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Welcome to the fifth edition of the Other Metagames Grand Slam! This competition is based on the Smogon Grand Slam, which you can read about here. Basically, the Grand Slam is a series of smaller tournaments (called Opens) where battlers gain points as they progress past each round. After the last Open ends, the 8 players with the most points advance to a final tournament where they battle in a best-of-five until only one person remains! This is the first set of tournaments as part the 2020 Other Metas Tour Circuit where the top players who have earned points will compete for the OM Ribbon!

The format consists of five separate tournaments: NFE Open, Balanced Hackmons Open, Mix & Mega Open, Almost Any Ability Open, and STABmons Open.

Signups for each Open will be posted according to the following dates:
Any bans/unbans that occur during an Open will take affect the following round. Please also keep in mind that this tournament is entirely Sw/Sh and does not include metagames from past generations.

Be sure to join the Other Metagames Discord for live tournament discussion, or if you need to contact a host. This is not the sign-up thread, so you don't need to post "in." You sign-up for the Opens individually, which will all have their own separate threads posted in this subforum.

Good luck to all participants!

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