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How this works

Welcome one and all to the Other Metagame World Cup where players from around the globe group together into regions and face off against each other to determine who is the best of the best! For those who are interested in taking role as a captain for the Other Metagame World Cup, use this thread to sign up.

The metagames included in this year's OMWC are:

  • SV Almost Any Ability
  • SV Balanced Hackmons
  • SV Godly Gift
  • SV Inheritance
  • SV Mix and Mega
  • SV Partners in Crime
  • SV STABmons
  • Best of 3 SV Almost Any Ability / SV Balanced Hackmons / SV STABmons

Format of the tour

There will be 2 groups of ideally 4 regions each. After 2 weeks of group stages, the top 2 teams from each group will move off into playoffs. This year, we will be using the groups by metagame system - you can see how it'll function here.
Each team will need to pick up 8 starters and 4 subs for a total of 12 people.
Captains are eligible to draft themselves as one of the 12 players.

Below find the tentative list of regions competing in this tournament.

Asia Pacific
US Northeast
US South
US West

The above list is subject to change depending on player signups.

The eligibility requirements are the same as OMWC 2023 and can be found here. Replace any instances of WCOP 2023 with OMWC VI.

Sign Up Format
  • Player Name: Your name, Player.
  • Region: The country or region where you currently reside.
  • Metagames You WILL Play: List the ones you play
  • Metagames You WON'T Play: List those you don't play
  • Player Name: Giagantic
  • Region: Canada
  • Metagames You WILL Play: STABmons, AAA
  • Metagames You WON'T Play: Godly Gift, Inheritance, Partners in Crime

Sign-ups will close in 2 weeks! Contact either KaenSoul or myself for help.
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Player Name: BoingK
Region: UK (or Europe I guess if UK doesn't happen)
Other Metagames You Play: Godly Gift, will play other metagames with heavy support if absolutely necessary
Other Metagames You Don't Play: PiC, Bo3 Slam Slot
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Player Name: Lasen
Region: Europe
Metagames You WILL Play: STABmons, Godly Gift, PiC
Metagames You WON'T Play: Balanced Hackmons

I'm really busy. I can get you some test games or shit up the teamchat but don't expect a lot of effort on my end.

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