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drampa's grandpa

benign auto-cannibal
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Pokemon Showdown name: drampas☼grandpa, The Ruins of Alph, The Ruins of Alpha, Alpha Thing, spampa, Drampas☼Spampa, oldmanpa, Drampa da Grampa, Drampa Eating HW, drampas☼mobile... I forget the rest. Underlined the main one.
Preferred OMs: Not mono, MnM BH and Sketch are my best, but I'm p chill with anything.
Timezone: EST is the bEST (GMT-4)
Foreseen inactivity: I'm gonna get a job I hope but um idk yet. Also not on the first of July that's my birthday.


One small yeet for man, one giant yeet for mankind
Pokemon Showdown name: Laxpras
Preferred OMs: AAA / MnM
Timezone: GMT +1 until late July, then GMT -4
Foreseen inactivity: Until late July i'm super inactive but I'll hopefully be able to schedule a match late at night...

undefeated last season winless this season lgi


Banned deucer.
Why should YOU tryout for​


For the last 2 years, the KING KOIS have been the premiere OMPL team. Here are just a few adjectives:

  • Integrity,
  • Ruthless,
  • Upstanding,
  • Tour-player friendly,
  • Expertise,
  • Lightning Rod.

"But Eevee Gayneral,

To which I say: "what is losing, if not winning in second (or fourth) place? At least we tried. That has to count for something."

So join me & Official Fissure (pls no outbid) on the Koi server. Bring your best replays, and maybe, just MAYBE, you'll be swimming with the fishes this year!!!! ;)
Pokemon Showdown name: Leafstorm121
Preferred OMs: Anything Goes (haven't tried other OMs so far this gen)
Timezone: Central Daylight Time
Foreseen inactivity: I work part time and could potentially be unavailable from 8pm to 4am (plus an hour to drive to and from) on any given day (almost certainly won't have off Friday and Saturday)
Edit: I also have to sleep, but I can try to get up early if I need to play a match.
PS Name: Plxtinum
Preferred OMs: AAA, Balance Hackmons, Monotype.
Timezone: UTC -4
Inactivity: Will not be on at all from July 1 to July 10, but will be active anytime other unless an emergency comes up.
Showdown name: XynixBP
Preferred Metas: Anything Goes
Time zone: GMT -7
Forseen inactivity: I work from 8 AM to 8 PM Mon through Fri. Free on Saturday and Sunday.
Pokemon Showdown Username: RogueAngel101
Preferred OMs: BH, AAA, Monotype (Ordered best to worst) l (Others only possible if teams are feed to me)
Timezone: GMT -5
Foreseen inactivity: June 22-July 6, July 19-27
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