Tournament Other Metagame World Cup - Pool Phase (Won by TEAM EUROPE)

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OM Leader

Scheduling should be done on Smogon user walls, plain and simple.
If there is no communication on a users walls and a game goes undone, it will be left to the RNG to decide the winner.
If there is communication on only one user's behalf, the win will go to them. Feel free to call activity in this thread beforehand.
If there is a very healthy back and forth regarding potential times and one user is a no-show, a captain may take the opportunity to sub out the no-show competitor; if this is not done, the user that showed up responsibly will be awarded the win.

TL;DR: PM your opponents, schedule your matches, and be reliable. If you're not reliable, let your captain know so they can sub you out ASAP.

Exhibitions of unsportsmanlike conduct with regards to Other Metagame World Cup VI will be met with an infraction at the discretion of the hosts. This is unlikely to include interactions within a team's private chat unless there is reason found to make an exception.

  • Inappropriate nicknames: Games in which a player uses nicknames that break PS! rules will be forfeited, and the player will be removed from the tour. Replays are required for this tour, so it is important that PS! and Smogon rules are followed in these games.
  • Toxic Behaviour: Insulting, flaming, and intentional timer stalling are some examples of toxic behaviour. Instances of toxic behaviour will be reviewed, and the appropriate punishment will be handed out at the discretion of the hosts and OM forum moderators.
These rules are meant to protect other users from being publicly flamed/bashed/provoked by another competitor for the duration of and following the tournament, as well as keep it a safe site for all.

All players must complete their matches by the given deadline. Any incomplete matches by that time may be subject to activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S WALL); otherwise, they will be decided via !pick publicly in the Other Metas Room. All matches should ideally be done on your most notable alt (the one you registered for OMWC VI with) to avoid confusion and the replay must be saved and posted in this thread. The replays will be archived in a separate thread, and will be used to calculate usage stats.

Captains, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the captains of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent(s), and myself. This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.

Pool Format Explanation & Rules
  1. There are two pools, each has 4 teams and as a result, each team has 3 opponents from within the pool for each Tier.
  2. It is a best of 1 for every single tier but the best of 3 category.
  3. Top 2 teams within each pool will advance to playoffs.
  4. You have 2 weeks to complete the 3 matches.
  5. If there is not sufficient effort to schedule and complete a minimum of 1 match during the first week, the host may declare a win by default to the player that made an effort or roll between the two if neither made any effort to decide the winner. This is to insure that people don't cluster every single match at the end of the 2nd week.
  6. Best of 3s game order is STABmons first with the second and third being decided by the loser of each match.
  7. Pools phase ends Sunday November 5th at 11:59 pm gmt 0

Wellspring Pool
Asia Pacific / France / UK / US South

:Corviknight: SV Almost Any Ability :Corviknight:

Atha 2-0​
MZ 2-1​

:Chansey: SV Balanced Hackmons :Chansey:

Frozoid 0-3​
damflame 3 2-1​
willdbeast 2-1​
tzaur 2-1​

:Koraidon:SV Godly Gift:Koraidon:

DugZa 1-1​
Fraise 3-0​
BoingK 0-3​
pdt 1-1​

:Dudunsparce:SV Inheritance:Dudunsparce:

:Dragonite:SV Mix and Mega:Dragonite:

Redflix 1-1​
Skooma 2-1​
temp 1-1​

:Ninetales:SV Partners in Crime:Ninetales:

YoBuddy 3-0​
Cao Jie0-3​
yuki 1-1​
zoe 1-1​

:Toxapex:SV STABmons:Toxapex:

Kaif 1-0​
Palapapop 2-1​
Clementine 0-1​
abriel 0-1​

:Arceus:Best of 3 Slot: SV Almost Any Ability / SV Balanced Hackmons / SV STABmons :Arceus:

Hearthflame Pool
China / Europe / US Northeast / US West
:Corviknight: SV Almost Any Ability :Corviknight:

:Chansey: SV Balanced Hackmons :Chansey:

:Koraidon:SV Godly Gift:Koraidon:

LouisIX 2-1​
Lily 2-0​
Fragments 1-2​
lepton 0-2​

:Dudunsparce:SV Inheritance:Dudunsparce:

cscl 2-0​
pannu 1-1​
Meta @TKYSZ 1-2​
anaconja 1-1​

:Dragonite:SV Mix and Mega:Dragonite:

Metany 1-1 TKYSZ
Icemaster 3-0​

:Ninetales:SV Partners in Crime:Ninetales:

xqiht 1-2​
Hugo 1-1​
Instruct 0-2​
Chromate 3-0​

:Toxapex:SV STABmons:Toxapex:

Scalescale 2-0​
RoFnA 1-1​
K3ppr 0-2​

:Arceus:Best of 3 Slot: SV Almost Any Ability / SV Balanced Hackmons / SV STABmons :Arceus:

hybone 0-2​
Ivar57 2-1​
TTTech 3-0​
shiloh 0-2​

PM me or KaenSoul if you have any questions.​
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Quick BH Predicts
Frozoid vs damflame 3
damflame has been playing BH for longer and has strong team support
Frozoid vs willdbeast
will hasn't played BH in quite a while, while Frozoid has OMPL experience
Frozoid vs tzaur
tzaur is more active and has more experience
damflame 3 vs willdbeast
while will hasn't played recently afaik, he has played damflame before and I want to say he will bring some crazy stuff and win
damflame3 vs tzaur
close game, both players are similarly matched but tzaur has better support from QT
willdbeast vs tzaur
will depend if tzaur gets caught off guard by willdbeast techs I think
augustakira vs Hiusi guy
akira is better
augustakira vs XxLazzerpenguinxX
generally even match but sevag hasn't played which I think is actually an advantage here since prepping would be harder against
Hiusi guy vs XxLazzerpenguinxX
penguin good

Bo3 BH Predicts (if they get played (they better get played))
LordBox vs Osake
does osake play BH
LordBox vs Clas
close but Clas has better support if Tea is helping
LordBox vs Quantum Tesseract
I think QT outskills here in a likely more standard matchup
Osake vs Clas
does osake play BH
Osake vs Quantum Tesseract
does osake play BH
Clas vs Quantum Tesseract
Clas can pull out some stuff but I think QT is more consistent and less mistake-prone. That being said Clas's prep can be very strong.
Ivar57 vs TTTech
I want to say that TTTech is pretty familiar with Ivar's style and won't get outprepped, and with a not unfavourable mu TTTech outskills
Ivar57 vs shiloh
while Ivar hasn't mained BH for a while he has played in the recent tour and has significantly more experience and better support
TTTech vs shiloh
does shiloh play BH
It's time for an AAA Usage Stats Prediction Tournament hosted by yours truly, concept stolen to willdbeast although I'm sure he didn't create it so 0 credits to him + it's not the exact same thing anyway. To participate, send your predicted top 10 most used mons ordered via private conversation on Smogon OR Discord PM, no need to give any stats. The closest submission wins, which will be announced at the end of the tournament. 0$ cashprize.
5.Great Tusk
8.Iron Treads (broken)
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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND (ojr loves me and i love him so), P(REN)DICTIONS

Almost Any Ability
:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:

ojr vs Schmerzen: idk the other one
ojr vs Hera: i think ojr has a much higher ceiling. it wouldn't the largest upset to see hera win but i feel comfortable predicting ojr here
ojr vs DeepFriedMagikarp: this is a bit closer from what i know, i think dfm navigates the actual game better than hera does but hera has slightly stronger building. ojr's no slouch playing wise though so i'll still sauce this to him
Schmerzen vs Hera: if schmerzen is some lowkey god ill be pissed
Schmerzen vs DeepFriedMagikarp: yea
Hera vs DeepFriedMagikarp: these are two players i consider strong in different areas of the game, but aaa lately has been less of a matchup tier imo. there's enough broken things that you prob won't get hardwalled and enough pivoting to where you can position yourself fairly well. i think dfm takes advantage of this better.

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:

Atha vs Dj Breloominati♬: afaik spitfire hasn't done much in the way of gen 9 aaa. i do consider him to be the stronger player here, so if he's actually in practice then i favor him to take this, but rn i don't really think so. i think atha's building is always stronger and atm his playing probably is as well
Atha vs MZ: a lil closer, i think mz's the better player right now but i also feel like he'll probably be susceptible to immunity abils that might not exactly be expected. if i had to guess there's probably gonna be a few cornerstones in the teamchats of wellspring pool and they may not be the autowin button that people think they are. this is honestly easily going either way, i just think that mz's more likely to lose momentum in the actual game
Atha vs Career Ended: don't think atha wins this one
Career Ended vs Dj Breloominati♬: yeah i think career is pretty good and can outplay spitfire, spitfire's main strength is his playing so facing someone around equal level playing with more meta knowledge isnt ideal
Career Ended vs MZ: wild take here but i think mz's probably able to respond better to career's style of teams than he is atha's. atha relies a lot more on building to generate wincons while career relies more on positioning, which mz takes advantage of fairly cleanly. this is a hot take but this is probably the aaa game i'm looking most forward to, it's gonna be spicy
Dj Breloominati♬ vs MZ: fifty fifty

Balanced Hackmons

:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:

augustakira vs Nihilslave: that's my tyrantrum teammate! jokes aside this probably is the match to watch if you're looking for a highlight game, both these players are absurdly capable. i don't think akira's tournament play is stronger than nihilslave's, but i don't think there's much of a difference and this is more likely to come down to prep than anything else. i think nihilslave is an insanely fast learner and able to improve himself quickly, so i'd back nihi here. i'll also say the later this game is the more confident i am in my prediction, you don't ever really wanna give nihilslave time to prep if you can
augustakira vs Hiusi guy: my only knowledge of hiusi guy is that he's a shitposter in om room and in my experience those are NOT good at the game, but there's a first time for everything
augustakira vs XxLazzerPenguinxX: ...sort of a toss up? sevag was super good in gen 8, i don't think his gen 9 is as strong and akira's been better than him in my experience.
Hiusi guy vs Nihilslave: nihi is probably the strongest player in this pool
Hiusi guy vs XxLazzerPenguinxX: i mean. hiusi guy has to have some skill and this is the safest bet if i want to call his skill out so ,
Nihilslave vs XxLazzerPenguinxX: one of these players is getting manhandled depending on what teams are brought it's not even gonna be CLOSE i'm leaning nihi though but this game is def gonna be uninteractive for one of these dudes regardless of who wins

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:

willdbeast vs Frozoid: idk?? doesnt frozoid play ag or am i making that up
willdbeast vs damflame 3: damflame is good
willdbeast vs tzaur: bro i really dont know
damflame 3 vs tzaur: idk the other guy
damflame 3 vs Frozoid: ? ? ?
Frozoid vs tzaur: what is going on in this pool 3 of these players are names i don't recognize and one of the ones i do is will

Godly Gift

:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:

Lily vs LouisIX: lily's the best player in this pool
Lily vs Fragments: ok this is probably the godly gift highlight match, both these players are fairly solid and fragments is lowkey cracked as hell. lily's still the safer bet but i'd love to catch this match live (Lily Fragments pls lmk when you guys are playing :D)
Lily vs Lepton
LouisIX vs Fragments: fragments is the second best player in this pool
LouisIX vs Lepton: lepton is the third best player in this pool and idk louis
Lepton vs Fragments

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:

BoingK vs pdt: honestly the godly gift pool is absurd this time around lowkey, but i do think boingk has the capacity to do really well in the other two games. that being said, i don't think pdt is losing this, his fundamentals are absurd and gg is the most fundamental-forward tier here imo
BoingK vs DugZa - ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really dont know, i think dugza wins if it's not an unfriendly matchup but boingk's not losing this he's def able to navigate a mu advantage here
BoingK vs Fraise: fraise can overpredict sometimes and i think boingk's playing is something fraise isn't super used to. if boingk plays this game first i'm probably more confident in my prediction
pdt vs Fraise: better player i think, he better not get bad matchup though
pdt vs DugZa: don't let me down pdt
DugZa vs Fraise: feel like fraise gets a matchup advantage here and dugza's not a super large risk taker i find


:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
cotta vs cscl: cotta's bad af but cscl's more of a surprisey player, but you can't really surprise a 14 year old with too much free time. also i JUST realized this is inheritance
cotta vs Meta: meta is the loml
cotta vs anaconja: same thing w/ cscl, but i'm also unsure why anaconja isn't playing bh. my memory is really bad so idk who's playing over him -- wait midway through typing this i realized i'm not predicting for godly gift i'm predicting inheritance nvm LMAO conja wins
Meta vs anaconja: meta will do good in inh. big trust. this is probably the inheritance highlight match though
Meta vs cscl: eh i think this is the one game meta's gonna lose, cscl has the knowledge to surprise someone just approaching the tier
cscl vs anaconja: my anaconja don't. my anaconja don't. my anaconja don't want none unless you got buns hun

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:
BlackKnight_Gawain vs BijouMode: umm.... idk who either of these people are but i like bijoumode's name better
BlackKnight_Gawain vs PandaDoux: dont recognize the other
BlackKnight_Gawain vs Don Vascus: dont recognize the other
PandaDoux vs BijouMode: dont recognize the other
PandaDoux vs Don Vascus: i mean im p sure don is a shitposter but isnt he also the tier leader of this or something
BijouMode vs Don Vascus: dont recognize the other holy shit im washed

Mix and Mega

:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
Icemaster vs Metany: idk the other one (there's a lot of these)
Icemaster vs Tranquility: i don't remember if tranq is perish song or axgwd but in both cases i'd prob bold ice
Icemaster vs BigFatMantis:
Tranquility vs Metany: idk the other one
Tranquility vs BigFatMantis: eh i mean i only know bfm from forum posts, they know what they're doing from the way they talk about pokemon and uu but tranq has proven success in oms so
Metany vs BigFatMantis: idk the other one

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:
temp vs Redflix: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO redflix in 2023 (he's prob the best player here)
temp vs Maybca: i think temp is better playing wise
temp vs Skooma: ehhh like.. i think if temp has enough of a grasp on the meta by the time he plays skooma he can take this? but if i'm being real skooma prob wins here
Redflix vs Maybca: redflix is insanely solid here
Redflix vs Skooma: this is a messed up predict because skooma's prob gonna roll a good matchup, proceed to choke, freeze ice beam and then win anyway. this is probably the mix and mega highlight match though
Skooma vs Maybca: unfortunately, Skooma has won a game

Partners in Crime

:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
Hugo vs xqiht: ok you guys are literally pulling these names out of your butt at this point
Hugo vs Instruct: hugo dont haha react me pwease
Hugo vs Chromate: pwease
xqiht vs Instruct: it'd be funny if instruct lost here lowkey but this dude comes up w/ the most cracked comps ever
xqiht vs Chromate: if chromate beat instruct i think chromate can win this too
Instruct vs Chromate: already happened. EASIEST POOL TO PREDICT FOR in my LIFE

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:
zoe vs Cao Jie: ok why did nobody tell me that cao jie was ikiq it's been a billion YEARS and i still didn't know that. anyway zoe prob has this
zoe vs yuki: yuki is the best player in this pool i bayleef, but this is probably the pic highlight match
zoe vs YoBuddy: ok ive actually seen yobuddy play a few games and theyre decent BUT you'll never catch me bolding "yobuddy" as a name
yuki vs Cao Jie: s tier partners in crime player
yuki vs YoBuddy: we love yuki in this household
Cao Jie vs YoBuddy: cao actually is good but the pool here is absurdly solid


:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
RoFnA vs ScaleScale: idk the other person im SORRY
RoFnA vs avarice: rofna's definitely good but i think avarice is better, i also don't think stab is super super reliant on meta knowledge but there is the chance of way too much info being thrown at avarice, esp if rofna brings like 3 normals or something
RoFnA vs K3ppr: yeah i mean if k3ppr has decent experience in this tier idk
K3ppr vs avarice: i mean like, k3ppr prob has more experience in stab and has a firmer grasp on what he's doing? avarice is able to outplay here i just don't think it'll happen in this specific matchup though unless avarice practices a reasonable amount which i don't see them doing
K3ppr vs ScaleScale: k3ppr ily :3
avarice vs ScaleScale: i feel so bad scalesquared im sorry idk you at all

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:
Palapapop vs abriel: gerwkuhsaghrksudg i guess, prob a toss up
Palapapop vs Kaif: kaif is stronger imo
Palapapop vs Clementine: clem is slightly stronger. i know i predicted pala to go 0-3 but it honestly wouldnt surprise me if he went 3-0, you guys do not know how close this pool is
abriel vs Kaif: this is like sorta close but i still think kaif is pulling it out
abriel vs Clementine: ^
Kaif vs Clementine: highlight fucking match holy shit i'm actually absurdly hyped for this one. soul read is clem wins but it's a toss up. gonna be a good one though don't miss it

ok wait so you guys put ALL the names here. like, literally every name i'd recognize just went into wellspring STAB. god i hate the managers this time around why would you do this to me i know you guys have a tour to win but i just think it's insanely selfish to not consider the fact that i MIGHT write predictions?? like omg

Best of 3

:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
hybone vs Ivar57: i dont think ivar's gonna easily get surprised which i feel hybone will sorta rely on, and i think ivar's brainpower is strong enough to pull this but this is a tough one
hybone vs TTTech: i think hybone's probably gonna win this just off of vibes. i don't think tech knows what to expect and that's scary for him, hybone on the other hand has an insane amount of replays to comb through
hybone vs shiloh: shiloh either plays like he's on crack or plays very calculated and there's no in between, he'll literally switch on you in the middle of a game it's the most ANNOYING thing when playing test games. anyway he wins this
Ivar57 vs TTTech: tech is a degenerate and ivar's a very thinking player. from experience thinking over a long series is exhausting and tech is probably just gonna make it longer. good luck to ivar here lmao (seriously why is bo3 here)
Ivar57 vs shiloh: i think ivar CAN play at a similar level, but shiloh's complicated to play vs so i'll have to hand this to him. if i had to select a highlight match for the bo3 category it'd be this one
TTTech vs shiloh: shiloh has stronger fundamentals and is prob the best bo3 in this pool

:ogerpon-wellspring: Wellspring Pool :ogerpon-wellspring:
LordBox vs Osake: ? ? idk LMAO like this slot is so scuffed
LordBox vs Clas: ok so in my head clas only plays mnm, which is not in this tier so i think lordbox takes it
LordBox vs Quantum Tesseract: qt in bo3
Osake vs Clas: osake has more experience w the slots
Osake vs Quantum Tesseract: qt in bo3

predicting every game in this tour is def the most jobless thing i've done on this site my god
Ivar57 vs TTTech: tech is a degenerate
TTTech, I think you're incredible, brilliant, smart, funny and an overall awesome guy. If you win, it's going to because of those reasons, not the above. <3

Here's my prediction:
Best of 3
:ogerpon-hearthflame: Hearthflame Pool :ogerpon-hearthflame:
Ivar57 vs TTTech: Ivar has gotten incredibly good at pokemon recently, and I think his playstyle is quite strong against TTTech's playstyle. Ivar will be prepared for off meta sets which I anticipate TTTech to bring, and will play it safely, react accordingly and probably get the dub in the end. Although, I believe that in BH TTTech will keep it safe, and bring something solid, where he'll be able to take the win off of experience. If TTTech brings more "conventional" / solid teams with a good wincon though, it might be a tossup, as he just has to win one of AAA / STAB and then do his thing in BH. It'll be a fun one, and I'm excited for it.

(I also got whispers of a potential pokemonchess exhibition match before the game)
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