Other Metagame of the Decade [Decade 1 - Shitmons V Weedmons]

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Disregard puny metagames of the month. Here it is, Other Metagame of the Decade!

Every decade, the two best metagames ever are selected to have their own ladder. Then, the usage within the next month decides which one to stay. This metagame is playable for (obviously) a decade. Near the end of the decade or if a new challenger approaches, it may be changed in a dictatorship manner. The most awesome, incredibly well thought and overall best metagame gets added. Obviously chosen with holistic judgment.

How to vote:
  • You don't vote, I choose this.

Current OMotD: Shitmons, Weedmons
Other Metagame Index
- Every other Other Metagame, they are all shit tbh.

Final Destination - Discarded because Fox is too OP
Mr. Bones Wild Ride - Discarded because stretcher bot always won it.
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This is the BEST metagame I've played so far. Much more fun and balanced than the godly Super Staff Bros. Can we make this permanent?
It'll be here for the rest of the decade. If you want it to be permanent based lord Joim has to keep it as OMotD for the other decades.
Am I the only one who thinks Xerneas is overcentralizing? I mean, every team has to prepare for it, or it's a terrible team. It can deal massive damage, and take a ton of hits too! I know this sounds crazy since Xerneas has been a staple in the Metagame since it was first revealed, but I think it's just too good, and should be banned.
What sets have all of you been using for this? I have been putting a lot of HP in Xerneas so it can live 3 Outrages, and then the rest in Attack so it can hit as hard as possible. Minimum speed in case Trick Room is introduced. It has been working well so far. Any other sets people are using?
Xerneas is definetly suspect worthy material! That Outrage hits hard and i'm forced to switch in to my Xerneas to avoid being swept. Definetly overcentralizing and uber for the tier. Ban.


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i mean xerneas v xerneas is a coinflip but the 6 funbros thing is literally cancer

Both are definitely solid contenders!


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This metagame seems extremely complex. Firstly, I'd like to point out Xerneas is looking to be a B Rank, easily. Xerneas may also be an A Rank. I don't really know, so we should discuss this. Anyways, Xerneas, the top tier threat, is very hard to stop. Unless you both have Xerneas, you're in for a treat! Its Outrage is just so strong, coming off of a 131 Attack stat. Beyond this, it has excellent 126 / 95 / 98 bulk to easily take on opposing Xerneas's Outrage. A Fairy-typing gives it an immunity, but it's an extra shield in case your opponent decides to hack and make your Pokemon a Dragon-type for whatever reason. Damn those hackers. Anyways, 99 Speed is definitely excellent in this tier; would you believe it?! It speed ties as the fastest Pokemon in the tier for excellent Speed mindgames. However, despite Xerneas's tiny flaws, I'd like to consider banning it. It's so centralizing, nearly all teams just bring a Xerneas anyways! What team on the ladder have you encountered without a Xerneas? I bet you haven't! That's how centralizing it is. Please consider my arguments, and may Xerneas be banished.
I'm gonna echo unfixable and say Xerneas is overcentralizing. If we ban it, we can see more usage in pokes like Xerneas and Xerneas, not to mention Xerneas. And about the movesets, even though Outrage is a viable moveset, I'd like to see more creative ones, like Outrage, or a defensive Outrage set. Overall, though, Xerneas is definitely the best 'mon in the meta, for providing defensive coverage, offensive coverage, and team support with Outrage.
Will we be seeing Final Destination UU when we get the usage statistics? I keep seeing the same threats everywhere and it's getting quite repetitive honestly, I feel like a UU version of the tier would give some of the lesser used mons a chance to shine.
Excellent decision here. My fears with a metagame of the decade is that the metagame would have to have almost limitless variety to prevent it from going stale long before the decade was up. Fortunately this metagame has a wide variety of offensive and defensive threats such as Outrage Xerneas, Xerneas (Outrage Attacker), and Mono-Attacking Xerneas with Outrage.

All hail Joim.
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