Tournament OU Best Friends Tour (Finals - Won by Jrdn & frisoeva)

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Indigo Plateau

adrenaline momentum
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deadline is Thursday, August 16 @ 11:59 PM GMT EST; this is a strict deadline, so get your games done or risk being coin flipped

Round 4

48. Team Crusaders of Calamity: Jytcampbell & MunchlaxAndChill - Tier: USM OU vs. 64. Team Clicks Button Players: Posho Alola & cardenas19 - Tier: USM OU

10. Team os fodase: Heart Doom & BR-Skpmn - Tier: USM OU vs. 44. Team CCLM: Cdumas & Simia - Tier: USM OU

36. Team lopunny c-: Star & Dundies - Tier: ORAS OU vs. 16. Team Talahmilas: LL & Eternam - Tier: USM OU

26. Team Saskachewan Roughriders: Jrdn & frisoeva - Tier: USM OU vs. 29. Team Raptor la chupa: Rey Joya & xImRaptor - Tier: ORAS OU

Note that wins were given to teams that were up 1-0 if both matches weren't finished & no evidence was found on any wall; to avoid this, please schedule publicly (or just play your games)

Good luck to everyone!
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