Tournament Other Metagames Farm League - Won by the Off-Topic Octilleries!

A few questions:

1) Are we allowed to use the new megas this round?
2) Is Magearna usable despite being suspected in monotype? And if so, will it be usable all round even if it gets banned before battle?
Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances cropping up, I'm going to have to drop out of the tournament and will need a sub if my team makes it through the tie breaker and, Uselesscrab permitting, for the tie breaker itself. Apologies for the short notice to everyone but, I didn't have much more before I realized I'd need to drop this and pretty much go on hiatus from battling for a while.
I am resigning from the tournament for the round robin balanced hackmons for whenever that is played after the current rounds finish. You can give the would be opponent a pass to the the next round, win the division.

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