Other Tier Series (Week 1 [ORAS Ubers #1]) Won by Krauersaut!

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Post "in" to participate
Send a PM to "Haruno" on Showdown when you win your match, losers need not PM as it could cause confusion. ALSO NOTE, my net could possibly force me to d/c so just in case send me a pm on forums if you win.
Please join smogtours server to participate in today's tour: http://smogtours.psim.us/.

Additionally, please do note that today's tour is ORAS Ubers!

You can join both uber tours this weekend, but please note that only the one where you placed higher in, will count for your overall standings.

General Smogon Tour Rules
  • You must have a Smogon Forum account to sign-up for a Smogon Tour tournament.
  • The number of spots available for registration will vary week to week based on user activity at the time. It is up to the discretion of the host when to close sign-ups. If you do not make the cut-off, you can still sign-up as a substitute player if a player does not show up.
  • Substitute players will only be applied in the first round.
  • You must use your forum nickname as your Showdown nickname in order to play.
  • If you have signed up successfully, you must stay for the entire tournament unless you have lost.
  • You may change teams between rounds without penalty.
  • Do not hassle the host of the current tournament.
  • Standard Rated Battle clauses
Round 1:
amaura vs wreckdra
yellow paint vs cheekpouch
half of two
vs orch
kratos mana vs oml it's too ez
it is guest vs yoda2798
rob. vs lankeymankey
vs megastaruniverse
dilwar vs krauersaut
(Bye) vs fangame10
cherub agent vs the trap god
lady gaga vs dark.future
jefozz vs fleggumfl
max carvalho vs one last spock
king midas vs scotti
benbe vs bughouse
stall hate
r vs peli
miang vs hashtag
new attitude vs Eternal spirits
disaster area vs mambo
vs op
freeroamer vs astroboy
tuo vs zoroarkforever
xzern vs christo the gr8
hairy toenail vs pohjis

Round 2

Cherub agent vs [half of two vs orch]
lady gaga vs [dilwar vs krauersaut]
mambo vs Boufallant (bye)
cheekpouch vs eternal spirits
starmeithegod vs zoroarkforever
kratos mana vs wreckdra
stall hater vs awesome86
freeroamer vs lankey mankey
[miang vs hashtag] vs yoda2798
christo the gr8 vs scotti
one last spock vs pohjis
jefozz vs bughouse

Round 3:

[stall hater vs awesome86] vs [cherub agent vs half of two]
yoda2798 vs zoroarkforever
vs wreckdra
cheekpouch vs [freeroamer vs lankeymankey]
bughouse vs pohjis
vs scotti

[stall hater vs cherub agent] vs mambo
vs zoroarkforever
[krauersaut vs scotti] vs freeroamer

Mambo vs Krauersaut
Mambo vs pohjis
krauersaut vs pohjis
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