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Month 34, January 2016 - Nomination Stage

- You may nominate one metagame. If a metagame has already been nominated, do not nominate it again.
- If you want to change your nomination, delete your post and post a new one. If you're not able to (non badgeholders) think well about your nomination.
- Do not nominate metagames from the blacklist (below), or those whose thread has been locked.
- Do not try to influence other voters and do not bash any metagame.
- You are not allowed to make any posts except to nominate, and your account must be at least one week old by the time of your post.
- If another user breaks these rules, let the OM leaders take care of it.

If any of the above rules are broken, your post will be deleted. Continued rule breaking will result in an infraction.

A list of all the metagames can be found in the Index.

Slayer95 may choose to reject a metagame if it has not been coded and is deemed too difficult.

Blacklisted Metagames:
Ladder already exists:
-Anything Goes
- Smogon Triples
- Balanced Hackmons
- 1v1
- Monotype
- Tier Shift
- PU
- Inverse Battle
- Almost Any Ability
- STABmons

Cooldown period:
- Mix and Mega (not eligible until February)
- Protean Palace (not eligible until February)
- NO STATUS (not eligible until March)
- MonsJustMons (not eligible until March)
- Sketchmons (not eligible until April)
- Highest Stat Meta (not eligible until May)
- No Guard Galaxy (not eligible until May)
- Inheritance (not eligible until June)
- Same Type Stealth Rock (not eligible until June)
- 350 Cup (not eligible until July)
- LC Extended (not eligible until July)

- Any OM that uses nicknames or Import/Export
- UU Metagames
- FU
- OU Theorymon
- Micro Metagames
- Pet Mods
- Gen 5 OMs

Nominations will close in two to three days.

Nominated Metagames (do not renominate these):
-2v2 Doubles
-Ability Shift
-Alphabet Cup
-Extreme Tier Shift
-Field Plating
-Gods Among Us
-Gods and Followers
-Haxmons Ubers
-Hidden Type Ubers
-Linked Ubers
-Middle Cup
-No Ability
-Something Borrowed
-Stat Preference
-Super-effective mons
-XY Weather Wars
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Can this be done with any metagame?
The owner of a metagame can choose to switch to Ubers for a month. A third person shouldn't do it without their permission. The regular and Ubers follow the same blacklist though, and you can't nom the regular together with the Ubers.

(And obviously it has to make sense / exist; you can't have Gods and Followers Ubers, for example...)
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