunaport here:

2.Extract all the files into your game folder

3.Open up the Lunaport configuration settings. This is the same file where you can edit your gaming tag.

4.At the bottom, where it says 'Name of game executable', type in the exact name of the .exe file
for example:
Name of game executable

5.Where it says 'Check game executable for compatibilty (disable at your own peril)' change the 'CheckExeCRC' number to '0' if it isn't already.

That should do it. If you have any more questions regarding this, feel free to post them here.
THANK YOU Cartoons <33333

To let you guys know, I happen to have Type Wild 4.3. I'm not sure if it's the beta or not, and no, Lopunny and Charizard are not in this version.


1) The list of characters includes Blaziken, Swalot, Combusken, Gardevoir, Breloom, Snorlax, Gengar, and Lucario. A helluva roster if you ask me.

2) Assists. Yes, awesome awesome assists.

3) Supers exist in this game, and some characters have two supers!

4) There's a PP gauge in use, which is kind of like Battle CAPacity's version of the "BAR" meter. Every time you pull off an attack- It doesn't matter if you hit something, you just have to fully execute it- it fills up (Certain moves fill it up faster than others). Supers and assists drain the meter, so you have to micromanage what assists and supers to use and when to use them (Supers all cost 100 PP, but assists range between 100 and 50).

5) You can do double KOs in this game, which can be... Really, really odd. However, the two times it happened to me since I got this game... Two days ago... Made me fall out of my chair in laughter.

6) This game is in totally Japanese. I'm CHINESE. Bah. You can still tell how to execute techniques via the diagram chart that's included in my current folder (I didn't make it, so don't say anything)

7) Just to let you know, when you play this game you're using the second player's controls. Make sure you change those controls under the Options tab to your liking!

And, that's it. I hope to post a download link, but I need help in how exactly to host files @_@

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